How To Sell Websites Online – A Step By Step Guide On How To Do It

You might have created a website or started blogging with the intention of making a lot of money — but quickly realized that creating an online business is harder than it looks.

Your website might not be making the kind of money you were expecting, or perhaps you just lost interest in it and want to start over with a brand new one.

Whatever the case may be, learning how to sell websites online can be a great way to earn some extra money, and if you really wanted you could even make a full time career out of it.

Below I’m going to give you a step by step guide on how should you prepare your websites before you sell them, and also show you where you can sell them at.

So without any further ado, lets get started!

Don’t Build Another Common Boring Site

Many people get the idea that since they’ve been working on their site for a while, that people are going to be lining up to buy it when it’s on the market.

Now if you’ve gone and created a very helpful and interesting website, then yes they might be — but too many people seem to just produce very simple boring websites that look like everything else out there.


If this is you, then you might want to hold off before you go and try selling it.

You see you want people to be engaged in your content, and want it to be the go to place when they are looking for information. For example if website is about nutrition and you’re trying to sell a blender, you want to SHOW and tell them WHY they should buy it.

Maybe it blends food within seconds, it’s easy to clean once your done with it, you can consume more nutrients this way, and you can make very delicious smoothies / drinks with it.

Whatever the case may be, try to imagine selling your website like you would a house.

Most people want a house that’s ready to move into — so that means they are looking for a website that’s got amazing content, is easy to navigate and read, and also has a steady flow of traffic that’s producing revenue each and every month.

Create amazing websites here

Improve Your Sites Value Before Putting It On The Market

Before ever putting your site on the market, you first want to optimize your site so that it is bringing in as much revenue as it possibly can. This way you can get the most bang for your buck, and show just how valuable your site is.

How do you do that though?

Well first of all you want to make sure you have a sufficient amount of traffic coming to your site, and from multiple sources. As we all know without people visiting your site, it’s going to be quite hard to make money from it.

Therefore it’s best to test out different traffic methods, that way if one dies your site doesn’t go down as well. Say the majority of your traffic is coming from SEO, you could then try things like social media and paid ads to help bring in more traffic and revenue.

Next, you can test different ways in which your site is making you money. You can try different affiliate programs, you can use different advertising networks, you can try placing your ads in different spots, and you can also test different ways to capture leads to help build an email list.

By split testing and trying new things, you can easily double or triple your sites value without even having to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website.

Figure Out How Much Your Website Is Worth

Determining how much your site is worth is crucial when you’re ready to sell it. If you set the price too high then it will be very hard to sell it, however it you set the price too low then you’ll be missing out on a ton of money.

So what’s the best way to determine how much your websites worth?

As a general rule of thumb, a site generally sells 5 to 10 times its profit each month. So if your site was bringing in $1,000 dollars a month, then it would probably go for around $5,000 to $10,000.

Now what mainly determines this factor is what they buyers ROI will be.

If they feel your site is somewhat risky, then they will pay a lot less — however if your website is making consistent sales and has lots of traffic coming from different places, then they will naturally be happy to pay a higher price.

So in order for this to happen, you will need to present them with your websites data.

Collect Your Websites Traffic And Revenue Data

They key to making your buyers feel comfortable in choosing your site, is to be completely honest with your websites figures. You don’t want to go tweaking things and adjusting things to try and “trick” people — this will just end in a disaster.

Therefore to give the most helpful data, it’s best to take screenshots of your Google Anayltics Account showing your traffic, as well take some screen shots of your Adsense and affiliate income commissions.

Google analytics

By having accurate traffic and revenue figures, you can show your buyers truly how much your website is worth.

Again the more detailed and descriptive you can be with your websites statistics, then the higher the chance a buyer will be in purchasing your website.

See What Other Successful Websites Are Doing Before You Sell

Instead of just taking a guess on how should you present your website, the best way to get the highest sales price is to look at what others are doing in your market.

What kind of information are they providing, how much are they selling their site for?

By getting inspiration from current and past websites that have sold well, it can also help you sell your site quickly and for a very good price.

