Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme

Maybe you’ve recently had someone ask you to join their team, and now want to know is Color Street a Pyramid Scheme?

Or maybe you just stumbled upon this company and want to know more about it.

Whichever the case may be, I think you’ll find my review helpful as I’ll be going over everything you need to know about this company such as what it’s selling, who is behind it, and how their compensation plan works.

So with that said, let’s get into it! 

Quick Summary Of Color Street

Name: Color Street


Price: $129 + $9.95 / month

Rating: 3 out of 5

What Is Color Street?

Color Street is an MLM company that started in June of 2017 and deals within the beauty niche — or more specifically with nails.

The CEO’s name is Fa Park and he claimed he got the idea of building this company after seeing a woman while stuck in a traffic jam struggling to put polish onto her nails. 

So after much experimenting, he eventually came up with something called a nail polish strip that is dry on top and wet on the bottom. 

Now in addition to Color Street, Fa Park also has two other companies called Coconut Nail Art and Incoco — which also sell these stylish nail strips. 

And the reason he created all these companies is to help support women by letting them express their own individuality — while at the same time also help them become successful entrepreneurs.

Of course you might be wondering though can you really make good money through Color Street, or is it all one big scam?

Now while I do believe you can make money if you decide to join this opportunity, I don’t think it’s going to be any kind of money to write home about.

And I’ll explain more why this is when I go over their compensation plan. 

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What Does Color Street Sell?

As I just mentioned, Color Street sells some really cool looking nail polish strips that go directly onto your nail.

They say this results in a brilliant ( salon type quality ) manicure — and that there is no dry time, smudges, or streaks.

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - nail designs

And best of all is these things can last up to 10 days long!

Also you can watch this short 1 minute clip where this company demonstrates how to apply these strips to your nails.


Now as I was quickly glancing around their website, I noticed that they had all kinds of cool looking designs that I assume girls will find quite attractive.

Also most of their patterns range from $11 – $13 — so you can try out a few different designs without having to break the bank.

Of course this doesn’t help members who are part of Color Street ( which I assume you are thinking about being ) — because in order to make a decent income you will have to sell a lot of these nails each and every month.

To further explain what I mean, let me show you how their compensation plan works. 

Color Street Compensation Plan 

Now if you haven’t read this companies compensation plan yet, then let’s just say you’re not missing out on anything.

That’s because it’s long, complicated, and has so many numbers inside of it that you’ll feel like you’re back in Calculus. 

So to keep you from having to try and understand the entire thing yourself, I will cover what I think are the most important parts.   

Affiliate Ranks

There are a total of 8 ranks you can earn after you’ve met certain criterias within the company.

Here are the following ranks and what you need to do in order to reach them.

  1. Stylist – Buy the starter kit and become a member
  2. Senior Stylist – 2 qualified legs with a $2,000 lifetime GV
  3. Team Leader – 3 qualified legs with a $5,000 lifetime GV
  4. Director – 4 qualified legs with a $20,000 lifetime GV
  5. Senior Director – 5 qualified legs with a $50,000 lifetime GV
  6. Executive Director – 6 qualified legs with a $150,000 lifetime GV
  7. Senior Executive – 7 qualified legs with a $500,000 lifetime GV
  8. National Executive – 8 qualified legs with a $1,000,000 lifetime GV

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - affiliate ranks

As you can see, obtaining higher ranks within this program is extremely hard — and what this company probably won’t tell you is that hardly anyone will ever make it to rank 3 and beyond.

Retail Commissions

Within Color Street you will make a minimum 25% commission on every sale you make to a customer. However if you make a certain number of sales per month, then you can potentially earn up to 35%.

Here is the breakdown on what percent you’ll earn versus the number of sales you made…

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - retail commissions

  • $600 – $1,199 sales ( 3% )= 28%
  • $1,200 – $1,799 sales ( 5% )= 30%
  • $1,800 – $2,399 sales ( 7% )= 32%
  • $2,400 + sales ( 10% )= 35%

Residual Commissions

Color Street uses what is called a unilevel structure within their plan, which means everyone you recruit is going to be directly beneath you.

This also means that you will be able to earn a certain percentage off of everything they make.

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - Unilevel compensation structure

Now speaking directly about this company here, you will earn money based on what rank you are.

Here is the breakdown of how much you’ll make based on what rank you are:

  • Rank 1 ( Stylist ) = 3% on level 1
  • Rank 2 ( Senior Stylist ) = 3% on levels 1 – 2
  • Rank 3 ( Team Leader ) = 3% on levels 1 – 3
  • Rank 4 ( Director ) and above = 3% on levels 1 – 4

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - residual income


You can also earn several different bonuses through this company like the Generation Bonus, Team Bonus, Car Bonus, and more — if you meet certain requirements they have in place.

Now I won’t go over the exact details of what you’ll need to do, but if you would like to learn more about this you can view their entire compensation plan here.

But just know at the end of the day you’ll be making money either selling products directly to customers or building a team.  

How Much Does It Cost?

To join Color Street you’ll have to buy their Starter Kit which costs $129. Also note that you will be charged a monthly fee of $9.95 for your subscription.

Now I found this to be a huge positive for this company, because most MLM’s usually make you spend several thousand dollars to join — plus hundreds more each month for their products.

