Is Ibuumerang A Scam Or A Way To Financial Freedom? Find Out Here

Hey there,

Are you someone who loves traveling and been wondering is Ibuumerang a scam or not? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Within my review I’m going to share with you what this company is selling, how much it cost to join them, and what their compensation plan is like so that you can decide for yourself if it’s something you want to pursue or not. 

So with that said, let’s jump right into things here.

Quick Summary Of Ibuumerang

Name: Ibuumerang 


Price: $49.95 / month – $,1000 one time fee + $99 / month

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Ibuumerang?

Ibummerang is a new MLM program that sells discounted traveling packs to their customers. 

The company launched back in March of 2019 with the original name Countdown4Freedom, which later got changed to what it is now.

The CEO of the company is named Holton Buggs, with David Manning as the President.

Now since this is a new company this could be a good or bad thing the way you look at it. 

You see with most MLM programs the earlier you get into it, the better chance you have of becoming successful ( due to all the hype that surrounds it when it’s launched ).

However on the flip side, hundreds if not thousands of these types of businesses come and go all the time — and therefore if you invest a lot of money into this opportunity there could be a chance it could disappear within a year or two.

And for this reason ( as well as a few others ), I personally would wait it out a little bit if you really are determined to try this company out for yourself. 

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What Does Ibuumerang Sell?

The way Ibuumerang works is you will send out what is called a boomerang ( which is basically an invitation to a website called IGo ) that will give people up to 70% off of certain items like cruises, flights, timeshares, car rentals and more.

Then every time someone buys one of these items and saves money, you also will get a commission.

Now the number of boomerangs you get in determined by what package you buy after you sign up. And the 4 different ones you can choose from are…

Standby – 1 boomerang

Coach Class – 10 boomerang

Business Class – 25 boomerang

First Class – 50 boomerang

And if you do run out of boomerangs at any moment, you can also purchase more if you want — although I wasn’t able to find out how much they cost on their website.

Ibuumerang Compensation Plan 

As with most MLM companies, looking at their compensation plan can be quite confusing. 

I usually spend what feels like hours trying to decipher them, while at the same time wanting to pull my hair out from all the frustration.

Luckily for you though I’ve already done this so you wouldn’t have to. 🙂

Now from what I’ve gathered, there are 3 basic ways you can make money with this company.


This is where you will get paid when someone makes a purchase from the boomerangs you gave out ( as I talked about earlier ).

The way it works is your customers will get a 50% discount on any item they buy through your IGo website you sent them. Then you get 50% of what they just saved sent to you in cash.

Ya I know it’s kind of confusing, but here’s an example so hopefully it will make more sense.

Let’s say if a trip normally costs $1,200 dollars and you sent them a boomerang, it would then cost them $600 dollars. So from those $600 dollars they saved, you would then earn $300 dollars in cash.

retail commissions


This is basically what you’ll make money every time you refer someone to join Ibuumerang. 

You’ll get paid only after they join, and every month after that as long as they stay a member. And the amount you’ll make is 10% off of which package they buy.

Here’s how much you’ll earn based on the 3 packages they are offering.

Coach Class – $20

Business Class – $40

First Class – $80

referral commissions


Then last but not least, the most profitable way to make money with this company ( and ALL MLM companies ) is by building a team.

This is basically where you’ll be building a large team underneath you. Then every time one of them makes a sale, you will get a percentage of their earnings. 

The way Ibuumerang works is you’ll be building a binary downline, which in short means you’ll have one team on your left and one team on your right.

Then depending on what rank you are and which side made the least commissions will determine how much money you’ll make on a weekly basis ( which is anywhere between 10% – 20% ).

Here’s a graph to help make things more clear for you.

residual commission graph

Again this is the basics of how their compensation plan works, but if you want more details about it you can click the link here to read their full pdf.

Also if you rather would watch a video, here’s about an hour-long one that does a great job explaining how you will make money with them. 


The Different Ranks

As I just mentioned, there are several different ranks within Ibuumerang — and the higher rank you are the more money you’ll earn.

Currently there are 14 different ranks you can obtain, with each one giving you a different amount of commissions per week.

Here’s how much each one will pay you here:

  • TSA –  10% rate with a cap of $500 – $1,000 per week 
  • Directors –  12% rate with a cap of $1500 per week
  • Executives –  12% rate with a cap of $2000 per week 
  • Senior Executives –  12% rate with a cap of $2500 a week 
  • Sapphires –  15% rate with a cap of $3000 per week 
  • Rubies –  16% rate with a cap of $5000 per week 
  • Emeralds –  17% rate with a cap of $10,000 per week 
  • Diamonds –  18% rate with a cap of $20,000 per week 
  • Blue Diamonds –  19% rate with a cap of $30,000 per week 
  • Black Diamonds –  20% rate with a cap of $50,000 per week 
  • Presidential Diamonds –  20% rate with a cap of $100,000 per week 
  • Crown Diamonds –  20% rate with a cap of $150,000 per week 
  • Double Crown Diamonds –  20% rate with a cap of $200,000 per week 
  • Triple Crown Diamonds –  20% rate with a cap of $250,000 per week 

The different ranks

How Much Does It Cost?

