Daily Cash Siphon Is A Scam – Do Not Buy Until You Read This!

If you’re wondering if Daily Cash Siphon is a scam or a legit way to earn some extra cash online, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because according to them, you can use some new weird trick to “legally” siphon $395 dollars into your bank account every single day.

However after having looked over this, in my opinion Daily Cash Siphon is just another low quality product that won’t provide you with the necessary training to succeed online.

So my goal today is to help inform you what you’ll actually be getting if you buy this product, and more importantly explain why I think you should not waste your time on this.

Quick Summary Of Daily Cash Siphon

Name: Daily Cash Siphon

Website: Dailycashsiphon.net

Price: $37 with upsells

Rating: 2 out of 5 rating

What Is Daily Cash Siphon?

What Is Daily Cash Siphon
When I first landed on this website, I had a strong feeling it was going to be just another low quality product out to take your money and offer very little value in return.

And sure enough as I started watching the sales video, I knew my suspensions were correct.

Because according to William Fairbrother ( the spokesperson of this product ), he claims you can be racking up cash every single day faster than you can even imagine — and that you can get started in under 7 minutes and 19 clicks.

He also says that the only two things required of you is that you won’t mind using a controversial method to make money online, and that you are able to watch the sales video.

Sounds pretty nice right?

However I’ve come across hundreds of products such as…

Which all basically told me the same thing which is I could get rich online, and do so in a very short amount of time.

Of course this is a complete lie, as generating a regular income online each and every month takes both hard work and persistence to make it happen.

And is not done with a few clicks of your mouse or by exposing some hidden loophole in a system somewhere.

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How Does Daily Cash Siphon Work?

As your watching the sales video of this product, William explains that by simply copying their “simple moves” that you’ll be able to generate thousands of dollars a month online.

However the problem is that he never tells you specifically what you’ll be doing this or what kind of training you’ll be given — but rather he just shows off how much money he has made online.

a lot of cash

So at the end of the day your just suppose to blindly believe what he is telling you, and hope that after you buy the product you’ll get rich like him.

However as I mentioned earlier, this product is basically a scam because what you’ll be getting when you buy this is not some secret method to earning a ton of money online.

You see what you’re actually getting when you spend $37 bucks on this, is basic training on how to set up a WordPress website, and how to do affiliate marketing.

Now I’ll be honest and say that if your completely new to internet marketing, then this product actually has some information you will find helpful.

But again what they are teaching you is the bare basics on essentially how to set up a blog and make money as an affiliate marketer.

And from what I’ve seen, there’s absolutely no way you will be able to make thousands of dollars a day within a week or 2 like they claim can happen.

And not only is the training mediocre at best, there were several red flags that jumped out at me while I was reviewing Daily Cash Siphon.

The Red Flags

1) Unrealistic Income Claims

As I mentioned earlier, one of the first problems I had with this product was how it claimed people could make a lot of money easily and quickly with the help of their system.

It even shows within the sales video how William supposedly created a brand new Clickbank account, and within a weeks time started having $1,000 dollar days.

make $1,000 dollars within a week

However the only way one can go about doing this is either by tapping into a traffic source they already own like an email list or a blog — or if they just launched a product onto the market ( which is how the creator here made all their money ).

But if your just starting out then there’s very little chance you’ll earn a dollar your first week, let alone thousands of dollars.

2) It Uses False Scarcity

At the very beginning of the presentation, you are told that you’re watching a private video and that you should not even share it with your friends and family.

Says your watching a private video

Then toward the end it reminds you that they can take this product down at any time, so you better act quickly if you want to buy their product.

Of course this is all complete nonsense, because you can easily go over to Clickbank’s marketplace and watch the video as many times as you like.

Also the only time I see this product being taken down is when they are forced to shut it down because no one is buying it.

You see the only reason products like this make these kinds of statements is so that you’ll buy it without spending time researching into whether or not its good ( like you’re doing right now ).

So again if a product is worth buying they won’t scare you into buying it, but rather give you several good reasons as to how it can help you solve a particular problem.

3) Their Training Is Not Up To Date

Daily Cash Siphon says that their system is controversial, because they will be showing you how to promote new products on Clickbank in order to make money.

And while this method may have worked a few years ago, I can assure you that this is not the case anymore.

Because I’ve reviewed hundreds of products on Clickbank, and I’d say that about 90% of them are either scams or just very low quality products that will not benefit you.

And since every Clickbank product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee — that means anyone who buys a product from them and isn’t satisfied within 2 months can ask for a refund and get their money back.

