Is AZ Code A Scam Or Can You Make $40 Grand A Month With This System? Read My Honest Review Here

Quick Summary Of AZ Code

Name: AZ Code

Price: $37 dollars

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is AZ Code?

The AZ Code or (Amazon Code) says it’s a tried and tested secret system that anyone can use to make up to $40,000 dollars a month with Amazon. It also claims that you can be up and running with their system in 30 mins, as well as be making money after using it for just 1 day!

And since I’ve used Amazon in the past to make money as an affiliate marketer, I became very curious and wondered is AZ Code a scam, or could it give me some additional training to earn more money?

Well the second I started watching their sales video, they were showing how several people who used this system were making over 5 figures after their first week.

Hyped up income claims

Now when a program flashes big income statements like this, and also claims you can make this amount within a few short weeks after joining — its never a good sign. And I normally would call a program like this a scam and just move on.

However I wanted to look deeper into what this program had to offer, just to see if there was anything I could learn from it. Even if it was lying about how much people were making through their system.

Let me tell you though after researching more into this program, I quickly discovered that it only gives you some general information on how to make money through Amazon — and this information didn’t even relate to what the sales video was talking about.

Now if this sounds confusing don’t worry let, I’m going to explain further exactly what you’ll be buying if you decide to purchase AZ Code.

If though your tired of poorly created products and scams online, check out my # 1 recommended product that will teach you step by step how to make a regular income online.

How Does AZ Code Work?

The AZ Code says that it’s a completely done for system that will allow you to start making thousands of dollars through Amazon even if you tried affiliate marketing in the past and failed.

It's a secret system anybody can use

However what your really getting if you purchase this product is 2 PDF’s telling you how to make money as a VENDOR in Amazon instead of as an affiliate — which is quite different!

You see an affiliate marketer all you have to do is promote a product you see on Amazon with your affiliate link — and whenever someone clicks on your link you earn a commission.

As a vendor on the hand, you have to list the specific products you want to sell, ship the products when someone makes a sale, and confirm that the customer got the actual product.

So basically it’s like having an actual store, just instead of it being a building you’re doing it online with the help of Amazon.

And the thing is I wouldn’t mind learning more on how to becomes  a vendor if I knew that’s what AZ Code was selling, because it’s an excellent way to make money online (if done correctly) — however the sales video is VERY MISLEADING making you think you’ll be doing affiliate marketing instead of selling actual products.

So no you won’t be making 40 grand a month right after you buy this program as an affiliate or vendor for Amazon — and honestly I’d be surprised if you actually made anything with the amount of training this program is providing you.

Here’s 4 Major Red Flags As To Why You Shouldn’t Trust This Program

AZ Code can make it sound like they have all the answer to all your financial troubles, but in reality it’s just a sketchy program trying to do one thing and one thing only — which is to make you spend money on their system.

And here’s 4 reasons as to how they try and trick you into doing this.

1) They Make Their Sales Video Very Hyped Up

As I mentioned earlier in my review, the sales video is riddled with claims of people making thousands of dollars very quickly after using AZ Code.

In fact it even goes as far to say that making $500,000 in annual commissions is as easy as tying your shoelaces!

Easy as tying your shoelaces

However I can tell you that this simply does not happen.

Yes you can make a lot of money through Amazon, and I bet there’s even a few people out there that are making these kinds of figures — but I can assure you that they didn’t buy a $37 dollar program and suddenly have money come pouring into their bank accounts.

The truth is that it takes hard work, learning some new skills, and most importantly time to make good money online.

2) Your Mislead Into What Your Actually Buying

AZ Code not only gives up hyped up claims on how much money you can make through them, but they totally mislead you into how you’ll be doing this.

They say that you’ll be learning how to become an Amazon affiliate, and they even show a screen shot of someone making $30 grand in “affiliate commission”.

Your're mislead into what you're buying

Again though as I mentioned in my post, you ARE NOT learning how to become an affiliate marketer — but instead are given a couple PDFs on how to become a vendor and sell products that you own.

And I know that being a vendor verses being an affiliate might not seem that big of a difference to you, but as someone who does affiliate marketing every day I can assure you that these two are VERY different in terms of how you earn money online.

So just know if you do buy this product, you’ll be learning how to sell your products (which is a lot harder in my opinion) instead of being able to promote anything you want through Amazon as an affiliate marketer.

3) It Says You’re Buying A Done For You System

The AZ Code says in short what you’re buying is a “done for you system” that will do everything for you so that you can easily and quickly start making a ton of money online.

Done for you system

However if you buy into these so called done for you programs, your basically setting yourself up to fail.

I mean it’s very possible to make money from these sometimes, but the thing is that they come and go like the wind — so if it all of a sudden it vanished you’d back at square one making nothing.

Also you have to realize that with these done for you systems, 99% of the time the only way to get traffic to them is to actually pay for it. So even though you may spend say $100 bucks for the actual program — you also end up having to spend several hundred more every month just to get traffic that may or may not convert into sales.

