Is Lifepoints A Scam

You’ve probably have been looking for ways to make some extra cash online, and came across this program asking yourself the question is Lifepoints a scam or a legit online opportunity?

Well today that is what I will be helping you out with. 

I’ll be discussing how this website works, what you will be doing inside in order to make money, and most importantly if I think it is worth pursuing or not.

So with that said, let’s jump into things here.  

Quick Summary Of Lifepoints

Name: Life Points


Price: Free to join

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Lifepoints?

Lifepoints is an online website where people can get paid to answer surveys.

The company started back in 2016 and claims that over 70 countries can access it and that it currently has over 5 million members.

Now whether this is true or not I can’t be for sure, but after reviewing this company myself it seems like it’s doing pretty well at the moment. 

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How Does Lifepoints Work?

As I mentioned earlier, the way you’ll be making money with this website is by sharing your opinion about products and answering surveys.

After you answer a survey, you’ll be given some points. Then after you’ve accumulated so many of these points you can cash them out through Paypal or gift cards. 

Before you can do that though, you must first sign up ( which is free ) and answer some basic information about yourself like your age, gender, where you live, income level and more.

O by the way you have to be 14 years or older if you want to join this site.

But basically they ask you all this information so that they can see if you prequalify for their surveys so they can make sure they are giving you ones that you will be interested in

How Much Can You Make?

As with most survey sites, the amount you’ll make is largely based on how active you are doing them every day, and of course if there are any available to begin with that you can do.

From my research though if you have enough surveys to do each day you can expect to earn $10 dollars within about a 2- 3 week time period.

And as far as cashing out goes, the lowest amount I saw you needed is 600 points, which equals out to $5 dollars in your PayPal account.

So basically from the sounds of it, every 100 points you earn with this site equals $1 dollar. 

And if you are thinking you can hold onto these points forever you might want to think again. 

According to LifePoints, all your points will expire 3 years from the date you collected them — or they will expire in 1 year if you are not active.

Lifepoints Red Flags

There are Not Many Surveys To Choose From

After I signed up to their website and tried to complete my profile, I was then told that I was not qualified for any surveys and that I would have to check in later to see if there were more surveys to take.

Is Lifepoints A Scam - no surveys to take

And this is probably because the information I gave them when signing up didn’t match any surveys they had at the current moment. 

But this can be a huge letdown to many people that want to get started earning right away.

You can read several complaints here, where people say there are not enough surveys to do on a consistent basis to make this website worthwhile. 

It Takes Time To Cash Out

If you are able to do surveys on this site every day, on average it can take you up to 3 weeks to earn enough points to cash out. Then on top of that, you’ll have to wait another 10 days for them to transfer your money into your Paypal account.

Again this is IF you have surveys to do.

Like I just mentioned a second ago, it’s not uncommon at all to log in and be told that you’re not qualified to take any of the current surveys at the moment and that you just need to try again later.

So all in all, it’s looking like it takes around a month to be able to earn just a few dollars with this site.

There’s No Referral System

Survey websites are by no means a way to get rich or even make a decent amount of money online if all you do is log on and do surveys every day.

However if you know how to refer people into these programs and earn a percentage of the money they make — you can then expect to earn a few hundred dollars a month.

Sadly though Lifepoints here has no referral program, so you’re left earning just a few bucks a month at best.

So in my opinion, if you really want to make money by just filling out some surveys — I would recommend you join a site like Swagbucks which has more options for you to choose from on how to earn money, and best of all you can refer people to it and make a passive income online.

Is Lifepoints A Scam?

Lifepoints is definitely not a scam, because you can make money from their website by filling out surveys just as they explain on their homepage. 

However the problem is ( like most survey sites) is that you will not be making a lot of money at the end of the day.

I basically see these sites as a way to pass the time and earn a few extra bucks in the process to maybe spend on some snacks or rent a movie to watch.

Because it definitely won’t help pay for some major bills each month like your car, house, or student loans if you have them. 

