Auvoria Prime Review

Welcome to my Auvoria Prime review.

If you’re wondering if this new MLM company is a scam or a good product to invest your money in, then you’re in luck.

Today I will be going over everything you need to know about this company such as what it sells, who the CEO of the company is, how their compensation plan works, and most importantly if I think you’ll be making money with them. 

So without any further ado, let’s jump into it. 

Quick Summary Of Auvoria Prime

Name: Auvoria Prime


Price: $267 followed by $189 / month

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is Auvoria Prime?

Auvoria Prime is an MLM ( multi level marketing ) company that deals with forex trading. 

They claim their goal is to maximize people’s quality of life all around the world by giving them advanced A.I. software which will allow them to take advantage of trends and earn money.

Now apart from this being quite a bold claim on their part, this is also nothing other than a lie to get you to spend money on their program.

Why do I say this you ask?

Well it first starts with the history of this company…

Now believe it or not, Auvoria Prime is actually their third attempt to sell “A.I. trading bots” to people. 

The original name of this company several years back was actually called SilverStar Live — however the CFTC ( Commodity Futures Trading Commission ) reported them as being a fraud and made them pay $75,000!

Then last year in 2019 Sal Leto, Hassan Mahmoud, and a few other people relaunched this company calling it Eaconomy — which also sold trading bots.

Now for whatever reason they didn’t see eye to eye which eventually made the company quickly go out of business.

So Sal Leto took it upon himself to launch this company yet again in March of 2020, and call it as you now know Auvoria Prime.

Auvoria Prime Review - Sal Leto

However something important you should know about this man is that he loves promoting scams.

He first started marketing a company called OnceCoin which eventually was shown to be a Ponzi Scheme. 

And when that didn’t work for him, he decided to turn his attention to a company called IPro Network — which also ended up being sued for millions of dollars for being a pyramid scheme.

So basically it looks like this guy just jumps from one scam to the next, with Auvoria Prime here being his latest one.

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What Does Auvoria Prime Sell?

Auvoria Prime has 3 different packages on their website that are supposed to help you earn money through Forex trading thanks to their trading bots.

  1. Ainstein Package ( $267 followed by $189 / month ) –  This is supposed to automatically make profitable trades for you so you can earn a passive income. 
  2. Alexander Package ( $267 followed by $189 / month ) –  This is software that is supposed to alert you when you can take advantage of a certain trend. 
  3. Airis ( $39 followed by $110 / month ) – This is supposed to alert you when potential market breakouts may be forming.

Auvoria Prime Review - Different packages

Now after doing some research into these products I’ve seen where some people claim to have made money with them and some haven’t.

The big issue with these products though is that they are not registered with the proper authorities!

But I’ll get more into that in just a minute. 

Auvoria Prime Compensation Plan 

I first want to talk about Auvoria Prime’s compensation plan, because I doubt you want to read a boring 20 page PDF to see how the whole thing works right?

So let me just highlight some of the important aspects of what you need to know. 

Affiliate Ranks

Within their compensation plan, there are 11 ranks you can potentially earn. 

  1. Active Affiliate 
  2. Visionary 
  3. Visionary 600 
  4. Visionary 1500 
  5. Icon 3000 
  6. Icon 5000 
  7. Icon 10,000 
  8. Auvorian 25K 
  9. Auvorian 50K 
  10. Auvorian 100K 
  11. Auvorian Legend 

Retail Commissions

The retail commissions of this company are actually very simple. If you sell an Ainstein or Alexander Package, you’ll earn $40. 

Residual Commissions

Auvoria Prime’s compensation plan is based on a unilevel structure — meaning everyone you recruit into your team will be directly beneath you. 

So anyone you recruit personally will be on your first level, then when someone on your first level recruits someone they are on your second level. And so on and so forth.

Auvoria Prime Review - Unilevel compensation structure

Now the amount you earn is going to be based on what rank you are — and with each higher rank you earn you’ll have to meet stricter requirements to get paid.

For example If you’re a Visionary 600, you’ll need to recruit and maintain four affiliates and generate 13 qualifying group points.

And if you’re an Auvorian Legend, you’ll need to recruit and maintain ten affiliates and generate 15,000 qualifying group points.

So as you can see this is no easy feat to reach the higher ranks in this company — and even harder to maintain them.

