How To Do Seo For Your Website. Here’s 8 Simple Tips On How To Get Better Rankings

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if there was no internet — as it has become part of our daily routines in everything we do.

In fact, we use it so much, that its been recorded that over 3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day!

Now the great thing about starting an online business is you can tap into all these people — and all you have to do is get your websites ranked high in the search engines to make it happen.

Which is where search engine optimization comes into play or (SEO).

Now while trying to get ranked within Google may seem impossible, scary, or down right confusing if you’ve never done it before — the truth is learning how to do SEO for your website is actually a very simple process.

In fact there’s’s only 8 steps you need to follow in order to start getting tons of traffic from Google to your website.

1) It All Starts Off With Finding Good Keywords

Before you can start optimizing your site for the search engines, you’ll first have to find a few good keywords on which can write about.

Find Keywords
The reason keywords are so important is this is how people will be finding your site. Without doing this step properly, then everything else is pointless.

Now I wrote a whole article here on how to do proper keyword research here, but in a nutshell you just want to find words or phrases that are searched for frequently, and at the same time have low competition.

Once you’ve found a few keywords that match these criteria, we can now get to the good part — which is learning how to optimize your site for SEO.

7 Simple Steps On How To Do SEO For Your Website

As I mentioned earlier, SEO while may be confusing at first — is actually super simple when you get the grasp of how it works. But basically you’ll be using your keyword in different parts of your post, so that Google and other search engines know what you’re trying to rank for.

And by following these 8 steps I’m about to show you, you’ll start getting thousands of visitors to your site as more and more of your keywords climb to higher rankings.

So without any further delay, let see exactly what you need to do in order for this to happen.

2) Use Your Keyword Once Within The First Paragraph Of Your Post

One of the first places you’ll want to put your keyword is within the first few paragraphs of your post. After you’ve done this, simply write the rest of your article as if you were talking to a friend.

Have a keyword at the beginning of your post
The key though is not to place your keyword everywhere, but to only use it once at the top of your page — as Google frowns upon sites that “stuff” their websites, and will lower your sites ranking for doing so.

3) Have Your Keyword In The Meta Title

Next you’ll want to place your keyword in the meta title of your post. If you don’t know what a meta title is, basically its the title you create for your blog post.

This is a meta title
To edit your meta title, simply go into your Wordless editor and change the title at the top of your post to whatever you want.

Edit meta title here

4) Next Have Your keyword In The Meta Description

After you’ve placed your keyword within your title, next you’ll want to place your keyword in the meta description. This is basically a small summary of what your page is about, placed right under the title within the search engines.

This is a meta description

To edit this, you’ll want to scroll down to the bottom of your post within the WordPress editor until you see a box that says “description”.

Edit meta description here

Then from there, you’ll just right a brief description of what your post is about while including your keyword in it.

5) Have An Image At The Top Of Your Page With An Alt Tag

Within every post you create, you’ll want to add a relevant image at the top — plus rename the picture and alt tag as your keyword.

Have an image at the top of your page

Now the simplest way to edit the alt tag of your image, is to click the edit button, find where it says “alt tag”, then simply write your keyword in that spot.

Edit image here

Within the rest of the post, you should try to add a few more pictures — while also editing the alt tag to whatever you want the image to describe.

6) Insert A Few Internal Links Into Your Post

If you want a simple way to help increase your rankings within Google, then using internal links within your post is you’ll do it.

You see Google absolutely loves when you place internal links all throughout your website, as it basically tells them you think the content you’ve written is important enough to link to instead of another authority site.

In fact it’s not uncommon to have a page jump up within a couple of days, after you’ve sent a few internal links it’s way.

But how do you do this?

Simply after you write your blog post and read it, find some good opportunities where you can link a picture or word to another part of your website.

This is an internal link

As a general rule of thumb, I like to place at least 2-4 internal links on each of my post.

7) Insert A Couple Of External Links Into Your Post

After you’ve created some internal links in your post, next you’ll want to add 1 or 2 external links within your post as well.

Much like how you created an internal link, instead of linking a word or picture to another page on your website — you’ll now link it preferably to an authority site.

