How To Make Money Online With Little Investment – Here Are 4 Ways

The internet is an amazing tool. It gives you access to billions of people, all of which you can potential make money from.

In fact you can learn how to make money online with little investment, that way you won’t have to break your bank buying ads or joining a questionable online opportunity.

While some ways can potentially make you more money than others, in the end it really comes down to “how” you want to make some extra cash through the internet.

So here are 4 ways you can get started today, that can help make you money online.

1. If You’re Good AT Something, Sell Your Service

One of the easiest ways to go about making some extra money online is by selling a service you’re good at.

There are multitude of sites out there which let you sell digital services to people in need, and can easily be bringing you money in by in the end of the week.

Here are a few places you might want to consider if you go this route.

If you’re someone who enjoys writing, then you are going to love sites like freelancer. With millions of people owning blogs and websites online, many of them will gladly pay for you to write an article for them.

Usually you will get paid per post, and after a while when you’ve done a certain amount of jobs — you can then start to create a portfolio and charge higher rates.

If you write enough high quality post that people like, eventually you won’t have to keep looking for people to write for — but instead you will now have many people asking you to help them with their websites.

After a while you can even get a writing retainer, allowing you to get a steady pay check month to month as you complete a set number of post for the person.

So if you’re someone who loves writing, and can type pretty fast — becoming a freelancer writer is an easy way to bring in some extra cash.

Upwork is a huge resource, allowing you to not only sell services like writing — but also many others ones like being a virtual assistant, a web developer, a designer, or an accountant.

Upwork jobs

So if you don’t like writing very much, you might want to consider giving upwork a try and see what other jobs you could potentially do for someone.

However just be mindful that at first it may be difficult to get work due to not having a track record and reviews for people people to know how good you are.

After you get a few jobs under your belt though, you’ll start to see work pick up as people will be requesting you do help them with a certain task.

Fiverr is market place allowing people to sell almost any job imaginable for only 5 dollars.

I remember several years ago when it just got started, everyone could easily get on there and sell without too much trouble. Nowadays much like UpWork and freelancer, you will have to show your work off and be somewhat creative so you can stand out against the rest of the crowd.

While I personally think my time and yours is worth way more than $5 dollars a job, you can still make a good little bit of cash just doing this over the weekend in your spare time.

Also I’ve read where some people make hundreds a day with Fiverr by making a template for a job so that they can do them extremely fast and good.

So if you are creative enough, have a skill that’s high in demand, and can find a way to do your job very quickly — then you also could be making a very good income from it as well.

2. Complete Small Computer Task

Another great way to go about making a little bit of extra money online, is by joining sites that ask you to complete small task for them.

Some popular ones you can start off trying are:

  • AmazonTurk
  • ShortTask
  • MicroWorkers

Some of these task can take around a minute to do, while others could take around 30 minutes to do.

Usually the larger the task the more you will get paid. On average though the smaller task usually pay $0.03 – $0.50 cents, while the larger ones will pay around $3.00-$5.00 dollars.

An example of a smaller task might be to click images that have a certain picture in them, or transcribe a short video into written text. A larger one might be either to write an email newsletter, or to transcribe longer videos.

While this by no means is going to make you rich and let you quit your job, it is an excellent way to get some fast cash — especially if you are able to do a bunch of smaller task really quickly.

Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency

While I’m not a huge fan of cryptocurrency myself, I figured it would be a good choice to add since there is so much popularity and money to be made in it right now.

From what I’ve seen there are many ways to go about making money with cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple — however I will explain a method I’ve seen a lot of people use to sometimes make hundreds in a day with it.

Buying Low And Selling High

Cryptocurrency at the time right now fluctuates very quickly from hour to hour. One minute you might have a coin that’s worth $100, then a couple hours later it could easily be $150.

With that said, if you’re willing to sit and look at charts of a particular coin and buy when it’s dropping then resell it when it has gone back up — you could easily make some very quick cash in a day or two.

buying and selling cryptocurrency

I’ve seen people throw thousands into this and lose it all, while I’ve seen other people make around $5,000 over the weekend by doing this.

Personally If I were to do this though, I would only spend what I could and let that be it.

You could spend say $100 and do like I said with buying coins when they drop, then reselling them when they grow. Then after you’ve made another hundred bucks doing this, you can take your winnings out then basically be play with “free” money.

Again this is a more risky method in making money online, but if you have time on your hands and a few extra bucks you’re willing to spend — you can easily double or triple your investment in a very short amount of time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is by far my most favorite method is making money online, and contrary to what you may have read or heard — it is very cheap to get started doing it.

