Is FB Wealth Formula Legit? No, As I Think This Is A Complete Scam

Quick Summary Of FB Wealth Formula

Name: FB Wealth Formula

Price: Free

Rating: 0/5

What Is FB Wealth Formula?

FB Wealth Formula is a free ebook written by a guy named Adam C Miller who claims if you follow his exact formula, you’ll be bringing in $500 dollars every day within the next 4 weeks.

Now when a program claims you can make this kind of money in a very short amount of time, I get very suspicious and start questioning whether the program holds any value or if it’s just out to get my money.

I mean if you had a formula to make $500 dollars a day, would you be giving it away as a free ebook? Ya I didn’t think so.

However Adam here seems to be very generous in doing just that, and even shares some screen shots to back up his claims, which I’ll be sharing in just a minute.

Anyways let’s see what this secret formula is all about, and also show you why this method won’t be getting you rich by the end of the month.

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How Does The FB Wealth Formula Work?

In simple terms this eBook claims that by using Facebook and just spamming affiliate links on it, that you can make a ton of money very fast without owning a product or a website.

While this sounds like it’s too good to be true (which it is), here’s the exact “formula” they claim you need to follow to make this happen:

their formula

1. Create a new Facebook Account (preferably with a girl’s picture) — as people will become your friend easier.

2. Get an email list generator that will allow you to obtain thousands of “real” emails.

3. Import this list to Yahoo as a .csv file

4. Go to Facebook and import all your contact to your new account

5. Do this twice a day to get 5,000 friends

6. Create a Facebook Fan page about any topic you want

7. Spam affiliate links through Clickbank on their 2-3 times a day

8. Invite your friends to come like your page, then every time they click on your link and buy something you’ll get paid

There you have it, the big secret on how to generate 500 dollars a day within the next month.

Now while this sounds super simple and easy to implement — their’s a couple of major issues I have with the above formula.

1. Getting hundreds / thousands of Facebook followers is not easy. This eBook claims that by using an email list generator program, that you can easily get thousands of people’s emails that you can then invite to become your friend on Facebook.

One this program encourages you to use a female picture, which is already pretty sketchy — then secondly Facebook will more than likely ban your account within a day by getting so many friends so quickly.

2. Spamming Affiliate Links WILL NOT WORK. Facebook and other social networks hate straight up affiliate links being posted, and if you’re posting several affiliates links a day on your page — Facebook will quickly block or ban you as being a spammer.

Secondly the whole method of how this works just seems crazy. I mean when was the last time you went to Facebook, clicked on a link, then bought a product from someone you didn’t know?

I’m guessing never unless it was a long time ago.

While affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money, and Facebook can help build up your network — it takes time to build your audience up, and even longer to get these people to know like and trust you. Only then once they trust your advice, will they be more inclined to buy a product or service you recommend.

The Owner Makes Outrageous Claims And Guarantees

To make this program seem even more believable, Adam shares with you screen shots of his earnings and guarantees you’ll be making $500 dollars a day within 4 weeks if you implement the strategies shown in his eBook.

Adam's guarantee

Fake income reports

First of all he tries to trick you into saying these are his latest earning, which he supposedly got in April.

However I know for a fact this ebook has been out for at least 5 years if not longer, and nothing has changed since the day he released it.

All he’s really doing is changing the date on his web page to the current day, as well as changing the dates of his earnings through click bank. Heck I bet those aren’t even his real earning, but are just as fake as his dates are.

Fake dates

Secondly making 500 dollars a day with this method just isn’t possible. Facebook has updated their system to ban anyone who gathers friends to fast, or gets too may facebook page likes too fast.

Therefore you can only hope to get a few likes and friends a day — which makes this entire ebook obsolete and the “guaranteed” income he boasts you will get a complete lie.

So Is FB Wealth Formula A Scam?

I would say without a doubt this program is a scam!

This ebook’s entire formula is based around you buying into his email list generator so you can spam a bunch of people that don’t know you — and at the same time hope they will click your links and make you money.

Of course their’s no way to get thousands of friends or the option to post hundreds of affiliate links on Facebook without getting banned or blocked.

