How To Make Money On Facebook. Here’s 5 Simple And Effective Ways.

Facebook is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms online today. Starting back in 2004 with only 1 million active monthly users, it has grown to where now more than 2.2 billion people actively use it each month!

And with that many people in one place, it’s definitely a great way to keep in contact with friends and loved ones — but it’s also an amazing opportunity for people to make money online.

However if all you’ve ever done is like pictures and share funny stories, you might not know how to make money on Facebook. So within my post today, I want to share with you several ways that you can use this massive platform to earn an extra income online.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, continue reading to learn 5 great ways on how you can earn some extra money through Facebook.

1) Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a nice addition that allows you to buy and sell items to a huge community of people that are located near you. And it’s also super easy and quick to get started using it.

In order to sell something, all you have to do is click “sell something” — then fill out a few details about the item you’re wanting to sell like what it is and how much you’re selling it for. Then you’ll simply click post, and wait for people to contact you about questions they may have about it.

So if you have some items you don’t want anymore and need some extra cash, then this is an excellent way to earn a quick buck.

2) Join Local Facebook Groups To Buy And Sell Items

Very similar to Facebook marketplace, by joining a local Facebook group in your area you can buy, sell, or even trade items quite easily.

Here’s an example of a group my wife joined that allowed her to get a very nice dinning table, some light fixtures, and even sell some old shoes she didn’t need anymore.

Facebook Groups

It’s almost like having a yard sale, except instead of putting a sign out in your yard you instead post pictures within this group and have people buy them there.

So if you want to find some good deals, get rid of some junk in your garage, or trade an item for another item (which we also have done) — this method I think could really help you out.

3) Facebook Sponsored Post

If you have a Facebook page with a huge following, then doing a sponsored post can help you advertise quite effectively. Basically all your doing is choosing a post already on your page and promoting it to get a bigger following.

You can do things like picking your targeted audience, choosing how long you want to run it, and also choosing how much money you want to spend.

Sponsored Post

And if your promoting a post that leads people to buy something, then this can be an effective way of getting a lot more people viewing and possibly buying whatever you’re trying to sell.

Again though this is a pretty basic way to advertise on Facebook and works best if you have a lot of followers.

Therefore if you don’t have a page with many people and you want more customization — then Facebook ads will be the option you want to choose.

4) Facebook Ads

As I just mentioned, using Facebook ads is a more advance way to advertise on Facebook.

It lets you choose how you want to place your ads, customize the type of audience you want to target, determine how much you want to bid on a click or impression, create custominzable CTA’s, and give more detailed information such as the number of views, clicks, and engagement your ad got.

Facebook Ads

Overall it gives you a lot more flexibility on how to promote things within Facebook — therefore allowing you to really target down to the type of people you want to market to.

So unless you want a quick boost in your audience on your page, then I would suggest you use  Facebook ads to help get more visitors / sales for your website.

5) Affiliate Marketing

Last but not least, one of the best ways to make money on Facebook (and my most favorite method) is through affiliate marketing.

Basically you promote a product or service of a company on Facebook, and every time someone clicks on your links and makes a purchase you earn revenue.

And the great thing is just about every company nowadays has an affiliate program you can join for free, like (Amazon, Bestbuy, and Walmart) — and you can even go to Google and look for specific items to become an affiliate for.

Honestly I think this method is the best out of all 5 I am mentioning within this post, because it allows you to make a lot of money if done correctly, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it, and you can even combine it with some of the other options I just mentioned like Facebook ads to increase your revenue.

But this can only be achieved after you know how to properly do affiliate marketing, and out of all the programs I’ve come across online — Wealthy Affiliate by far as the best program in teaching people how to do this step by step.

Final Thoughts

As you can see Facebook not only can help you keep in touch with people you know — but it also gives you the opportunity to make money online through the different options I just mentioned above.

You can sell some items you no longer want to people within your community, advertise your post so more people can see it, or promote other people’s products and services to earn money through affiliate marketing.

All it takes following a method that’s been proven to work, then putting in the time each day to make it happen. And again with over 2 billion people using Facebook each and every month, the amount of money you can earn by using this platform is huge!

So I hope you now have a better grasp on how Facebook can help improve your financial situation, but if you have any other questions regarding how to do this — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Also I’d like to know have you ever thought about or tried using any of these methods to make money on Facebook in the past? If so I’d love to hear what your experience was like! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Facebook. Here’s 5 Simple And Effective Ways.”

