Is Easy Cash Code A Scam Or Can You Earn $500 A Day On Complete Auto-Pilot?

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Name: Easy Cash Code

Price: $18 to join + many upsells once you join

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is Easy Cash Code?

Easy Cash Code is an online program created by Dr. Reginald Stinson, that will supposedly help you generate thousands of dollars a month by only working 1-2 hours a day from your laptop or mobile device.

And when you watch their sales videos, you’ll see several people claiming that they were able to make hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars all on auto pilot while sitting at home.

Now is Easy Cash Code a scam, or are all these people really telling the truth about their earnings and this program?

Well I can tell you that while it’s possible a few of these people could’ve made some good money from this system — at the bottom of the sales video and within their earnings disclaimer they say that this type of income is not typical and you’ll probably me making a lot less than this.

And I believe this is due to a few major reason which I’ll be discussing about in a second.

Before I do that though, let talk more about what’s included within in this program.

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How Does Easy Cash Code Work?

Once you get into the members area of Easy Cash Code, you’ll be presented with several basic training’s like how to use WordPress to set up a website, how to collect email addresses, and how to make money through affiliate marketing.

However after you’ve gone through the training, all you’ll be doing is installing a simple plugin that will create pre made squeeze pages and that will then collect email addresses. But the catch is that the majority of the squeeze pages they give is to promote the very system you just joined.

Now I’ll be the first to tell you that’s email marketing is a great way to make money online, and if your not doing it then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

But you won’t be making thousands of dollars overnight after you join this system, because while Easy Cash Code may give you training on how to capture leads and also give you a pre made sales funnel to help do this — you also need a way of getting a lot of people to your site daily that are interested in what you’re selling.

And to do this it either takes A) a lot of time to get it through content creating or B) spending thousands of dollars on paid traffic.

Which brings me to my next topic.

How Much Does Easy Cash Code Cost?

To simply join Easy Cash Code, it will only require you to spend $18.00 dollars. And your led to believe this is all you’ll have to pay in order to start making big bucks through their system.

In fact they even say that you’ll be able to tap in to “various income streams” that won’t involve bothering your friends or family members.

various income streams

But how exactly are you going to do this if all you’re promoting is Easy Cash Code?

Well once you sign up, you’ll then be presented with a ton of upsells which if you buy is how people are creating these multiple income streams within this system.

And here’s an overview of what these upsells are, and how much they cost:

  • Initial ECC Membership ($18)
  • Master Reseller Rights ($47)
  • Passive Profit Formula ($37)
  • Cash Code Vault ($197)
  • UOP SMS Pro ($197)
  • Six Figure Mastery ($500)

Also on top of all this, you’ll also have to pay for the majority of you traffic to your site which as I mentioned earlier can also cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.

So instead of this program being the low price of $18 dollars like you thought — it actually turns into thousands after you add everything up.

Some Major Warning Signs About This Program

Within Easy Cash Code, there’re several things I noticed that would make me very worried for anyone wanting to become a member of it.

It Uses Fake Reviews

As I mentioned earlier, all throughout their sales video you’ll see people claiming that ECC helped them make thousands of dollars online with little to no work.

However when I go over to Fiverr, I was able to see that these people were in fact spokesman getting paid to read a script.

Proof for fake review

It Makes Unrealistic Income Claims

Another sales tactic this system is using to get people to join is they tell you that you can make thousands of dollars simply by working 1-2 hours a day. And even the headline of the site says you can earn $500 dollars a day on complete auto-pilot.

only work 1-2 hours per day

Now since I’ve been in this industry for a few years now and also have reviewed thousands of products online — I can safely say I know what does and does not work to generate an income online.

And I can tell you that in order to make the kind of money this program is talking about, you’ll need to spend countless hours doing things like getting traffic to your site, building trust with your visitors, and providing high quality products to help them out.

So if you do decide to join this program, you’re more likely to earn a few bucks instead of a few thousands.

You’re Buying Into A Premade Sales Funnel That You Have No Control Over

Yes I know the thought of buying a system that will do everything for you sounds quite amazing — but the fact that you can’t change or edit anything will actually hurt you in the long run.

First of all it doesn’t teach you any real skills like how to write copy that people will want to read, how to build a site from scratch around any topic you want, and how convert visitors that come to your site into long-lasting customers.

You’re simply told to install their squeeze page and drive traffic to it to make money.

So if you did join Easy Cash Code and then it happened to get shut down shortly after —  you’d be left with way to make money online.

