4 Simple Steps On How To Become An Expert In Your Niche

One of the biggest challenges in the online world is getting people to view you as an expert within your niche— otherwise it’s going to be quite difficult to get them to like and trust what you have to say.

But how do you become an expert in your niche when you may not necessarily know much about the topic you want to pursue — and due to the fact that there’s also probably thousands of other people you have to compete against online?

Well it’s been accepted that in general it takes up to 10,000 hours of doing or learning something new to become an expert at it — but over the years of researching online, I’ve learned several ways in how you can drastically cut this time down.

So today I want to share with you 4 simple tips that can help you become an authority figure in your niche in a relatively short amount of time.

1) First And Foremost You Need To Love Your Niche

If you were to ask any successful athlete, business owner, or someone with a specific skill on how they become so great at what they do — each and every one of them would say they love what they do.

Michael Jordan is the champion
And I believe this is the main difference between someone who is average, versus someone becoming an expert at something.

You see if aren’t interested in what you’re writing and learning about — every single day is going to feel like a chore to you, and eventually you’re going to lose interest simply due to the lack of motivation.

Therefore I suggest you sit down and think long and hard about something you’re really passionate about — that way you’ll actually enjoy what you do and not really consider what you’re doing as “work”.

But I’ve Found Out That Many People Try To Find A Niche Based On All The Wrong Reasons

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people either not choose a niche because they think it’s too saturated, or they will choose a niche because they think it will make them a lot of money.

However the truth is that ANY niche can make you money, the only difference is it might take you longer to see results if you’re entering a competitive niche versus a non-competitive one.

For example there might be several pizza joints or clothing stores all right next to each other in your town, yet each one is able to make a profit and do well regardless with them being on top of each other.

And since you’ll be marketing to the entire world, you have a much larger audience you can reach making it much easier to turn a profit online when compared to these offline businesses who have to compete against each other in the same town.

So again don’t base your niche off of popularity or if you think it will make you rich, but rather find something you truly love and you’ll find out that connecting with people and becoming an expert in your field becomes a whole lot easier.

2) Continually Learn About Your Niche Every Day

One is the most effective ways to become an expert in a particular niche, is to first understand who your customers are and what they want.

Once you do this, you’ll find communicating and offering products to them becomes a much easier task — and you’ll also be able to relate with them on a much more personal level.

But how do you do this?

Well you’ll basically do this by researching the in’s and outs of your niche on a daily / weekly basis, that way you can continue to become more knowledgeable on the different topics within your niche.

Study your niche
Now some effective places you can go to gain more knowledge is…

  • Forums
  • Social media (Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram etc…)
  • YouTube
  • Google alerts
  • Physical magazines
  • Other authority sites
  • Becoming involved with communities offline related to your niche

And by simply choosing one or two of these options, you’ll start to gain a wealth of information that you once never had.

Now while I could talk for quite some time on how each of these different methods could help you become more of an expert within your niche, I’ll just go over a few of my favorite ones.


By joining places where your audience likes to hang out like active forums and question boards like Quora,  you’ll be able to gather all kinds insights into how your customers think.

Join places like Quora

You’ll be able to see their likes and dislikes, what kind of hopes and dreams they have for the future, and also what they may be afraid of.

If you spend just a mere 5 minutes a day on different forums related to your niche — you’d be amazed at how well you’ll be able to understand your customers and as a plus you’ll find some good keywords to write about.

Getting involved with communities

By joining offline activities that are related to your niche, you can get a firsthand experience of what these people are thinking.

For example if you were in the body building niche, simply by joining a gym and talking with regular members will truly help you become an expert in this field.

Just like if you were in the make money online niche, you could get together with other online entrepreneurs and brain storm different ways to build your business.

Or if you are currently working 9-5 job, you can get great insight into why people either love or hate their job — and see exactly why they might rather create an online business versus working for someone else doing something they probably don’t like.

Following experts in your niche

This method right here is probably one of my most favorites, as it’s a very effective way to help you become an expert within your niche in rather short amount of time.

As I said earlier, it’s roughly estimated that it takes someone 10,000 hours to become an expert in a certain subject or skill. However if you start learning from “experts” already within your niche — you can drastically cut your learning time down by learning what to do and not to do.

For example if you were trying to become a better baseball hitter, which way do you think would be faster?

Watching videos on how to properly hit the ball, or having a private coach teach you exactly how to hold the bat, swing it, and overall hit the ball further?

Baseball hitting instructor

Of course you’d want the private coach as he can help learn how to do it at a much faster and effective rate, compared to if you tried to self teach yourself.

Therefore as another example, if you are trying to learn how to build a business online and make a profit from it — it’s only logical to try and seek out other people within your field that are already making money.

That way you can learn exactly what they’re doing, and ask them what has and has not worked for them.

This will quickly speed up the process of you become an expert, as you can quickly learn what does and does not work without having to go through all the trial and error yourself.

3) Be More Knowledgeable Than The Average Joe On The Topic

Many people get this concept that in order to become an expert you must know every little detail about your niche in order for people to take your seriously.

The funny thing though is this type of thinking is completely wrong, and you’ll never meet anyone that knows everything about a certain subject matter — and if they say they do they simply are lying.