What I Like About It

  • They teach you how to create a Facebook fan page, and how to get your own unique affiliate links

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their ebook is based around spamming people, which will never make you money
  • they encourage you to be deceptive and create fake accounts in Facebook to make this method work
  • Their formula has ZERO chance of working due to Facebook updating how many people can become your friend in a day
  • The information in general is out of date
  • He more than likely uses fake screen shots and earnings to prove this works

Who Is FB Wealth Formula For?

I can’t see this ebook benefiting anyone, and would be a complete waste of your time reading through it and trying to implement what it shows.

My Final Rating

0 out of 5

After looking over this program for about 2 minutes, I could tell that FB Wealth Formula was a total waste of time.

From its deceptive ways at which they try to get you to market their program on Facebook, and the fact they say you can make 6 figures a year just by spamming affiliate links — it’s clear that this is nothing put a ploy to buy his email list generator so he can make a lot of money.

While affiliate marketing can be a very profitable and lucrative business, Adam goes about it all wrong within this ebook.

I however am part of a different program that’s free to try out, gives you a blueprint on how to make money online without having to pretend to be someone your not, and also shows you proven ways on how to get REAL people to your site that will want to buy your products vs spamming random strangers in hopes they will click your links.

The program I’m referring to is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Unlike most programs out there like FB Wealth Formula here, they do not claim their methods will make you rich overnight — but with hard work and a willingness to learn and follow directions, you can start earning a regular income each and every month.

If you’d like to learn more about WA, and see if it’s something you’d like to try out for yourself — then click the banner below.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

So what are your overall thoughts about FB Wealth Formula? Have you tried using this method to make some quick cash online, or maybe you’d like to ask me some more questions about this program?

If so, leave a comment below letting me know what you think. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is FB Wealth Formula Legit? No, As I Think This Is A Complete Scam”

  1. Wow, not only is it a scam but it will turn you into a convicted criminal using it. 

    Step one to the system is e-mail scraping. That step alone is a red flag. The second is another red flag that you will need a disposable Yahoo account to import this list of e-mails too. If legit any e-mail would work and you wouldn’t need a throwaway.

    Step 3 mimics friend gathering but since it is not friends and it is for profit it’s another SPAM count on your criminal record. The last is just inviting these people to like a Fan Page and maybe visit product links but since these people were deceived into being there it’s spam count number 3.

    That’s 3 charges of SPAM actions time each person you solicit and Facebook does prosecute egregious abusers such as those who use these tactics on a regular basis. All that and we haven’t even covered the fraud for using a fake female profile image and name which can also be considered identity theft of at the minimum a violation of intellectual copyright.

    • I know Andy it’s pretty crazy right? FB Wealth Formula as you just mentioned is one red flag after another — as it makes you jump through loops and use questionable programs and methods to try and get people to click on your affiliate links.

      Like I said in the post, this is basically just spamming strangers in hopes they will click your links — but by no means will this ever work and in my opinion this eBook should be deleted from the internet all together.

  2. While I agree with you 100% that there is no way I would ever take part in this, how is this guy making money?  I’m assuming there is some sort of up sell once you get the free eBook to really learn how to do this?

    Anyways, just for the simple fact that you are supposed to create fake Facebook profiles should be a massive red flag.

    On top of that, from my experience, many of the products on Click bank are complete junk. There may be a few out there that are good ones but you are really going to have to look to find them

    • I think at one point he was selling this eBook for $97 dollars, and also he was using his own affiliate link to make you buy the email list generator he was talking about.

      I agree that Click bank does have some very questionable products, but whether you got your links from CB, Amazon, or any other place — this method will never work in today’s time. 

      Maybe you could get away with this back in the day — but Google and Social networks have really cracked down on spammers and people posting affiliate links without adding any value to it.

  3. Anything that claims a significant amount of money made in a short period screams scam to me. His methods also sound like a quicker way to get you blocked and ultimately deleted off of Facebook altogether. 

    The one good thing is at least you don’t lose any money for trying this product, although I am sure after he captures his email he will start spamming you to buy some other high-priced item. 

    Thanks for sharing this review. Now I know to completely avoid it.


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