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Welcome to my Cove Creek Review!

You’re probably here because either you saw this opportunity online, or you had someone ask you to join this company and now you want to know if it’s a scam or not.

 Well within my article you’ll learn everything you need to know about this company such as what it’s selling, who the CEO is, and most importantly if you can make money with it.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into it!

Quick Summary Of Cove Creek

Name: Cove Creek


Price: $29.95 / year and possibly having to buy their products each month

Rating: 3 out of 5

What Is Cove Creek?

Cove Creek is an MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) company within the health and beauty niche, that launched earlier this year in January of 2020.

The founder of the company Carol Tanner says back at her family farm in North Carolina there is a small pond that provides rich natural ingredients to her land and livestock — so she decided to create a company that also sold beauty supplies made from natural ingredients.

She also says their business provides a strong marketing strategy that will help women ( and men if they want ) to sell these products and build a solid and growing business online.

But is this really true, or this just a hyped up message to get people to join this new company on the block?

Well I won’t say that it’s true or false, but I will show you how they market their company so that you can make your own decision about this statement.

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What Does Cove Creek Sell?

As of right now there are no products for sale on their website, but they have in bold writing that they should arrive in August of 2020.

So whenever their beauty products are available, they say you can expect to see the following items…

Lip Care:

  • Lip Scrub
  • Lip Plumper
  • Lip Soother

Bath And Spa:

  • Aromatic Moisturizing Bath Oil
  • Goat Milk / Bath Milk
  • Botanical Bath Salt Soak
  • Aromatic Shower Spritzer
  • Soy Candles

Hair Care:

  • Invigorating Shampoo Bar
  • Invigorating Conditioner Bar
  • Goat Milk Shampoo Bar
  • Goat Milk Conditioner Bar
  • Goat Milk Leave In Conditioner

Foot Care:

  • Soothing Foot Soak
  • Softening Foot Scrub
  • Moisturizing Foot Lotion

Body Care:

  • Goat Milk Body Lotion
  • Goat Milk Body Bar
  • Oatmeal Body Bar
  • Moisturizing Body Polish
  • After-Sun Gel

Skin Care:

  • Goat Milk Face Bar
  • Goat Milk Face Moisturizer
  • Spot Stick
  • Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Facial Serum
  • Anti-Aging Mud Mask
  • Brightening Facial Serum
  • Brightening Mud Mask
  • Brightening Facial Toner


  • Loofa Sponge
  • Sisal Body Mitt
  • Pumice Stone / Brush
  • Mud Mask Set

Plus they say there will be more products for men, pets, and people who play sports in early 2021. 

Also at the time of writing this review, there are no prices attached to any of these products.

Cove Creek Review - pre launch product list

Now as you can see, the majority of their products use goat milk because they say it contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals like B6, B12, and selenium which is supposed to help prevent premature aging of the skin, as well as keep your skin from being red and itchy. 

Now whether these products are as effective as they claim I’m not sure ( nor does anybody else ) since they aren’t even out on the market — so I would use caution if you plan on selling or using these products yourself.

Cove Creek Compensation Plan 

Now even though Cove Creeks’ compensation plan is fairly short, it can still be kind of confusing to look at if you’ve never read one before.

Therefore I will go over the basics of how their plan works, that way if you decide to join this company you will have a general idea of how much you can make with them. 

Affiliate Ranks

There are 9 ranks you can earn through their program, with each one getting progressively harder to obtain. 

  • Active Consultant
  • Managing Consultant
  • Directing Consultant
  • Silver Consultant
  • Gold Consultant
  • Platinum Consultant
  • 1-Star Diamond Consultant
  • 2-Star Diamond Consultant
  • 3-Star Diamond Consultant

Cove Creek Review - rank qualifications

Again to climb up within the ranks of this program, you’ll have to make a certain number of sales and recruit a certain amount of people to your team.

And if you don’t make at least $150 sales within any 3 month time frame — you will not be able to stay active. 

Retail Commissions

You will earn 25% commissions on any item you directly sell to a customer regardless of what rank you are.

So if you sell $100 dollars worth of products, you will make $25.

Residual Commissions

Cove Creek uses a unilevel compensation structure within their plan.

This means that when you personally recruit someone they will be on your 1st level, then when someone on your 1st level recruits someone they will be on your 2nd level and so on and so forth.

Cove Creek Review - Unilevel compensation structure

This also entails that you will receive a small portion of any commission they make. 

Now how Cove Creek calculates how much you’ll be earning is again based on what rank you are — and you can earn anywhere from 10% – 32%.

Cove Creek Review - residual commissions


There are also a few bonuses you can obtain through this company like the Rank Advancement Bonus and Team Building Matching Bonus.

However in order to earn these bonuses you’ll have to make a certain number of sales in a very strict time period as you can see within the image above.

Now like I said this is just a quick glance at how it all works, but if you want you can read their entire plan by clicking here.

