5 Advantages Of An Online Business Verses An Offline Business

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you know have the option to create one online instead of doing it the traditional old way (offline) all thanks to the internet.

Also nowadays people are preferring to buy more of their items online versus going into actual stores — which means for you there’s never been a better time to start an online business than right now.

In fact major offline companies like Walmart have noticed how important it is to have an online presence, because otherwise they run he risks of going out of business like Toys R Us did earlier this year.

So in my post today, I want to give you 5 advantages of an online business that will make owning a regular brick and mortar seem inferior.

1. The Start Up Cost Is Very Low

One of the major advantages of an online business versus a brick-and-mortar one, is that the start up cost is EXTREMELY low.

With simply a domain, hosting, and maybe a couple of other items like a keyword research tool, you’re looking at about $30 bucks a month and that’s it!

This is nothing compared to opening a physical store, buying inventory, paying people to run your business, and having to deal with property tax — which normally will cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars each year.

2. You Can Reach Customers Throughout The Entire World

Another huge advantage an online business can offer you, is the ability to market your products to the entire world.

With other 4 billion people using the internet every day, if you only were able to get a fraction of these people onto your website and buying something, you would still be earning several million dollars a year!

This is something that can’t be done with a traditional offline business in your home city, as you can only advertise to the people living within in it.

3. It’s Easier To Get Customers

Now not only can you market to the entire world through an online business, but getting people to visit your store / website is actually much easier.

For example with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can get thousands of highly interested people coming to your site each and every day all for FREE!

Also by spending some money on paid advertising (like Facebook ads), you can market your business to a very select group of people quite cheaply — and have it to where your ads are only seen by people with a certain age, demographic location, and gender.

With an offline business, your merely shooting in the dark and just hoping that your advertisements are reaching people that are interested in what you have to sell.

4. No Physical Location

work anywhere

I would say one of the things I love most about having an online business, is you can literally work anywhere you want.

Whether your on the beach, in your car, in a coffee shop, or just sitting in the comfort of your own home — you can run a successful online business (as long as you have an internet connection or cell signal).

This not only gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the world, but it allows you to continually work all throughout the day — which means potentially more growth in your business and more money in your pocket.

With an offline business you have to go to the exact same spot every day, normally only work during the day time, and have to deal with traffic as you commute to your place.

5. An Online Business Operates 24/7 All Year Long

Last but not least, another great advantage of an online business is that it is “open for business” every second of the year!

Whether you’re sleeping, eating, or even on vacation — it’s very common to still be getting thousands of visitors to your site and be making money at the same time.

And again this is all thanks to the internet and using certain tools to your advantage (like auto responders) — which allow you to basically put your business on autopilot and earn money while you go off and do other things.

Also as I mentioned earlier, offline business require you to actually be there to make them work — and most of the time you can only operate your business during the day since this is when you’ll be able to get customers.

So in short, an online business gives you an extra 8-10 hours each and every day since you never have to close shop and wait until morning to open it up again.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this post, you now have a better understanding as to some of the main advantages an online business has compared to the traditional offline one.

For example you can literally start one for the price of a cup of coffee, work anywhere and anytime you want, and sell your product to the entire world!

Or in simple terms, you barely have to risk anything and can become very successful if you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.

And if this sounds like something you want to learn how to do…

Here’s What I Recommend

First and foremost you need the proper training on how to actually build a successful business from people that have already done it.

For this I highly recommend you checkout out Wealthy Affiliate, which gives you step by step training, all the tools you need to become successful, and a huge community you can ask for help whenever you have a question about something.

Secondly I want to make it clear that you are building an actual business ( just like you would offline ) — which means you actually have to work in order to become successful.

Because I can assure you that while it may be cheaper and quicker to start an online business — it takes just as much effort to make it profitable as a normal offline would take.

And with so many scams online nowadays, it’s easy to think that you can become rich overnight just because you’re using the internet.

