How To Create A Gravatar In 5 Simple Steps

When creating a blog or leaving comments on other people’s websites, have you ever noticed that some people have pictures next to their name while others are just a gray box?

This is because the people with pictures learned how to create a gravatar, which simply allows them to place a small picture next to their name.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s nice, but why should I even bother creating one to begin with?

Well let me explain.

Why Should You Create A Gravatar?

First of all the main reason you should create a gravatar, is it allows people to recognize who you are since you won’t just have a gray box next to your name anymore.

My gravatar

You see by having a gravatar, people will more likely remember and connect with you since they can see you are an actual person — and not just some mysterious being behind the computer screen.

Also it helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd and build your brand at the same time.

So now that you know what a Gravatar is and why you should have one, let’s now get to main point of this post which is how to create one.

How To Set Up Your Gravatar Profile

Creating a Gravatar is a very simple task that will probably take you about 5 minutes max to complete.

Here’s the breakdown on how you’ll go about making one step by step.

1. Sign Up To

The first step you want to do is go to the Gravatar’s website and sign up. You can either sign up using a WordPress account, or choose the other option if you don’t have one.

Since you more than likely won’t have a WordPress account, I’ll choose the 2nd option

Sign up

2. Create Your Account

Next you want to create your account by entering in an email address, username, and password.

Create your gravatar account

While you can choose whatever you want for your username and password, you will want to use the email address associated with your blog. This should also be the one you normally use to leave comments on other websites too.

The reason for this as I mentioned earlier, the photo you are about to create is going to appear everywhere online — so you want to make sure it stays consistent as you go out and build your brand online.

3. Sign Into Your Account To Add An Image

Once you’ve created your account, you then will confirm the email confirmation they sent you. Afterwards you will simply log in to your account where you can now add your image.

Add an image

You’ll notice you won’t have any images yet, so you simply want to click the link that says “add one by clicking here”.

4. Choose The Image You Want To Use

Once you click on the link, you will now have the option to upload your picture from different places. You can select to upload your picture from:

Upload an image

  • Your own computer hard drive
  • An Image from the internet by copying its URL
  • Or taking a picture of yourself with your computers webcam

While either one works perfectly fine, I normally like to choose a picture from my computer for this option.

Now once you picked the photo you want, you’ll now have the option to crop your photo to make your picture look just right.

Crop your photo

This can help you edit large images of yourself by sizing your photo to how you want it. Once you’ve finished cropping it, simply click the button that says “crop image” to finish it.

5. Choose Your Rating

After you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to choose a rating for your Gravatar.

Choose your rating

99% of the time, I would recommend you choose the G rating. The other options basically say your Gravatar either is expressing some kind of rude gesture or has nudity in it.

Lol so like I said unless you plan on creating a porn site or something similar to that — just choose the G rating.

6. Now It’s Time To Go Test Out Your New Gravatar

Once you’ve picked your rating, your Gravatar is finally ready to go!

Now you can go to websites or create a blog of your own, and test out the email address associated with your Gravatar.

Now when you write a comment or post something on your personal blog — you should see your picture now instead of that gray box.

If you look below at the bottom of this post, you can get a good idea of what your Gravatar would like after you comment on a website.

Another great thing about your Gravatar is its very simple to use. All you do is simply type in your comment on the website your on, enter your name and email address associated with your Gravatar then click post comment.

Remember this is a great way to help people get to know you better, and it also helps people connect with you since they now can physically see who’s writing the comment.

Also, here’s a short 4 minute video walking you through these exact steps that I just wrote about.


Final Thoughts

Creating a Gravatar is just one small way you can help brand yourself when leaving comments, or creating a business online.

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Now that you know how to create a gravatar online, people all around the world can get to know you a little bit better now!

Did you find this tutorial helpful, or do you have any other questions about creating a Gravatar you’d like to ask me?

If so leave a comment below, and I’ll be glad to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How To Create A Gravatar In 5 Simple Steps”

  1. Hey nice article, as you can see I am using my Gravatar now! Like you mentioned, having a Gravatar allows your audience to connect a face with a name. Also it adds personality to the comment or article you are presenting.
    I created mine with a little trial and error, but your article breaks it down in to simple to follow steps.

    Thanks for helping everyone learn how to set this up.

  2. This is a very thorough and comprehensive explanation of how to set up a gravatar. I love having a gravatar for my comments. It makes them a bit more personal and allows people to see who I am. 

    I also like that people can click on my gravatar and go to my website. It helps the world wide web become just a bit more personal!

    • I agree Melinda. Gravatar’s in my opinion are great and fun way to get to know people online who leave comments on other people’s sites.

      Kind of like blind dating, it’s kind of awkward going out on a date with someone you’ve never met — just like it’s kind of un personal/ awkward getting and receiving comments from people who have a blank picture.

      It also helps me remember the person who left the comment, which right away can help build trust too.

  3. This is a very informative blog post on how to create a gravatar. I think everyone who leaves comments on websites should have a gravatar because it will help to build their brand. You made a valid point that I had never thought about before. You stated that you should use the email address associated with your blog when you’re creating an account. I never thought about the importance of doing this.

    • Ya this is a great way to not only let people get to know you better, but like you said it will help build your brand too. For example if you have multiple websites, you can create a separate Gravatar for each one to go along with the niche of your website.

      This will help your audience better connect with you, and make you seem more like a real person to them. 


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