How Much Does It Cost?

To join Cove Creek, you will have to pay a yearly fee of $29.95 which they say is to cover the website you’ll be getting along with some other training materials. 

Also more than likely you will have to buy the products on their website or some type of package — that way you can sell them to make money or entice people to join your team.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d have to spend a few hundred bucks a month to make this happen. 

What I Like About It

  • It’s a new MLM company

Most of the time MLM companys lasts a very short time, ranging between 2 – 4 years. However if you can join one when they first launch your chances of succeeding are more likely.

This is because there’s a lot of advertising and hype surrounding the current company — and no one has had a chance to write negative reviews about it to steer people away.  

  • They have a 30-day refund policy on their products

This company says they will refund your money if a product you buy is damaged or defective with a 7 day period.

However if you want to return it for a reason other than this, you have 30 days from when you purchased it to get your money back.

So it’s nice to know if you buy their products and you don’t like them you can at least get your money back.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their products are not tested yet

Seeing as this companies’ products aren’t even out yet, It’s hard to say how effective these products will be or if there will be any kind of side effects people may get from them. 

So it would be wise to know how you and other people’s skin react to these soaps, lotions and other things before you go selling them to anyone and everyone you can find.

  • They are in a competitive market

There are thousands of online and offline stores like Bath and Body Works and Rodan Fields that sell creams, lotions, and things of this nature. And every single one of them claim their products are made of the best ingredients known to mankind. 

So if you join Cove Creek here, can you really convince people that they have the highest quality products on the market?

Because if you ask me, I think it’s going to be extremely hard to get people to buy these products from you unless you have solid proof that they are better than what most people can find elsewhere.

  • It uses an MLM business model

This company here claims they have a “strong marketing strategy” to help people build a profitable business online with the help of their products. 

Now I can’t be sure, but more than likely they are going to ask you to talk to people you already know ( like your friends, family, and neighbors ) — and then tell them to join your team so that both of you can make money.

However this approach to marketing is so terrible that around 1% of people actually succeed with this business model.

So unless you have a big following on social media or know how to do SEO and attract people to your website — the chances of you earning a good income aren’t looking that great.  

Is Cove Creek A Scam?

From the looks of it, Cove Creek is not a scam.

They have real products that you can either sell directly to people in order to make money, or you can use them to entice people to join your team and make money that way.

However with that said, this company is still fairly new meaning it’s hard to say how well it will actually do — plus the fact that they have zero products on their website at the moment.

So whether you are considering joining this opportunity or not, I would recommend you at least wait a couple of months until they have something that you can physically sell.  

My Final Thoughts

Even though Cove Creek looks like a legit business with some pretty good products, it’s honestly just way too soon to tell how well it’s actually going to do. 

Also not to mention that they are in a rather competitive market and use a business model that relies on you building large teams already sets you up for fighting an uphill battle. 

Because not only is recruiting people hard, but training people within your team on how to go about doing the same thing is even more difficult.

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Cove Creek, and can now decide if this is truly something you want to pursue or not.

But if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Cove Creek

$29.95 / year

Overall Rating



  • It’s a new MLM company
  • They have a 30-day refund policy on their products


  • Their products are not tested yet
  • They are in a competitive market
  • It uses an MLM business model
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4 thoughts on “Cove Creek Review”

  1. I like the fact that you gave Cove Creek here a reasonable and fair review. I believe Generate Online Revenue could have given them a lesser grade though. A new MLM company is not always the easiest to promote. 

    Still, the purpose of the article was found and kindly explicit about affiliate marketing being the best way to make money and build a LASTING business. When you compare the duration of all MLM startups, usually 5 years maximum, it’s safer to build a business online with a method that has a much higher chance of people become successful and through a company that is backed up with fifteen years of experience. 

    • The reason I gave Cove Creek a 3 star rating is because I couldn’t find any major red flags about the company or people who owned it.

      It simply seems like a typical MLM that unfortunately has positioned themselves in a saturated market — which I think will make it very hard for anyone who joins it to become successful.

      Also I 100% agree that the affiliate marketing combined with Wealthy Affiliate’s training is probably the best way for anyone to make money online.

      And the cool thing is they are always updating their training, give weekly live webinars, and have thousands of members who are making a full time income online — which allows you to stay informed on what is and is not working in this industry. 

      So again all I can say is I’ve seen far more people succeed through affiliate marketing than with the MLM’s, plus it’s a whole lot cheaper to get started with — so it’s a win win. 

  2. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this post will be of help to anyone who comes across it because it has helped me a lot. 

    Even though Cove Creek here seems to have a lot of products available, I don’t believe having goat milk in it is as good as they make it out to be. 

    Thank you very much for sharing this with the online world.

    • I too am kind of skeptical about how good goat milk is for our skin. 

      But as I said within my review here, I guess the only way to know for sure is to test these lotions and creams out yourself and see if you have any positive chances. 


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