Is Inbox Dollars A Scam? Here’s My Personal Opinion About This Website

Quick Summary Of Inbox Dollars

Name: Inbox Dollars


Price: Free to join

Rating: 2 out of 5 rating

What Is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is an online website that began back in 2000, which allows people to get paid for doing a wide variety of activities within their platform.

Some of the main ways in which you can earn money is by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and referring people into their program.

Now if you’ve come here wondering whether or not is Inbox Dollars a scam, I can assure you that it is not.

However with that said, I would not recommend this program due to the fact that you’ll only be earning a few cents after investing hours of your time into their platform.

Plus after reviewing other platforms similar to this like Swagbucks, in my opinion Inbox Dollars fall short in how fast you can earn money.

So now that you know what it is, let me dive in and show you exactly how this website works and further explain why this is not a great way to make money online.

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How Does Inbox Dollars Work?

As I just mentioned, once you become a member of their website you can then choose from a variety of task that will then earn you money .

Now the 6 most common ways you’ll be earning through this site is by….

1) Taking Surveys – Here is where you’ll be answering surveys that are usually multiple choice based on your interest and likes.

2) Watching TV and videos – You’ll be watching short videos ( 30 seconds to a few mins long )

3) Playing Games – This is where you can play games and earn money at the same time.

4) Searching the internet – With this feature, when you use their search engine you’ll randomly get money throughout the day when searching the internet.

5) Reading emails – This is where Inbox Dollars will send you emails with advertisements in them based on how active you are within their site.

6) Referring Friends – Here you can earn up to 30% of your referrals earnings while they are active members.

How Much Can You Make?

Depending on how active you are, and whether or not you are actively trying to recruit people will determine how much money you can make.

But with each task only paying a few cents, the amount of money you’ll be making is not worth it in my opinion.

Because on average people have reported that if you do every single activity within their platform every day ( like doing multiple surveys and watching videos) that it can take about a month and a half to earn $30 dollars.

But again with each task only offering you mere pennies, and also taking into effect that you’ll probably get disqualified from several surveys — more likely you’ll be earning $30 dollars within 2-3 months.

And I don’t know about you, but there’s much better things I can be doing then spending hours of my time over the course of about 2 months to earn just enough to fill my gas tank.

So you’re welcome to join Inbox Dollars and try it out for yourself, but just don’t expect it to help you earn a lot of money in the process.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you have accumulated $30 dollars, you’ll then have the option to cash out. The three different ways in which you can get paid are either…

  • Merchant E card
  • Prepaid Visa card
  • or a check

Now after your payment is processed, it takes about 10-16 days to be verified so that they can give you your money. Also you’ll have to wait until Wednesday, since that is when they pay each week.

So again if it takes you about 2 months to make $30 dollars within Inbox Dollars — you still have to wait half a month until you can even get it, which to me is WAY to long to be getting paid.

Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?

Seeing that Inbox Dollars as been around for 19 years and pays people real cash for doing surveys and other activities, I would not call them a scam.

With that said though, I would not consider this site worth joining due to the fact that there are other surveys sites you can join which will pay you more and far quicker than this one will.

Also on top of that, I have found taking surveys in general are boring and yield you very little money for the amount of time you invest into them.

What I Like About It

  • There are a variety of ways to earn with this website

The fact that you can do other things like play video games and watch videos to earn cash makes Inbox Dollars quite fun, since you aren’t just tied down to answering boring multiple choice surveys all day long.

  • You earn real money

In general most survey sites give you points when you complete a task, and after you’ve made so many you can then trade them in for real money.

However with Inbox Dollars you’re given real cash immediately after you complete something — which makes it easier to calculate how much you’re actually earning along the way.

  • Legitimate company

Whether you like or don’t like Inbox Dollars, the fact that this company has been around almost 20 years proves that they have been doing something right to stay in business this long.

So it’s good to know that if you do become a member of this site, that it probably won’t just vanish in thin air by tomorrow.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You earn very little with this platform

One of the things I don’t like about this website is that you make VERY little by completing their activities. Remember how I said it takes about 2 months to earn $30 dollars?

Well if you divide that down by the day, you’re only earning $0.50 cent a day!

This is why I prefer making money online through affiliate marketing, because I can get paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day — and over time I can have this money come in even while I’m sleeping.

Which is something that can NEVER happen if you do paid surveys.

  • You won’t qualify for many of their surveys

One of the main problems with this site, is that you’ll find out that you’re not qualified to do several of their surveys.

And to make it even worst, you won’t find out until your half-way through or completed the entire survey, which can take up to 20 mins.

So technically you can do about 3-4 surveys, waste an hour of your time, and not get paid for any of it.

