How To Be Successful In An Online Business – Here Are My 5 Top Tips

Learning how to be successful in an online business isn’t much different from a brick and mortar one. You need a service or product to sell, a way to get people to your place of business, and a persistent mindset to overcome challenges you will face.

Many people when first starting out online have big dreams like reaching 1 million dollars in 2 years time, or being able to quit their job in 6 months after they start. While there’s nothing wrong with these kinds of goals, I think very few truly realize how much work will be needed to make their dreams come true.

I will tell you firsthand that creating and sustaining an online business is no easy task, and it will usually take months of hard work and patience before you see any kind results. With that said though, here are my 5 top tips that I think you will find quite helpful to ensure your business thrives and produces the kind of results you want down the road.

1. Know Who Your Customer Is

The first step into creating a successful business online, is to research and think about the type of people you want to help with your website.

To do this effectively, you want to try and picture a specific person you would help in real life with your website — then base all your content and products around helping this intended person out.

Know your customer

For example who do you think would be easier to help? A general person coming up to you asking how to get stronger, or a male in his late 20s asking how he can get stronger by only doing body weight exercises?

As you can tell with the 2nd example, you can easily help this person a lot better than you could with the first one.

You could show him how certain body weight exercises will make a targeted muscle stronger, you could describe the physical benefits body weight exercises have over traditional weights, and you could even show him how much money and time he would be saving by not having go to an actual gym.

So again to get back on point, to have a successful business make sure you have a targeted group of people in mind before you even get started. This will lead to you succeeding faster, and having much better conversions.

2. Solve The Problems They Have

Once you know who your customer is, the next step is to solve problems they are dealing with.

Many people though think this means just writing about any kind of helpful advice in hopes this is what their readers are looking for.

Doing it this way usually leads to fewer people reading and engaging with your content.

For example if you were coming to a website wanting to learn how to cook healthy vegan dishes, you probably don’t need or want to read “why” vegan is important. You want actual recipes that teach you what to buy and how to cook meals.

How do you do know what your readers need help with though? Well there are a few ways you can go about doing it.

  • One of the best ways to do this is through keyword research. This allows you to see what people are typing into Google
  • Go to places where your audience hangs out like forums and Facebook Groups
  • Read other blogs in your niche to get ideas on what people enjoy
  • Last but not least simply ask people to tell you what they want help with

After you know what kind of problems they are facing, then it’s your job to research online and find the best products available to help them out.

If you truly aim to help your audience out, they in return can easily become a regular customer helping your earn money for years to come.

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3. Be Yourself And Be Truthful

Be yourself

When people come to your website to get help or buy products, they ultimately are coming to you as individual to get your personal help.

If your goal is to only make money, people will eventually see you as another sales pitch and go elsewhere to find what their looking for. However if your goal is to truly help people, eventually they will know, like, and trust what you have to say.

This means if you’re reviewing two different products and the more expensive one is less effective — it’s your job to point them to the cheaper one instead of trying to get extra money out of your readers.

Also as you build out your brand and website, it’s important to BE YOURSELF and communicate to your readers as you would a family member or close friend.

This will lead people to know you better and feel a deeper connection as you talk to them more as a close acquaintance, instead of a car salesman trying to get you to always buy something.

4. Learn How To Get Traffic From Multiple Places

Traffic without a doubt is one of the most important aspect of your business. It is can mean the different between a few dollars a month, to several thousand within a single day.

Therefore learning how to get traffic not just from one source but many, will lead to more visitors and also help compensate if a particular traffic source starts to die out.

Here are a few different ways you can drive traffic to your website:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – my favorite way to get traffic. Even though it takes time, in the end it’s well worth it.
  • Social Media – Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest are all great places to get visitors highly interested in your website
  • Forums – Going to a few forums a week and leaving a link can add up quickly over time (it’s also very targeted traffic)
  • Paid Ads – Thing like PPC and Facebook Ads can get a ton of visitors to your site very fast
  • Build an email list – This will allow you to tap into thousands of visitors that have a high chance of buying something from you.

