How Much Money Can You Make With A Blog? The Sky Is The Limit

How much money can you make with a blog? Can people really make a full time career by writing about things they enjoy?

These are the exact questions I use to ask myself when I got started online.

While some people will tell you that blogging is dead or that you’re may only get a few bucks a month from doing it — I can tell you that with the right training and some hard work you can really make some good money writing about subjects you are passionate about.

To give you a better picture of exactly how much you could potentially make, here are a few examples of people doing quite well through their own personal blogs.

Success Stories From People That Blog

If you’re like me you love seeing actual proof that something works, and not just made up numbers or hypothetical answers to something.

Therefore I will show you a few examples of people who went through this exact training here to reach what some people would easily consider a full time income through blogging.

1. A guy by the name of Nathaniel is making several thousand dollars a month through a few different blogs he owns. Here is just one of his affiliate accounts earning him over $5,000 a month.

onemorecupof-coffee's income report

2. Colton managed to quit his job within only 5 months creating a website about building PC’s on a budget. He quickly went from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand, then to over $10,000 dollars a month with his blog.

pcbuildsonabudget's income report

3. Dom worked for around a year and a half literally making almost nothing — then eventually started earning several thousands of dollars every month as he continued to work and gain authority with his website.

Today his company is now worth over a million dollars!

humanproofdesigns income report

4. In January 2018, Brok was able to make over $13,000 dollars through varies affiliate links on his website. If you go to his site, you can see how his income has been growing each and every month as he continues to build out his website.

fulltimejobfromhome's income report

After seeing how well these guys are doing with their websites, you’re probably wondering what’s the average income a blogger makes online?

In short it depends from person to person.

Some will make nothing as they only want to blog for fun, some will make a few hundred a month, and then some like you just saw will make thousands if not millions a month from their blogs.

The thing all these people have in common is they created a website around a subject they were passionate about, had some kind of knowledge in, or wanted to learn more about.

Can You Make Money Blogging About Anything Though?

You will get different answers when you ask someone this question, but personally I believe you can make money around any topic you want as long as you do these 3 things:

  • Write about something you’re passionate about
  • Aim to help a specific group of people solve a problem they are dealing with
  • Follow a proven strategy other people have used to also become successful

As long as you do those things, I have no doubt you will create a blog that in return can generate you money.

Does that mean you will make as much money blogging about kittens, as someone who blogs about helping people lose weight and become healthy?

Very unlikely.

There are just some niches out there that are a lot more profitable than others. For example the evergreen niches in health, wealth, and love can make bloggers money all year long — while others are profitable at a specific time in the year.

For example if you were to create a blog about Christmas decorations you’d probably make most of your profits only at the end of the year. If you created a blog teaching people how to date girls,  you could make money year round with it.

A mistake many people do though is they will try to go into these niches thinking it will make them rich — but they’re either not interested in the niche or they have no knowledge in the particular field.

So like I said before when deciding what to make your blog about, make sure it’s something that arouses your interest — and is also something you either have knowledge in or really want to learn more about.

You have to remember these are real people that will be visiting your site, and when they see how passionate you are with your blog — they too will be more likely to read your content, share it to social media, and buy products you recommend to them.

Why Do Some People Succeed Why Others Fail?

Another common question people will ask is why do some people succeed in blogging, while other’s struggle for years barely making anything?

There can be a number of reasons as to why this could be, however the most commons reasons I’ve personally seen are:

They don’t know what to do: Many people when they first start outline may know how to create a website and get it up and running. After that they have no clue what to create their blog about, how to get visitors to their blog, and how to monetize those visitors into paying customers.

Four years ago I was this exact person and was completely clueless how to create a profitable website. I will say though after I joined Wealthy Affiliate all the pieces of the puzzle finally were brought together — and they showed me step by step on how to do this.

They have no patience: The thing you have to realize with blogging is it takes time to build a blog that in return can make you good money online. You can’t create a blog tonight, and expect by the end of the month to be making several thousands of dollars — it just doesn’t work that way.

They do not take action: I would say this is the absolute number one reason why 99% of people fail to make money blogging. They read lots of information online, but after they’ve read how to do something — they don’t immediately start acting on what they were taught.

Instead they procrastinate a day, a month, then a year  — and after 12 months have gone by they’ve hardly put any work into their website to get good results.

So what can you do to ensure that the next blog you create will become a successful one?

Make sure you provide as much value as you can to your readers, learn the proper steps in how to create a profitable blog, and last but not least keep plugging away at your site each and every day until you start gaining traffic and revenue.