So even if you somehow were able to sell a bunch of new products — chances are that you’ll make close to nothing when people start asking for their money back.

4) It Has Hidden Cost

Last but not least, they say you can buy their product at the low cost of $37 dollars and get access to all the training you’ll need to make a good income online.

However while I was looking around their sales page, I found something quite interesting.

You see once you enter into their members area, you’ll then be presented with 3 different up sells totaling out to be $481 dollars!

Hidden Upsells

And while they will try to convince you that these upsells will help you earn even more money online — the real truth is that this is how the owner makes the majority of their income.

Because their ultimate plan is to get you to buy their product fairly cheap at the beginning ( even if it means lying to you about a few things ) — then once your inside they will then try to convince you further to spend a lot more money.

But I can assure you one thing, and that these upsells are created for one thing is one thing only — to make the creator richer and you poorer.

Is Daily Cash Siphon A Scam?

Depending on whether or not Daily Cash Siphon is a scam really boils down to how you want to define the term.

Because what you’re buying and what you expect to be getting are 2 completely different things, so I can easily see why people would think this is a scam.

But on the other hand, you do get a fair amount of training on what affiliate marketing is, how to set up a WordPress website, and how to go about promoting products online.

However whether you want to call it a scam or not, at the end of the day I do not recommend you buy this product simply because it doesn’t offer enough training and resources for you to succeed online.

What I Like About It

  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee
  • It teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The sales page is very hyped up and misleading
  • It has hidden upsells within the members area
  • Their training is outdated and ineffective
  • There’s no information about who the real owner is
  • It tries to scare you into buying their product with false scarcity

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 ( Not Recommended )

Daily Cash Siphon is basically a get rich product out to take money out of your pockets, and put it into the person who created it.

It goes into showing you the basics of how affiliate marketing and blogging can help you make money online — but it stops right there and doesn’t go any further.

So not only will you not get rich with this system — but I highly doubt you’ll even earn enough money to fill up the gas tank of your car.

Therefore Here’s What I Recommend Instead

Rather than wasting your time on these get rich systems claiming you can make a lot of money easily on the internet, have a look at my #1 recommended product online.

It has been around since 2005, and has helped thousands of complete beginners go from making nothing to earning a full time income online.

And I’d like to stress that this program does NOT claim you can get rich quickly online — but that you will have to work hard and learn some new skills to succeed.

But the cool thing is that they let you try out their system completely for free ( no credit card required ) — and they also provide you with all the tools and training necessary for you to become successful.

I don’t want to go into a full explanation as to what this product has to offer — but you can click the picture below to find out more about this program if this sounds interesting to you.

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Anyways that’s it for my Daily Cash Siphon review.

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any questions or opinions you’d like to leave me — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Daily Cash Siphon Is A Scam – Do Not Buy Until You Read This!”

  1. Good afternoon,

    A great article with lots of detail about Cash Siphon. I had never heard of this business so it was amazing the level of information that you had on it which made for a very interesting read. 

    I was quite astounded to hear about its tactics especially with the training. I certainly felt that Daily Cash Siphon appeared to be a kind of scam mainly due to its false claims of earning potential without mentioning the cost of all the added extras.

    A great in-depth knowledge here so thank you for sharing.

    • I’m glad you found my review helpful.

      I think many people will agree with you in claiming this product is a scam simply due to all the false / hyped up information they give you on their sales page.

      However, if they didn’t do this, I doubt anyone would even buy this product to begin with.

  2. Well this is a new one for me. I don’t recall ever having come across it before. You are a decent soul for taking the time to inform others of the lowlife, scam artists out there. 

    There are so many of them, and I agree they make these outlandish claims of getting rich by doing nothing. That is simply a lie and only told to siphon your money into their pockets. I thought that you might like that I used siphon in there, lol. 

    Anyway, it is true, there is not a lazy way to create a passive income online. But, I see that you did manage to find a different route to take. Looks appealing and even reasonable. 

    Thank you for the info, will check that out more. Gracias 

    • Haha I did like how you worded your comment Tina, very cleaver 😉

      And your right in that there’s no quick or lazy way to make money online — BUT if you follow a proven method, learn some new skills, and work your butt off you can generate a full-time income online.

      Now there’s lots of ways you can go about doing this like creating a Youtube channel, a website, a podcast, or even your own product — however at the end of the day I’ve found creating a website and using affiliate marketing to be the easiest method by far.

      And through this program here, they guide you through a simple 4 step process on how to go from making nothing to making money online.

      Plus they give tools, support, and up to date training so you can easily succeed.


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