Is 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam Or Can You Make $500+ A Day With It? Find Out The Truth Here

Quick Summary Of 60 Minute Profit Plan

Name: 60 Minute Profit Plan

Price: $37.00 + up sells

Rating: 0 out of 5 rating

What Is 60 Minute Profit Plan?

Today I’m going to review yet another Clickbank product which claims you can make a lot of money online. The product named 60 Minute Profit Plan, says you can easily make up to $32,000 a month by simply following their “stupid-simple method” given inside the program.

Now I can’t be for sure, but I’d bet the same people who created Easy Insta Profits (which is a review I just did) are also the same ones who made this product as well. I say this because their sales video, membership area, and overall layout almost look exactly the same!

And since I gave my last product a bad review, you might also be wondering is 60 Minute Profit Plan a scam or can it really help you earn over $500 dollars a day?

Well I’ll tell you after watching the over hyped sales video, and having a look at what was actually taught inside the program — I can say with great confidence that you will NOT be making thousands of dollars with this. Heck I’d say at best you might earn a few dollars after everything is said and done.

But just to show you how poorly designed this product is, and why I know you won’t get any value out of it what so ever — let me explain exactly what you’d be getting if you decided to purchase it.

My favorite program online

How Does 60 Minute Profit Plan Work?

When your watching the sales video of this product, a girl by the name of Brittany Francis says that 60 Minute Profit Plan is basically a combination of several online money making methods she used to go from being broke to making thousands of dollars a day and living the life of her dreams.

She even claims that anyone with access to a computer and internet, can set up anyone of these methods within 60 minutes and start having money come pouring in — hence where the product got the name 60 Minute Profit Plan.

takes 60 minutes to set up and make life-changing money

However upon further investigation, I found out that this is all a complete lie and what your actually buying is in fact a bunch of YouTube videos describing different generic methods on how to make money online.

So in short this program won’t provide any sort of value or help you get rich — and you can literally go to YouTube and find the exact same videos inside this programs training.

What Does The Product Actually Include?

As I just mentioned, 60 Minute Profit Plan shows you 4 different methods on how to make money online.

However the problem with the methods shown is 1) they either take a lot of work and time to provide you with a decent income or 2) they at most will only give you a few extra bucks a month.

Which again totally contradicts what Brittany says —which is you’ll be making thousands of dollars very quickly with this system.

So what are these methods I keep talking about?

Well here’s a short video and written description about the 4 methods shown in 60 Minute Profit Plan:


1) Email Marketing

The first method showed within the program is basically an introduction on how to do email marketing. Altogether there’s about 11 videos around 2-4 minutes long, and aren’t really that helpful to be honest.

Email marketing

I’ve been a part of program that can and should turn email marketing into a several hour course — explaining all the details on how to build and sustain a profitable email list.

So I find it hard that 60 Minute Profit Plan was somehow able to condense something as complicated and important as email marketing into 11 short videos.  And is also the main reason I know you WILL NOT make money with simplified training.

If you’d like, you can check out my previous post where I explain how to do email marketing the proper way.

2) Taking Surveys

The next method is all about taking online surveys.

Make money doing surveys

Now the problem with this is that in general doing surveys is very time-consuming, and at most will give you a little bit of extra money to help with groceries or pay for gas in your car. Not to mention they’re also very boring in my opinion — and not a legitimate way to make a good and regular income online.

If however you’d like to test one out and see how they work, I would suggest you check out my favorite online survey site called Swagbucks.

3) Website Tester

Much like doing surveys, being a website tester while can make you some money is not going to be anything life changing.

And with companies looking for specific people (like people of a certain age, sex, and right shopping habits) — it also makes it very hard to get accepted to even do these in the first place.

So in short this not only is a bad way to earn money — but an annoying one since you have to apply to many companies and hope you’re what they’re looking for.

4) Becoming A Freelancer

Freelancing while can be a great way to earn some extra cash online from places like Fiverr and Upwork — is not something you can start this afternoon and expect to be earning hundreds of dollars by tomorrow.

It usually takes months of work and building up a reputation that will allow people to know you and your work — and only then can you start to make a decent income with this.

Personally though I don’t like this method as you have to literally work all the time to make money — unlike affiliate marketing where you can make passive income by building say a blog or YouTube channel.

Is 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam?

I don’t normally like to call products a scam if I don’t have too, but I can’t help but say that if you buy this product you’re basically being scammed out of your money.

During the whole sales video, your promised to make thousands of dollars by setting up these “60 minute” systems — but when you enter the members area what your actually presented with is a bunch of free videos taken from YouTube.

And the sad part is these videos aren’t even helpful.

If you actually went to YouTube or Google and typed in say email marketing (which is their main course) — I would bet that the first few videos would give you WAY more information on how to do this then what you would find in this useless product.

Also there’re many signs within the sales video that prove my point even more that this product is indeed a scam.

