Is IcoinPro A Scam

You probably came across this opportunity while looking for a way to generate an extra income online, and are now asking yourself is IcoinPro a scam or a legit company.

Well within my review I’ll not only be answering this question, but I’ll be discussing what this company is selling, how their compensation plan works, and ultimately let you know if I think you’ll be successful with them.

So with that said, let’s jump right into things here. 

Quick Summary Of IcoinPro 

Name: IcoinPro 


Price: $9.95 / month, $39.95 / month, $99.95 / month, $280 plus $99 / month with a one-time fee of $20.00

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is IcoinPro?

iCoinPro is an MLM company that operates in the cryptocurrency niche, and according to the information on their website they are based out of Texas in the US.

The CEO of the company is named Paul De Sousa, and he claims to have a vast knowledge, understanding, and experience with cryptocurrencies.

But can joining this company combined with his knowledge and teachings allow you to become financially free and live the life you’ve always wanted?

Well why I don’t want to say it’s impossible, there are a few things I think you should know before you decide to quit your job.

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What Does IcoinPro Sell?

Surprisingly enough even though IcoinPro is all about cryptocurrency, you won’t actually be selling any real products or even a digital coin.

Rather you’ll be making money by asking people to join your team and telling them that they can learn everything there is to know about cryptocurrency through this platforms training materials. 

IcoinPro Compensation Plan 

Most MLM compensation plans are usually several pages long, take hours to decipher, and make you end up feeling like your back in school learning calculus. 

So I’m going to try and break this section down to the parts that I think are most important so you can get a grasp on how you’ll be making money with this company.

Affiliate Ranks

Within ICoinPro’s compensation plan, there are 8 ranks you can potentially earn.

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. 1 Star
  5. 2 Star
  6. 3 Star
  7. Star Elite
  8. Star Presidential

Fast Start Bonus

With their fast start bonus, you will earn a 50% commission when someone buys a membership plan.

Also you can earn up to up to 76% of the commissions depending on what rank you are, plus on how many levels are underneath you.

Is IcoinPro A Scam - fast start bonuses

Note that with this bonus it only goes down 5 levels max — plus you’ll get paid each week based on the previous week’s stats. 

Residual Commissions

iCoinPro residual commissions are based on a binary compensation structure. 

This means that everyone you recruit into your team will be split into two different sides — one on your left and one on your right. 

Is IcoinPro A Scam - Binary compensation structure

Now with ICoinPro, you can earn up to between 5% – 16% of the total volume of the side that had the least amount of volume ( or the weaker leg ).

There’s a cap of how much you can earn each month based on what rank you are. It starts off at $500 and goes all the way to $250,000.

Is IcoinPro A Scam - binary commissions

Matching Bonus

This is where you can earn a percentage of your downlines commissions based on how many people you recruit a month and what package they bought and NOT on what rank you are.

It goes down 6 levels, and you can earn anywhere between 25% – 175% of your team’s commissions. 

For example if you recruit just 1 basic member you’ll earn 25% — but if you recruit 2 full access members you’ll earn a 175% bonus. 

Is IcoinPro A Scam - matching bonuses

Now again this is a brief overview of how their compensation plan works, but if you want to get more details about it you can view their plan here, and also watch their video below.


How Much Does It Cost?

There are 4 different options you can choose from when signing up for ICoinPro.

  1. Basic = $9.95 / month 
  2. Baisc+ = $39.95 / month
  3. Full Access = $99.95 / month
  4. Full Access With 3 Month Pass = $280 plus $99 / month

These packages will give you different training and tools on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

However if you want to become a “super affiliate” and earn money by recruiting people and building a team, you need to pay a one-time fee of $20.00 

What I Like About It

  • They seem to have a comprehensive training platform 

With weekly webinars, tools, and a variety of different modules it’s safe to say that if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency you will be able to do so here.

  • Their compensation plan seems fair in that it can help all of its members

I like the fact that whether you join this company early or late in the game, you have the same opportunity to earn a lot of money based on your own hard work.  

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their training is not cheap

Their full access training will cost you $100 a month, which to me is crazy when you can probably find the same information they are selling for free on YouTube. 

  • You’ll be dealing in the cryptocurrency niche

The fact you are dealing with cryptocurrency is already making things harder for yourself right from the start. 

Because let’s face it, most people have no clue what cryptocurrency is and the ones that do think it’s just a big scam. 

