Does Talk Fusion Work? Do Not Join If You’re Wanting To Make Money!

Quick Summary Of Talk Fusion

Name: Talk Fusion

Price: From $99 – $1,5000 + monthly payments

Rating: 1/5

What Is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is an MLM company whose products are made to help promote business’s online through video marketing. While their main product a few years back was video email marketing, they’ve since grown their business to create even more video type products.

The question is though are these products even worth buying, or better yet does Talk Fusion work?

Before I get into that though, I want to first tell you my personal experience I had with someone who was trying recruit me to join this program.

My Personal Experience With Talk Fusion

About 5 years ago when I was still new to this whole internet marketing thing, I had this person email me talking about what a great opportunity he was part of.

Funny thing though was in the email he didn’t really talk about what he was selling, but basically how much money I could be making by also selling this program.

My personal experience

Later he, his sponsor, and me all got on a 3 way video call as they tried to explain how amazing Talk Fusion was. They bragged about I could become rich selling this program, and how they were very close to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Later I came to find out that everyone whose part of TalkFusion is taught to make a list of everyone that know or have met, then get on these 3 ways calls as their sponsor shoves this opportunity down your throat saying how awesome this is.

I even remember during the call hearing dings in the background, and after I asked him what that sound was he told me that it was just him getting paid a commissions through Talk Fusion. -_-

Thankfully since I didn’t have a lot of money at the time (and I didn’t believe them) I kindly declined and eventually found a much better program to join. I still find it quite funny remembering how desperate they were for me to join their team till this day.

So if you were to join this program, I’d imagine you too would have a very unpleasant experience like I had back then.

Now that you kinda get the idea of what might happen if were to try and join TalkFusion, let me now get into the actual products this company is selling.

Talk Fusions’s Products

Basically all of Talk Fusions Products are video related, as they claim this is going to be huge in the future.

Their products

While I can’t disagree that video is pretty big nowadays and probably is going to get bigger — it’s also very simple to create a video without having to pay for anything.

Either way, let me show you the different products that they are selling in this program.

Video Email: This where you can basically select from a wide variety of templates and send good-looking videos emails. Again I had someone send me this, and I have to be honest I wasn’t too impressed.

Video Newsletters- This is where you can select from different premade templates, and send visually captivating newsletters. However with any good email marketing software, it already has many good themes that work just fine.

Live Meetings / Video Chat- This allows you to video chat with someone 1 on 1, or have a video chat with a group of different people all at once. Why anyone should buy this is beyond me, when you can simply use Skype to do the EXACT same thing.

Sign Up Forms- This allows you to customize sign up forms, or squeeze pages to get someone to give you their email address. Again there are hundreds of options out there besides this (some of them for free), and you can even create this yourself with WordPress at no extra cost if you really wanted.

So while TalkFusion looks like they do have a real product that they’re trying to sell, basically everything you’ll be buying (and this would be a monthly payment) — you can do all for free with apps like Skype or Facebook.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Talk Fusion currently has 3 different options for you to pick from, if you decide you want to join their company.

How much it cost

1. Video Email Only ($99 + $10/month): You’ll get the video email product, plus 1 custom video email template.

2. Video Suite ($499 + $50/month): You’ll get all the products, plus 2 custom video email templates

3. Pro ($1,499 + $50/month): You’ll get all the products, unlimited custom video email templates, and private labeling.

So the way I see it, your basically spending around 1,500 dollars to send videos — when you can easily do this with YouTube and other free apps like Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram.

Let’s say though you don’t really want to use these products necessarily, but just want to join the company to make money.

While personally I believe it would be very hard convincing people to buy these products, Let’s say your up for the challenge and want to do it.

Let me show you how much you can expect to make (or more precisely not make) with Talk Fusion.

Their Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan

Talk Fusion is a basic MLM company, where you’ll be making most of your money by recruiting as many people as possible.

In their compensation plan though, they outline the 3 different ways in which you’ll be making money: By selling their products, becoming a team builder, and becoming a team leader.

Let’s break down each of these sections down, so you can get a better understanding.

