6 Best WordPress Themes For A Blog (2018)

Choosing a theme for your blog is usually both an exciting and frustrating time for many people when they first set up their website.

With WordPress literally offering thousands of themes for you to choose from, many people make the mistake of spending hours or even days trying to find that “perfect” one.

I remember personally spending around 5 hours trying to find a theme for my first website.

So to save you both time and the possibility of getting a headache, I’m going to show you 6 best WordPress themes for a blog that can help you create a very professional and good-looking website.

Before I show you some specific examples though, I want to first briefly talk about what factors I look for when determining if a theme is good or not.

What Makes A Good WordPress Theme?

WordPress is used to create all sorts of different websites nowadays.

Some may have to do with photography, some may have to do with writing lots of helpful content, and others may just to sell physical items on.

Whatever the case may be, before I decide on a specific theme I want for my website I always make sure it has these certain features:

1) It’s customizable. One of the first things I look for in a theme is determining how much I can modify and change it. Will it allow me to add my own header, can I add a call to action at the end of every post, does it offer different page layouts. These are all questions I ask myself and look for — as it can make creating a website a lot easier and faster.

2) It’s fast. Next thing I want to see is if the theme loads fast, allowing my readers to quickly jump from one page to the next without having to wait for my website to load. Not only will my readers get bored and move on if my website is slow, but Google also may drop my rankings in the search engine as speed is a major factor it looks at when reviewing a website.

3) It focuses on content. 99% of the time when someone comes to your website it means they are looking for something. Therefore having a theme that helps them clearly read my content and consume the information is very important to me. The last thing I want is a “pretty” website that has lots of popups and other distractions making it hard for my readers to focus.

4) It’s Simple. Many themes out there will come with loads of widgets, features, and slider bars allowing you to do all sorts of things to your website. While you may be able to use these things, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. At the end of the day you want a website that’s simple, easy to read, and lets your readers easily navigate around your website.

5) It’s responsive. More and more people are starting to search using their phones and tablets, instead of using a traditional desktop computer. Therefore having a theme that doesn’t adjust to different screen sizes and devices isn’t an option anymore. While most themes today are responsive, it’s still best to see how your website will look on a smartphone before you consider using it.

6) It comes with support. Having a theme with good support can really come in handy down the road. You may want to learn how to do a specific thing, and with a theme that offers good support you can easily do a quick Google search and usually find your answer in a matter of seconds. On the other hand if you’re using say a free theme with no support, it may take you a lot longer to figure out something which could end up making you waste hours of your precious time.

So now that you get the general idea of what a good theme should consist of, let me now show you some specific examples of a few themes I think you’re going to really enjoy.

1. The Blogger (Paid)

The Blogger

The blogger is a theme dedicated towards blogging and storytelling. I really like the look of this theme because it’s simple and clean — which allows your readers to easily consume your content.

It’s also very customizable coming with multiple layouts, unlimited sidebars, 4 different header variations, and many unique widgets. Again you may not want to use all of these features at once, but its nice to know that if you do need to use a specific one you can at anytime you want to.

The theme is also mobile friendly, allowing it easily display on any device.

2. Divi (Paid)


Divi Theme is VERY customizable and fast theme allowing you to easily create a very attracting blog. The great thing is with its amazing support and step by step guide — just about any person can easily pick up this theme and understand how to work it.

This theme is also very neatly structured allowing your readers to experience that crisp clean feeling when they come to your website.

If you’re not very tech savy and don’t mind spending a few bucks, this theme is perfect for any beginner who has just started to use WordPress. I would probably be using this theme myself if I hadn’t already bought another one — which I think might be a little bit better than this one.

Don’t worry I’m about to show you which one I use in a second.

3. Accelerate (Free or Paid)


Aceelerate is a very simple and clean looking theme that is almost identical to many premium themes out there. I personally used this on my last site, and have to say it worked really well!

It has excellent support, it’s very attractive, it’s responsive, and it has quite a lot of customization to it as well.

While you can upgrade to the pro version giving you a little bit more of flexibility, I personally saw no reason as everything I needed was given to me in the free one.

So if you want something simple, good-looking, and with great support — I highly suggest you give this a try.

4. Hiero (Free)


Hiero is a magazine style theme with bold colors and a layout that focuses mainly on the content.

While it may not have as many bells and whistles due to it being free, it still offers the main features you want when looking for a good theme for your blog.

Some of the ones I really like are:

  • it has a simple layout
  • it’s mobile friendly
  • you can upload your own logo
  • you can change your font
  • you can change the main color theme

If your tight on cash and want something that will let your visitors easily read your content, then this is a great option in my opinion.