However if by some miracle you were able to pull this off, here is how much you’d be earning a week:

  • Visionary =  $40
  • Visionary 600 =  $150
  • Visionary 1500 =  $375
  • Icon 3000 =  $750
  • Icon 5000 =  $1250
  • Icon 10,000 =  $2500
  • Auvorian 25K =  $6250
  • Auvorian 50K =  $12,500
  • Auvorian 100K =  $25,000
  • Auvorian Legend =  $62,500


This company also offers bonuses for affiliates that meet certain requirements. 

For example, they have what is called the Momentum Builder Bonus where you can earn money based on the number of people you referred into the program within a week’s time.

And of course there a few other bonuses besides this one that let you earn more money with Auvoria.

However instead of boring you with the details you can read their entire compensation plan here if you’d like.

How Much Does It Cost?

To join Auvoria Prime and be able to participate in their rewards program, you’ll have to buy either the Ainstein or Alexander package.

Each one has a one time fee of $267, followed by a monthly payment of $189.

What I Like About It

  • I could not find one thing positive to say about this company 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The CEO has been involved with numerous scams in his past

As I talked about earlier within my review, the CEO ( Sal Leto ) of this company has been involved with nothing but scams for at least the past 5 – 10 years.

And even though these companies he’s been a part of have been sued for millions of dollars — this doesn’t seem to deter him one bit.

He simply seems to jump from one sketchy company to the next probably in hopes to earn a quick buck.

So I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want to get involved with a company that has a CEO with this kind of track record.

  • Their products are not properly registered 

Whenever a company is selling a product that claims you can earn money automatically — they need to register with the CFTC and to show that it is legal. 

However doing this means that the owner has to disclose specific information like how it works and more importantly that it can generate a profit for people that purchase it.

But Auvoria Prime refused to do this — so they have in big bold letters on their site that their product is not sold in the US.

Auvoria Prime Review - their products are not sold in the U.S.

So obviously this is a huge red flag about this company which can only indicate that they are up to no good and are lying about how their products work, how much it can help you make, or both.

Either way I think it’s plain as day that their main source of income is coming from gullible people willing to invest in their platform — and not the actual product itself.

  • Their products are expensive 

Also another turn off about this company is that their products are very expensive. 

You have to pay nearly $300 dollars for the package, then around $200 dollars each month afterward to continue using the software. This comes out to around $2,500 a year!

And if you do a quick search on Google, you’ll see that most Forex trading software only make you pay a $100 activation fee.

However with this company you have to pay double that each month to help pay for people building their pyramid scheme with this program. 

  • There’s no guarantee you’ll make money with this company

Then to make matters worse, even if this were a legit Forex trading software ( which it isn’t ) — you’re basically gambling with your money.

Because at the end of the day you’re using their A.I. software to help you guess when to buy and sell currencies at the right time to make a profit.

But on Auvoria’s website they clearly state that you will have to choose what type of risk setting you want to be activated.

Auvoria Prime Review - There's a high risk you'll lose your money

It reminded me of another company I reviewed a few days ago called Royaltie — which also claimed to use advanced A.I. to help people make money online. 

But the thing you need to know is that while you may make money with this product, there’s also a high chance that the $200 bucks you’re spending a month might go down the drain as well.  

  • Building a business with this company is next to impossible

Then last but not least, this company claims you can build a full time business by selling their software and building a team underneath you.

However it has been proven that 99% of all people who join a legit MLM company either make nothing or end up actually owing money back because they couldn’t make enough sales. 

And with Auvoria Prime obviously not being a legit company, plus having a compensation plan that is almost impossible to succeed with — the chances of you now becoming successful basically drop to nothing.

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam?

I can say that without a doubt that Auvoria Prime is indeed a scam.

The CEO clearly just jumps from one scam to the next to try and make some quick money.

Their compensation is based purely on getting people to buy their membership — not to mention the requirements to become successful with it are next to impossible. 

Their products are way overpriced so they can pay their affiliates, plus their products are not properly registered with the correct authorities.

So I think it’s safe to say that this is a company you don’t want to be dealing with in any shape, form, or fashion. 

My Final Thoughts

Auvoria Prime has so many red flags associated with it that it’s actually kind of mind boggling. 

But the two main ones that jumped out at me were their products are not legally registered ( hence why they’re not sold in the US ) — and secondly that this is their third attempt in trying to sell “A.I. trading bots.”

You’d think that they would have stopped after their company got shut down twice already — but obviously enough people are willing to throw their money away at this opportunity to make it worth there wild.

But I’d give it another a year or less until this too is no longer in operation.

So I see no reason to invest in a company whose software is not legally registered, plus thanks to their strict compensation plan building a “business” with them is also impossible. 