  1. Really interesting article. I’ve never really thought about using the Facebook Groups section of the social platform to buy and sell items before. I suppose you could use it as a social media yard sale (or boot sale!). 

    Do many people use these groups as a trading platform and if so, how much money can you make by trading in this way? 

    • I can’t say for other parts of the world, but where I live there were quite a few people within this particular group selling, buying, and trading items.

      Now as far as how much money you can make, it really depends how many items you have to sell. Basically though as I said in my post, this is more like a yard sale where people are usually trying to get rid of things or trade an item for something else — so it’s just an easy and quick way to make money or get something fairly inexpensive. 

  2. Facebook is such a huge market place and some people do know how to make it work for them. I have always known that one could monitize the audience on Facebook but I don’t think I have ever tried or even heard of most of the methods you mentioned. I might have to try it out to see how it goes. 

    I am mostly familiar with running ads to sell products on Shopify using the Facebook platform. It can be pretty tricky and if done the wrong way money can be lossed really fast. But if done the right way you can start seeing some good results within a very short period of time.

    Facebook is still the number one place I feel running ads in can be of great benefit. 

    • Thanks for your comment Jay. I agree that in order to succeed with Facebook ads, you need to set yourself a budget and continually test your ads to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

      But when you get that one ad that starts converting well for you, you can pretty much sit back and earn a passive income from it which is very nice. 🙂

  3. I have used the Facebook marketplace many times and it works really well for selling used items. I also have my own business with its own Facebook page. I have boosted a post before just to get more followers. I have tried to run an add selling a product but I didn’t have much luck with that. 

    As you say there is a correct way of running an add with little cost. So when you say to do affiliate marketing on Facebook do you mean run an add on Facebook with a product?

    • When I say affiliate marketing, I am just talking in general that you can sell other people’s products and services to and make money. But I’ve always found it best to have your own website where you promote products — then simply share your website within Facebook.

      Of course if you have a large following you can easily make sales just by putting your website within your page — or you could use Facebook ads to help drive VERY targeted traffic to your page and if done correctly also make a nice ROI.

  4. Good afternoon Michael,

    As I am not on Facebook and therefore know very little about it. I read your 5 steps for earning money with Facebook with interest.

    2.2 billion users in a month is of course huge, and I can understand the potential of joining this platform.

    You say you can use this platform for selling. Great idea as I plan to have a big spring cleaning in 2019. I bet I will find a lot of items which could be sold. So that is a good idea.

    To be able to promote a post is an other option. With so many people using Facebook, it sounds like a great place to get known. 

    I like the part about Facebook ads and the Affiliate Marketing. Could you please tell me if it is possible to have this on a website when one has already Viglink and Google Adsense, do you not think it will get too crowded with all of these together?

    Regards, Taetske  

    • I’m not really sure if I understand your question, but no matter what you have or don’t have on your website Facebook can do nothing but help you grow your business.

      Basically all your doing is advertising your website in a different method, similar to how you can create videos to promote your website with YouTube or create pictures and promote your business with Pinterest. 

      But in terms of Facebook ads specifically, you generally want to make your ad about a specific product / post you have and not just create one about your site in general. This usually makes the ad much cheaper, and also gives you a better ROI.

      • Good Morning Michael,

        Sorry, my fault as I did not understand it completely. I thought it would get too full with Viglink and Google Adsense plus Facebook on my website
        It is not Facebook who advertises on my website. It is the other way around, I advertise on Facebook.
        I can see the potential of Facebook but I am doing already Pinterest and to tell you the truth I have enough to do with having 2 websites. It is getting too much.

        Thank you for your reply, regards, Taetske

        • No problem, glad I could help you understand everything. I think that’s a smart move, as I’ve always found by mastering one social platform is better than trying to do them all at the same time.

          Good luck with Pinterest and your websites in the upcoming future. 🙂

  5. Great Post! When you login to check how people there are, or you see a few memes — you actually have no idea that there is an entire world of opportunity lurking beneath the surface. I have heard about Facebook ads before but not about the market place and basically the yard sale groups.

    I think you are right. If you grow your network big enough you can reach someone who will find value in something you are selling.

    • Thanks for your comment Renton. 

      Yes it’s hard to really think that so many people are using Facebook each and every day — and that if you can just tap into a small percentage of these people and sell something to them, that you can easily make a full time income online.

      So just try to keep growing your network and use Sponsored post and ads to help get more people viewing your page — and you with time and enough work you can have a huge community of people all following you!


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