Some examples would be…

  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • Popular programs like WordPress
  • A major news network

While there are many benefits in doing this, the main one is Google will reward you for linking to other trusted and authoritative websites online.

8) Embed A Video Into Your Content

By simply embedding a relevant YouTube video into your content, you’ll be able to get higher rankings within Google.

Embed a YouTube video
This is primarily due to 2 main reasons.

1. Google owns YouTube: Since Google owns YouTube, they naturally like it when you share videos from there on your website. So instead of using Viemo, Metacafe, or any other video service — try to stick with YouTube.

2. People will naturally stay on your post for a longer period of time: One thing Google factors when determining how high they want to rank a website, is seeing how long people stay on your website. Therefore by having a video, people are naturally going to stay longer as they watch it.

Now while I know not ever page on your website will makes sense to add a video into it, try to do it as often as you can.

Should You Build Back links To Improve Your Rankings?

Many of you reading this have probably heard people say you should build back links to help your site rank faster within the search engines.

Now a few years ago this method worked, and worked well — however Google came out with an update that basically made building back links a complete waste of time, and actually can harm your site now.

Personally all I do is link my site to a few major social networks like Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter — and that’s it.

If you start buying these back link packages from people online — you’re more then likely going to hurt your rankings dramatically.

So in short, don’t build back links — just focus on creating high quality content that your readers will enjoy.

Final Thoughts

When trying to get traffic to your website, there are a multitude of ways you can go about doing it. However getting organic traffic from the search engines is still one of the best ways to go about doing it — which is why you should learn how to do SEO.

And as you’ve just seen, optimizing your site for SEO is very easy — and actually takes on average 2-4 minutes per page to do.

Just follow the steps I’ve outlined here, and you’ll soon start getting thousands of visitors to your site without even having to spend a dime on paid advertising.

I’ll be honest though I was once confused how to do SEO, but thanks to this program here — I learned not only how to do SEO, but how to build out websites and make money from them.

You can learn more about this program called Wealthy Affiliate here:

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate

So do you have any questions regarding SEO? Have you used some of these tips I shared with you in the past, or do you plan on using them in the near future?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How To Do Seo For Your Website. Here’s 8 Simple Tips On How To Get Better Rankings”

  1. Thanks a lot for the useful post! I have a query about internal linking.

    I see you say that you add 2 – 4 per post. I have, however, seen some very popular online marketers with literally dozens of internal links and their stuff is all on page one. I’ve started adding much more than I ever did before. Do you think this is recommended?

    • Ya of course! If you see a good place to put an internal link then do it. I only said 2- 4 per post as kind of a bare minimum you should be aiming for.

      Internal linking I would say is probably one of the top 3 important factors when it comes to doing good SEO. So the more you can put in your post, then the better (as long as it makes sense to do it).

  2. Hello there,

    I had to say thank you for the deep insights you have given here in the importance of embedding a video on your post from YouTube.

    I have always heard that it is essential, but I never knew it would help increase the time spent on site which would show google that readers love your posts. I never really thought of it that way.

    Thanks a bunch.

    • No problem Dave, glad I could help you out. 

      Though I wouldn’t really call it essential to have a video in order to get good rankings within Google (as every post wouldn’t make sense to have one)– but if you find a good opportunity to embed a video you’ll more than likely see some good results for doing so.


  3. Hello Michael, what a useful article.

    I’ve not used the meta description for increasing SEO. Do you think it’s very important?

    I usually ‘Fetch As Google’ but not sure if this has any bearing on SEO. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to whether or not this is a crucial action to improve my rankings within Google?

    Thank you for clear and concise information

    • As for the meta description, I would most definitely write this out mainly for 2 reasons.

      1. You are helping Google know what keyword you are trying to rank for.

      2. You can write your meta description in a way that will make people want to click on your website verses another one.

      Now Fetch As Google is not crucial into getting better SEO rankings, but it can help speed things up. Basically all your doing is asking Google to look at a specific page or post you created right now — instead of waiting on them to do it in their own time.


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