Is Awol Academy A Scam Or A Legit Program That Can Make Money Online?

Quick Summary Of Awol Academy

Name: Awol Academy

Price: 7 separate packages starting at $99 dollars, then going all the way up to $9,997

Rating: 2 out of 5 rating

What Is Awol Academy?

Awol Academy is an online platform designed to help complete beginners build a profitable business online. The program was created by Kameron George and Kela Kane back in 2015.

And these guys are so confident in their product that they claim it’s the world’s most comprehensive internet marketing education and mentorship platform — and that you’re guaranteed to earn an extra $10,000 dollars from following their training.

Now after hearing a statement like this and probably seeing their advertisements all over the internet, you’re probably wondering is Awol a scam or is it a product worth investing in?

Well to give you the short version about this product, yes you can make good money with this program and I do believe the training is actually quite good — but the only problem is this product is crazy expensive and unless you have thousands of dollars lying around you won’t be able to afford it.

And when I say expensive, I literally mean you’ll have to take out a loan to buy everything within Awol Academy — because it ends up costing you around $20,000 dollars for the entire training!

So you’re probably wondering what can they possibly be teaching that cost so much right? Well let me dive right in and explain exactly how this product works, and what they are selling.

A cheaper and better product

How Does Awol Academy Work?

Awol Academy teaches you several different aspect about internet marketing mainly through instructional videos. Some topics they cover are creating funnels, doing paid traffic, email marketing, converting sales, and money management.

Each topic they cover is great information on what’s needed to build a business — however the thing I don’t like is they sell these training s in different courses which is why you end up having to pay thousands of dollars for it.

Which brings me to my next point.

What Kind Of Courses Do They Sell?

All together Awol Academy sells 7 courses within their platform, which again equals out to around 20k!

The problem though is that each of these courses build upon one another — so you can’t just buy one and expect to do good since you’ll be missing some vital information on how to build a profitable business.

So this basically tells me that they care more about money then actually helping people succeed online like they say they do. Because again I hardly no anyone that has or is willing to pay thousands of dollars for online training — and is the main reason I don’t like Awol Academy.

Anyways, here’s the following breakdown of the courses you’ll find inside this program:

1) Pro Academy $99

Pro Academy

Within this course, you’ll basically be learning how to do email marketing. You’ll be given your own website, some squeeze pages, conversion tracking software, and basically an in depth look on how to put this all together.

Now $99 dollars isn’t too bad in my opinion for what you’re getting — however the problem I have is they don’t teach you how to get traffic which is the lifeblood of every business.

So you’re basically left with some general knowledge and tools on how to create high converting sales funnels, but now you’re left without a clue on how to get people into this funnel.

2) Internet Income Explained $49

Internet Income Explained

As the name suggest, you’ll be getting an overview as to how internet marketing works. You’ll be learning how to build your websites / funnels, how to create or promote products to your customers, and how to scale the whole thing once it’s set up.

Again this isn’t that bad of a price — but I bet you could get what’s taught in here for free by simply going to YouTube or Google and doing some research yourself.

3) Inbox Academy $447

Inbox Academy

Inbox Academy is all about teaching you how to get your subscribers to open up more of your emails you’ve written, and also take action within the emails themselves.

I’m sure you’ll learn some copy writing tricks like what kind of headlines you should use and how to format your emails so people find them entertaining — but in the end if you want people to trust you, all you have to do is provide them with lots of helpful free value.

Which actually isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just find the major problem your visitors are having — give them valuable information that can truly help them out, then about your 5th or 6th email offer them a product that can further help their problem get solved.

So if you were to ask me, I wouldn’t say someone needs to spend $500 bucks to learn how to this.

4) Conversion Academy $1,797

Conversion Academy

This goes basically one step deeper than Inbox Academy, and shows you how once your subscribers have opened your email to make them take action.

Basically you’ll be doing this by learning how to tell stories, use certain words to grab your visitors attention, and how to format your content so people will be more likely to click on it.

Now I’m sure you can get some great information out of this course, but…

To me the easiest way to get people to take action on something, is to simply tell them a story they can relate too ( that way they can get to know, like, and eventually trust you).

You’ll be surprised at how many people will buy from you if you do this one trick — and I bet if you think for a second you can remember certain things you bought or took action on because a person told a story that really connected with you right?

So you’re welcome to go spend close to 2k on how to get people to become buyers, but as I’ve said I think it’s all about trying to connect with your visitors through storytelling and being honest with them.

5) Traffic Academy $2,997

Traffic Academy

Finally we’re to the traffic course! The key ingredient I mentioned just a second ago every business needs to survive and grow.

Now since you’re building sales funnels within Awol Academy, this means you won’t be learning how to do SEO to get free organic traffic to your site.

Therefore you’ll be taught how to do paid traffic — which can be an excellent way to get good traffic, but it also means you’ll be spending more money too.

Some of the modules in this course include getting traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bing, and doing CPA. And again yes you can get high quality traffic from these places — but just be ready to spend hundreds of dollars a month to make it happen.

Personally though I don’t like spending money on paid traffic — as I’ve found SEO traffic (while can take time to get) is one of the highest converting sources you can get, and best of all it’s free!

6) Masters Academy $5,497

Masters Academy

Within Master’s Academy, you’ll basically be learning from successful people how to manage your money, plan your taxes, and invest your earnings to make even more.

Really though I don’t see the need to go spending $6,000 dollars on how to do this even if you were already making 6-7 figures a year with your online business. I mean you could probably go to YouTube and Google and learn how to do all of this without having to spend a dime.

Because in simple terms all this course will probably tell you to do is invest your earning into paid traffic instead of material things — and keep track of what you’re spending on your business for tax season, that way you can write it off.