It Uses Fake Pictures / Interviews

All throughout the sales video, you’re presented with several pictures and interviews of people who supposedly made a lot of money from 60 Minute Profit Plan.

However after doing some digging online, I found out that every single one of them were fake — and are basically stock photos and paid spokespeople added into the video.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean.

Fake Picture #1

Fake picture #1Fake Picture #2

Fake picture #2Fake Picture #3 (Even the spokesperson is fake!)

Fake picture #3Fake Interview #1

Fake interview #1

Fake Interview #2

Fake interview #2

The Live Social Proof Is Fake

Also at the bottom of the sales page, they pretend there’s social proof of people recently making money with this program.

Fake live social proof

However as you can clearly see, all the pictures haven already been deleted — and if you come back to this page at any given day it will still say these people made money just a few minutes ago.

It Lies About It’s Hidden Up sells Inside Their Program

Toward the end of the presentation, Brittany says that there will be no recurring payments, hidden cost, or upgrade fees once you’re inside. However this too is also a lie, as you’ll clearly see that there are two different upgrades you can buy if you want.

upgrades inside

And I don’t know about you, but even with the main training just plain sucking and also having some videos not even work — I don’t see why I would invest even more money into something that most likely won’t help me.

So to me it looks like there still trying to suck every penny they can out of people who happen to join this terrible program.

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee with this product

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The training inside is useless, not their own, and it even has a few videos that don’t work at all.
  • It makes wild claims you can earn a lot of money in a very short amount of time
  • It uses fake people, income reports, and social proof to try and show their product is legitimate
  • And even the person talking named Brittany is fake as well

Who Is 60 Minute Profit Plan For?

I don’t see 60 Minute Profit Plan helping anyone make money online, let alone helping people become rich with their methods.

Almost every video training inside is actually an embedded video from YouTube, and I didn’t see one method that went into enough detail to help the average person succeed and make money online.

My Final Rating

0 out of 5 rating

Without a doubt I can easily say 60 Minute Profit Plan is a scam. Between the fake income reports, pictures, interviews, and even spokesperson — it makes it very hard to trust this program.

But even if all of that wasn’t true, the training alone is just plain terrible — and you can clearly see that they went to YouTube and simply found a few videos and embedded them into their own site.

So I highly urge you not to waste your time or money on this product, and instead find a more legitimate method to earn money online.

And if you want my personal opinion on what’s the best way to go about doing this, I suggest you check out my #1 recommended product online that has helped thousands of people earn a regular income online.

The program I’m referring to called Wealthy Affiliate has every tool you’ll need to succeed, thousands of members who can help you out 24/7, amazing training that’s updated every year, and best of all a free trial so you don’t have to risk a dime.

You can check out exactly what they offer and how they work by clicking the banner below.

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I hope you enjoyed this review about 60 Minute Profit Plan.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding it though — please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more then happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is 60 Minute Profit Plan A Scam Or Can You Make $500+ A Day With It? Find Out The Truth Here”

  1. Thanks for reviewing 60 minute profit plan. I’m glad that I and everyone else are now aware that this product is a scam, and that we shouldn’t waste our money on it. 

    As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I highly suggest everyone to try out this amazing program — and also remember it’s totally free so you have nothing to lose! I am very happy I found it, and even more happy that I went premium so I can gain access to all of the training provided within this program. 

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Jody! 

      I hope like you said that people will read my review and see that it is not all that it’s cracked up to be — and that there’s far better programs out there they can help the average person succeed online.

      I’m also glad to hear your enjoying Wealthy Affiliate as much as I am — and I think as you continue your training you’ll find that the owners (Kyle and Carson) really go above and beyond to make sure everyone can become successful and build a profitable business online. 

  2. Hi Michael,

    The internet is just awash with scammy and fraudulent claims and products like this. This is actually a great review that you have made. Everything on the site is fake. Photos, images, of no upgrades..fake social proof…

    So why would anyone (after reading this) think that the product is genuine if everything else is fake?

    • Thanks for the comment Derek.

      I think people who are attracted to these kind of scams are the ones looking to make a lot of money and very quickly online — so they will believe anyone if they say they got a system that can do this.

      However I hope people will do their research and see that there’s no quick way to make money online — and that any program claiming there is, is actually out to steal your money.

  3. Hey Michael, excellent post. You definitely went above and beyond in your post especially when you were pointing out that obvious lies that exist within the overall emphasis of the article itself. 

    When did you first discover that this program was a scam? Was it by accident, or was it when you were looking for a legitimate home business? 

    Anyway, your article is a guiding light in the darkness that warns people about scams online. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks R.J. I’m glad you enjoyed my review. 

      Now one of the main things I do with the site your on, is I review programs that claim to help people make money online and see if they are legit or not. And while I was looking through various programs, I ran across 60 Minute Profit Plan one day and saw that outrageous claims it was telling people.

      So I decided to research into it further to see if what they were saying was actually true — and as you can tell from my review here they weren’t lol.


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