1. Joining Talk Fusion And Selling Their Products

So the first way they say you can go about making money with them, is by actually selling their products. You’ll only earn 10% from the following purchases:

Video Email Package- For every $99.00 dollars you sell, you’ll make $10.00

Video Suite Package- For every $499.00 dollars you sell, you’ll make $50.00

Pro Package- For every $1,499.00 dollars you sell, you’ll make $150.00

So basically unless you’re a very good salesman right off the bat, then it’s going to be very hard making any money this way. Which brings me to the next 2 methods.

2. Becoming A Team Builder

Talk fusion uses the very popular binary tree structure, meaning you will be building 2 different teams — one of the left and one of the right.

Now in order to become a “team builder” and earn team commissions, you have to make two sales (one of your left, and one of your right).

how to become a team builder

There’s also a certain percentage you will have to meet each month if you want to get paid.

How to earn 10% — You have to sell a minimum of 40 (PSV) or Personal Sales Volume both on your left and right legs.

How to earn 20% — You have to sell a minimum of 400 (PSV) or Personal Sales Volume both on your left and right legs

The sales Volume for each package is as followed:

Video Email – 40 SV

Video Suite – 200 SV

Pro – 600 SV

So to earn a minimum of $100.00 dollars, both your right and left teams would have to sell enough products to reach 1,000 GSV.

Team commissions

I don’t know about you, but I kinda feel ripped off after selling possibly thousands of dollars worth of their product, to only get $100.00 in return.

3. Becoming A Team Leader

In order to become a team builder, you have to personally teach two people you personally sponsored to become team builders.

Becoming a team leader

Now once your a team leader, this is when they say you can really start making money. Within Talk fusion there are 14 different ranks you can aim for — and as you climb higher to each one you’re offered bonuses and more money.

Here’s a quick overview of the different ranks and what would be required of you in order to get them:

Their ranking system

The funny thing though is Talk Fusion talks about how much money you can make when you get to these higher ranks, but what you may also not know is there’s also a cap to how much you can earn per week!

Here’s the breakdown of the’re earning caps:

  • Up to Diamond Elite: maximum of $10,000 USD/week
  • Blue Diamond: maximum of $15,000 USD/week
  • Grand Blue Diamond: maximum of $20,000 USD/week
  • Royal Blue Diamond: maximum of $25,000 USD/week
  • Presidential Blue Diamond: maximum of $50,000 USD/week
  • Ambassador Blue Diamond: maximum of $100,000 USD/week
  • Imperial Blue Diamond: maximum of $150,000 USD/week

While all these rankings, bonuses, and high payouts seem very attracting — I thought I would also share a screen shot I took from Talk Fusion’s website.

Talk Fusions’s Income Warning

As I was scrolling through Talk Fusion’s Compensation plan, I noticed something very worrisome as I got to the bottom.

Income warning

If it’s hard to see, I’ll quote a couple sentences within this paragraph that I think you’ll find quite interesting:

The reality, however, is that in direct selling, most people do not receive “substantial income,” and a majority receives no income at all. This is true of Talk Fusion as well. “


A very small percentage of people earn what most people consider a “full-time” income, and just like in any other industry, the “top earners” are the rare minority.

Therefore after getting you all hyped about the thousands upon thousands of dollars they say you can make with this company, at the end they basically say don’t too excited as this is VERY likely not going to happen for you.

So if this company is trying to sell expensive video software that you can do for free with any smart phone, and they say making money through them is next to impossible — tell me again why someone should join?

With that said though, there are a few things I liked while reviewing this company — along with many things I didn’t like.

What I Like About Talk Fusion

  • They pay you instantly
  • They are honest in saying that making decent money with them is very unlikely
  • They have actual products to sell (just ones that I don’t think are very useful)

What I Don’t Like About Talk Fusion

  • You’re trying to get people to buy video products, which is something you can do for free with YouTube and other apps
  • Your main way to make money is by recruiting as many people as possible, and not actually selling their products
  • There’s a cap to how much you can make each week
  • There products are VERY expensive (also making it hard to sell)

Who Is Talk Fusion For?

The only people I see Talk Fusion being useful for is small companies that have no prior knowledge on how to do video marketing.

Other than that, there’s absolutely no reason why I see anyone should spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars using a program to make videos — then trying to resell these same video products to make money.

My Final Rating

1 out of 5 (Not Recommended)

Overall I believe Talk Fusion would be a total waste of your time and money.