From there on it’s just a matter of scaling up what you’ve already done to reach the desired amount of income you want.

Is Making A Blog Worth It?

I would say blogging is one of the best things anyone can do to further improve their life. While being able to make a good income from blogging is definitely a perk to blogging — there are also some other great benefits blogging can offer.

You can do things like:

  • Sleep in everyday without hearing an alarm clock
  • Travel around the world and still work on your business
  • Expand your knowledge in a field you find very interesting
  • Help thousands of people with a problem they’re having
  • Make passive money while you do other activities

While nothing is guaranteed in life, I do however see blogging as a more secure and profitable way to make money when compared to a normal 9-5 job.

With most jobs you get very little raises to cover the cost of living, at any point in time you could be laid off for a number of reasons, and you are basically making someone else above you rich.

Once you understand the basic principles on how to set up a blog and make money from it, you theoretically can do this in any niche imaginable. Down the road you can even hire writers to create content for you, so all you have to do is manage your websites.

So basically the income potential is limitless through blogging, and all it takes is ONE good blog to make you a very good income online.

Final Thoughts

As you can see the amount of money you can make through blogging ranges from very little to life changing numbers — but it’s not something that will happen overnight after you write a few blog post.

If there’s one major tip I can give you to become a successful blogger, that would be to learn the proper steps to take then simply TAKE ACTION.

You don’t have to do everything perfect, you don’t have to have the perfect niche, and it is ok to fail the first time around. As long as you learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward, eventually you will succeed and create a profitable blog.

So are you ready to start a blog today?

If you are, then check out where I and millions of other people learned to make money through blogging.

Many are making their first sales, others are experiencing their first $1,000 dollar days, and some are quitting their jobs to make blogging their full time career.

Are you interested in starting a profitable blog? Or maybe you’re still skeptical and have some questions or concerns you’d like to ask me?

If so, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How Much Money Can You Make With A Blog? The Sky Is The Limit”

  1. I really needed to read some success stories about bloggers who made it. So your article gave me a boost to continue working on my project. The reasons I started my business is that it gives a lot of flexibility to go everywhere you want and still be able to work on your project. But you say that some passions are better than others to make money. For instance blogging about cats will not be a winner. What if someone creates a blog about cat training (I don’t know if it’s possible)?

    • I’m like you and have to visually see real life examples to sometimes motivate me when I’m feeling discouraged or lazy. Success is easy to achieve, but the process of obtaining it can be difficult — therefore making yourself give up an even easier option.

      While yes I think some passions will make money more than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean you WON’T make money say with a cat website — just probably not as much. It all depends on how popular your passion is, and if it’s HELPING people in one way or another.

      For example you could create a blog about cats and once you start getting thousands of visitors to your site you could easily put adsense into your website and earn money. Then like you said you could try promoting affiliate links on how to train your cat, the best type of food your cat should be eating, etc etc.

  2. Yeah I agree, the sky really is the limit with regards to making money with a blog – I love the success stories in this article, that Nathaniel guy from onemorecupof-coffee sounds like he is really killing it.

    I also like that you point out that everything came together for you through Wealthy Affiliate, which really has been the same for me, as I can truly see now that the sky really is the limit and how to get up in the clouds!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Ya Nathaniel is really a great marketer always trying new things and experimenting with stuff until he finds something that works.

      Which is a another major reason I think he and many other people are so successful. 

      Many people will “try” to create a blog / website in hopes to make money — but sadly will give up within a few months.

      I truly believe the key to success is finding a proven method that works, then working hard and NEVER GIVING UP until you succeed.

      Wealthy Affiliate has been the program that finally put everything together for me, and as you can tell for many other people too. So I know if you or anyone else that follows their training, works hard, and ask for help when you need it — you will also become successful like the people I mentioned in this post.

  3. Thanks for the great post!

    I couldn’t agree with you more in that blogging is one of the best decisions you can make. When it starts working the sky really is the limit. It’s just a shame so many give up at the first hurdle.

    How long would you say it takes an affiliate marketer to start earning a decent income?

    • The amount of time depends from person to person due to a number of factors such as what is their niche, how often are they publishing content, and what keywords are they targeting.

      With that said though, I would say on average it takes around 6 – 8 months before you start to see any kind of results with a brand new blog.

      When your blog reaches 1-2 years old you will start seeing regular sales every day and most likely can go full time if you want.

      Again this is just average. There have been people to make money within their first month online — then there have been people who took a whole year to make their first sale. 

      The key though is to not give up, and you will become successful.


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