Choose The Right Platform To Sell Your Websites On

Once you have you website already, meaning you’ve optimized it for conversion, gathered your traffic and revenue data, and have determined how much it is worth — it’s now time to choose a platform to sell it on.

While there are many places you can go to sell your site, one of most popular platforms right now to use is Flippa.


Flippa is basically like EBay, as it’s a huge auction website where the highest bidder will obtain the website. So you might be getting more then you expected from your website, or you might be getting less.

The good thing with Fliipa though is they offer an escrow account where you’ll put your websites details into it, then the buyer will transfer money into it. That way you’ll be protected from non-paying buyers.

Also they verify the sellers’ website both by phone and Google analytics — making it a much more trustworthy site for buyers to come to.

So all in all, if you’ve never sold a website before or you’ve sold a few in the past — Flippa is a great place to try out in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve built a website that makes money, there will be someone out there that’s willing to buy it.

By following the steps I’ve outlined above you’ll be able to get a very good price for you website, however if you choose to go out there and do it without any sort of plan — you’ll either have a hard time finding a buyer or you’ll have to sell it at a very cheap price.

While selling websites like I said can be a very profitable business, or a great way to put some extra money in your pocket — it all starts off with creating a great website.

Therefore in order to make one, you’ll want to ensure you have solid platform to build upon, excellent hosting to run on, and up to date security to protect it from hackers.

Through a program called Wealthy Affiliate, they offer all of this and more. Some features you’ll get are:

  • The ability to create and manage 50 websites in one spot
  • Free SSL security
  • 24/7 backups
  • Faster upload times
  • A spam blocker

Mind you this is all at the price of a mere $49 / month or $29.9 / month (if you go with the yearly premium option).

I have looked everywhere online, and I’ve yet to find another place that offers all these features at such a low price! So if you are interested in possibly creating your websites through this platform, click the banner below to learn how to become a member.

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So have you ever sold a website before, and if you did how did it go? If you haven’t, do you feel after reading this post you have the knowledge on how to go out there and sell your first website?

Share you experiences, questions, or concerns in the comment section below to let me know what you think. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “How To Sell Websites Online – A Step By Step Guide On How To Do It”

  1. Hey this is a really good article. I would love to sell websites, but the hard part is getting the traffic to get revenue. 

    So it looks like one must have a good traffic source in order to sell profitable websites. I am not making really anything yet, as I am only 4 months in — but I’m going to keep going and try to get better at building websites!

    • Yes traffic is usually one of the hardest parts of an online business, as you either have to get it organically which can take time — or you pay for it which can get costly.

      You are also correct that you WILL need traffic to sell a website, because without it the website will not make any money.

      Good luck with your website, and I would say in the next 3-4 months you should start to see an increase in your traffic if you are creating regular and helpful content.

  2. Can I not use some sort of valuation tool to figure out a price to sell my website for? I ask since you mentioned that I can usually sell it for 5 or 10 times the income.

    I see that flippa has one.

    Also, how reliable are these kind of tools? Should I be concerned that these tools are undervaluing my website market value?

    • The valuation is mainly going to be determined by the buyers. Like I’ve metioned before, the less risk people see when buying your website, they more likely its going to go for a good price.

      So to get a good price for your website, do the things I mentioned in the post like:

      – have multiple streams of traffic coming to your site

      – increase they ways in how your website is making money

      The more money your site makes, the more likely its going to sell for more. I hope this has helped answer your question. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the article, I wasn’t aware that there was a “eBay” for selling websites. I was also not aware that the valuation of websites is only 5-10 X the monthly profit. That to me seem a little low. 

    I know that when purchasing a physical business buyers normally pay a multiple of the businesses yearly profit. Why do you think the web based businesses go for so much less?

    • The 5-10 times monthly profit is just a general rule of thumb. Like I said, depending on how risky your buyer thinks buying your website is — you could easily make more than this, or less than this.

      So if you website is earning a very healthy income in a 12 month span, and the traffic is steadily increasing — you could sell your website for quite a lot. However on the flip side, if your website isn’t making that much money, and your traffic is also slowly declining — you can expect to get very little for the site.

      I hope this helps answer your question. 🙂


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