Clickbank Superstar Review – Is it A Scam Or A Legit Way To Sell Products?

Clickbank Superstar is a product that just recently launched, which claims it can help you get your product in front of millions of affiliates within just a few minutes.

But can this product really deliver you these kinds of results, or is Clickbank Superstar just another scam out to steal your money?

Well within my review I’m going to show you what this product is, how it works, and most importantly if I think it’s a product worth purchasing or not.

Quick Summary Of Clickbank Superstar

Name: Clickbank Superstar


Price: $19.95 with several upsells

Rating: 3 out of 5

What Is Clickbank Superstar?

Clickbank Superstar logo

ClickBank Superstar is a product created by John Thornhill who has supposedly been making on Clickbank since 2005.

Within the sales page he shows how he has made thousands of dollars a day simply by creating products and putting them up on Clickbank — and now due to certain reasons ( like other market places not accepting PayPal anymore ) he now wants to show you how to do the same thing.

So if you do purchase CB Superstar, you’ll be shown how to make money as a vendor for Clickbank rather than as an affiliate marketer ( which in my opinion is much easier and far better ) — but more on that in a moment.

Now after looking over what this product has to offer, I will say that I do think it’s a legit product and that it can help people out — but it’s nothing shockingly new that people haven’t seen before.

Because lets face it, people have been putting their own products up on Clickbank and making a ton of money ever since it first launched back in 1998 — so it’s not like what’s taught within this program is going to suddenly make you rich overnight.

But let me show you what’s inside the members area if you do happen to purchase this product.

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How Does Clickbank Superstar Work?

As I just mentioned, Clickbank Superstar’s training will teach you how to get your product listed on Clickbank through step-by-step video tutorials and some PDF files.

Also within the sales page it says if you purchase today you’ll also receive 2 bonuses with one teaching you how to get traffic to your product, and the other showing you how to create an actual product.


And yes if you follow the training you can make money with this — but you can also find the exact same information within CB Superstar by spending a few minutes searching online.

For example, I literally spent 3 minutes on Google and found within Clickbank’s Support section an entire article on how to list your product within their marketplace along with all the requirements that they want, which you can read here.

Also within that same article, they have a 6-minute video showing you step by step how to list your product on Clickbank for free might I add — which is the exact same information Clickbank Superstar is trying to sell you here.

If you want, you can watch it right now if you feel like it by clicking below:


So again can this training help you? Yes.

But as you just saw you can learn everything that’s within this product by simply spending a few minutes and doing a little bit of research on your own.

How Much Does It Cost?

As with most Clickbank products, you are usually presented with a fairly cheap front end offer — then once your inside you then get bombarded with a ton of upsells ( which is where the product creators really make their money ).

And Clickbank Superstar is no different.

The main product which shows you how to list your products on Clickbank is only $19.95 — however once you purchase the product you’ll then be sent through a VERY expensive sales funnel trying to persuade you to buy more of John Thornhill’s products.

Here’s an actual pic of the sales funnel so you can see for yourself:

CB Superstar's sales funnel

As you can see, if you were to purchase everything in there you’d be spending about $4,500 dollars in total!

And honestly I don’t think you need all these extra products to launch a successful product on Clickbank — but the fact that you don’t know about these very expensive upsells until you become a member really annoys me.

So just be prepared to see all these other products thrown your way if you happen to try this system out for yourself.

The Down Side To Creating Your Own Products

Now while John talks about all the benefits of creating your own product (such as being able to keep 100% of your commissions and having affiliates help market it for you ) — there’s also a few cons I’d like to point out that you may or may not know of.

1. It will take both time and money to turn a profit.

One of the worst things about creating your own product is the amount of time and money you have to invest before you can even put it on the market.

And I don’t know about you, but unless you have a very good idea for a product that you think will be a big hit — I’d rather do affiliate marketing which can make you money a whole lot faster and without all the expense.

2. You’ll have to deal with customer service.

Another annoying thing you have to deal with as a product creator is dealing with customers and helping them out. This mean helping people with their questions, dealing with refunds, and also having to deal with cancellations.

And while all of this can be annoying ( especially if you have an angry customer ) — the worst part is it eats away at your time that could be better spent marketing your product or creating a new one all together.

3. There’s no guarantee you’ll make a profit

Last but not least, ones of the worst things about creating products is you never know if your going to make money with it.