This is why at the end of the day  I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and best of all is you don’t have to risk gambling to make money online. 

You simply create helpful content that will point people towards products that they already are looking for  — then get paid a small commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

Check Out My #1 Recommended Product Here

I hope my review has shed some light on Auvoria Prime, and that you now understand why I don’t recommend you join this company.

However if you have any other questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them. 🙂

Auvoria Prime

$267 followed by $189 / month

Overall Rating



  • I could not find one thing positive to say about this company 


  • The CEO has been involved with numerous scams in his past
  • Their products are not properly registered 
  • Building a business with this company is next to impossible
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12 thoughts on “Auvoria Prime Review”

  1. Wow, the CEO obviously likes playing around with the people. Hopefully this will be his last scam. 
    Thank you for the honest review. Now, if I or someone I know comes by Auvoria Prime, I will advise them to pass this “opportunity”. I agree with your choice of #1 rated product online. Wealthy Affiliate surely deserves the spot.

    • Thanks for the comment Baki, and I’m glad you’ve decided to join this company. Also like you said, I hope this will be Sal Leto’s last attempt dealing with a shady program.

  2. Well, there goes another plan to make money online.  Thank you for adding this to your review list.  Auvoria Prime was on my list to check out as I am wondering what might make another direction to add to my online revenue streams.  Now I don’t have to bother with them.  Their choices of people to head the program shows little respect for honesty and integrity.  What is it about making money online that makes people think it is OK to scam?  

    With so many people on the internet and so little way to regulate the quality of the offers except through trial and error, it is wonderful to have reviews to help you decide how and what you want to start next.  Finding a place to learn to do affiliate marketing suited me and what I wanted from working online to make money. The basic things you outlined in your review are the things we should check anytime we are considering a purchase.  Thanks for your help.

    • No problem Sami, I’m glad you found my reivew helpful.

      And to answer your question, I think many people think it’s ok to scam people simply because people are willing to throw their money away at any and every opportunity thinking that making money online is somehow easy and quick.

      Of course this is not true as it takes a lot of work and patience to earn a regular income online — but once you have a site established and ranking within the search engines you can bring in thousands of dollars a month almost on autopilot.

  3. So thoughtful of you to carry out such an amazing review of Auvoria Prime. I really compliment your time and effort spent in carrying out such an intriguing review on this  platform and sharing your candied opinions with us. I look forward to visiting your blog more often to see which program I should and should not avoid.

    Again really amazing review and I look forward to sharing it with my friends.

  4. Thank you for warning me about Auvoria Prime. The record of Sal Leto and Hassan Mahmoud does little to inspire me to invest in Auvoria Prime. The fact that these programs are not registered with the proper authorities is just appalling. It sounds like yet another pyramid scam. Thank you for warning me about this. You have saved me a lot of money. I was interested to note that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  I will now look into this.  Thank you.  Do you recommend any other programs other than WA?

    • There are a few other programs that I’ve reviewed in the past that seemed good, however Wealthy Affiliate has been and still is my top rated program for teaching people how to make money online.

      I say this because…

      – They give easy to follow and actional step by step instructions on how to create a brand new website and make it profitable

      – They give you tons of tools and resources that will help you succeed

      – Their community is the largest and most active I’ve come across — so you can get help quickly and efficiently

      – To become premium is VERY cost efficient 

      – And it’s free to join and try out

      Not to mention I have personally seen success with this program, and I’ve yet to find a program with so many people giving genuine success stories like how they made their first sale, and how they have quit their job.

      So again yes there are other good programs out there — but WA is the best one I’ve seen by far and is still what I recommend to anyone looking to generate an income online.

  5. Hello there, 

    A big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative review on  Auvoria Prime. It really interests me to see this review. A friend of mine actually told me about this program, but I thought of doing more research so as to know if it’s legit or a scam. I am glad I wasn’t a victim of this platform.

    Thanks for this review as it has really helped me. 

    • No problem.

      I’m glad this review could give you the information you were looking for — and better yet I am also very glad you didn’t waste your money on this company. 🙂

  6. Hello dear,

    Really amazing job you did here sharing such an amazing review of Auvoria Prime. I must say that it’s not easy for you to take your time to carry out such tentative research but you did for the benefits of all and I really appreciate that.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to sharing it on my blog.

    • No problem, I actually enjoy writing reviews because it helps people avoid wasting their money on what I know are scams and will do nothing but make their life miserable.


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