Does Level Thrive Work? Don’t Join Until You Read This

Quick Summary Of Level Thrive

Name: Level Thrive

Price: $100 – $200

Rating: 2/5

What Is Level Thrive?

Level Thrive is an 8-week lifestyle plan aimed to help individuals experience and reach their peak physical and mental performance. After the 8 weeks is over, the company claims you’ll completely look and feel better than you ever have.

You’re probably wondering though, does Level Thrive Work?

Well according to them, in order to accomplish this you need to take a combination of 3 different products (a capsule, a shake, and a patch) to get the best results. By using all 3 of these products, it’s supposedly going to fill in your body’s nutritional gaps.

Therefore, you’ll experience benefits like…

  • mental clarity
  • more energy
  • calms general discomforts
  • supports healthy joint function
  • immune support
  • better weight management

From what I’ve gathered though there has been zero research done to verify if what Thrive is selling actually works or not.

What Does Level Thrive Sell?

Thrive has 3 main products they sell which they claim again is EVERYTHING you’ll need to look and feel better.

Their Products

The M and W Capsules: Thrive has capsules geared toward both men and women that you take daily. It’s supposed to give you many benefits like managing your weight, healthy joint function, muscle support, plus digestive and immune support.

The shake mix: This is an ultra micronized mix that has a blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and other healthy things your body needs. This also is supposed to help manage weight, probably due to it being very low in calories.

The DFT patch: This is basically a patch with advanced technology that when combined with the shake and pills you take will help you achieve premium results. It says it also will help support energy and circulation, increase mental acuity, and help with your weight management.

Again while all these products seem quite amazing and helpful — there has been no evidence to support these products actually help you or not.

In my opinion the capsule is probably like an ordinary pill you can get a vitamin shop, the shake is probably like boost or any other generic weight loss drink, and the patch is like them throwing every healthy vitamin and mineral they can think of together and saying it will greatly improve your life.

I may just be old-fashioned but I have always believed a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat along with exercise is the best route anyone can take to have a better lifestyle and manage their weight.

Their Upsells

If you go to Level Thrive’s website, then go on and on about how you can get amazing results by taking only the 3 main products I mentioned above.

However later they say if you want to get REALLY amazing results, they have a “Thrive Plus Line” in which they sell all kinds of different products to help you look and feel amazing.

Their Up sells

Some of the products include….

DFT Ultra- This is supposedly a bigger and stronger version of the normal DFT patch

Black Label- This is a completely different design and formula that’s supposed to offer more support and better overall wellness. They even say there’s a Black Label 2.0 coming out soon which is EVEN BETTER! :/

Activate- It’s supposed to activate your core while supporting clean healthy energy, clarity, and performance.

Rest- Suppose to help you relax and feel more calm reducing your overall stress.

Move- This is to improve healthy joints, mobility, and flexibility.

Again this is only a few of the extra products they sell.

My question though is if the core products, “the pills, shake, and regular dft patch” is all you need, why would you need to products that are stronger, better, and geared toward a specific purpose?

Also at the bottom of the page there’s a more products button saying “more products are ALWAYS on the way to maintain a premium lifestyle” — so basically they’re saying the up sells will never end.

How Much Does It Cost?

Thrive offers 3 different packages you can choose from, with each offering enough “thrive” for 4 weeks.

How much it cost

LifeStyle Pack ($100.00): You’ll get 2 capsules each day, a shake each Monday – Thursday, and 1 DFT patch each day.

Tone Pack ($140.00): This is one of the more popular packs that include a Lifestyle capsule each day, 1-2 shakes per day in place of your breakfast or lunch, and 1 DFT patch a day.

Couples Pack ($200.00): This pack is designed for couple’s that want to enjoy the 8-week experience together. You both will get 2 capsules each day, 1 shake Monday – Thursday, and 1 DFT patch.

