Are Paid Surveys Legitimate? Generally Speaking Yes, But Be Careful

When looking for different ways to make money online, paid surveys come up quite often as a way to make some quick cash.

However with so many scams running around the internet — you’re probably wondering are paid surveys legitimate or are they too just an attempt to steal my money?

The answer is some are perfectly safe to use and can actually be a fun way to earn some extra cash, while others are a complete scam made just to steal your money.

So to keep you from getting ripped off in the future, I’m going to show you several ways you can distinguish the good survey sites from the bad.

You Have To Pay To Join Them

One of the easiest way to tell if a survey is a scam or not, is if they ask for money before your allowed to join them.

ask for money

With hundreds of paid survey sites out there, all the trustworthy ones that I know of allow you to join for free.

The sites that ask you to pay upfront, are the same ones saying you’ll get high paying surveys you can take part of — but what really ends up happening is they just give you an eBook or something similar that hold little to no value.

So if you ever see a survey site asking you to pay before signing up, simply move on to something else.

They Offer Too Much Money

Paid surveys can help you earn some extra cash on the side, however if you come across ones that say you can earn a lot of money by joining them — this should throw up some big red flags.

I’ll tell you firsthand that survey sites can be fun, and will allow you to make some decent money (if you spend enough time doing them) — however THEY WILL NOT make you rich.

have no money

One thing I do want to mention though, is many sites like swagbucks will allow you to refer people and make money this way — which can easily bring in thousands of dollars if you know how to get a lot of people to click on your affiliate link.

On average though if you didn’t recruit anyone, I would say you’d probably make $50-$80 a month per site — and if you do this across a few survey sites you can bring home a few hundreds dollars a month.

So again while you can make decent money and even better money through survey sites if you refer people — be very cautious to ones claiming you can get rich and quit your job by joining them.

They Don’t Have A Privacy Policy

Before joining a paid survey site, make sure they have a clear privacy policy on how they tend to use your personal information.

privacy policy information

You see when some sites out there get a hold of your personal information, they will resell it to other companies resulting in you getting a lot of spam and very little cash.

So trust your judgment and do a little bit of research before joining any old survey site — as there are quite a few very good ones out there on the market.

They Make You Reach An Enormous Minimum Payout Before Sending You A Check

Some of the most frustrating survey sites out there will require you to reach some ungodly amount of money, before they will even send you a check.

It may be hard to spot at first, because they will be offering you $1-2 dollar surveys — however later down the road when you’re ready to collect your money you’ll find out you still have a long  ways to go to reach the minimum payout.

Many unethical sites will use this method because they know very few people will stick around long enough to ever reach the amount needed. Then in some worst cases I’ve read about is these people will reach the required amount — but for whatever reason they company will still not send them money.

What Can You Expect To Earn From Paid Surveys?

Now that you know a few ways on how to spot an untrustworthy survey site, let me go over again on what you should expect to earn when you do find a reliable survey site to join.

Again as I mentioned earlier, its very unlikely you’re going to earn a living from paid survey sites. On average, you’ll usually earn just enough to have some extra spending money, and in some cases get discounts on services or goods.

While some surveys are fun to do, the overall amount of time you usually spend of a survey site doesn’t equal up to a lot. To get any of kind of decent money from survey sites, you usually have to spend hours upon hours doing very tedious task that only pay a few cents at a time.

Like I said while some may be fun to do, personally I think your time and mine would be better spent doing something else. For example, I can work at McDonald’s as a cashier and probably make 4 times the amount I would on a survey site.

The people who make the most money from paid survey sites don’t actually spend much time on them. While this may sound crazy at first, the truth is the people who are making thousands of dollars every month from survey sites are the ones who are referring people to them.

As I also said earlier, many of these sites will pay you when you get people to join their program through your affiliate link — and on top of that you’ll also earn a percent of whatever they earn too.

earn from referring people

So if you referred 10 people who are making on average 100 dollars a month, you too would be getting an extra $100 dollars each and every month for doing absolutely nothing.