They sell expensive video products which are very easy to make by yourself for free, they bluntly say you are very unlikely to make money through their program, and if by some miracle you do make money — there’s a cap to how much you can earn a week.

While I know this is kind of a bummer since you might have been hoping this company could help you earn some serious cash, there are actually easier and better ways to make a good income online.

One of the best ways I know how to do this is through affiliate marketing.

With this method you don’t have to recruit people, you can sell whatever you want, there’s no cap to how much money you can make, and best of all you can build a business around basically anything your’re passionate about!

I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate.

They give step step training that is continuously updated, they’re free to join, and everything you need to create profitable business is within their program at no extra cost.

If you want to read my full review about Wealthy Affiliate, and find out a REAL WAY to make money online — click the image below.

Make real money with affiliate marketing

So what do you think about Talk Fusion? Has someone asked you to join this program like they did with me, or do you have some questions you’d like to ask me?

If so, let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Does Talk Fusion Work? Do Not Join If You’re Wanting To Make Money!”

  1. Hello Michael! 

    I wrote about Talk Fusion a while ago, and I can look at your post and see that not much that has changed. 

    I have to say that although you have tried to make their compensation easy to understand, I still find it very confusing.

    Also the the tools they provide is something you can get entirely free or for very little money elsewhere. 

    I still feel that this is a pyramid scheme, and that it will be tough to make money in it.

    Do you think it’s possible to create a good stable income with this business model, or is there anything else to do?


    • I agree Steen that Talk Fusion’s compensation plan is quite confusing to comprehend, and they even had a several page pdf just to explain it to their customers.

      For the most part like you said the people that get in early are the ones that will make the most money in this program due to their pyramid MLM structure. 

      Also no I don’t think you can make a good stable income with this method, as it is VERY hard to recruit people and keep them in your down line — especially with this type of video marketing product.

      Instead I would highly recommend you try affiliate marketing. It offers many benefits like:

      – People able to sell what you want
      – Not having to recruit people 
      – Having FULL ownership of your business
      – Not relying on other people to determine your income

      Out of all the programs I’ve came across online, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best one I’ve seen. They offer up to date training, 24/7 support, and all the tools you’ll need to create a full time business at no extra cost.

  2. Hi Michael

    Thanks for your thorough review of Talk Fusion.

    Being an online marketer and tech lover, it’s easy to see how their suite of products would be enticing to use and promote.

    The problem for me is that they are an MLM company, and my experiences with this kind of business model have not been good.

    I think you hit the nail on the head by highlighting their income warning. That applies to all MLM companies in my opinion and should be shown in large bold font on their websites.

    As you point out, you don’t really need their costly video products and that means plenty of other people will have the same view, making it very difficult to sell, even if it wasn’t an MLM.

    Talk Fusion is definitely not for me. I too use Wealthy Affiliate as a business platform and love the fact that I can create a business around any interest.


    • The fact that Talk Fusion is selling software to make videos, which is basically something any kid with a smart phone can do now a days is one of the major reasons why I think it would be unwise to join this program.

      Like I mentioned in the post, even if this was not an MLM company — it would be REALLY hard to sell this program to people today.

      Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand if you were to join and promote actually has a product / service people NEED. They offer up to date training, tools to run your business, hosting for your websites, and a way to create websites extremely fast.

      So when comparing these two, I think it’s easy to see which one would be easier to sell and promote to others.

  3. Talk Fusion sounds like a really dodgy MLM scheme. I don’t like MLM as it is, but this sounds worse than most.

    Is that price for real? $1500 + $50 a month?

    The commissions are pretty low in the compensation plan, only $150 on a $1500 product. I thought it would be at least double that.

    I’m glad I read your review. I think I’ll give Talk Fusion a miss and check out the other opportunity you recommend.

    • Yes that is the real price ($1,500 one time fee + $50.00/month) for their pro package, which is pretty insane if you ask me.

      Also with their compensation plan, you will only make 150 dollars if you personally sell their pro package at $1,500. 

      However with like most MLM companies, the real money is made from creating a huge team underneath you and making money off of them instead of the actual products.

      To me the whole MLM business model is shady and is also very hard to succeed in.

      With affiliate marketing though, which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches — you have a much better chance at making money — and the cost to start is virtually nothing.


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