What I Like About It

  • It doesn’t a lot to join it

One of the things I really like about this company is the amount of money required for you to become a member. 

Because at only $129 and about $10 dollars a month after that — even if you join this opportunity and fail you won’t break the bank in order to make it happen. 

  • Their products seem very useful and cool

Now even though I’m a guy and have never put any kind of nail polish on before in my life — I think these products seem very useful and unique for most women.

  • You don’t have to meet a certain requirement each month in their plan

What I mean by this is once you reach a certain rank within Color Stree’s compensation plan, then you’ll keep that rank for life or at least until you reach a higher one. 

You see there are thousands of MLM companies out there that will drop you in ranks or disable your account altogether if you don’t make a certain amount of sales and recruit enough people each month.

So it’s nice to see that you won’t have to worry about that kind of nonsense if you join this company. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their marketing strategy revolves around you throwing parties

How Color Street goes about making you market their company is by throwing parties at your house.

This means you’ll be asking everyone you know ( like your friends, family, and neighbors ) to come over — then you’ll show off all your cool looking nail strip designs. 

What’s so bad about this though is these “parties” will cost you time, money, and quite frankly can cause a lot of bitter feelings if they feel the need to buy something from you or vice versa if you don’t make any money.

So altogether I think this is a horrible marketing strategy, and you’re better off creating your own website and selling products from there.  

  • You’ll have to compete against other companies

The problem with Color Street is that the CEO has two other companies ( Coconut Nail Art and Incoco ) which sell almost the exact same product.

But the problem doesn’t just stop there.

You see these companies also sell their nail strips at Walmart and Ulta Beauty as well. So now you are up against two other online companies — AND two major offline companies. 

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - Incoco at Ulta Beauty

And to make matters worst, the prices for these nail strips at Walmart and Ulta Beauty cost almost half for what they do at Color Street.

Here’s a pic showing you what I mean.

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - expensive product

So as you can tell, the design of these nail strips doesn’t really seem to differ that much — which makes me wonder why anyone spends twice the money on Color Street’s nail strips versus going down to their local Walmart and getting it for almost half off?

  • The chances of you becoming successful are low

What MLM’s don’t like to tell you is that around 99% of anyone who joins them fail to make a good income.

This is because they tell you to build your team by begging the people closest to you in your life — and when combined that you have to spend money on products each and every month you make very little or go into debt. 

And to prove my point, when you look at Color Street’s income disclosure you’ll see that around 98% of their members are making $7,000 a year or about $600 a month — with 54% of those people making almost nothing.

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme - income disclosure

So again while yes you can make money with this company — it’s not something you could count on to support your family or pay any major bills.   

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme?

Color Street is definitely not a Pyramid Scheme — due to the simple fact that they have real products you can sell to customers to earn money with.

However with that said, as you just saw many people who join this opportunity are making almost no money — plus the fact that you will have to compete against other major brands.

So even though I think that this is a legit company — I would not recommend you join it for these two reasons alone. 

My Final Thoughts

Color Street is a legit and unique MLM company — and I think that if you are someone who has a strong social media presence you could very well make some money with them.

However with that said, the only way you’ll be able to generate a decent income is by recruiting people and building a large team.

This means that even if you work hard each and every day to bring hundreds of people into your team, you can still end up making nothing because they either aren’t motivated or successful enough to sell these nail strips.

And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have complete control over my business and make money off my own efforts rather than pray other people will be able to make sales for me.

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Color Street, and now have a better understanding as to what this company is all about and whether or not you would like to join them.

If you have any questions though you’d like to ask me about them or how I make money online — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Color Street

$129 + $9.95 / month

Overall Rating



  • It doesn’t a lot to join it
  • Their products seem very useful and cool
  • You don’t have to meet a certain requirement each month in their plan


  • Their marketing strategy revolves around you throwing parties
  • You’ll have to compete against other companies
  • The chances of you become successful are low
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2 thoughts on “Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme”

  1. I agree with what you mention about this being a legitimate company, but there are a few things that I would question as well. I always thought that anything where you profit from sales below you is considered a pyramid scheme? Also, it doesn’t make much sense to me that the product is less at a retailer like Walmart. I would think that the company would have to pay more for them to be sold at a store, therefore the price is higher. 

    Also, what’s the difference in the percentage commission (25% – 35 %) and PV with the lower percentage that was mentioned? Overall, I agree that it’s a legitimate company, but as mentioned, due to there being sales at retailers, along with other factors, it wouldn’t be a choice I’d make since you have to actually sell the product. 

    • An MLM business where you recruit people, build a team, and earn commissions off of them is not always a Pyramid Scheme.

      It only becomes a scam when the company itself doesn’t offer any sort of product or service to the people that are joining. So therefore your income is only based on people buying into the “membership” with the promise they can make a lot of money by also recruiting more people.

      In regards to Color Street commissions, you will make a minimum of 25% profit on every sale you make. So if you sold $200 worth of nail strips you’d earn $25.

      However once you start selling per $600 worth of nail strips within a given month, the percent you earn can grow all the way up to 10% — which is how you can max out at earning 35% commissions.

      Hope this helps answer your questions. 🙂


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