How To Get Free Traffic To My Website That Will Convert Into Sales

How to get free traffic to my website? This is one of the first questions many people ask themselves shortly after they create a blog or website online.

Most people that are looking for traffic are probably also looking to sell something. So it makes sense that they are looking for free methods to start generating money, before they venture into paid advertising.

However many people don’t know that all traffic (free or paid) is not the same. You can have thousands of uninterested people coming to your site that aren’t making you money — or you can have a few hundred very interested people that will bring you an income online each and every day.

So what’s the best free method in finding these highly targeted individuals? Through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Now you don’t need to be an expert at SEO to get traffic, but you do need to understand the basics so you can start getting those organic visitors to your site.

How To Optimize Your Site For SEO

Before you can optimize your site for SEO, you first need content on your site. But you can’t just have any old content — you want content that your audience is going to WANT to read.

Finding out your audiences needs and wants is the first part of a well written post. To do this you want to go where your audience hangs out. This could be Facebook groups, forums, and blogs in the same niche as you.

As you are reading what they are talking about, make a list of topics that they are having trouble with and ones they are very passionate about.

After you know what they want, you then need to write helpful post about the topics. By giving them answers and helpful advice their searching for, they will stay on your website longer, comment on your post, and share your website with people they know.

All of these things are metrics Google loves, and therefore will make your site rank higher.

Now that you have helpful content on your site, you can now optimize your site for SEO. To do this, I like to follow a simple 4 step process that will get my post ranking on the first page of Google.

1. Get an SEO Plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO.

2. Find good keywords that are easy to rank

3. Make sure each one of your keywords is in the meta title, meta description, and in the first paragraph of your content

4. With every post put internal links going to other places in your site.

Last but not least you want to frequently update your website with great content. Search engines like Google reward sites that update their content on a regular basis. The more often you can publish post, the more likely you are going to get better rankings in Google.

While every day is the best option, I know that can be hard for most people (including me most of the time). So I would aim to do around 3 post a week minimum. Keep this posting schedule each and every week, and you will start to your rankings / traffic go up as time goes by.

After you’ve done all the steps above like writing content your audience will love then optimizing it for SEO, its now time to get out there and promote your site on social media to get even more free traffic.

How To Become Social With Your Website

Many people that I’ve encountered online spend all their efforts trying to get organic traffic, and totally neglect social media. Like I said while I think organic traffic is the best free traffic you can get, social media has a lot of advantages on its on.

With social media if you write a really popular post that people love, it can easily go viral bringing you in thousands of visitors very quickly with no extra work on your part. Also it’s a great way to get some early engagement and possibly sales as your website is in its early stages of creation.

So what’s the best way to share your website socially?

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or whatever — here’s a few methods you can do to start getting social engagement on your website.

1. Add A Social Plugin To Your Website.

One of the easiest ways to get your site shared on social media, is to add a plugin that lets your audience share your content directly from your website.

You can do this by going to the plugin section of your website, then simply typing in social media which will then bring up several different options for you to choose from.

Adding a social plugin

A great method that can help increase the odds of people sharing your content, is to simply ask them to like and share your post at the bottom of each page.

2. Make each post you share on social media stand out from all the others.

What this means, is you want everything you share on social media to easily capture people’s attention. You have to think that people on Facebook or Pinterest are usually always on the go, so they are quickly scanning pictures and post instead of reading everything word for word.

Therefore to make people click on your articles, you will want to do things like:

  • Have an eye-catching photo
  • Write a well description below the photo briefly telling them what it’s about
  • Last but not least have a call to action asking them to click on your link

Here’s an example of a social post that’s simple and effective making people want to click it:

a viral post

3. Last but not least, you want to create a routine with your social postings

Much like how you want to update your content frequently on your website, you also want to do the same thing with your social media post.

The more often you share on social outlets, the higher they will post your content letting more people view it.

Also if you want to get a little more advanced, you can mix up the days and times you share your post each month — that way you can see when people are more likely to share your content.

For example the first month you can share your post Monday, Wednesday, Friday — then the next month can be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The important thing is to keep split testing to see what gives you the best results.

Final Thoughts

Getting free traffic that can turn into sales is not hard, but you have to know that it will take some work and patience on your part.

With organic traffic being the best method in my opinion for free traffic, you also have to realize it’s going to take several months before you start seeing some good results.

Therefore creating a weekly / monthly writing schedule, and sharing all your post to social media — you can be sure you are on the right path towards a successful website that Google and your audience is going to love.

How I learned to get free traffic

So what are you thoughts about SEO and free traffic? Is there anything you need more clarification or help on? Or maybe you have other free methods you would like to share with everyone?

If so let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How To Get Free Traffic To My Website That Will Convert Into Sales”

  1. Very good information on getting free traffic to your website. Writing great helpful content that people are searching for is the best way to succeed online.

    Good keyword research is also very important. Low competition and low hanging fruit keywords are the way to go.

    These days, you also have to use social media to help promote your website.. I particularly like Pinterest, however, Facebook, Twitter, and others are very valuable for getting traffic.

    • I agree. I think the best approach is having multiple sources of traffic coming to your site. This can be from SEO, social media, and paid methods.

  2. What a great post! Your suggestions for posting are also fantastic, and I am going to be following it step by step. 

    I like creating good habits, so by creating writing routine as part of my daily habit it will help me get some good traffic. 

    Right now I just post articles whenever I can, but I will try to set up my a writing schedule now.

    • You’ll be surprised at how much more efficient you can be when you set up a writing schedule. 

      I remember I was very much like you when I first started out. I only wrote articles every week when I could get to them.

      Now that I have a clear goal of what I need to write and when, it makes writing so much easier and faster.

  3. What an informative article! Lots of great pointers, and solid actions that a website owner can take to increase traffic. I have a question for you. 

    What do you do when your article title is too long for your meta title? I sometimes run into this issue on my website, and I am still confused as to what the best approach is when re framing the title to fit within the required characters.

    • Basically like you said, I will sit and brainstorm a different blog title until it’s the right size. This can take some creativity, but you’ll see as time goes on it becomes easier and easier to think of short catchy titles for your post.

      Also you can look at what other people are using for their titles, to get some inspiration on how you can create yours.


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