  • You can’t get paid with PayPal

Last but not least, if you somehow manage to accumulate the $30 dollars — you won’t be able to have it sent directly to your bank or a PayPal account.

And seeing as these two methods are the most convent ways to get paid nowadays, it makes cashing out a real annoying.

I mean when is the last time you had prepaid visa card? Probably like once in your life right?

So the only option that really works is to have a check sent to your home and physically go to the bank and deposit your earnings each and every time.

Who Is Inbox Dollars For?

Honestly I don’t see Inbox Dollars being that useful for anyone.

If your’re completely bored and don’t mind making a few bucks a day playing games, answering surveys, and watching videos — then Swagbucks is a much better option than this here.

And if however you’re looking to make a good income that doesn’t involve boring surveys, you can learn from my favorite program online on how to build an online business around a topic you love.

So either way, while this website can make you “some” money — there are far better options you can choose from in my opinion than to stick with this.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

Even though Inbox Dollars is a legit website in which it pays it’s members to do various online activities, the fact that you have to spend ridiculous amounts of time just to earn a few pennies here and there makes this site very annoying.

As I’ve mentioned in this post, I’ve reviewed other survey sites in the past and out of all of them I would say this is one of my least favorite ones.

Therefore I DO NOT recommend you join this site, because you’ll just end making close to nothing and probably get kicked out of so many surveys that you’ll be ready to throw your computer across the room.

On the bright side though there are much better ways to go about making money online, such as creating your own website around a topic you love then recommending products that people will want / need.

And best of all is you can make as little as or as much money with this method as you want, and you never have to answer one boring survey to make it work.

So if this sounds like something that may interest you, then check out this amazing training platform that will teach you step by step on how to do this.

I hope you found my review about Inbox Dollars useful.

However if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this website — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Is Inbox Dollars A Scam? Here’s My Personal Opinion About This Website”

  1. I have tried my hand at all kinds of these review type websites. The one that’s been around the longest is Inbox Dollars but like you said you can’t make a great deal of money on this site. I know I have been a member back when it started and spent hours upon hours on it only to bring in like .10 cents.

    • Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with paid survey sites in the past Cory — but the reality is that these kind of sites will never make you a decent amount of money online, no matter how hard you work.

      That’s why I’ve always tried to urge people that instead of wasting literally hours a day in return for mere pennies — why not try to build a real business online that will allow you to make a very good income online.

      And yes building a business is harder than answering surveys, and yes it will cost you a little bit of money to make it work, but the end results is so much more satisfying.

  2. Thanks for your honest review of Inbox Dollars, but just like Swagbucks most of these online platforms that pay for reviews pay in peanut. Hence, it’s not worth all the sacrifices and sweats. Even though you’ve ascertained the fact that it is not a scam, I believe if one is patience enough, with time he/she will benefit hugely from it. At least you get paid for playing online games, which may be fun.

    thanks for your review

    • Thanks for your comment Salim.

      Your right in that these kind of sites really really won’t make you a whole lot of money — and is the very reason why I don’t recommend them as a good way to make money online.

      And yes I don’t think it’s a scam because you do make money for doing surveys ( like they said you would ) — but its just not a lot of money.

  3. I wish I had read this a few years ago! I had signed up to do Online Surveys thinking about making a few extra bucks ($100-$500 was promised). In 6 months I made $.50, a whole .50 cents! I didn’t qualify for most of the surveys, as you pointed out in your review! LOL.

    I like how you suggested a far better alternative on how to MMO through affiliate marketing. 

    With this other training that you suggest is better, whats the training and support like? Also are people making a good income from what is being taught there? 


    • Wow I’m sorry to hear that you only made $0.50 cent in 6 months, that must of been really hard. But at least now you know that online surveys really aren’t worth the time and effort to do.

      Now in regards to my other recommendation, the training platform that I suggest people try teaches you how to build a website around any particular subject you enjoy, how to get thousands of visitors to your site for free through SEO, and lastly how to sell products to these people that come to your site.

      The training really is great as it is step by step and easy to follow, the support is very quick and available 24/7, and thousands of people have made 4-6 figures all thanks to what they learned within this platform.

      You can read my full review about it here, and if you have any questions about it feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help you out.

  4. I’ve worked on inbox dollars and I feel it’s not worth it. True they pay for little tasks on their platform but the pay is very little and not worth your time. I believe that there are better places to put in your time for tasks and earn more. Well I’ll rate inbox dollars a 1 out of 5.

    • Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Inbox Dollars. 

      You just reconfirmed what I said within my post, that even though some of the task may be fun ( like paying games ) — you make VERY little money for the amount of time you put into it.

      Also your right that there are better ways to make money online, and the one I recommend most is affiliate marketing. And through this program here, you can learn how to make a regular and growing income  — and best of all is that it’s free to join.


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