Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam

Can you really make around $40,000 a year simply by playing video games online?

Well this company here claims not only is it possible, but also says you will earn your first commission within 24 hours after signing up.

But is this really true, or is Gaming Jobs Online a scam out to steal your money?

Now if you’re like me ( which I’m guessing is true since your reading this review ) — you probably grew up playing all sorts of video games and still do to this day.

And while I would love to say that this is a legit opportunity — I’m afraid there are some major red flags with this company that say otherwise.

So I urge you to sit back and hear what I have to say for the next couple of minutes before you make any rash decisions of spending money on this opportunity. 

Quick Summary Of Gaming Jobs Online

Name: Gaming Jobs Online


Price: $5.00 to join plus $5.00 / month to remain a member

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is Gaming Jobs Online?

Gaming Jobs Online is basically a website that claims you can make a full time income online by playing / testing video games out.

In fact they say “it’s your ticket to fun, easy money”, and that you will be able to work from home and start earning commissions within as little as 24 hours after signing up.

Now if you’re already thinking to yourself that this sounds too good to be true — then you’d be correct.

And to explain to you why this is, let me talk more about how this website works. 

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How Does Gaming Jobs Online Work?

Now according to Gaming Jobs Online, all you have to do in order to make money is to create your account, choose a video game, then play it to earn money.

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam - how to use this website

However this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see how this platform really works, is once you sign up you’ll then be sent to other websites which is where you’ll then do surveys and other micro tasks to earn a few cents an hour.

Now grant it that some of these surveys might ask you questions like what kind of video games you like and stuff like that — but you will NOT be playing video games like it says on their sales page.

Because if you were signing up to be a real “video game tester” — the company would ask you to show up in person and test their video game on site.

In fact I did some research on Indeed, and here’s an actual application of what a certain company expects a video game tester to do. 

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam - what a real video game tester is required to do

And as you can see, writing error reports and creating internal guides is not exactly sitting back in a lazy boy and playing a fun game like fortnight is it?

So either Indeed or this website is lying about what it takes to earn money as a video game tester — and I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s not going to be Indeed. 

How Much Can You Make?

Now if Gaming Jobs Online was a legitimate company where you would get paid to test video games out, then you’d be making on average $10 bucks an hour.

However since this is nothing more than a site directing you to other places to take surveys on — you can expect to make $1 – $3 an hour.

Gaming Jobs Online Red Flags

This company has so many red flags associated with it, that I could write another blog post on this topic alone.

However instead of going over each and everyone, I will highlight a few of the major ones that I found most disturbing. 

It Has A Hyped Up Sales Page

First off, the sales page of Gaming Jobs Online is extremely hyped up and misleading.

They claim that by joining their site, you can easily make $40,000 a year by playing video games while sitting at home.

In fact in one of the testimonials, a guy says he made around $800 within 3 weeks after joining this site.

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam - hyped up sales page

However these claims are nothing but a lie.

Because according to Wikipedia, the average amount a game tester makes is between $10 – $12 an hour.

And they even say that game testing jobs are usually just ways to get your foot in the door to higher paying jobs in the gaming industry.

So don’t believe this site or any other site out there if they say you’ll make make a lot of money playing video games — because it simply isn’t true. 

This Is A Clone Website

As I was reviewing Gaming Jobs Online, I thought it looked familiar to another site I reviewed a few weeks ago.

And sure enough as I was scrolling through my past articles, I found that this site here was almost identical to another website called Writing Jobs Online.

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam - this is a clone site

They both had the same design, overhyped message, and even the same girl doing their sales video!

So right away I knew that whoever the owner of this site was, must have also created the other one — probably in hopes to get more people to do surveys so he or she will earn more money. 

It Uses A Fake Promotion

Toward the end of their sales page, this website shows an urgent sales message saying that for a limited time only they are offering their premium membership for just $5 instead of $27.

However if you come back to this same “urgent” sales message any day of the week, you’ll see that the date is changed to the one current one. 

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam - fake promotion

Now I’ve seen several shady programs in my career use this tactic to get people to join programs — because they’re thinking if people are in a rush to join their opportunity they won’t spend time researching how it works.

Of course their tricky sales promo didn’t fool you since you’re reading my review — and you know better now than to join this program. 

It Has Fake Testimonials

Then last but not least, this website uses fake testimonials like this one here to try and convince unsuspecting people that their program is legit.

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam - Fake testimonial

However by doing a quick reverse image search on Google, I found out that these so called “members” making a lot of money is nothing but stock photos.

So this question you have to ask yourself is if this program were actually legit, why do they have to create fake reviews about their own program instead of asking people who actually joined it to write one?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because their program doesn’t work. Never has, and never will.

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam?

I think by now you can clearly tell that Gaming Jobs Online is a scam and that you should not trust it whatsoever.

They use fake testimonials, have a very misleading sales page, and whoever created it obviously is going around making clones of it to try and increase his or her chances of making money online.

So I highly recommend you don’t waste your time on this company, because it’s clear that nothing good will come out of it if you do. 

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60 day money back guarantee if you join this program

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It has a very misleading sales page
  • This is just another clone site made to get you to do surveys
  • It has a fake urgent promotional sale
  • It uses fake testimonials
  • You won’t make good money with this website

My Final Thoughts

Even though I know you want Gaming Jobs Online to be a legit and profitable opportunity — the hard truth is that this is nothing but a scam out to steal your hard earned money.

What you will actually be doing if you join this website is answering boring surveys day in and day out that will make you at most a few bucks a month.

And I highly doubt this is something you want to be spending your time doing online right?

So therefore instead of wasting your time on this useless opportunity, why not create a website and do affiliate marketing to generate an income online?

Unlike surveys which pay you a few cents per hour, you can generate a passive income by talking about subjects you enjoy ( like video games ) — and the amount of money you can make it limitless.

So if you think you might want to try this method out rather than doing surveys all day long — I’d suggest you check out my #1 recommended product. 

It gives you all the tools you need to be successful, 24/7 support, up to date training, and best of all is you can try it out completely for free.

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I hope by now you can see why I do not recommend you join Gaming Jobs Online — and furthermore understand that there are much better ways to go about making money online.

Now if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

Gaming Jobs Online

$5.00 to join plus $5.00 / month to remain a member

Overall Rating



  • There’s a 60 day money back guarantee if you join this program


  • This is just another clone site made to get you to do surveys
  • It uses fake testimonials
  • You won’t make good money with this website
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2 thoughts on “Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam”

  1. It sounds too good to be true, there is no such thing as easy money. I don’t know much about gaming, but I do know that those people that test the games do so in person and they point out any bugs, pros, and cons of the games so that the developer can improve them before releasing them on the market. 

    I hate it when they use fake testimonials and fake owners, downloading stock photos of free photo websites. To me, those scammers are nothing but thieves, and I hope that those websites will be taken down. Too many people fall for it, which is sad. So many people lose their money to online scammers. 

    Thank you for this review. We need reviews like this one to be more aware of the dangers on the internet.

    • Thanks for the comment Christine, and I too hope that these types of websites will get shut down so people will stop getting scammed by them. 

      But I guess as long as people believe making money online is quick and easy, I assume there are going to be people out there who create these scams in order to make money off of them. 


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