ETH-X Review: Do Not Join This Etherereum Smart Contract Ponzi Scheme!

Welcome to my ETH-X review.

If you’re big into cryptocurrency or more specifically Ethereum, then you probably came across ETH-X and are wanting to know more about it.

Well within my article I’ll be going over how this company’s compensation plan works, how much it cost to join, and tell you ultimately why you should be careful about this opportunity.

And I also want to congratulate you for taking the time out of your day to do some research, because that’s how you can avoid scams and find legitimate ways to earn an income online.

So with that said, let’s jump right into things here!

Quick Summary Of ETH-X

Name: ETH-X


Price: 0.1 ETH ( $46.89 )

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is ETH-X?

ETH-X is an MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) / investing company that claims you can generate money by investing Etherium into its platform.

Their website launched on October 1 of 2020 — and I could not find any information at the time of writing this review of who actually owns this company.

Never the less, this platform makes a bold claim that that they can double your fund’s thanks for their ETH Smart Contract platform.

However as you’re about to find out in a second, this is nothing but a lie and you should be very cautious when you find programs making hyped-up claims like this.  

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What Does ETH-X Sell?

ETH-X is not selling any type of product on their website but says that you can make a 1% daily profit if you invest Etherium into their platform. 

Of course they give zero evidence of how this is possible or proof that anyone has actually made money with them.

And as I tell anyone who is interested in making money online, if an opportunity sound too good to be true then it probably is — and you should run away from it as fast as you can.  

ETH-X Compensation Plan 

ETH-X compensation plan is a pretty straight forward and simple one.

They say in order to make money you simply have to invest a minimum of 0.1 ETH ( $46.89 ) into their platform and you will automatically start generating a 1% daily profit.

Referral Commissions

ETH-X also gives you the opportunity to make money by recruiting people into their platform through a unilevel structure.

This means that anyone you personally recruit will be on your first level. Then when someone on your first level recruits someone these people will be on your 2nd level, and so on and so forth as seen here:

ETH-X Review - Unilevel compensation structure

Now ETH-X only allows you to build a team 3 levels down, and the amount you can earn off their commissions is as follows… 

  • Level 1 = 5%
  • Leve 2 = 3%
  • Level 3 = 2%

How Much Does It Cost?

To join ETH-X, you have to pay a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH ( $46.89 ).

Of course you can invest more money than this if you want — and they say if you do that you will earn a lot more money and do so at a quicker rate. 

What I Like About It

  • I couldn’t find anything positive to say about this company

What I Don’t Like About It

  • There’s no information about the CEO of this company 

Whenever a company fails to disclose who their CEO is, this is a major red flag. Because 9 times out of 10 then means that the person is trying to hide because they are scamming people.

And even if this weren’t the case, would you really want to be part of something in which you had no clue who is operating it?

I know I sure wouldn’t. 

  • They offer no product or service

Also when I see a company claiming they can help you make a lot of money without selling any kind of product, then I get very worried.

Because if you think about it, how are they generating money to pay hundreds upon thousands of people each day?

Well companies like ETH-X here will say they make it with their advanced smart contract platform — but in reality, the only money they really earn is what gullible people give them. 

  • You’ll have to bother your friends and family

Since ETH-X is giving you the chance of making money by referring people to their company, this means if you do this you will be asking people that you know.

This includes your family, friends, neighbors, and so on.

Now the bad thing about this is not that you may be getting them involved in a scam — but that you can cause strain on your relationship with them.

And trust me you don’t want this because having gone through this myself it is not a good experience whatsoever.   

  • The chances of you earning a lot of money are slim

Whether you think ETH-X is legitimate or not, there is always a HIGH risk when you are investing your money into something.

Now companies like this want to make you believe that you’re guaranteed profits, but that simply isn’t true.

Because if it were, why would they market their company to the public when they could simply become millionaires themselves right?

Is ETH-X A Scam?

Having reviewed lots of companies like this in the past few months ( because they seem to be everywhere ) — I can say that ETH-X is definitely a scam.

They fail to tell you who their CEO is, they give no real evidence that their platform works, and there are zero testimonials of anyone actually profiting from this company.

So again you’re welcome to try this out if you want, but for these reasons alone I would recommend you stay far away from it and find a legit way of earning money online. 

Is ETH-X A Ponzi Scheme?

ETH-X is in fact a Ponzi Scheme.

Similar to another company I reviewed called XOXO Network, they claim you can make a lot of money simply by investing Ethereum into their platform.

However what’s really going on behind the scenes is that this company is only generating money by people putting money into their system.

So what they do is pocket most of this money than whatever they have leftover they give to people who join this opportunity down the road.

Of course over time what will happen is once people stop investing in ETH-X, the company will simply go bankrupt and disappear since they can’t afford to pay everyone.

And to give you a better explanation as to why this company is a Ponzi Scheme, you can watch this short 2 minute video here:


My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, ETH-X is another Ponzi Scheme out to steal your money and line the pockets of whoever created this company.

They offer no product, yet make the bold claim that you can double your funds if you simply invest cryptocurrency into their platform.

Again though this is nothing but a lie, and I highly urge you to steer clear of this opportunity at all costs.

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I hope you enjoyed my review about ETH-X and now understand why I do not recommend you join it.

If you have any questions though, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.


0.1 ETH ( $46.89 )

Overall Rating



  • I couldn’t find anything positive to say about this company


  • There’s no information about the CEO of this company 
  • You’ll have to bother your friends and family
  • The chances of you earning a lot of money are slim
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6 thoughts on “ETH-X Review: Do Not Join This Etherereum Smart Contract Ponzi Scheme!”

    • I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to you, but unfortunately this is how these types of scams work in that they promise you big returns on your investment but what they really do is steal your money to line their own pockets.

      So in the future when you come across a similar program just stay as far away from it as you can because as you can see for yourself they are nothing but scams.

      If you are still interested in learning how to make some money online, I suggest you check out my favorite program called Wealthy Affiliate.

      They’ve been around for 15 years, helped thousands of people make a good income online, and they are free to join so you got nothing to lose.

  1. The price of BTC, ETH, and many altcoins has skyrocketed. And with all the hype, I almost joined this ETH-X smart contract thing. I have trusted ETH for a long time because I believe in the future of these smart contracts. So my defenses were low when they pitched me this scam. I am glad I read your post before joining. Thank you!

    • I’m glad I was able to help you out and keep you from wasting your money on this scam. 

      Because I too noticed cryptocurrency prices have recently gone up a lot, and with that it’s very tempting to join these investment platforms saying they can make you rich.

      However I’ve found at the end of the day it’s best to buy and sell your own ETC, BTC, XRP, or whatever rather than have someone else do it for you.

      Also while your trading / investing cryptocurrency, I think it’s best to find ways to make a passive income that will allow you to invest even more in the future.

      And I have found that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to go about doing this — and the cool thing is you can spend just a few hours in the morning or night doing this and still make A LOT of money. 

  2. Hello There Michael,

    A big thank you for sharing this well detailed and informative piece of information with us. 

    Immediately I saw this and was like “Oh No! Here we go again” because I have heard about Etherium a lot and many smart contracts where my friends try to pull me to join in and enjoy its benefits. 

    So after reading your review I’m happy I decided not to this program because it seems like it is a Ponzi Scheme. 

    Thanks again for this honest review full of valuable information I can hold on to. 


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