The truth is in order to become an expert, you only need to know more information then the average person would if they just got introduced to the niche.

For example in my case if someone where to ask me how to make money online — I could tell them all about SEO, how to get keywords to rank within the search engines, and ultimately get people to visit my site and buy something from me.

Now if the person had never done internet marketing before, they wouldn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about. So in their eyes I would know be an expert to them — even though I still don’t know lots of information in regards to making money online.

And that’s the point I want you to really grasp here.

You do not and can not know about everything — however if you can figure out how to do something maybe complicated or confusing and explain it in simple terms that a 4th grader could understand, then you can become an expert within your niche rather quickly.

4) Take Action – Show Real Life Experience

Last but not least, the best way to show people you’re an expert at something is to actually go out there and do what your talking about.

Take me for example. I wanted to build an online business for myself, so I went head first and followed a proven method that I knew worked and just started building my business one day at a time.

building a business online

This helped me quickly learn what worked, and also helped me learn from my mistakes — which allows me to tell people personally what is and is not working for my business thus far.

And I would’ve never been able to get this kind of information by reading forums or watching videos on YouTube — it’s just something that I learned along the way as I continually took action.

Much like if you start out baking, even if you’re following a cook book — you’ll learn quicker by simply cooking each and every day learning what works and what doesn’t, until you got it down to science.

So by taking action on what you learned within your niche, this will help give your readers a much more thorough look on how to do things.

You can tell them exactly how something works, give your own unique view about certain topics, and explain in detail why you would choose one product over another one.

Final Thoughts

When first starting out, you may wonder how anyone will ever perceive you as an expert within your niche when you may not know much about it yourself.

However you have to remember that everyone at one point or another was not an expert in their field, and all started off in your shoes with very little knowledge about their niche.

So I want you to first and foremost have confidence that you will be an authority figure within your niche. It might not happen as fast you may like — but if you have the attitude you’re going to be the very best you can be — soon or later it will happen.

Secondly even though you may not be an expert at first, if you can research how to do something and deliver what you learned in an easy to understand format — more and more people will start to come to you for advice when they need help.

And that’s basically all an expert is. Someone who knows how to do something that you personally can’t figure out yourself.

And this is the main reason I joined one of the biggest communities in the online world to help teach me how to build an online business

I can ask thousands of people who know how to do things I don’t — which helps me quickly learn what to do and how to do it.

But whether your trying to be an expert in baseball, gardening, or building a business online — remember just by asking experts within your field questions and by following the methods I laid out within this post, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an authority figure within your niche.

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any other questions or concerns regarding on how to become an expert in your niche — leave a comment below and I’ll be more then glad to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “4 Simple Steps On How To Become An Expert In Your Niche”

  1. Great tips!

    You’re spot on with each one and I couldn’t agree more. They are as important as one another in a different way. My favorite way to learn about my niche is by reading. Reading an hour (or more) per day I find vastly increases my knowledge.

    I’m also glad you mentioned learning from experts. As they say, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It would be stupid to not learn from the people who are already experts in our niche. I think it should be a lifelong dedication, therefore passion is essential.

    • That’s awesome that you’ve dedicated yourself to reading an hour a day about your niche. As I mentioned in this post, an expert is basically someone who’s always learning and discovering new things in regards to a certain subject matter. 

      And if you spend 30 minutes or in your case an hour a day learning something — by the end of the year you’ll know A LOT more information about your niche then probably the majority of the people in the world do.

      Keep up the great work. 🙂 

  2. Nice piece of work dear. I couldn’t agree more with your points. 

    Continuous practice on a niche everyday improves your professionalism on that niche. I could remember when I chose a niche, I was not proficient at it but daily research and continuous study helped improve me. 

    And also I agree with your “show Real Life Experience”. In anything you do if you don’t get really in or participate fully, you won’t get to identify the little mistakes, which is something you don’t see while watching a tutorial video or by learning from someone else. That is practical experience is always the best teacher.

    Thanks once again for the lovely post

    • Exactly. If all you do is research, study, and ask experienced people on how to become better at something — you’ll only get so far. 

      The most effective way to become an expert is to first learn how to do something the right way — then just TAKE ACTION. And through this action you’ll experience a lot of mistakes and successes, but in the end will have gained a wealth of information that you can know pass on to other people. 

  3. Michael,
    This is a great article about how to become an authority in any niche. You really do have to be genuinely interested in a chosen niche or after a while it’ll seem like a chore keeping up with new developments not to mention even writing interesting content. 

    My niche – fragrance – is one that could be considered saturated but I agree there’s always room for an innovative approach. The channels you mention that I’ve been religious about have been social media, Google Alerts and on- and off-line communities and forums. 

    I like Quora but have an issue with it because maybe I just haven’t gotten the hang of it. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • The way I use Quora, is to simply type in a question or phrase related to my niche then see what other people are asking. 

      For example in your niche fragrance — I could type in the following sentence “favorite fragrance for women”, then get several questions and ideas on what people are looking for such as…

      – What’s your top 5 favorite fragrances for men & women?
      – Which are the best woody fragrances for women?
      – What is the difference between a perfume and a cologne?

      Then I could go about researching each of these topics and reading what people’s answers are on Quora, to find out the answers to these questions and see how my audience thinks.

      Hope this helps. 🙂


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