So I would find it quite hard personally to get people to join my team unless I could promise them they will get rich quickly with this companies training. 

  • You have a 99% chance of making nothing with this company 

The hard truth is even if this was a company selling the most amazing product in the world, the fact that they are using an MLM business model to go about doing it is already setting you up for defeat.

Because you have a 1% chance of becoming successful due to the fact that the majority of the people who earn the big bucks join a company when it launches — plus you have to have a team that is successful at marketing in order for you to become rich.

So it’s no wonder why so many people fail when entering into one. 

Is IcoinPro A Scam?

I definitely don’t think IcoinPro is a scam, simply because they are selling a real service teaching people about cryptocurrency.

However even though they may be legit, the chances of you earning a decent income with them is literally 1%.

I blame this mainly due to the MLM business structure where all your income is based on you building a team — and if the people underneath don’t feel like working then you’ll end up making nothing.

Also not to mention that they are dealing with cryptocurrency, and quite frankly many people still don’t know about it and consider the whole thing shady and not worth investing in.

So while you’re welcome to try this company out if you want, I would not recommend you join it.

My Final Thoughts

Even though I think ICoinPro is a legit company with a solid compensation plan that’s supposed to make you a good income — at the end of the day you are still joining an MLM business.

This means you’ll have to go out on a daily basis and try to recruit people into your team to make sales — and the worst part is you can work extremely hard day in and day out but if your team slacks off you’ll end up making close to nothing.

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate income online.

There’s no recruiting what so ever, you can sell whatever products you want, and best of all is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising ( which is also something MLM’s don’t like to disclose to their members ).

So if this sounds like something you may want to try out instead, check out my #1 recommended product online.

It gives you weekly live webinars on what is and is not working so you’re never left behind, 24/7 support, and all the tools you’ll need to be successful. Plus its 100% free to join — so you can try it out with no strings attached.

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I hope you enjoyed my review about ICoinPro, and now can decide if this company is something you want to join or not.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask though, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 


$9.95 / month, $39.95 / month, $99.95 / month, $280 plus $99 / month plus one-time fee of $20.00

Overall Rating



  • They seem to have a comprehensive training platform 
  • Their compensation plan seems fair in that it can help all of its members


  • Their training is not cheap
  • You’ll be dealing in the cryptocurrency niche
  • You have a 99% chance of making nothing with this company 
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6 thoughts on “Is IcoinPro A Scam”

  1. Thanks for the article.

    I was reading another article earlier about MLM companies and how they were comparing them to pyramid schemes. I don’t know a ton about MLM companies but it seemed if there was at least the sale of a product, that would exclude them from being categorized as a pyramid scheme.  In this case, it doesn’t appear to be a product, its more of a learning platform, I agree that would be very very hard to sell and make money, like you said, who really follows cryptocurrencies?  


    • Your right in that this is not a Pyramid Scheme because it is selling a learning platform to teach people about cryptocurrency.

      But as I stated within my article, I feel it’s going to be extremely hard to earn a good income through this company due to the fact you are trying to build a team around cryptocurrency.

      And it’s a fact that members that are part of the best MLM companies out there struggle to build profitable teams — so you can just imagine how hard it would be to get someone to join based on cryptocurrency which hardly anyone knows about.

      So this is why I would not recommend anyone join this company.

  2. Hello there, 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your article as it contains detailed information one needs to be aware of before engaging in this training.

    I think I will pass on this one seeing how expensive they are. Thanks for sharing 

    • I’m glad my review could help you out. 

      Ya I too was kind of shocked at how expensive this company was. Because after you’ve gone through all their courses and learned everything they have to teach — what’s the point of paying a monthly fee?

      And I’m sure you can learn everything they are teaching if not more simply by doing a few searches within Google / Youtube. 

  3. Once again I can’t be more grateful than I feel and I really do appreciate your time and effort you put in carrying out such tentative research on this platform and also putting up your findings and opinions up here for everyone to benefit from.

    I feel the information within you review is very beneficial.

    Thank you again.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my review Evans — and it’s good to see that you’ve been taking time to research into this company before joining them.

      Be sure to check back frequently as I do review programs all the time letting people know if they are legit or not. But in the meantime you can check out my #1 rated program online — as I feel it will help you the most in learning how to make a real income online. 🙂


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