So while I think having a few things automated for you is nice, like an autoresponder sending emails out for you — getting involved with programs that say EVERYTHING is done for you is just setting yourself up to fail.

Therefore I recommend you learn how to build your business from the ground up, that way you can know how to do things like building a website, attract visitors, and sell products on your own — so that you’ll have these necessary skills under your belt instead of a system doing it all for you.

My favorite online program

4) It Uses Fake Testimonials

Remember how I told you that throughout the sales video it had several people who said they were making thousands of dollars within a few days after using this system?

Well believe it or not each and every one of them were paid actors from a site called Fiverr — and they got a measly $5 dollars to create fake reviews about this program.

Here’s a couple of them I found after only spending a few mins searching on Fiverr:

Fake testimonials

From Fiverr

So this begs the question if AZ Code is so good, why don’t they just REAL people in their sales video to give a review?

I’ll tell you why…

It’s because their system does not work, and anyone that is using it has not made any money.

So Is Az Code A Scam?

On one hand I could call AZ Code a scam because your told you’re buying one thing, and you end up getting something completely different. Also it says you can make a lot of money very quickly, which again simply isn’t the case.

However it can also be classier as not a scam because you get a product telling you some general information on how Amazon works and how to make money from it — but from what I’ve gathered the information is so vague that it won’t be of any use to you.

So whether you want to call this a scam or not, I recommend you save your money and not purchase it because I don’t see it helping achieve any kind of financial success online.

What I Like About It

  • It gives a general overview on what Amazon is, and how you can get set up to make money as a vendor
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It has very exaggerated income claims saying you can make thousands of dollars in a few short days
  • The product you’re buying is not what they say you’ll be getting in their sales video
  • It uses fake testimonials to get people to think it’s good
  • The product itself (2 PDFs) is very vague and won’t help you make money through Amazon

Who Is AZ Code For?

I suppose if you want to find out how to sell your own products through Amazon then AZ Code could help you somewhat — however I think you’ll see that it’s much harder then it looks, and that being an affiliate is 10 times easier.

But if you really want to learn how to become a vendor, I recommend you go over to YouTube and research how to do it there. Because I think you’ll get way better instructions on what you need to do — then you would from the 2 PDFS given in this product.

My Final Rating

1 out of 5 (Not recommended)

In my opinion I don’t think AZ Code is worth your time or money. They lie to you from the second their video starts all the way to the end, and they even have to use fake testimonials just to make it seem like their product is actually worth buying.

However they did say one thing that was true, which is you and need a bullet proof system if you want to be successful online. Unfortunately though this program is not that.

Out of all the programs I’ve come across online, Wealthy Affiliate still remains my #1 most recommend product ( with a bullet proof system) that will help the average person build and grow a successful business online.

Just check out this comparison chart to see all the benefits you’ll get if you choose WA instead of the AZ Code.

As you can see, WA has way more to offer you — and is why thousands of people have become so successful after going through their training in my opinion.

So your welcome to buy the AZ code if you want, but again if you want a proven and tested method that’s helped tons of people improve their financial life — then I’d go with WA.

I hope you enjoyed this review, but if you have any questions you’d like to ask me — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Is AZ Code A Scam Or Can You Make $40 Grand A Month With This System? Read My Honest Review Here”

  1. Wow – make up to $40,000 dollars a month with Amazon…I wonder where they got that figure from…and I wonder why you can’t make MORE the $40,000 dollars a month?

    Sometimes I think they are picking these figures straight out of the air!

    It’s really nice that you’ve taken the time to label all of the red flags in the article above to let people know that they are wasting $37 on PDF’s.

    • Programs such as AZ Code like to throw out large numbers to try and impress people at how good their program is. So in their thinking, the bigger amount they claim their program will make — the more likely people will join them.

      And as I said in my review, yes people are making these kind of figures and way more — BUT it didn’t happen with a secret system, it didn’t happen overnight, and it most certainly didn’t happen after purchasing a $37 dollar program.

      So whenever you see a program claiming you can become rich with little to no work, I would steer clear of it.

  2. Honestly I don’t believe in this thing at all and I recommend people that stay away from this. 

    You did an awesome review, and I hope that a lot people will read this to understand that their money is going to be wasted on it. Earning with a click of button is simply not possible and never will be.

    • Hey Daniel thanks for the comment. 

      I’m glad you share the same view as I do about this program, and realize that this will not help you get rich online.

      As you said, there’s no magic button or loophole to making money on the internet, and the only thing you have to do is follow a proven method, learn how it works, then simply take MASSIVE action until your successful.

      And the sooner people start to do this, I believe the sooner they will start to make money online whatever method they may choose. 

  3. This post is a great help.

    Although I’ve never of of AZ code before, after reading your review I can see that it’s not worth buying. I will instead choose Wealthy Affiliate because the training they provide is amazing, and I can tell the owners really care about the people within the community.  

    Thank you for showing the difference between a terrible program (AZ Code) and a legitimate one (Wealthy Affiliate.)