Again it’s important to diversify places you get traffic from — however to give you the best results for your time, I recommend you focus on one traffic source, master it, then move onto another one.

5. Be Persistent

An online business is very much like a brick and mortar one — as it takes time, hard work, and a strong will to succeed to make it work. Very few people will create a website then a month later have hundreds of dollars rolling in.

Most people including me have to work at this sometimes for several months without expecting anything in return. I have to tell you it can be very discouraging putting in hours upon hours of work every day and not seeing anything happen.

Trust me though as you continue to build out your website with helpful great content, eventually all your hard work will start to have snowball effect and your hard work will finally start paying off literally.

Also did you know that with an offline business it’s common for it to take 3+ years until it even turns a profit! With an online business you can expect to see good results within 6 months to a year — and it only cost you maybe 30-50 bucks a month to maintain your website!

So as you can see it’s defiantly faster creating an online business — however this does not mean you will become successful overnight or by next week.

Final Thoughts

Building an online business is growing in popularity year after year, as it gives you access to the billions of people that are searching for stuff online every day.

You have to remember though just because it may be faster to get results online then it would offline, and the fact that you have access to the entire world — it doesn’t mean that it will be any easier.

To truly become successful you need to know who your intended audience will be, how you plan on getting these people to your website, and lastly how you intend on solving their problems.

After you know the answer to these questions, with some hard work and patience you can basically build a successful online business about anything you want!

Searching how to do all this though can get confusing, especially when there are so many sketchy programs floating around the internet that are just out there to get your money.

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So there you have it, my 5 top tips on how anyone can build a successful business online.

Is there anything you’d like to ask me that I may not of covered in this post, or is there a topic you’d like me to elaborate more on?

Let me know the comments below, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How To Be Successful In An Online Business – Here Are My 5 Top Tips”

  1. This is a great article. You basically break down online success into 5 very easy to read and understand points.

    If you just break each aspect down and implement your strategies 1 by 1 I can see where you would see progress in a relative short amount of time. 

    How long did it take you to start to see substantial traffic? Thanks for a well written article.

    • For me I have found it takes on average of around 6-8 months before my sites start to become “authoritative” within Google. 

      Of course this can change depending on what niche I choose, how often I produce content, and what kind of keywords I go after.

      If you wan to get organic traffic to your site in the shortest amount of time though, I would suggest you write at least a 1,000 word post every day — and also go for keywords that are very low in competition.

      Google loves new helpful content, so the more you can publish content the faster it will be indexed and allow you to get rankings and traffic.

  2. Thanks for your info regarding finding your audience. 

    As it relates to keywords, I’ve been struggling to find relevant keywords for my own blog and am wondering if I have my target group narrowed down enough. Like you said, this is an important part of an online business and I want to make sure I am remaining relevant to my readers.

    • Finding keywords can be difficult at first if you’re not use to it, but with some time and digging you’ll see that there are thousands upon thousands of keywords in every single niche.

      I did a post a while ago teaching exactly how to do this here:

      How To Do Keyword Research Effectively

      If you need any more help let me know, but without knowing your exact niche I won’t be able to tell if its too broad or not.

  3. This is a very informative blog post, and for many years I’ve dreamt about having my own successful business online. 

    However, I haven’t achieved the level of success that I would like to achieve. It’s a work in progress, I knew it would be difficult, and I knew it would take some time so I will continue to work at it. How long ago did you start your online business?

    • I first learned how to create a “proper” online business about 2 years ago, in which during that time I’ve created 3 different websites based around subjects I was very passionate about.

      Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to where you want to be in terms of success — the main thing is to keep at it and work at it daily until you do achieve the kind of results you want.

      The great thing is many people will give up on their business within 3-4 months because they are not seeing any results — but if you continue building your business and brand for 6 months to a year, you’ll start to achieve what all those other people couldn’t.

      If you would like to learn where I learned all my skills and knowledge on how to build a profitable business around any passion I have, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


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