And after you’ve spent sometimes months and thousands of dollars creating it — it can definitely be a major letdown having done all that for nothing.

But with affiliate marketing you don’t have to invest any money or time creating something — but instead can right from the start promote any product you feel like.

Is Clickbank Superstar A Scam?

While I do not think that Clickbank Superstar is a scam, and it is indeed much better than some than other products I’ve reviewed in the past such as …

I still would not recommend you spend your money on this product due to the simple fact that you can find out how to add products to Clickbank through a simple search online.

On top of that, with all the upsells added into this product — it makes it seem more that John is more worried about making money off of you, rather than actually trying to help you promote your products within Clickbank.

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy it
  • It can potentially save you some time learning how to promote products on Clickbank

What I Don’t Like About It

  • There’s a ton of expensive upsells within this product
  • The training only covers the basics on how to do certain things

Who Is Clickbank Superstar For?

If your someone who really wants to create a product and sell it on Clickbank without wasting any time, then CB Superstar might be for you.

However as you’ve seen within this post, you can just as easily find all the information within this product and more if you take an hour or less out of your day and do some research on Google.

My Final Rating

3 out of 5 ( It’s OK, but not great )

Even though I think that Clickbank Superstar is a legit program, it’s basically a product giving you general information on how to sell products on Clickbank ( which is something people have been doing for over 20 years now ).

Plus you can find this information by clicking the link above in my review and doing a little research on your own.

But above all else, creating products in my opinion is a terrible way to try and make money online when first starting out — because you have to invest both a lot of time and money actually creating it, and then your not even guaranteed to make a profit off of it.

So Here’s What I Recommend Instead

Through my #1 recommended product online, it will show you how to make money online through affiliate marketing — which basically lets you promote anything and everything online right away ( and not waste countless hours and money creating one).

And best of all is you can test this system out completely for free and ultimately have a business up and running for less than a dollar a day!

So if your interested in learning how to do this, click below to learn how to get step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to become successful online.

learn more about my #1 recommended product here

Also I want to add that if you join this program, I’ll be available to you during any day of the year to help steer you on the path to becoming successful as fast as possible.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my review about Clickbank Super star and now have a better understanding as to what it is and if it’s something that you think can help you out.

However if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Clickbank Superstar Review – Is it A Scam Or A Legit Way To Sell Products?”

  1. Hey Michael,Thanks for a very enlightening review. Thanks also for letting us know that the information sold in this product can be found for free online in Clickbank’s support pages. What I’d like to ask is, is there anything more this product/training offers, compared to the free video training on Clickbank’s support site?

    Thanks again!


    • The only main difference is that the product also has some general training on how to get traffic to your products, and also how to create products in general.

      But both Clickbanks’s support page and this product show and tell you step by step how to add a product into Clickbank, which is the main reason Clickbank Superstar was created in the first place.

  2. I would agree with you that you can indeed find all the information in Clickbank Superstar elsewhere for free, and I would also agree that it would be far better to become an affiliate rather than spend time and money creating your own product.

    I would say that this product verges on becoming a scam because of all the upsells – it is only too easy to fall for these upsets once you have spent the initial money!

    As you say, it is far preferable to take part in your number 1 recommendation, where you can learn from scratch how to start your own successful online marketing business.

    Many thanks for your very helpful information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Chrissie and sharing your thoughts with us about this product. 

      Now while I respect that you may think that this could be a scam, I just want to clarify that you do not have to buy these upsells and you’ll still learn how to add a product to Clickbank — which is what John says within the sales video.

      But again I think creating your own product should come later down the road, once you have learned the basics on how to make money online — which you can do so here. 

      Because even if you have an amazing idea, you’ll still need to learn how to create a website, get traffic to your site, then convert these visitors into buying customers.

  3. This is great, it looks like an improvement of the conventional Clickbank system which we already know. But after payment, you will realize they are only giving out information that you can research by yourself with little or no cost. When I saw the rating in this article, I already knew it is not worth it. Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Abiodun, and while I think John might of had good intentions with this product — everything taught is available to you for free on Clickbanks support page and online in general.

      So I also agree that Clickbank Superstar is not worth the money — and that there are far better ways to generate an income online rather than spending countless hours and money creating a product yourself. 

  4. I have been bombarded over the past 10 days or so with emails from marketers promoting this ClickBank Superstar training. John Thornhill has been selling digital products online for years, and actually, this one has come to the fore since the PayPal issue has surfaced. 

