How To Build An Online Business With A Full Time Job

About 2 years I started building my online business. I was excited, full of energy, and ready to take on whatever the world threw at me. However there was just one problem…

I never seemed to have enough time.

I was and still am working a full time job (at least until I’m making enough to comfortably leave), I have to take my wife everywhere since she can’t drive, and then there’s always daily things that need to get done like grocery shopping, doing household work, and finding time to exercise.

Needless to say learning how to build an online business with a full time job, plus having to do everything else was quite challenging — as I’m sure many of you who’ve tried doing this can relate.

So even though building an online business and having a job at the same time can seem somewhat impossible, I want share with you some tips I’ve learned these past few years to make this VERY doable.

First You Must Have A Strong Desire To Want To Succeed

Having that burning drive to succeed no matter what is what’s ultimately going to make you become successful down the road.

There are going to be days when you feel energetic and ready to work hard on your business all day long, then there will be days when you’ll just want to relax and maybe watch some TV.

working hard

The truth however is you need to work extremely hard as an entrepreneur — especially when you have a full time job taking up 8+ hours of your day leaving with very little time left over.

One of my favorite quotes that helps stay focused and working hard is: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t. So that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

And to be honest this is exactly why so many people fail when creating a business online.

They work hard for a couple months, then they either get lazy or start having self-doubt and end up quitting before they can even achieve success.

So if you’re serious about wanting to start an online business, keep your head down, work hard, and never give up until you can finally kiss your 9-5 job goodbye.

Determine What’s Important In Your Life, And What’s Not

Learning where to spend your time most effectively can be very challenging when you’re juggling a job, your family, and other duties you may have in your life.

The trick however is to start sacrificing somethings you may enjoy doing like playing video games or going on a very long vacations — that way you can spend more time focusing on building / growing your business.

video games vs building a business

Now I’m not saying you can’t take a few days off here and there to relax and have fun (which I highly encourage you to do), but it just means the next 6 months or year of your life the activities you enjoy doing are ones you’ll have to do far less often.

This is because you’ll find that time is your most precious resource when it comes to running a business.

You don’t want to waste it by going out with your friends every night or joining a baseball team, when all that time could be spent toward making your future more financially better.

However after you’ve gone full time with your business and left your job, then you’ll have more time to start enjoying all these activities.

Take Advantage Of The Small Breaks You Get Throughout The Day

As I said earlier, time is going your most precious asset when building and running a business.

When you have a job eating up 40-50 hours of your time each week, commitments to your family, and just dealing with lifes unexpectancies — you may wonder how you can squeeze a business into all of this?

What many successful people have done before, and something I currently do — is simply use any extra time during the day (no matter how small) to work our business.

This could mean waking up earlier in the day or staying up later at night, all depending on what works best with your schedule.

Also what I’ll do is work on my business during part of my lunch break, when standing in a long lines, and even during commercials when I watch an occasional TV show.

So what I would suggest you do is either have your phone or a pen and paper on you at all times, that way you can jot down ideas or write out some blog post when you get those few minutes of time to yourself.

Learn How To Become More Productive

One of the biggest reasons I hear people can’t create an online business is they don’t have time. While yes having a job does take an incredible amount of your time every week, so does…

  • Watching TV
  • Scrolling through Facebook
  • Playing mobile games
  • Sleeping in over the weekends

So if truly want to create a business online, you can still easily do it with a full time job — you just have to focus more on what’s important, and less on things that don’t matter.

Now while these certain activities can greatly affect how successful you are in building a business, also just doing “busy work” can be just as harmful.

What do I mean when I say busy work?

Basically these are activities you do that have little to no effect in actually growing your business and helping you earn money.

For example, people will literally spend hours doing things like coming up with a business name, creating a logo, chatting with people, coming up with blog titles, and trying to perfect every single article they write.

While these are important, in the end they will not help you grow your business.

I tell people the best thing they can do 90% of the time, is do task that will grow their business and eventually bring money into their pockets.

If your’re creating a blog, this means that you should spend every day writing content for at least 2-3 hours.

Write them to the best of your ability, make sure you’re giving value to your readers, then publish them. Don’t sit there trying to make every word perfect, create cute graphics for it, and worrying that you might have a few grammatical mistakes with in it.

