Is Farmasi A Pyramid Scheme? See If This Cosmetic MLM Company Is Worth Joining Here

Hey there and welcome to my review!

I’m guessing you’re here because someone has asked you to join their team claiming you can make a lot of money if you do.

So know you want to know is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme or a legit way for you to build a business online.

Well within my article I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this opportunity so that you can decide if it’s something you want to pursue or not.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Summary Of Farmasi

Name: Farmasi


Price: $19.99 with optional packages ranging from $50 – $200

Rating: 4 out of 5

What Is Farmasi?

Farmasi is an MLM business that’s within the beauty niche. 

It was founded back in 2004, and they’ve said to have been working extremely hard since then to make better products for people like you and me. 

And it seems they have done just this because in the last couple of years they have seen some tremendous growth within their company — with their products being shipped to over 125 countries around the world.

Now besides that, they claim that they are…

Offering you a chance to build a full time business online by allowing yo to save when you purchase, earn more when you sell, and earn a lot more money by building your own teams.

 Now you might be wondering can this company back up what they say?

Well this is not a clear cut yes or no answer — because while you can definitely make some good money through this company, it’s going to be a lot harder than you might think.

And before I further explain why this is, let me first talk about what this company is selling. 

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What Does Farmasi Sell?

One of the first things I noticed about this company is the abundance of items they have for sale on their website.

If you simply browse through it real quick, you’ll see that they have different categories such as… 

  • Dr.C Tuna
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Fragrance
  • Personal Care 
  • And men

Now while they do sell items in each of their categories, the main one they focus on is their Makeup and Dr.C Tuna section which contains pallets, creams, anti age serums, and more.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Their top products

On average most of their products cost around $20 — and while I’m not an expert in this field, I’ve read tons of reviews of women claiming how much they enjoyed using Farmasi’s products. 

Farmasi Compensation Plan 

The thing that drives me crazy about MLM companies is their compensation plans. They are long, confusing, and use words that make no sense — and Farmasi here is no different. 

So to help you understand this, let me highlight the basics of it for you. 

Affiliate Ranks

There are a total of 18 ranks you can obtain within Farmasi which are… 

  1. Manager
  2. Director
  3. Silver Manager
  4. Silver Director
  5. Gold Manager
  6. Gold Director
  7. Platinum Manager
  8. Platinum Director
  9. Emerald Manager
  10. Emerald Director
  11. Diamond Manager
  12. Diamond Director
  13. Vice President Manager
  14. Vice President Director
  15. President Manager
  16. President Director
  17. Boss Manager
  18. Boss Director

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - their different ranks

Now to move up in the ranks you’ll have to make so many sales per month plus recruit and maintain a certain number of people in your team.

Of course this is much harder said than done, and the sad truth is barely anyone ever makes it to rank 3 ( Silver Manager ) because it’s too difficult. 

Retail Commissions

If you sell their products directly to someone, you can earn a generous 50% commission.

So if you sell $100 worth of items, you’ll earn $50 — which is extremely good ( especially for an MLM company ).

Residual Commissions

Faramasi uses a unilevel structure within their plan.

This means when you recruit someone to be part of your team they will be on your first level. Then when someone on your frist level recruits someone they will be on your second level — and so on and so forth. 

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Unilevel compensation structure

Now this company calls each one of their levels a generation, and in total you can only have 6. Also depending on what rank you are will determine how much you earn — which is anywhere between 10% – 25%. 

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - residual commissions


There are also a few different bonuses you can earn with this company such as the Group Bonus.

How this works is based on how many items your team sales or GV ( group volume ) which will determine how much money you make as seen here.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Personal Bonus

So if your team gets a group volume of 5,000 you’ll be in the 25% bracket. Therefore if you sold $300 worth of products, you will earn a $75 bonus for that month. 

Now if you are still kinda confused, don’t worry. 

Just remember you’ll either be making money with this company by selling their products directly to customers or by building a team.

And if you want more specifics into how much you can make and what you have to do, you can watch this 45 minute video here that goes over it in great detail.


How Much Does It Cost?

To join Farmasi, you simply need to pay $19.99

However if you want they also offer additional packages for you to buy ranging from $50 – $200 that give you lots of items to either sell or use for yourself.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Welcome product pack

What I Like About It

  • It does not cost a lot to join this company 

The fact that it only costs you about $20 to join this opportunity is amazing. Because there are several MLM companies such as Shaklee which cost hundreds to join and have a monthly charge of $100.

  • People love their products  

As I mentioned earlier within my review, I really don’t know much about makeup or cosmetics — but as I was reading reviews about this company I saw one person after another say how much they liked Farmasi products. 

For example these two women talked about how they loved their skincare items because it didn’t irritate their skin and they didn’t have to spend a lot of money to buy them. 

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - People love their products

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Lady says their skincare rocks

  • They do not test their products on animals.

Being that I’m an animal lover, I was very glad to see that Farmasi does not test their products on dogs, cats, and other animals. 