7) Awol Elite $9,997

Awol’s Elite course is definitely the most expensive one they have, with the cost right at $10,000 dollars! Now I don’t know about you, but this better be some amazing stuff that’s for sure.

Within this course you’ll be get everything from the previous courses I just talked about, a 2-hour weekly webinar, and mentoring sessions with Keala and Kameron in Awol’s forum and Facebook Group.

So basically you can rub shoulders with the actual owners of this product and ask for help / advice whenever you run into a problem — which is why I’m guessing this last course is so expensive!

So Should You Buy This Expensive Program?

Honestly I don’t see the need to go out and spend this kind of money to learn how to build a profitable business online.

The fact that I know there’s other training platforms out there that teach exactly what’s in this program for a fraction of the cost — is the key reason I can’t recommend this product to you.

With that said, let me go over some of the key things I did like about this program.

What I Like About It

  • You have a 14 day 100% no questions asked return policy when you buy this product
  • The training is very helpful and can help beginners / experienced marketers build a profitable business online
  • You can get 1 on 1 mentorship with the owners plus help from several other successful members (if you pay a hefty price)

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The first and most obvious one is that this program is crazy expensive for what they are teaching
  • The courses themselves build upon one another — making it to where you are forced to buy their up sells to keep learning
  • Most of the training is focused on paid methods, which again is just making you spend more money out of your pocket
  • This will only help people that have deep pockets, instead of the average person looking just to make some extra money online

My Final Rating – Is Awol Academy A Scam?

2 out of 5 rating

Awol Academy is definitely not a scam, but as I’ve mentioned several times already the amount of money they are asking people to spend on it is just ridiculous.

Now I can’t be certain, but I would assume the owners of Awol are more worried about making money then actually helping people succeed in building a profitable business online. Because if they truly cared about their customers — they’d find a way for the average person to afford their training and become successful.

And that’s why I’ve personally fallen in love with a program called Wealthy Affiliate, because for only $49 dollars you can get EVERYTHING taught within Awol and then some — plus they let you try out their entire system free of charge!

Being a member there for almost 2 years now, I can testify that they also continually improve their program and training and never ask for one extra penny for doing so. And as a result, thousands of people have now been able to build a profitable business online and improve their financial situation greatly.

To give you a better overview of the main differences between Awol and Wealthy Affiliate — here’s a chart you can view.

Awol Academy Verses Wealthy Affiliate

I hope you enjoyed this review about Awol Academy and it has helped you come to a better decision as to whether or not you’d like to try it out.

However if you have some questions or concerns that I did not mention in my post — feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Awol Academy A Scam Or A Legit Program That Can Make Money Online?”

  1. I see AWOL is a great program but unfortunately it is too expensive to do. I would also love to find out what is the difference between Internet marketing verses affiliate marketing?

    I also wish they had free courses to make people understand why they have to pay close to $20,000. Because after you spend that kind of money, it’s hard to see how you’ll be able to make all that back and then some. 

    From what I’ve seen, is most internet programs will be quick to take your money whether you see positive results or not. 

    • The main difference between Affiliate marketing and internet marketing is…

      Affiliate marketing is where you sell someone else’s products. This can be online or offline depending on what you’re actually selling.

      Internet marketing is where you’re ONLY using the internet to sell products. Also this can be another person’s product your trying to sell — or you could be trying to sell a product that you created yourself. 

      Also regarding most internet programs, it’s true that many of them are basically scams trying to steal people’s money  — and that they don’t care whether you succeed or not. All they want is for you to give them money and they will say or do anything to try and make this happen.

      However there are legitimate programs out there like Wealthy Affiliate — which provides A TON of value to their customers and they literally walk you from beginning to end on how to earn a regular income online.

      Also what’s cool is they’ve been around for about 13 years, and in all that time they’ve never raised their price once — but instead continue to provide more training and tools to their members each year.

      Honestly I’ve never seen a better program, and I highly urge you and anyone else to try them out and see what it’s like. 

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this article with us all. It is appreciated.

    From what I see AWOL is actually a very well structured program – some of which I could benefit from myself, concretely speaking funnel construction and email marketing – two weak points of mine.

    Gotta say though – the pricing is a right proper kick in the nuts! How does Wealthy Affiliate weigh up in terms of learning Email Marketing and funnel construction?

    • Wealthy Affiliate mainly teaches you how to build websites, get traffic to your site, and promote products to the people that visit through your affiliate marketing.

      However they also have several class rooms and hour long webinars explaining in detail how to do email marketing properly and how to also convert your subscribers into paying customers. 

      And as I said in my post, all this extra training comes with no additional expenses — unlike Awol Academy which tries to make you broke from buying all their up sells. 

  3. Hello. I can’t believe a website package would go all the way up to almost $10,000 dollars!.

    That is almost unbelievable but the world we live in, I guess it’s normal. You would have to be rich to get that plan, but why would you pay for it if you already have that much money in the first place? It’s crazy. 

    I hope that people don’t fall for this. I would have given this company 1 star since most people can’t afford their monthly plan. 

    • If you mean by normal people jacking up their prices just to get more money then ya I guess you can say that — but I don’t think you should need to charge someone so much money for the kind of information they are selling. 

      With that said though, starting an offline business can easily cost you WAY more then what this program is asking you to spend — so I guess if someone wanted to take a loan out and buy this program they could. 

      However as I said there’s much cheaper alternatives that teach the EXACT same thing within AWOL so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars.

      So I too hope people don’t fall for this, but instead have a look at my #1 recommendation online that only cost around $40 bucks a month, and can teach them from A-Z on how to build a profitable business online. 🙂


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