Is Ecom Profit Sniper A Scam Or Can You Really Make $500k A Year With It?

Quick Summary Of Ecom Profit Sniper

Name: Ecom Profit Sniper

Price: $37.00 + up sells and other hidden fees

Rating: 2 out of 5 rating

What Is Ecom Profit Sniper?

Ecom profit sniper is a system created by Tom Parker that will show you how to set up an e commerce store using Shopify. He claims that by only working 20 minutes a day, you can start making up to $500,000 dollars starting this year!

make $500,000 dollars in one year

Now after hearing a claim like this, you’re probably wondering is Ecom Profit Sniper A Scam? Because it’s only natural to wonder how something can make you so much money, without having to put much work into it right?

Well I could tell you right away that without even reviewing this program, that to make that kind of money is not going to happen only working a measly 20 minutes a day.

Heck even making $5-7k a month is going to require you to put in a considerable amount of time, effort, and learning to get to that point — no matter how you’re trying to make money online.

But even with the sales video being very misleading making people think they can get rich quickly online — I decided to look more into this program and see exactly what it offers.

a real way to make money online

How Does It Work?

As I just mentioned, what you’ll be doing with Ecom Profit Sniper is basically setting up an e commerce store using Shopify. Within the program, Tom breaks it down into 4 steps on how you’ll be doing this.

Step 1: First you’ll buy a website.

buy a website

Step 2: Next you’ll choose a category or niche you want your website to be about

Choose a category

Step 3: Then you’ll setup your Shopify store, and add products to it

Set up a Shopify store

Step 4: Last but not least, you’ll then learn how to create a Facebook page.

Set up a Facebook page

To be honest, I was kinda expecting a little bit more in depth training with this program — since it says you can easily be making thousands of dollars with his well-kept “secret”. But in the end this is all that’s really taught within Ecom Profit Sniper.

Which brings me to a few reasons as to why I don’t think you or anyone else will succeed with this program.

Some Major Problems I have With Ecom Profit Sniper

1) First and foremost there’s no training on how to get traffic

Whether you’re building an e commerce store, doing affiliate marketing, or building a YouTube channel — without traffic your never going to make money. Much like if a restaurant doesn’t get customers, then they won’t succeed either.

And as I mentioned in this program, all your shown how to do is set up a Facebook page and that’s it!

There’s no training on how to do Facebook ads, where to get high quality images, or even how to do SEO.

And because of this one reason alone, I believe the chances of you succeeding with this program are slim to none.

2) The profits in the sells video are VERY misleading

During the sales video Tom will show you several screen shots of what he was able to make in 1 month with this program.

Fake earnings 1

Does not add up

However there are a couple of problems when you examine these earnings closer….

First of all the amount of orders doesn’t add up to how much money he made. If this were true then each item he sold would’ve had to be around $1,000 dollars — which honestly I don’t see happening.

Secondly the numbers he shows aren’t actual profit, but is just the revenue he earned in that month. You still have to factor in the cost of what you paid for the product versus what you sold it for, along with how much money you spent on your Facebook ads.

Therefore if you sold a $1,000 dollar item, a good estimate of how much you’ll actually profit is around $300-500 dollars.

So I see these earnings as all fake — and are shown as nothing more then to entice you to join his program.

3) There are some hidden up sells after you join

After you join the program, from what I’ve gathered there are a couple of up sells that will be thrown at you right after you join. And to be honest I’ve never really been a fan of programs that do this, as it seems like there just desperate for money in my eyes.

Also on top of that, Shopify charges a monthly fee for you to use their services. Plus let’s not forget you’ll have to pay to run your Facebooks ads, which will also cost a good chunk of change each month as well.

So In short, just expect to pay way more then $37.00 dollar after join this program.

How Much Does It Cost?

As I just mentioned, to join Ecom Profit Sniper it cost $37.00.

