Is Enagic A Scam

You’re probably here because someone has tried to get you to join their team and claims if you do you’ll make a lot of money in the process. 

Unfortunately the other week I had a friend of mine do just this — which was for me to join her team and sell this company’s products, which is the reason I wanted to write this review.

Therefore within my post I’ll be discussing the most important question is Enagic a scam, along with giving you some facts about this company such as what they sell, how their compensation plan works, and more.

So with that said, let’s get into it! 

Quick Summary Of Enagic

Name: Enagic


Price: Free or need to buy 1 machine ( $1,980.00 – $5,980.00 )

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Enagic?

Enagic is an MLM company that sells water filtering machines so that people can drink cleaner and healthier water.

The company has surprisingly been around for a very long time ( since 1974 ), and the CEO who started it all is Hironari Oshiro.

He says his passion was to transform ordinary tap water in people’s homes into pure healthy electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water through their state of the art machines.

And if people join this program they not only will be able to live healthier lives, but will also be able to create a full time business selling these water machines to people.

But I’m sure you’re probably wondering do these machines even work, and more importantly can you make a good income selling them?

Well I don’t want to say that it’s impossible, however after you see some shocking details about this company’s products lets just say the chances are not looking too great.

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What Does Enagic Sell?

Enagic sells a total of 8 water machines at the time of writing this review. 

  1. Leveluk R ( $1,980.00 ) –  Ultimate quality, matched with a simple and effective entry model into the delights of water ionization.
  2. Leveluk JRII ( $2,380.00 ) – It has three solid electrode plates which reduces energy consumption. 
  3. ANESPA DX ( $2,890.00 ) – Contains a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals, giving you the feeling that you’re enjoying a pleasant hot spring and taking advantage of the mineral ion water. 
  4. Leveluk SD501 ( $3,980.00 ) – Platinum now comes in ONE machine capable of speaking all notifications in FIVE languages! English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  5. Leveluk SD501 Platinum ( $4,280.00 ) – Enagic’s Flagship Model The industry-leading continuous ionized electrolysis water generator system.
  6. Leveluk k8 ( $4,980.00 ) –  Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant machine – featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates!
  7. Leveluk SD501U ( $4,980.00 ) – Enjoy the quality and power of the SD501 right at your kitchen sink – without sacrificing valuable counter space!
  8. Leveluk Super 501 ( $5,980.00 ) – Enagic’s top of the line model for heavy home use. 

Is Enagic A Scam - different machines

So as you can see, they have quite a few products you can choose from plus I’m sure you noticed that they were not cheap either.

You might be wondering though, with a product having such a high price tag does that mean it will be easy to make a good income by selling these machines?

Well not necessarily.

But before I get into why this is, let me first talk about how this company’s compensation plan works.

Enagic Compensation Plan 

As with almost every MLM company I come across, their compensation plan is always confusing to read.

And Enagic here is definitely no different.

So to keep you from getting utterly confused and being left with a headache — I will try to explain this as simply as I can. 

Affiliate Ranks

There are six affiliate ranks within the Enagic compensation plan.

  • 1A = You’ll need to make 1-2 sales
  • 2A = You’ll need to make 3-10 sales
  • 3A = You’ll need to make 11-20 sales
  • 4A = You’ll need to make 21-50 sales
  • 5A = You’ll need to make 51-100 sales
  • 6A = You’ll need to make 101 plus sales

Now depending on what rank you are will greatly determine how much money you’ll be earning with this company as you’re about to find out.

However one unique thing this company does which quite honestly I’ve never seen done anywhere else — is that once you reach a certain rank you will ALWAYS keep that rank no matter what.

So basically you don’t have to meet a certain number of sales each month to stay as an active member and earn money — which is just about how every MLM operates. 

Retail Commissions

First off, the amount of money you’ll be earning is directly tied to how many points you have, plus what machine you are selling.

And the number of points you will have is based on what rank you are. 


If you are ranked 1A, you get 1 point

If you are ranked 2A, you get 2 points

If you are ranked 3A, you get 3 points

And so on and so forth all the way up to the max of 6 points at the rank of 6A. 