5. Mai Pro (Paid)

Mai ProIf you’re looking for something that will display your images and content in the best way imaginable, then Mai Pro might just be what you need.

Created for speed and simplicity, you can rest assure that whoever comes to your site that they’ll never have to wait for your site to load. Also they’ll be able to navigate and read your content with no sweat at all.

One of the best features about this theme is it comes with 9 different page layouts for you to choose from allowing you to display your website however you see fit.

You can also customize your site like changing the placement of your logo, or have certain parts of your website light up or get darker to draw your readers attention to it.

Overall with all the different options it has, how fast it is, and just the overall layout of this theme — you can easily display your blog content however you want.

6. Genesis (Paid)

Eleven40 Pro Theme Review

Last but not least is Genesis, and is currently the one I am using right now. If you want, you can read my full review about this theme right here.

In short though after going through hundreds of different free themes (some bad, some good) — after I asked another successful affiliate marketer about his thoughts on this theme which he was also using, I decided to take the plunge and spend 100 dollars on it.

Let me tell you I am VERY glad I did, as I am absolutely loving it.

Two of the main features I noticed right away was how incredibly fast my website was loading, and the fact that it really focused on the content I wrote.

After switching over to Genesis, I had several people tell me how much they enjoyed reading my post and that they really liked the simplicity of my website.

Another good thing is since I don’t know much about coding, is this theme comes with a few unique widgets and options allowing me to make and shape my blog however I want.

This was very nice because something that took me around 2 hours to do with a free theme, now took me about 30 seconds to do with Genesis.

So besides having to spend about 100 bucks for this theme, I personally would say this is one of the best themes out there right now — and is also one I think you will love very much.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading my post, that you will have an easier time choosing a theme for your next website. While I know most of the themes I mentioned above are paid ones, again WordPress has thousands of free ones you can choose from!

Just remember when picking a theme out, make sure it focuses on your content, is mobile friendly, and is relatively fast. If it does at least these 3 things then you’ll be good.

If you want more customization though, then that’s when getting a paid theme will come in handy — as it will let you do a lot of extra things that you normally can’t do with a free theme.

By the way if you’ve come here looking for a great theme for your blog in hopes to make money online — you’ll want to check out my number 1 recommend product called Wealthy Affiliate.

This program specializes in teaching people with no prior skills how to set up a blog, get people to their blog, then get people to buy products through their website. Click below if this sounds like something you’re interested in.

number 1 recommend productOut of the 6 examples I showed above, which one was your favorite? Or maybe your’re using another theme you like a lot better?

If so leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite WordPress theme is right now :).

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6 thoughts on “6 Best WordPress Themes For A Blog (2018)”

  1. This was so useful! I could have done with reading an article like this when I was choosing a theme for my blog.

    I love your points on what makes a good theme as I had no idea about this and found it a completely random process when picking one! I have actually just updated mine and am so much happier with the new one.

    • Don’t worry Louise I was much like you when I started out, just picking any theme I saw that I though looked good. 

      But after using several free themes, and then reading about what a premium offers — you start to see the benefits of having a good premium them vs a free one.

      I’m glad you found a theme you enjoy though, and again don’t get too caught up with your theme — as people are primarily coming to your site to “read” what you have written, there not there to see pretty pictures and lots of pop ups ads. 

  2. Thanks for the review! With so many themes to look at, it really is time consuming to check them all out.

    I am on a free theme now, but am investigating whether I should go paid with this theme or maybe even just change my theme to something different.

    Is there a big difference in the free to paid options of these sites? You said your site load speed increased with the new theme, just wondering if this is a feature they reserve for the paid option or that’s just a good theme?

    Also what is a general price you might pay for a theme upgrade? I see you said your was $100 is this pretty average?

    • I would say if you like how your theme looks right now and are satisfied with the features that come with it — then I don’t see why you would need to upgrade to a premium one as of right now.

      The main difference between a free theme and premium one is you will usually get a lot more customization, plus a lot better support. 

      As for speed, most themes (free and paid) are pretty fast and responsive — but there are still a few that aren’t so great, you just got to be careful when choosing a free theme.

      I would say on average upgrading to a premium theme, or buying a new one all together will cost you around $50-$150.

      Again if you don’t have the money, and are satisfied with your current theme right now now, then don’t worry about it. I know a few people that have gone on make $10,000 + dollars a month solely on a free theme.

      However if you do want more functions and possibly a better looking theme — then I’d say expect to pay around $80.00 for a premium theme. 

  3. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for sharing this post. You’ve got a great set of tips to look for when choosing a new theme for your site. Glad to see one of the themes I use is on the list!

    I do think it’s time for a change on my site though so I’m going to use your list as a starter.


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