  • This company focuses on retail sales

A typical MLM company will usually get you 10% – 20% commission on all retail sales you make — because they are more worried about you trying to build a team than anything else.

Not Faramasi though. 

They give you a generous 50% commission on each and every item you directly sell to someone.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - 50% commissions on retail sales

So if you can manage to sell $2,000 worth of products in a month, then you’ll be earning $1,000 without ever having to recruit a single person!

  • This company has been growing a lot in the past couple of years

Even though Farmasi started back in 2004, they have seen a pretty big spike in growth in the last couple of years as you can see here.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Farmasi is seeing a lot of growth

Now this is probably due to the fact that they started selling in the United States in 2019.

But this is great news for you because due to its increase in popularity there’s never a better time to join than right now.

And again even if you aren’t interested in building a team, remember you can simply sell these products and still earn money for doing so. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • They are in a competitive market

According to Business Insider, the beauty industry is worth $532 billion dollars and is expected to grow larger in the coming years.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - They are in a competitive market

This means with companies selling products similar to Farmasi such as Rodan Fields, Monat, and Bellame — there are going to be hundreds if not thousands more to follow. 

So it will mean that trying to sell makeup and other cosmetic supplies will get harder due to all the competition that’s going on.

  • You’ll have to annoy your friends and family

Whether you are simply trying to sell Faramsi products to earn some extra cash or trying to build a team to earn the big bucks — you will have to resort to asking the people closest to you in your life.

This means your family members, friends, co workers, neighbors and so on.

And while this marketing strategy really has many flaws, the main problem is you run a very high chance of getting on their nerves and ruining your relationship with them.

I know this because it’s happened to me personally — and trust me you don’t want that to happen to you. 

  • Chances of earning a good income are extremely low

Now even though I think Farmasi is a great company with what seems to be high quality products, the hard truth is that you more than likely aren’t going to earn any money with them.

Here is what they say within their income disclosure on their site… 

Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross revenue for Entrepreneurs is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000. Please note: These numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building a Farmasi business, which could exceed the commissions received.

Is Farmasi a Pyramid Scheme - Income Disclosure

Therefore basically people on average earn $50 – $160 a month with this company which is simply terrible. 

So unless you have a massive following or know a lot of people who need / want makeup, you will probably fall into the percent of people earning this amount per month.

Is Farmasi A Scam?

Farmasi is definitely not a scam.

They have a very generous compensation plan, people love their products, and their company is currently growing quite fast in terms of popularity.

However with all that said, at the end of the day unless you just want to buy their products and maybe make a little bit of the cash on the side — I would not recommend you join them.

Because the facts are that almost no one makes a full time income with this opportunity. 

Is Farmasi A Pyramid Scheme?

You’ll also be glad to hear that Farmasi is not a Pyramid Scheme either.

This is because they have high quality products you can sell to people in order to make money — and for a company to be labeled a Pyramid Scheme its members have to only be making money by recruiting people.

And to explain further how a Pyramid Scheme works and why this company is not one, you can watch this short 2 minute video here:


My Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed reviewing Farmasi because it’s nice to run across a legit MLM business that has so many good qualities about it such as…

  • It has a great compensation plan for its members allowing them to make $50 retail commissions
  • It doesn’t cost much to join
  • They sell high quality products
  • And they don’t test their products on animals 

However even though I think this is a great company, I personally would never join it or recommend anyone who wants to make some serious money do so either.

Because the only way this is possible is by building a large team. 

This means you have to literally recruit hundreds upon hundreds of people each month, then teach them how to market this company effectively.

Otherwise you will end up making nothing — and as I showed you this is exactly what happens to the majority of people who join this opportunity unfortunately.  

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

And the success rate of someone earning a good income with this business model is much higher.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Farmasi and can now decide if it’s something you want to join or not.

If you have any questions though regarding this company or making money in general, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.


$19.99 with optional packages ranging from $50 - $200

Overall Rating



  • It does not cost a lot to join this company
  • This company focuses on retail sales
  • This company has been growing a lot in the past couple of years


  • They are in a competitive market
  • You’ll have to annoy your friends and family
  • Chances of earning a good income are extremely low
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  1. This review has actually surprised me. I’ve never seen anything good of an MLM, and to be quite frank I’ve never liked them and I’ve always turned away anytime that I hear anything remotely similar or in relation to MLM.

    Nonetheless, after reading your review, I can see that this MLM is not like others that I’ve come to know. This one really seems to give off its best value, despite being an MLM. I might even give it a try! 

    Your article has given me an amazing amount of insight into this company… what’s best, I feel like I learned everything I need to know about Farmasi all in one article! Thank you for your review!

    • I’m glad to see that you enjoyed my review, and if you do happen to join Farmasi I hope you do well with them.

      However if you find out that this is not something you like or if you want to learn how to generate more leads into this business ( or any business ) without spending money — I’d recommend you check out my top rated program called Wealthy Affiliate.

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