Secondly depending on what machine you are selling also plays a role in how much money you’ll be making.

Here’s the breakdown of how much profit each machine you sell will make you.

  • ANESPA DX = $92
  • Leveluk R = $100
  • Leveluk JRII = $160
  • Leveluk SD501 = $285
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum = $285
  • Leveluk SD501U = $300
  • Leveluk k8 = $340
  • Leveluk Super 501 = $400

Now that that’s covered, let me show you how this works in a real life example.

So as I just mentioned, when you make a direct sale to someone the amount of money you’ll be making is based on what rank you are ( how many points you have ) and what machine you are selling.

So let me use the Leveluk k8 that pays out at $340.

If you are rank 1A you’ll earn $340 dollars since you have 1 point. However if you are ranked say 5A you’ll earn $1,700 since you have 5 points ( $340 x 5 ).

Is Enagic A Scam - retail commissions

Residual Commissions

Enagic uses a unilevel compensation structure within their business. This means that everyone you recruit will be tied directly beneath you. 

So anyone you recruit will be placed on a level 1, anyone on your level 1 that recruits someone will be placed on your level 2, and so on and so forth.

Is Enagic A Scam - Unilevel compensation structure

Enagic also uses what they call an 8-point commission structure that pays out a total of 8 points for every product that is sold.

Now this part can get a little confusing so stay with me here. 

So basically a rank 1A person will earn 1 point within all 8 levels of his unilevel team.

A rank 2A person will earn 2 points within 7 levels of his unilevel team and 1 point of the 8th level.

A rank 3A person will earn 3 points within 6 levels on their level team, 2 points on the 7th, and 1 point on the 8th.

And so on and so forth….

Is Enagic A Scam - how their points are used

So if you were selling a Leveluk k8 at $340…

  • Rank 1A person will earn $340 dollars on all 8 levels
  • A rank 2A person would earn $680 on the first 7 levels, and $340 on the 8th.
  • A rank 3A person would earn $10,20 on the first 6 levels, $680 on the 7th, and $340 on the 8th.

All the way up to rank 6A as you can see within the picture above. 

Also if anyone in your downline makes a sale, the 8 points will carry up all the way to you based on how many people are between you and the seller plus what rank they are.

So if you had two people in your downline ( the first being a 2A and the 2nd being a 1A ) and the 2nd member sold a machine — they would use 1 point, the person directly below you would use 2 points, thus leaving you with 5 points total.

Is Enagic A Scam - your points go up


Once you become a 6A affiliate, you’ll start being able to earn all kinds of bonuses.

For example you can earn $3,000 dollars if you sell 10 machines within a month, or you could earn a quarterly and monthly bonus through their Educational Allowance program.  

Now I won’t bore you with all the different types of bonuses you can obtain through this company, but if you want to check them out for yourself you can view them over at their site.

Also you can get more details about their compensation by clicking here, and if you’re a visual person like myself you can watch this short 14 minute video that will walk you through how it works.

But if you don’t want to do either one, just remember that you basically will make money either by selling these machines yourself — or building a team and earning commissions off of them. 


How Much Does It Cost?

There are two ways you can go about becoming a member of Enagic.

One you can simply sell any one of these water machines to a person and automatically get enrolled into their program, or two you’ll have to buy one of the machines yourself.

Note that if you decide to purchase one of the water machines to become a member, it will cost you  $1,980.00 – $5,980.00.

What I Like About It

  •  You can potentially sign up for free

I really like the fact that if you don’t have a couple of thousand dollars or more laying around your house to buy one of these machines, you still can potentially become a member without spending a dime.

All you need to do is simply make a sale, then you automatically become a member.

  • It’s one of the longest lasting MLM’s I’ve reviewed

I’ve reviewed hundreds of MLM companies in my lifetime, and I have to say that Enagic here is one of the longest lasting MLM businesses I’ve come across.

It started back in 1974, making this company almost 50 years old!

Now whether you like this company or not, they obviously are doing something correct to be in business this long — and it ‘ll give you a sense of security if you were to join them.  