What I Like About It

  • It’s free to join
  • They give you several ways to redeem your points once you have enough
  • Many people claimed the surveys were fun and easy to do

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Not a lot of surveys to choose from in my experience
  • LifePoints will expire after a certain amount of time if you don’t use them
  • Many users have reported that their accounts were canceled for unknown reasons
  • You can get screened out of surveys for no reason at all
  • You won’t make a lot of money

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Lifepoints seems like a legit site that you can use to answer surveys and get paid for.

However the big question you want to ask yourself, is if it’s really worth it? Because with no referral program you’re looking at best to earn maybe $20 bucks max a month with it.

And honestly I can make more than that by going outside and cutting a lawn or two in the summer.

So if you just want to do some surveys for the fun of it and earn some cash then I’d say give Lifepoints a try.

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I hope you enjoyed this review about LifePoints, and can now make a better decision as to whether or not you want to join it.

However if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


Free to join

Overall Rating



  • It’s free to join
  • They give you several ways to redeem your points
  • Many people claimed the surveys were fun and easy to do


  • Not a lot of surveys to choose from in my experience
  • Many users have reported that their accounts were canceled for unknown reasons
  • You won’t make a lot of money
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    • You’ve definitely in choosing my program over doing surveys if you’re looking to make a good amount of money online.

      Because with surveys you have to do them each and every day, but what makes it worst is all that time you put into doing them only earn you a few bucks.

      However through my program they teach you how to do affiliate marketing ( which is selling other people’s products for a small profit ).

      And it’s not uncommon to earn hundreds upon thousands of dollars a month doing this — and the best part is you’ll be earning all this money passively ( while your eating, sleeping, or on vacation ).

      Of course it takes learning some new skills, hard work, and patience to get to that point — but in my eyes it definitely beats earning pennies every day from answering boring surveys. 

  1. Hello thanks for this lovely article about Lifepoints.

    I have been using life points for a long time. It is a site where I can slowly accumulate points easily, and when I’ve obtained enough points I usually get my gift card within a week.

    I log in every day and love it when I find surveys with large rewards. I have recommended the site to several friends.

  2. Hello a big thanks to you for this informative article. 

    The present pandemic has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs. Which makes online business one of the best options right now. I have actually heard a lot about Lifepoints’s platform but wasn’t sure, which prompted me to research more about it.

    This article has successfully has given all the answers I needed to my questions. Even though it’s no scam, I feel it’s not worth my time and resources cause I cannot actually earn well.

    • I’m glad to see that you enjoyed my review.

      I think you made a good choice in not joining Lifepoitns if you’re wanting to make a good income online — simply because in general, you can only make a few bucks a month from them ( especially with this one since there’s no referral program ).

      I think however you will enjoy my top rated program.

      It shows people how to make money online through affiliate marketing ( which is selling other people’s products for a commission ). 

      It gives you step by step training, all the tools you’ll need to create a successful website, a large community you can ask when you need help, and best of all is it’s completely free to join.

      You can learn more by reading my full review about it here.


  3. Hello there!

    This is an awesome review you have got here. Apart from the fact that the earning is low, I feel discouraged by the payment system. I think if they can upgrade that payment system, then a lot of people like me will want to try it out at least to get busy sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree that the amount of time it takes to get paid through the platform is excessively long — and is another big reason why I would not join them.

      There are other survey sites out there like Swagbucks, that let you withdrawal your money immediately after you’ve accumulated so many points.

      Plus in my opinion they are a lot more fun to do compared to this site.

      So if you’re interested in finding a good survey site to join, I’d highly recommend you check that one out first. 

  4. Nice write up on life points, I must appreciate your time you put I’m carrying out a thorough research on this platform and sharing your candid opinion about your findings with us

    Your points proves really useful and I couldn’t appreciate you more.

    Thanks for the preview and I wish to see more of your research findings.

    • Thanks for your kind words Evans, and be sure to check back often as I’m continually reviewing products every week to see if they are legit or not.


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