All you really need to become successful in affiliate marketing is a website, a product you would like to sell, and a way to get people to your site so they can buy your product.

Now to create a proper website all you need is a domain name, and hosting — which should only cost you around $15-$25 dollars a month. Once you have your website up and running, then all you need is to find some products to sell.

make money with affiliate marketing

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to create a product, but rather partner up with companies like Amazon, Best buy, or Walmart for free — and promote the products they are already selling. Then when someone comes along and buys their products from your website — you get paid a commission.

Now in order to get these people to your site, you could one buy ads like on Facebook and Google and send them to your site that way, or how I like to do it is create content and get it ranked in the search engines.

While this method takes a little bit longer to see results, eventually you can have hundreds of people coming to your site daily without you even having to spend a penny.

By this point you should easily be making sales on a daily basis, and remember this is all at the cost of around $30.00 dollars a month.

The thing with affiliate marketing is the amount of money you can make is truly limitless, and I believe is one of the best ways to make good money each and every month.

Like with pretty much everything else in life, you will only get what you put into this. So if you want to do this part-time, you will only earn a little bit of money — however if you work hard, you can easily quit your job and be making thousands of dollars a month with this method.

My Final Thoughts

Making money online as you can see really doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money — but instead spend your time finding out “how” you want to go about doing it.

You can sell your services if you’re real skillful at something, you could make some pocket money doing small task, or you could create a website and sell other people’s products and possibly make a lot of money. It’s totally up to you.

I personally value where I spend my time, and would rather create a business online through affiliate marketing — then do side jobs online for some extra cash. But like I said if you love designing, writing, or even selling crytocurrency, then these are also great ways to make some extra money through the internet.

I’ve told you which one I like this best, now I’d like to hear from you and see which one you would prefer doing. Or maybe you’ve already done one of these methods, and would like to share how it’s going for you instead?

If so, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online With Little Investment – Here Are 4 Ways”

  1. Hello there! This is really informative and helpful especially to me.

     I’m a student and I’m looking for a way to earn extra money online. I have plenty of spare time, but a small amount of money to invest. I read your list and I think that this is really gonna help me.

    I think that upwork would help me since I have a little bit of skills to share to others. I’ve heard great things about affiliate marketing as well and might try it. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • No problem, I’m glad I could help.

      Upwork would be a great place to start earning some extra cash pretty fast. Also while you’re doing that you could also start creating an affiliate website and within 6-8 months you could easily be making more money through this method then you are at upwork. 

      The great thing about affiliate marketing is that once you start to gain authority within Google and start getting hundreds of visitors to your site daily, you can really scale your website up to make a full time income.

  2. I also agree with you on the affiliate marketing thing.

    I have heard from people who have had vast experience within the online world that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online with little investment and huge returns in a few months.

    I haven’t tried it myself yet but it’s only because I wanted to know how much effort I will need to invest in it. I only have a few hours to spare for this and could really do with some more money every month.

    • I would agree that affiliate marketing is probably the best way to make money online without having to spend much. The only problem is it takes a while before you start to see good results (as in 6-8 months).

      Many people after about 3-4 months of working give up because they haven’t made any sales. What they don’t know is this is very normal, and with some more work and time Google will start to notice your site and bring you traffic that can convert into sales.

      So while yes affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money, it’s not something that will happen fast and does require A LOT of work.

      If you want though, you can do some freelance work and affiliate marketing at the same time. This will give you extra money right away while your affiliate business takes its time to grow.

  3. Great article on making money from the internet. I think that affiliate marketing is my favorite out of those you mentioned also.

    I have also heard of a virtual assistant. This is more like an at home job though. This to me would be a better bet than crypto currency. It look looks too risky, and to me that’s a little like playing the stock market on a daily basis. No thanks.

    I prefer affiliate marketing because you don’t have to stock any inventory and deal with customer service.

    • I agree that crypto currency is a very risky way in making money online, as like you said its basically like the stock market where you are gambling as to whether or not the price of a “coin” will go up or down.

      Affiliate marketing is also my most favorite method in making money online. It’s cost very little to get involved in, you can build a business around any topic you want, and after a while once you have an authority site set up — you can be making money while you’re sleeping, eating, or even on vacation.

      Now while that does sound nice, I also want to throw in it takes a lot of work to get up to that point. By following a proven method though and working on your business a little bit every day — this can become a reality. 


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