  • There are no monthly qualifications

Another aspect I really like about this company is how they developed their compensation plan.

You see with most MLM companies you usually have to make so many sales a month in order to qualify for commissions.

Not with Enagic though.

Once you reach a certain rank, you will ALWAYS keep that rank whether you make 100 sales that month or none. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their products are expensive

One of the major problems when trying to sell these water machines to people is the simple fact that they are very expensive!

I mean the cheapest one goes for around $2,000 — with the most expensive one goes for around $6,000.

I’ve been drinking either bottled water or water coming right out of my fridge almost my whole life — and I’ve been perfectly happy.

As I’m sure you and thousands of people do the same thing.

So all I can say is good luck trying to sell one of these water machines because frankly I believe you’re going to need to be a great salesperson in order to pull it off. 

  • You won’t get repeat sales or customers

Now if by chance you do sell one of these products to a person, the sad thing is they will not be a repeat customer in your business. 

Because having 1 water filtering machine is enough for a whole family, and if it’s taken care of it should last for several years down the road. 

So instead of earning a passive income from the same person by selling products they’ll want on a continual basis ( like health pills or lotions ) — you’ll have to look for new customers and each every day to earn an income.  

  • Many of your team members will give false claims about what this product can do

As I was looking around the internet to see what people had to say about this company, I was kind of shocked at what I found.

There were people saying that by drinking water out of Enagic’s water machines, it will do things such as slow aging, prevent diseases, give your body more energy, and on a rare occurrence maybe even cure cancer.

Now I’m not going to say that all these claims about ionized water are false — but on Enagic’s website all they say is…

“The benefits of consuming Kangen Water are the minerals it contains and the optimal hydration it offers. It is possible (although uncommon) to experience constipation or diarrhea a few days to a few weeks after first starting to drink it.”

So basically they are saying by drinking Kangen water you’ll get hydrated faster and in some cases you might have constipation or diarrhea when you first start drinking it.

Not really the miracle water everyone is making it out to be right?

So if you have enough people promoting this company and saying false claims about the benefits of the water these machines make, this could cause the company to have a very bad reputation. 

  • The chances of you earning a good income are about 1%

Then last but not least, since this company is using an MLM model to market its company you’ll already be fighting an uphill battle.

I say this because it’s been proven that 99% of all people who join any MLM company either make very little money or end up going in debt because they did not make enough sales.

Now I’m not saying it’s impossible, but that your chances of succeeding are very slim.

This is why I like affiliate marketing so much better.

It has a much higher success rate, it’s not as expensive to start, and you don’t have to build large teams and meet ridiculous quotas to earn a decent income online. 

Is Enagic A Scam?

Enagic is not a scam, pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme, or anything shady at all.

It’s simply a company that unfortunately is using an MLM marketing strategy to sell expensive water machines to people.

And while it’s not impossible to make a good income with this company, the chances of it happening are so slim that I don’t even think it’s worth trying.

But hey that’s just me.

If you don’t mind getting rejected a lot, having people underneath you not work, and trying to sell a thousand dollar water machine to people then you might like this company. 

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day Enagic is a legit company that has been around for a VERY long time and from the looks of it is genuinely trying to help people live healthier lives through their water filtering machines.

However with these machines costing an arm and a leg, you not being able to earn repeated commissions of your same customer, and the fact that you have to build a large team to make a decent income I don’t think it’s worth it. 

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to make money online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and best of all is you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising to generate an income online.

You simply create helpful content that will point people towards products that they already are looking for  — then get paid a small commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended program online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Enagic and now have a better understanding as to what this company is, what they are selling, and more importantly if you think you’d like to join them or not.

Now if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


Free or need to buy 1 machine ( $1,980.00 - $5,980.00 )

Overall Rating



  • You can potentially sign up for free
  • It’s one of the longest lasting MLM’s I’ve reviewed
  • There's no monthly qualifications


  • Their products are expensive
  • You won’t get repeat sales or customers
  • The chances of you earning a good income are about 1%
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