So in short the more people you can get to join the program, the easier and faster you will make money.

Final Thoughts

While there are several very legitimate paid survey sites out there, just be careful and look out for the signs I mentioned in this post so you don’t get scammed out of your money.

And even when you do find a trustworthy survey site, just remember that you’re more than likely going to earn just enough to have a little bit of extra spending money.

However if you’re looking for a way to help pay your bills or even quit your job — I recommend you give up on taking surveys and check out my most recommended way on how to make money online.

In short the program I’m a part of is called Wealthy Affiliate, which teaches people how to sell anything they want online through their own personal websites.

Best of all is once you learn the process on how to do this — you can essentially make as much or as little money as you want.

If you work hard each and every day, it’s very likely you can quite your job within a year or 2 — or if you want some extra money for your bills, you can do this on the weekends in your spare time.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, click the banner below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy Affiliate vs paid surveys

Again all paid survey sites are not scams, but even the legitimate ones will only help you get a little bit of extra cash. If this however is fine with you, then by all means make sure you do you research before joining one — then once you do have fun.

I’m curious to know, have you ever joined a paid survey site before — and if so what was your experience like? Did you earn the kind of money you were expecting, or did leave because it did not meet your expectation?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, and if there’s anything else you would like to know about paid survey sites — feel free to ask me as well. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Are Paid Surveys Legitimate? Generally Speaking Yes, But Be Careful”

  1. Have been there done that. It seemed like I spent hours doing surveys and watching videos in hopes to make some decent money — but all I was left with were mere pennies.

    Unfortunately at the time I didn’t read an article like this one, which could of opened my eyes big time. I think WA is the newest cool for this generation. It just requires some dedication, patience and hard work. Thank you!

    • I totally agree John. Paid surveys while at first may seem cool and fun — really aren’t worth it when you see how much time you put in them to only get maybe a few dollars a day.

      Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing, which like you said is a very lucrative and profitable way for people to easily make a full time living online. Like anything in life though it will take time learning some new skills, consistent hard work, having the right mindset, and the willingness to never give up.

  2. That’s a really good take on the subject of surveys ! I did a survey system called survey junkie and made $2 for 3.5 hours of work ! 

    Every time I came to a better paying 30 minute survey I would get to the 30 minute mark and it would give me questions that my profile wasn’t approved for! You can make money but it’s chump change ! 

    Your option of online training is a far better means of online business !

    • I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way that surveys in general will give you nothing but pocket money at the end of the day. Like I said people who do make decent money from them, are mainly doing it by referring people to the site and basically earning money off of their hard work.

      Also I wouldn’t even consider it a business model, but more of a way to sit back have fun, and earn a little money in the process.

      But if you are looking for a way to make real money online be it to help buy your groceries or quite your job — I will tell you that Wealthy Affiliate can defiantly help you out.

      They will show you how to build a business that will make you money for years and years, which eventually can become quite passive too. 

  3. Some paid surveys may be scams while others may be legitimate. However, the problem with the legitimate paid surveys is that it will be almost impossible to make enough money to support yourself. So I have no interest in paid surveys. But Wealthy Affiliate looks promising, how long have you been a member?

    • I’ve been a member for about 2 years now. You are correct in that paid surveys in no way will help you earn decent money, let alone let you work full time online.

      As I’ve said to some other people, I think they are just a way to have fun and get paid for doing so.

      Wealthy Affiliate though teaches you how to build a REAL business that with time, hard work, and patience can easily let you work online full time.

      The best part is once you get your business up and going, you can be making money while doing other things like eating, sleeping, or watching a movie.

      With paid surveys and regular jobs — you only can make money if you’re physically doing something. That’s why I think building a business is so awesome and rewarding — since you do the work once but get paid sometimes forever for doing it.


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