Again these packs only offer enough product for 4 weeks, and if you’ve forgotten their experience is 8 weeks long. So basically you’ll have to buy 2 of whatever pack your wanting to make it through their entire “8 Week Thrive Experience”.

So the real price for each of these packs would be…

Lifestyle pack= $200.00

Tonepack= $280.00

Couples Pack= $400.00

Their Compensation Plan

Level Thrive’s compensation plan is based around the uni-level model, which basically places an affiliate at the top with unlimited number of referrals wide beneath them.

uni-level model

To start promoting their products, you need to do the following 3 things:

  • Become a brand promoter (which is free)
  • Have 100 PV at once or cumulative — which basically means you’ll need to buy $100 worth of their products
  • Maintain a 100 month PV to stay active

Once your into their plan, with retail sales you’ll make be earning a 20% commission through all personal customers — then you’ll also earn a percentage from all your promoters all the way up to 3 levels down.

Like most MLM companies, the higher in rank you go — the more you’ll get paid.

Of course this is no easy feat as the lowest rank “4K VIP” means you have to maintain a minimum product volume of 4,000 a month — then the highest one is “200k VIP” making you need a minimum of 200,000 product volume a month.

Here’s a pic of the entire team commission.

Team commission plan

As you climb in ranks you’ll have the chance to get a lot of rewards like fast start bonuses, free IPad mini’s, monthly bonuses towards expensive cars like a BMW, and even lifestyle getaways to places like Las Vegas and Alaska.

Unless your a super great salesman, then the chances of you getting this high and obtaining all these wonderful bonuses is very unlikely.

If you would like a more realistic way of making money online that doesn’t involve recruiting people and allows you to sell whatever you want, Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the tools and training to help you build a business from the ground up.

What I Like About Level Thrive

  • There MLM structure is better than most others giving people a better chance at succeeding (but still very unlikely)
  • Earning 20% commission is pretty good from what I’ve seen in MLM companies

What I Don’t Like About Level Thrive

  • Products are very questionable as to whether or not they work
  • They continue trying to up sell you with better and bigger products
  • The main way to make money is through recruiting
  • Many of the reviews and testimonials seemed fake

Who Is Level Thrive For?

To be honest the only people I see Level Thrive being for are people that enjoy being part of an MLM company, and don’t mind taking questionable products to improve their health.

Again succeeding in MLM companies is VERY HARD, and the majority of people that try fail. Also if you want to join this company just to try out their products, you might want to do some research on your own and see just how effective they are before you go wasting your money.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 (Not Recommended)

Overall I think joining Level Thrive for the majority of people would be a complete waste of time.

Their 8-week experience is nothing more then to get you to buy expensive pills and shakes that claim will make you feel better — but again there’s not scientific evidence they even work.

For all I know you could probably drink a lot of coffee and take metabolism boost pills for 8 weeks to get the same effect.

Also even though their compensation plan seems to be a little bit better than some of the other ones out there, to be realistic your more than likely not going to climb too high in the ranks and achieve a solid income from this company.

In my personal opinion MLM companies suck, and they’re not the best way to build a solid income online. If you truly are looking for a way to supplement your income or even quit your job, I strongly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

They’ve been around since 2005, they teach even complete beginners how to build a business from the ground up about topics their passionate about, and you can sell whatever you want.

Best of all there’s no recruiting, and it’s 100% free to join.

If this sounds like something your interested in, click below to learn more about this opportunity I’m a part of.

Wealthy Affiliate

Have you or anyone you’ve known been apart of Level Thrive? Do you think Thrive is worth joining, or like me do you think your time and money can be better spent elsewhere?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Does Level Thrive Work? Don’t Join Until You Read This”

  1. I think MLM is a tough way to go. I do know of people that have done well through MLM, but they lost most of their friends along the way because everybody got sick of them trying to sell them something. 

    The health and vitamin industry is full of MLM. Thanks for your article.