But luckily you can try out one of the most advanced platforms online for FREE, and learn the exact steps on what it takes to become a successful online entrepreneur . 🙂

So again if you’d like to learn more on how to build a real business online instead of trying to do it the old-fashioned way — click the banner.

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Also if you have any other questions regarding building an online business, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.


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10 thoughts on “5 Advantages Of An Online Business Verses An Offline Business”

  1. Hi and thanks for this very true post. Indeed there are many advantages to having an online business. I think for me the point I find the most important is that I can work around my main job and family commitments, which is very good for me. I hope that more people learn to make a living from working online. Thanks, Kenny 

    • Thanks for your comment Kenny.

      Like you I really find it quite convenient that with an online business you can adjust your working schedule very easily due to the fact you can work anywhere in the world basically.

      All you need is a laptop and internet connection and you’re good to go. 🙂

      Also it makes it quite enjoyable to be working in a coffee shop, at the mall, or even on a beach compared to a boring office or cubicle all day.

  2. Well it is quite obvious that there are more reasons to start an online business as opposed to an off line business.  You are right about your customer base. The potential for an online store is so much higher than the customer base of an offline store.

    I see you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  My understanding is that it is a great platform. 

    Is Wealthy Affiliate open to customers in all countries?


    • Becoming a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate is available to everyone in the world Dale. And if you want to learn how to do so, you can read my full review about WA and how to do it here.

      But the ability to become a free member is not available to these following countries:

      Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria.

      The reason for this is because these countries are known for spam and fraud — and WA wants to keep their platform as safe as possible.

      Again though ANYONE can join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, but the people living in the countries I listed above will not be able to join as a free member. 

  3. starting an online business in the way you’ve described is such an eye opener!  I’ve never really thought about it like the way you’ve explained it.

    You can actually start this while at work in order to build it up while not losing any income. 

    Starting up online also allows for a bigger audience over a bricks and mortar store and also I expect the overheads are much cheaper.

    I like the fact that as long as you have internet connection you can run an online business from anywhere as well.

    • I’m glad I could open your eyes to the amazing possibilities an online business can do for you Darren. 

      I still have to pinch my face sometimes to think that for about a dollar a day I can sit in the comfort of my home, at a coffee shop, or during my breaks at a full time job — and build a extra income online.

      Of course it takes work and time to make it work, but the freedom it gives you really is quite amazing I think.

  4. The difference is huge when we compare both.

    If we look at it money wise, the brick and mortar one is very expensive, and adds a lot of stress. My mom has a ice cream factory in Qc, Canada and in the winter season because it’s cold out there, her business is closed, but the bills continue which brings stress since there’s no clients to pay those bills.

    I like the fact that the online business can be operated 24/7 when you are indexed and have some traffic. 

    We can pay let’s say, 100$/mth for ads, 30$/mth for electricity and maybe another 30$/mth for Auto responder. It’s not comparable at all.

    The advantages are all in your article about the online business.

    Thank you for your explication on the difference.


    • Wow that is rough Mathieu. Not only does your mom have an offline business, but she has seasonal one as well.

      But if your mom built an online business during the months her offline business is closed — she could still have money coming in. 

      Also during the summer she could also build a website to help promote her ice cream shop and drive more sales to it.

      Either way the fact that the internet works 24/7 and never stops, is a huge advantage over the brick and mortar ones for sure. 

  5. I agree that having an online business is an excellent way to start a small business. The costs are low. Being able to each 4 billion people with your message is mind boggling.

    I especially like the opportunity to be able to work from anywhere at any time 24/7. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training that I have found to learn and grow an online business. Thanks for reinforcing the “advantages” of building an online business.

    How long does it take to grow a business online?

    • As my mentor told me Sharon, the amount of effort you put into your business will determine how fast your business grows.

      So someone who works 8 hours a day growing their business is going to succeed much faster than someone who only works 1 hour per day.

      In general though, if you work about 3 hours a day and publish around 2-3 post a week — you can expect to start seeing some results within about 6 months.


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