However once your inside you’ll be presented with a couple of up sells, you’ll have to pay a monthly membership for your Shopify account, and last but not least you’ll have to spend money to create Facebook ads and drive traffic to your store.

What I Like About It

  • Shows you how to properly set up an e commerce store with Shopify

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The sales page is VERY misleading
  • It shows you only how to set up a basic e commerce store, and nothing more
  • You’ll be left clueless on how to get traffic and other things after your store is set up
  • They have some hidden up sells and fees they don’t tell you about before you join

Who Is Ecom Profit Sniper For?

Ecom profit sniper is basically for anyone that wants to learn how to set up their an e commerce store and add Shopify into it.

Other than that I don’t really see this program being much use to anyone. And to be quite frank, instead of paying money for this program — you could easily google or watch a YouTube video to learn exactly what they’re teaching for here for free.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 rating

While this program will teach you show to set up a Shopify store, this is basically all you’ll learn if you join this program. There’s no training on how to get traffic, do email marketing, connect with your audience, or how to increase your conversions.

It’s just a simple program showing you the basics of how to create an e commerce store. But without the knowledge of how to get traffic, and also how to convert that traffic into sales — your never going to turn a profit.

Therefore I cannot recommend Ecom Profit Sniper as a good way to make money online.

Instead I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate which not only covers what’s inside this program — but goes into MUCH greater detail on how to properly grow a business from the ground up.

And most importantly it shows you how to get targeted traffic by doing SEO, PPC ads, social marketing, and more.

my wealthy affiliate review

If you have any questions, concerns, or just general questions about Ecom Profit Sniper — feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Ecom Profit Sniper A Scam Or Can You Really Make $500k A Year With It?”

  1. Thank you for the in depth review. Looks like the program has a bit of value, but mostly has misleading info for would-be internet marketers just to pilfer a few bucks from them — and it’s just wrong. 

    But people continue to search for the illusive get a website, get rich mentality so people keep selling. 

    Now, the great part is I checked out the Wealthy Affiliate recommendation and wow! Just the fact that they give you access for a week for free, this shows me they have trust in their product/service. I am signed up now, thanks.

    • You are absolutely correct that while Ecom Profit Sniper does provide a little bit of value — it mainly just hypes up it’s program with false claims to get people to join it.

      I’m glad to hear that after you had a look at Wealthy Affiliate that you decided to sign up and become a member. Trust me when I say you can’t find a better place to learn how to build a business online — and you’ll see just from the free lessons alone how much value they provide.


  2. Very interesting and detailed review. I agree that 500.000 USD for 20 minutes is too good to be true. From your review, I gather that Ecom Profit Sniper is not worth the time or the money. 

    I am amazed how some people manage to sell nothing for something or actually how people pay something for nothing.

    I sincerely hope that whoever intends to join Ecom Profit Sniper, first reads your review.

    • Basically all these marketers is selling programs based on peoples wants and desires — which usually is to make a lot of money and do it very quickly. They know their program doesn’t necessarily have to work, because people in general are compulsive buyers. 

      However the problem with doing this is that their reputation down the line gets ruined when people find out that they are selling nothing but scams — therefore no one will want to buy from them anymore.

      That’s why I have always wanted to promote products that I truly believe will help people, instead of trying to make a lot of money selling some junk software or program.

  3. 20 minutes each day = $500K? Wow, that’s a pretty quick indication of a scam. I haven’t come across Ecom Profit Sniper but thanks for your detailed review – I am already warned as early as now.

    I wonder how these people who make these scam websites can sleep well at night?

    Thanks again for this review.

    • Well it’s certain that they don’t care about anyone who joins their program — all there looking for is a way to make a lot of money, even if it means selling a terrible or misleading product. 

      They know there’s millions of people out there that want to make money online and not work for it — so they basically cater to these people and try to scam them out of their hard earned money.

      The thing is though once people like that ruin their reputation, it’s very hard for them to gain trust from their  customers later down the road.


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