    • I agree the health industry is a very competitive one — which also makes it extremely difficult to succeed in unless you know without a doubt that your product is going to improve other people’s lives.

      Sadly though much like this program, the products are always questionable and aren’t backed up by scientific evidence.

       I know for a fact fruits, vegetables, and a generic multivitamin can do me wonders, and cost me way less — which makes me wonder why I should even buy products like the one in this program to begin with.

      Also about the whole marketing to friends and family, I’ve had that happen to me through another MLM product. It’s quite sad when you refuse their offer and they get mad at you — because lets face it, recruiting people in MLM companies is hard.

      That’s why I enjoy affiliate marketing much more, because I have people come to me buying products instead of the other way around. 

  2. Thanks for the review Michael.

    For me if I’m going to be ingesting in a product, I’d like to see some kind of scientific study and in depth discussion of what the product is made of and how it affects the body — that way I would have more confidence in taking it.

    I think it shows a companies priorities when they focus on the marketing and neglect the true value and quality of the product. An unexplained patch, really makes me nervous. 

    I don’t think it’s old fashioned to value a good diet and exercise as a road to health and quality of life. You make a good point with this statement. Thanks again for your post. Have a nice day.


    • I’m just like you Brad, if there’s not good scientific facts backing up a companies products proving it can and will help me — then I will simply not buy something that could potentially do more harm then good to me.

      Unfortunately Level Thrive does just this, as they try to persuade people into buying their products so they can make money — instead of developing a good product to really help people.

  3. There are so many red flags for this MLM “opportunity” that I wonder how people actually fall for it. They seem to be taking advantage of people who desperately want the quick and easy way to lose weight and make money, but they won’t succeed at either with this company.

    Thank you for pointing out another MLM company that is just out to take money from desperate people. I second your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate, or something like Beachbody if they want something health-focused. I love Beachbody workouts, but their supplements are equally expensive.

    • Many MLM companies know that people will fall for this type of business model, and they also know that they can make a lot of money in the process — even if they don’t have a good product to stand behind, which is why you find so many shady program out there to begin with.

      I have never heard of Beacbody workouts before, but I will look into it and maybe do a review about them here too. I’m one who loves the beach, as well as doing body weight exercises — but if there just another program out to get you to buy high priced supplements, I might have to pass on them as well.

      Thanks for letting me know about them.

  4. I disagree with this. I became a promoter 4 weeks ago and I have already recruited several customers and even 1 promoter, purely based off of how effective these products have been for us. The attraction came from purely sharing our experiences and never directly reaching out to any specific person to try and get them “on the products”.

    I’ve made commissions and sales off of these products and I’m earning my products for FREE!! All you need is 2 customer referrals to get it and they themselves can recruit customer referrals to get THEIR products for free. Literally, everyone can get there products for free if they wanted to! Not just for promoters…customers as well. I know personally people who have gained a ton of success (6 figures) in very little time (2 years). I mean you get what you put in. Nothing is going to work if you don’t put at least some work into it.

    • Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

      I’m glad to hear that you are having some success with this company, and I always tell people that yes you can make money with MLM companies — but as you said it’s not easy. You have have to continually work and go out finding people to recruit so that you can climb in ranks and earn more commissions.

      Also you eventually have to start buying traffic once you’ve pitched your product to all the people who you know and are around you.

      And this brings me to the reason why I love affiliate marketing so much. Unlike being part of an MLM company, you can sell whatever you want, you don’t have to spend a dime buying traffic, and best of all is that people come to you looking to buy things rather than you going out there chasing people down.

      Now you may love the MLM business model and might do very good — but over my years researching different companies I’ve seen too many people spend thousands of dollars and not make that much money.

      O and the people you are talking about making 6 figures a year with MLM products do this generally by joining the company when it first started, or they already have a lot of experience in marketing and know how to sell products quite well.

      Thanks again for response and I hope the best for you. 🙂


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