    • You’re welcome Emmanuel, I’m glad my review could help you out. 

      It’s true that there’s many poorly designed programs out there designed to just take your money and offer nothing in return — so I hope after reading this you have a better understanding on how to spot them in the future.

      Again you if you want a truly comprehensive and thorough program that teaches you step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate out — and the cool thing is you can sign up completely for free! 🙂

  4. It sounds to me like drop shipping! I’m glad you shed some light on this, to hopefully save someone from wasting their money! 

    I agree that, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go! I’ve been with them for about a month, and its been an awesome experience so far! The training is very simple and easy to understand and the community, including Kyle and Carson, are very positive, supportive and encouraging!

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate! It’s definitely worth every penny!

    • AZ Code actually isn’t drop shipping, because in drop shipping your simply selling products from the manufacture to the retailer — and you never have to actually store / hold the products.

      Being a vendor for Amazon, you actually buy the products and hold on to them — then after you list them on Amazon and someone buys it, you then will ship it off.

      With that said, I still think being a vendor and drop shipping is MUCH more difficult because you have to deal with the supplies, track all your inventory, and worry about selling low quality products too. 

      In affiliate marketing you’re simply promoting products people want and earn money when someone clicks on your link. You don’t have to worry about dealing with customer returns, if there’s enough product in stock, or if thequality is properly made. 

      I personally think it’s the best business model, and it can allow you to grow you income to whatever amount you want with a VERY low start up cost. All you need is a website domain, hosting, keyword tool, and you’re set.

  5. Sounds like this is recommended for someone with products who want to expand sales through amazon. Which is a great tool for that person so why not just state that to begin with so people aren’t wasting time and efforts? 

    Who is the creator of this program and you know if they hold up to that money back guarantee? 

    Affiliate marketing is the best route for beginners, and those who want a low overhead from month to month! Great insight on another misleading program.


    • Ya I’m not sure why they pretend they’re going teach you how to become an affiliate, when in fact all your learning is the basics on how to sell YOUR own products with the help of Amazon. I would imagine there conversion rates are also VERY low because of doing this. 

      The person who supposedly created the program is Andrew Peterson, but I’m not really sure that’s true because he never shows his face or gives you a way to contact him. And you’ll have a 60 day money back guarantee because they are partnered with Clickbank. 

  6. Hey Michael,

    I can’t really understand what they’re said – A Done-For-You System just for $37 buck. I strongly believe this just their front end product to lure you in and thereafter, they will up sell you with more expensive product in order for you to accelerate your income. This is normally their method to rip off your money.

    Normally whenever l see this type of Done For System or Hyped Income statement, I RUN AWAY!

    Good job for exposing this program to public awareness.

    All the best to you.

    Shui Hyen

    • Thanks for your comment Shui. 

      I didn’t personally buy this program, because I knew it was a scam after doing a little bit of research and watching their sales video. 

      And I bet you’re right about the up sells, because unfortunately almost every MMO (make money online) product that’s connected with Clickbank likes to offer a low price up front then have a few higher end up sells after you join. 

      So yes I think you and everyone else should run away from these cheaply created products — because they will not help you create a regular income online, let alone get rich. 

  7. I have also been learning how to earn money with Amazon, so I was really eager to find something that is connected to Amazon sells. 

    I totally agree with your statement and never even click on sites which offer very high income within a short time frame. And when I read that all it contains is 2 PDF files I burst out laughing.

    It was interesting though because I did not know that Amazon has this vendor program, not as if I was thinking about it, I believe affiliate marketing is my way.

    Thank you though to write about it, I will definitely not waste any time even on its video. Good and very useful review.

    • Thank for your comment Kisumu.

      Haha I too was shocked when I learned that all you’d be getting is 2 PDF’s after purchasing a so called system will supposedly make you rich — but that’s just why you need to be careful and research whatever you buy beforehand so you don’t go wasting money on useless products. 

      I think you made a good choice to stick with affiliate marketing, because it a very cheap way to start making money online and one that isn’t as complicated or time consuming like drop shipping or being a vendor.

  8. If they are using fake testimonials, it is the proof of a fake system. Do you think is something like a drop shipping? it looks like but it is worst. 

    I agree with you that it is not good, and only with two PDF for learning! oh no. For me I like Wealthy Affiliate because it offers very good training, there no fake testimonials, and we can find a good community of people with the same goal: grow in the online business. 

    Thank you for this review to let us know about another program and also to prevent your readers 🙂

    • Though it sounds like drop shipping, it actually isn’t. AZ Code is teaching a very basic overview on how to to sell products that YOU own. 

      With drop shipping your simply a middle man, connecting someone who looking for a product to a cheap manufacturer overseas. So you never have to physically keep products in stock. However I think both products while can be a good way to make money, is actually quite hard.

      That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing, because you simply find a problem people are dealing with then look for product to help fix it. So for example if you built a website on how to lose weight and someone clicks on a link within your website to buy a product to help them do this — you’ll then get paid a commission. 


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