What I Like About It

  • They do provide you with some basic training on how to set up a website, and an overall explanation on how to make money online
  • You can make “some” money through this program, but again it’s not going to be enough to let you quit your job or live the life of your dreams

What I Don’t Like About It

  • They give you the false hope that this program will make you hundreds of dollars a day very quickly
  • You’re led to believe this program only cost $18 dollars — when in fact it cost nearly a thousand after you’ve gone through all the upsells they bombard you with
  • You’re buying into a premade sales funnel that doesn’t teach necessary skills in order for you to be successful online
  • It uses fake interviews and income statements to make their program seem better than it really is

Who Is Easy Cash Code For?

Easy Cash Code is for anyone wanting to make some quick money online by reselling this exact same product to other people.

I mean sure it might feel good to earn a few quick bucks — but as I just mentioned if this program were to vanish tomorrow, you’d be left without any other way to earn an income online.

So if you have a lot of money to invest and don’t mind running the risk of joining something that can and most likely will get shut down in the future — then this is for you.

However if you want to learn how to build a real business online that you have 100% ownership over, and also allows you to sell anything you want (not just a sketchy system) — then I highly recommend you check out the program I’m a member of called Wealthy Affiliate.

My Final Rating – Is Easy Cash Code A Scam?

1 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

I would not say Easy Cash Code is a scam, but it definitely is not something I would recommend you buy.

Because if you were to join this program, all you’ll be doing is re selling the same product and lying to everyone that joins by telling them they too can easily make $500 dollars a day when in fact this simply ins’t the case.

And this is how programs like this like to trick people….

They’ll say you can make a lot of money and very quickly — however what will happen is you’ll spend thousands of dollars on their upsells, make close to nothing, and not be one step closer to learning how to truly build a business that can earn you a regular income online.

But luckily I know a much better and cheaper way on how to do this.

Here’s What I Would Recommend You Do Instead

Instead of trying to find a quick way to earn some cash online — I would suggest you find a legitimate program that can provide you with the necessary training and tools that can let you turn your passion into a full time income online.

And yes it will take work on your part, and no you won’t make money overnight — but in the end you’ll be able to build websites that earn you a regular income each and every month and also be able to do this around any topic you want.

So if this sounds like something that may interest you, click the link below to learn more about my favorite program for teaching people how to make money online.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

I hope you enjoyed this review about Easy Cash Code, and that you have a better understanding as to exactly what it is and what you’ll be getting yourself into if you do join it.

However if you have any further questions or concerns about this program or making money online in general — leave a comment below and I’ll be more then glad to help you out. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Is Easy Cash Code A Scam Or Can You Earn $500 A Day On Complete Auto-Pilot?”

  1. Oh my – your review should be required reading for anyone who has even a remote thought about entering the world of MMO. That fake review from Fiverr alone is priceless!

    As enlightening as your review is, at the same time it saddens me that there are scams out there with the sole intent to take advantage of the reader. 

    After reading about the “scam” it was nice to see a truly viable alternative! I feel more reviews like this that clearly demonstrate the differences between a con and an authentic online marketing strategy are needed.

    • I agree Susan that it’s sad that so many people are creating these programs just to steal people’s money, instead of creating something of value that can actually help them.

      I always tell people though before joining anything, always do a through research into the program / company just so you know it’s legit. 

      And this is exactly what I did to prevent from being scammed in the past and also finding an awesome platform that has shown me step by step how to make money online.  

  2. Oh wow. This is eye opening. I had never heard of Easy Cash Code before, but that’s not what I’m surprised about. I’m quite shocked that there are things such as ‘fake reviews!!

    This is ridiculous, and I think people should take some action against this. With how powerful reviews are, you don’t want people to take the wrong path because of fake reviews. Having heard this, I wonder how many fake reviews I’ve seen in the past that I thought were real. 

    Do you know how this kind thing is even allowed? I can’t imagine people not saying anything given they know about this. 

    • There’s really nothing that can be done about these reviews, since the people willing to do them over at Fiverr are selling a service in which they will say whatever someone wants them do for only $5.00 dollars. 

      With that said, I always tell people don’t join a program just because of a few reviews or a some screen shots showing income proof — because all of these can be fake as you’ve just seen.

      Instead research into the company / product your wanting to buy and see exactly how it works, what they are offering you, and if indeed hundreds of people are seeing success or is it just a few people that look like actors.

  3. Thanks for the honest review. 

    I love reading reviews like these because they give an idea of which programs are legit and which ones are a scam. 