Focus on creating and publish as many high quality post you can each week, is better than creating only a few “perfected ones”. For example, you can easily have around 100 post written within 8 months, instead of waiting 12 months to a year and a half to accomplish the same thing.

This will lead to faster growth, more income, and the ability to quite your job a lot sooner.

Don’t Treat Your Business Like A Hobby You Only Do In Your Spare Time

Time and time again when I see people first starting to work on their business, I’ll hear them say things like “After I worked in the garden for 5 hours today, I was able to squeeze in a little bit of time for my business.”

Every time I hear this I practically cringe.

face palm

You see to turn your passion into a profitable online business, you can’t be treating it like you would a regular hobby. Hobbies are usually things you do for fun when you get some free time — unlike a business that requires dedication and continuous hard work each and every day.

In order for this to happen, you need to treat your business like you would any other job. One that has deadlines, goals, and certain task you MUST be held accountable for.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found for people to start treating their business more serious and less as a hobby — is for them to calculate how much money they invested to start their business.

While online businesses aren’t nearly as expensive to start as offline ones, they still require you to invest a certain amount of money into them so they can become successful. This can be training, hosting, tools, or even paid leads — which all can add up to a good chunk of change at the end of the day.

So while investing into your business is something you WILL have to do regardless, you’ll find that the more money you’re willing to invest into it — the more likely you’ll work hard to make it profitable.

When You Start To Turn A Profit, Reinvest Your Earnings

Continuing with the same topic in regard to money, it’s very important on how you spend your earnings as your business starts to become profitable.

I know for many people it’s very tempting to start spending your hard-earned money on things you want after you spent what feel likes an eternity working your butt off.

However instead of spending this money on useless things, this is the best time to start putting all that money back into your business to help it grow even faster.

reinvest your earnings

For example if you are creating a blog and all your traffic is coming through SEO, you can start taking your profits and put them toward paid ads like Facebook and Google Ads.

Now I’m not saying spend ALL of your money, but spending a good percentage of your income each month to start getting additional traffic is well worth it.

Again if your tied down to a 9-5 job, anything that can make your business grow faster will result in you being able to become your own boss that much quicker. So when you have some extra money, instead of throwing it away — let it work for you so you can have a successful business that much faster.

Schedule What You Need To Get Done At least One Month In Advance

As I said earlier, one of the worst things you can do for your business is procrastinating task that will help move your business forward. You can say you’ll get around to writing your next post, but it’s very easy to push it back day by day until the entire week has flown by you.

Therefore to prevent this from happening, I have found one of the best things you can do is to start planning everything you want to do ahead of time.

This lets you know what you have to do, when it needs to be completed, and ultimately help you become MUCH MORE productive with your time.

While there are many tools that can help you organize all your task in the upcoming days / weeks — I have found that simply writing the titles to a months worth a post, then using Google calendar to schedule when each post should be done is all I need.

scheduling my post

Again this is what works best for me.

For you in may be completely different — but as long as you know what you have to get done within the next week at the very minimum, you’ll find that you can accomplish a lot for your business in a very short amount of time.

Incorporate Exercise And Fun Time Into Your Schedule

As you go about scheduling the weeks ahead on what you need to do within your business, don’t neglect to add exercise and some downtime into your schedule as well.

add exercise into your schedule

While I know this may sound counterproductive at first, I’ll be quite honest that it is anything but that.

Between working a full time job and concentrating on building an online business, your health and overall sanity can really start to decline if you don’t carve out some personal time for yourself.

My first year as I started building my business I did nothing but sit in front of the computer when I got home, unless it was to eat something or go to sleep.

While fortunately I don’t gain weight easily, I did however find that my muscles were becoming very weak, I wasn’t sleeping as good as I use too, and I felt like I was always in a race against time to where I didn’t even want to leave the house.

In short my business was doing good, but everything else in my life was falling apart.

Today I make sure to take a day off from my business each week (although I may spend 30 mins or so checking on stuff), I exercise 3 times a week, and I don’t try to act like every second not spent building my business is wasted time.

And guess what?

I now feel more relaxed by having a day off to enjoy myself, and I feel more energized since I started exercising again.

So while I know your time is precious and you should use it wisely to build out your business, don’t work so hard that you burn yourself out — while also getting out of shape due to not exercising.