    The other major platforms had many vendors whose business was literally shut down in one fell swoop by PayPal. Apparently, PayPal is purging their customer base of anything that smells of possible scam or earnings claims in offers that are not likely.

    These vendors have been unable to use the other platforms (i.e. JVZoo, Warrior Forum, etc.) and although alternatives are rolling out for payment gateways that work with the other platforms, suddenly ClickBank is back in the lights as an alternative.

    ClickBank itself is a platform that will work for selling products, but their reputation has gone down a lot because of the many questionable offers you find there (but the same holds true on the other platforms as well). It is a viable alternative for some.

    The problem is that many newer online marketers have never used ClickBank before, so the training that John put together is one that is getting attention. All the upsells that he is offering are quite annoying and something I associate more with the Warrior Plus platform.

    I agree that someone could get the information themselves with a little research. Most people are looking for an instant solution and having someone do it for them. For these people, John’s training will be worth the front end price. All the rest of the upsells I would likely pass on…

    As with a lot of training you find packaged in a course or on a platform, given the time and know-how, you could learn it yourself by perusing many different sites and using YouTube, blogs, etc. What the vendor or the course creator is selling are convenience and time savings for buyers.

    Using ClickBank or other platforms is a good way to grow your online business fast. There are huge profits possible with creating your own products. It is not for everyone, of course, but many marketers are making good money doing so. 

    Overall, I see online marketing as being a business that can grow in stages as follows: 

    (1) First, you can freelance. You earn immediate income but you trade time for money. No time, no money. 

    (2) The next stage is affiliate marketing. This is better because the work you do up front is cumulative and ongoing. This means you will earn again and again from that initial work. There is a lot of work (for some) doing research for keywords, practicing proper SEO, etc. and you must publish a lot of content over time to make an impact on the targeted niche, but all that builds up over time and at some point, you will get regular sales and new leads…You are trading less time for the income you will make but still it can be a lot of work. 

    (3) Drop Shipping is the next level…This stage is quite good too, as you are not spending money or much time after setting up the store and populating it with product pages until you have received the money from the buyer, and the drop shipping company does the order fulfillment for you. The profits are not bad, and yes there is more work with customer support, but not that much, and when it does start increasing, you can hire VAs. Here you are trading even less time (once you have a store set up it is quite easy to maintain it) for money, and when the business grows, using VAs to free up even more time.

    (4) The last stage is creating and selling your own products and services. Essentially this ClickBank Superstar training is an example of what I am speaking of. John spent time putting it all together properly, plus what seems like a lot of time into the upsells (too many?) and once he launches, affiliates are promoting the heck out of it.

    John has traded even less time long-term for the amount of money he will make from the work he did up-front. He is going to have to pay affiliates, and yes there is customer support and also the sales funnel maintenance, but again, he is going to have larger amounts of cash to outsource help. 

    He is leveraging available systems and automation practices to increase his gross and net income and while doing so he maximizes the time he has carved out of his day/week for creating more products to repeat the cycle, or go to a beach somewhere and contemplate a sunset.


    Getting back to this training product ClickBank Superstar, I would likely not buy it as I know already how to launch on ClickBank. Many online marketers are buying it, but this is an area I would rather do the research myself (it is not that complex nor does it require a lot of research or time). 

    Good review…I enjoyed reading through it and I think people will be well-informed if they go to have a look at the offer.        

    • Thanks for taking the time out of your day to share your thoughts about Clickbank Superstar and making money online in general.

      And I agree that while there are many different routes one can go to make a living online — some are better than others due to the fact that you don’t have to trade as much time in order to create a regular and growing income.

      Also while creating your products I would say is one of the best and most lucrative ways to make a lot of money — it’s also not something that people should try when they first get started ( for the many different reasons I mentioned within my post ).

      And I think people come to the internet to learn how to make money while also freeing up some of their time — which is also why I wouldn’t consider freelancing as a good way either, because your basically working another 9-5 job.

      So in my opinion I still think affiliate marketing is one of the best routes ( if not the best ) for people to earn money online — because even though it does take work and patience — everything you do now will earn you a passive income for years to come. 

      Thanks again for your comment Dave, and may I ask have you tried all three methods you talked about to earn money online? 

      And if so which one did you like the most, and also which one yielded you the most income?


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