I’m happy to say that Ibuumerang isn’t super expensive to join. 

However, if you want to try and make the most money you can with them, be prepared to spend about a thousand dollars on their highest package.

However as I mentioned earlier in this post, they do offer 4 deals in total you can choose from which are…

Standby ($49.95 a month) 

Coach Class ($250 + $49.95 a month) 

Business Class ($500 + $99 a month) 

First Class ($1000 + $99 a month) 

how much it cost

Again while there are a lot of different benefits for each package, the main thing to remember is you’ll get more boomerangs and more money the higher you go.

Is Ibuumerang A Scam?

Ibuumerang is definitely not a scam due to the fact that they have an actual product you are selling, and that all your income isn’t based solely on how many people you recruit.

However with that said, studies have shown that 77% of people that join an MLM opportunity end up losing money, and that the remaining people that do make a profit make on average $5,000 – $10,000 a year.

If you were to calculate that to a normal job’s hours, at best you would be making $800 a month or $5.20 an hour — which is below minimum wage in most parts of the U.S.!

Therefore even though this seems like a legit company, I would not suggest you join it due to this business model having such a low success rate.  

What I Like About It

  • It’s a new company, which means you if you join now you could possibly do well in it
  • It’s not a pyramid scheme since you are selling boomerangs ( websites ) that can help people save money with when traveling 
  • There are cheaper packages you can buy which won’t break your bank

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Can get costly to join if you decide to purchase one of the more expensive packs
  • Chances of making a good income are slim to none since you have to recruit a lot of people to make it happen
  • You’ll likely have to spend more money on ads to get people to join your team
  • The highest package if pretty expensive, and you would have to recruit on average 14 people in the beginning just to break even 

My Final Rating

2 out of 5

Even though Ibummerang seems like it could be a decent MLM program to join, they are still quite new which can raise some uncertainty as to how well they’ll do in the near future.

Also, the fact that you will not get paid unless someone buys one of your boomerangs or you recruit someone to join your team — means you will need to hustle day in and day out to make a profit with this somewhat expensive program.

So for these reasons alone, I do not this is a good opportunity to join at the moment.

However, if you are still interested in making money online, or starting your own business — why not try affiliate marketing which is how I personally make an income online.

With this method you don’t have to go out and recruit people to join a team, you can generate thousands of leads to your offers without spending a dime, and best of all is you can start a business around anything your passionate about.

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Also if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. 🙂


$49.95 / month - $,1000 one time fee + $99 / month

Overall Rating



  • It seems like a legit company
  • It's a new company, which can give you a better chance at success


  • Their packages are kind of expensive
  • Becoming successful with this business model is unlikely
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6 thoughts on “Is Ibuumerang A Scam Or A Way To Financial Freedom? Find Out Here”

  1. I guess the traveling bug hasn’t hit me.  Even though you gave it a 2 out of 5 ratings, with our present state of a worldwide pandemic, the idea of getting stranded somewhere and having to stay in a small room 7/24 – with an hour out of the room every 24?  Even one day is too long.  

    So while this could have some good income, I think I would have difficulty promoting this to anyone I know in this economy. There will probably be people who get rich with the plan, you said it is a real program with a product. It is not a scam.  I just don’t see me feeling comfortable with this product to promote.

    Thanks for this awesome review. Sami

    • You’re absolutely correct.

      MLM’s already have a low success rate, but any travel company be in MLM or not I’m sure is getting hit very hard during these troubling times.

      This is why I do not like MLM’s has you are forced to sell ONE product. However through affiliate marketing, you can sell multiple products / create multiple websites so you can diversify your income stream.

      So hopefully people will realize this and not force themselves into an MLM company that can go bankrupt for any reason.

  2. Hello Michael!

    Thank for sharing this awesome review.

    Though it’s my first time hearing about Ibuumerage, with what I read so far about it is not a scam, and it can help you earn money without stressing. Also it’s a reliable source of income you can rely on. I can’t wait to become a member. 

    thanks a lot for sharing this with me.

    • Hey there thanks for taking the time to comment, but I feel you didn’t read my article that thoroughly. 

      Now the question is can you make a good income with this company? Maybe. Is it likely? No.

      This is due to the fact you have to be a persuasive team leader and know how to recruit people and motivate them to do the same in order to become successful — which frankly many people aren’t.

      Also as I just mentioned to someone else, right now with everything on lockdown this company is basically making no money.

      So this just goes to show you that this is a very risky business to be apart of, and I by no means think it’s a reliable / good way to earn an income online.

  3. Awesome article I would really recommend your effort in taking your precious time to make research on Ibuumerang and sharing your candid findings with everyone.

    Your tips really intrigue me as I find them useful and very informative.

    Thanks for the article and I look forward to seeing more article from you soon enough


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