Final Thoughts

As a person who is currently building an online business, while having a full time job — I know just how hard it can be.

However if you follow the tips I laid out for you in this post like using your free time wisely, learning to plan your weeks in advanced, and treating your business as something more than a hobby — you’ll find out that it’s very doable!

Just remember to stay highly motivated, remind yourself on a consistent basis why you want to do this, then just work hard each and every day (with a day off every so often just so you don’t get burned out).

On top of all of this, I believe one of the most important aspects to being able to create a business while working a full time job is knowing the proper steps on how to go about doing this.

Without Proper Guidance, Building An Online Business Can Be Very Challenging

While there are many types of online businesses you can create, I have found the easiest and most cost-efficient one is creating a blog and promoting products as an affiliate marketer.

You don’t have to worry about creating your own product, you don’t have to recruit people and worry about a down line, and best of all you can build your business around anything you want.

Out of all the programs I’ve come across online, Wealthy Affiliate has been by far the best in teaching people how to do this.

Thousands of  people have gone through their training and now have a successful online business because of it — and they did this even while working a full time job. So if they can do it, so can you!

If you want to learn more about this program, and see exactly what it can offer you — click the banner below.

learn how to build a full time business here

I hope after reading this post you feel more motivated and confident that even if have a full time job, you too can build a very successful business and achieve the kind of success you’ve always wanted.

I would also like to know if you’ve ever tried to build an online business while having a 9-5 job. Did you have any certain struggles while doing so, and if so how did you overcome them?

Also if you have any other questions you’d like to ask me that I didn’t cover in this post, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How To Build An Online Business With A Full Time Job”

  1. Very detailed guide for making money online. I was looking for such that information and I’m glad that I’ve found this post. You explained everything in details and everybody can start an online full time job with your guide. Thanks for sharing it and looking forward to see other quality posts from you.

    • Thanks Ali I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and found it helpful as well. 

      It’s’ true that anyone can start an online business with a full time job, it just basically boils down to whether they are willing to work hard and make some sacrifices along the way to make it possible.

  2. I’m an aspiring blogger with a full time job (the 9-5 kind) and that’s why I can completely relate to what you’re saying. 

    Before I started blogging, I used to spend hours and hours in front of the computer doing unproductive things on social networking sites, watching movies and downloading movies and songs. I was conscious of the wasteful nature of my online activities which disturbed me a great deal. That spurred me towards starting a blog of my own as I loved writing and had varied interests. 

    To be honest, I started my blog merely as a hobby. However, I realized that I could earn money by blogging and started looking at it as a business. It’s not easy juggling my time between my job and my blog. I really like all your tips, specially taking a day off from your business in a week and about exercising. 

    I also like your suggestion to plan everything ahead of time by writing the post titles for the entire month in advance. Thanks for a great article. Most of what you say is doable.

    • Good luck as you continue building your business Sukumar. As I said in my post, I know exactly how hard it can be trying to build an online business while having a full time job.

      Also I think you’ll really be surprised if you do start planning your weeks and months of task before hand. You won’t wake up every day wondering what you have to do, you’ll feel less stressed since you know exactly what has to be done, and you’ll easily be able to accomplish a lot more task.

  3. Hi Michael, this is an awesome post. As I started reading your article on building Online Business with 9 to 5 job, I felt as though you have taken the story from my life. And I am sure it might be the story of thousands of others.

    We are stuck in the rat race under such a high circle that we forget to focus on basic things in our life. Affiliate marketing is not the exception unless we follow a certain routine and be consistent to achieve our goal.

    I liked your Idea to MIX the leisure time necessary to tone up our muscles with hours spent on the blog writing.
    I am certainly going to use a paper and pencil to jot down the ideas while not working on my business. It happened many times that a great idea clicked while doing something and disappeared at the time of writing blog after a week.

    By the way, you sleep for how many hours after doing all this great job? Thanks once again for a great inspiration, which should be taken as a basic tool to get success in online business.

    • Ya sometimes I get the best ideas when I’m out and about doing other things throughout the  day. So by having a phone or piece of paper on me at all times, helps lets me jot down ideas before I forget them. So when you do start to do this, I know you’ll find it very useful.

      As for my sleeping schedule, I usually get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night. I find if I don’t get enough rest, then I’m sluggish and very unproductive throughout the whole day.


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