    Also I love the fact that you proved they were using fake reviews where people claimed they made a ton of money off the program when in reality they are just paid to do say that. 

    I was did wonder if these people giving reviews were really saying that they money base off experiences or if they were paid to say that just to promote the product.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my review Micheal. 

      From what I’ve seen over the course of reviewing hundreds of online programs, if the program itself is a scam or just useful then the owners will go to Fiverr and other places and spend a few bucks to have people basically say it’s good.

      And you can easily tell they are lies because what they say sounds like they are reading write from a script — which is exactly what they’re doing.

      On the other hand if you come across a legitimate company like Wealthy Affiliate — you’ll find thousands of people talking on a daily basis about their success within the platform, and you even communicate with them which proves they are real people and not some paid actors. 

  4. Whatever happened to go old authenticity? I mean the packaging looks nice, but you never get it because everything they sell you is digital. The upsells are interesting as they increase in price as you go down the list. My guess is that they want to make it appear that you should wait until you are making money with one or two of the upsells before you purchase the next.

    Naturally, they want you to buy them all so they wouldn’t offer a $500 upsell if you couldn’t afford it right? NO!! It’s bait for the unwary. I have fallen into these traps before and they are dishonest and incredibly effective; until they get caught.

    I would definitely stay away from Easy Cash Code. No one is just going to hand you their money for an illusion. It seems too much like the older “chain mail” scams in the 80’s only in digital form. Buyer beware.

    • If all you’re getting is a digital product that’s fine, but what Easy Cash Code does is claim you can make hundreds of dollars a day as soon as you join — when in fact this is nothing but a lie. 

      And of course as you mentioned the up sells are just another ploy to get more money out of you saying it you don’t buy them then there’s a good chance you won’t make money — BUT they don’t tell you this while signing up and claim you only need to spend $18.00 dollars to become rich.

      This is the main reason I can not recommend this program because all they tell you is lies, provide you with useless training, and then try to make you spend more money on other useless training’s.

  5. Great information here in this article. Another red flag option that honestly does not help in the long run for your business. Think about it, would you want to promote this system to your friends and family? 

    Selling a pre made system that asks you for more money through up sells after you join is no different than most of the shady schemes out there online today.

    The first part in their package about setting up a website and learning affiliate marketing and email marketing is great and valuable, but I would stop right there and work that process instead of this crazy system. There are many ways to make a good living online, all of the legit options will require some work and wont get you rich over night. 

    Your recommended option for the proper training and information is fabulous and should be considered by anyone looking to get going with a viable true system that does not trick you into more money, but instead helps you build a solid foundation for your business that can last for years to come

    Great article, nice work


    • That’s a good point Todd. I know personally I would not recommend this product to my family and friends — and I really don’t know anyone who’s trying to build a legitimate business online would either. 

      Between their crazy upsells, unrealistic income claims, and most importantly lack of training — I don’t see any value this product would give to anyone.

      And if you don’t have the proper guidance and support when trying to create a profitable business online, then you’re going to find it extremely difficult and most likely fail in doing so. Therefore I would urge people to look at Wealthy Affiliate which is my #1 recommend product online that has taught thousands of people how earn a regular income each and every month.

  6. This was a great a review, and you pointed out key points to distinguish where the claims were dishonest. I can tell you have a know a lot about these programs because of the thorough research you provided into the paid actors to make false income claims.

    If it’s scripted that means it’s made up so yeah I call them false claims! I was taken by a program like this at one point, but to add insult to injury you had to go and grab more people to do it. Which was being up sold multiple packages to begin promoting trying to get someone else to buy. 

    Go figure!

    Well needless to say I left that one alone because I needed a monthly income not a monthly expense. If anyone is looking for online work you did a great job in spelling this one out for them. Kudos to you! 

    By letter of law I guess you can’t call it a scam because you can make some sort of money from this, but if you have to use a carrot to entice sign ups that’s a scam in my eyes. 

    Great post


    • Hey Shannon sorry to hear you had a bad experience in your past. It sounds to me like your joined a typical MLM company where the only way to make money is to recruit people into the same program you just joined. .

      And this of course usually ends in failure due to the having to buy lots of products and the fact you have to rely on the people you recruited in the first place to do well — which very rarely happens. 

      But I’m glad you were able to get out of it, and now what to look out for so you don’t get sucked into another one. 

      So my best advice would be to learn how to build a business from scratch that YOU own — that way you don’t have to rely on finding people or selling some crazy product you have no interest in. 🙂


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