Is Monat A Scam

If you’re wondering if Monat is a scam, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Within my review today I’ll be discussing what this company sells, how much it cost to join them, and most importantly if I think it’s a good opportunity to join to make money online.

So with that said, lets jump right into things here. 

Quick Summary Of Monat

Name: Monat


Price: $99 for the starting pack + $49.99/year (product costs not included)

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Monat?

Monat is an MLM company that sells products to help people with their hair and skin problems. 

The company was founded in 2014 by a man named Luis Urdaneta, and its actual name is short for Modern Nature. 

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What Does Monat Sell?

As I just mentioned, Monat’s main emphasis is selling hair products like shampoos and conditioners which range from $20 – $100. And at the time of writing this review, their most popular product is called Rejuvenique Oil Intensive.

Is Monat a scam - Rejuvenique Oil Intensive

They also sell shampoos and conditioners for your pet, plus different creams for your skin said to offers a complete solution for radiantly beautiful skin by minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Sounds pretty amazing right?

Well while they seem to have found the “fountain of youth” with their products, I urge you to continue reading on to find out the real truth about these so-called amazing shampoos and creams.

Monat’s Compensation Plan 

Before I get into the downfalls I found with this company, I thought I’d first explain how their compensation plan works.

As with most MLM companies, their compensation plan can be quite confusing and take hours to decipher — and Monat here is no exception.

So I will try to break it down for you so that you can understand it without getting a headache.

Affiliate Ranks

  • Marketing Partner – Need to make 200 PV a month.
  • Managing Marketing Partner – Need to make 300 PV a month, have a monthly downline volume of 1200 GV, and recruit at least two Marketing Partners.
  • Associate Market Builder – Need to make 400 PV a month, have a monthly downline volume of 2400 GV, and recruit at least three Marketing Partners.
  • Market Builder – Need to make 500 PV a month, have a monthly downline volume of 4000 GV, and recruit at least four Marketing Partner with one of them being a Managing Marketing Partner or higher.
  • Managing Market Builder – Need to make 500 PV a month, have a monthly downline volume of 7000 GV, and recruit four Marketing Partner with two of them being a Managing Marketing Partner or higher.  

Retail Commissions

Every affiliate earns at least 30% commission and depending on how much they sell it can go all the way up to 40%.

  • If you sell 1,000 – 1,999 PV you earn 3% = 33%
  • If you sell 2,000 – 3,499 PV you earn 5% = 35%
  • And if you sell 3,500 PV or more you earn 10% = 40%

Residual Commissions

Monat’s compensation structure in unilevel, meaning you only have 1 downline you have to deal with as you build out your team.

Is Monat a scam - Unilevel compensation structure

So once you recruit someone onto your first level, they can recruit someone which will be your 2nd level — all the way up to 4 levels.

I  won’t go into the exact details on how much you can make, because you can see a general overview in the picture I posted above, but basically the higher you are ranked the more money you can make off your downline.


Also the advantage of going up higher in the ranks is you get a lot of other bonuses which can help you earn more money as well.

One of these bonuses you’ll get is a one-time payment for reaching a certain rank. And the amount you make starts at $100, then goes all the way up to $20,000 dollars!

Is Monat a scam - it's affiliate ranks

So needless to say it’s easy to see why so many people in these MLM companies focus on recruiting people into their team rather than selling products — because that’s where the big bucks come from.

Again though this is a brief overview. If you want more details about it, you can watch the video below and also click here to view their whole compensation plan. 


How Much Does It Cost?

To simply join as an affiliate of Monat, you only have to pay a one time fee of $99 dollars, with an annual fee of $50.00.

However if you want to get more products to sell to your customers, you have 3 different options you can choose from that will cost you a little bit more.

  • Business Pack – $299
  • Success Pack- $399
  • Overachiever Pack – $649

What I Like About It

  • They were a great company when they first started out

After just one year when they started, Monat was able to make around $25 million dollars in revenue which is quite good.

Also they won several rewards in there first few years as a new company such as the American Business Award, and the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

  • They offer training to their customers

Now unlike many other MLM companies that I have reviewed in the past, Monat actually gives their members some training on how to market and get people into their downline — which is nice to see.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It has had multiple lawsuits

Probably the thing that has put me off the most about this company is the number of lawsuits it has had filed against them. 

Since 2018, they have had 5 – 6 lawsuits on them due to people saying their products were harming them.

  •  Poor Quality & Overpriced Products

As I just mentioned, many people have been complaining over at BBB that instead of their products rejuvenating their hair — it was actually causing hair loss, itchiness, and rashes!

Is Monat a scam - hair loss complaint

And to make matters worse, people were also complaining that their products were WAY overpriced — and I wouldn’t blame them when a 30ml bottle cost $99 dollars on their website!

Of course as with most MLM companies, they need to raise the price of their products in order to pay people’s teams they have built. 

  • Chances of Making Good Money Are Slim To None

While it may seem like you can earn a very good income after looking at their income disclosure, the sad reality is that VERY little people earn what is even considered minimum wage who are apart of this company.

As shown in this pic here, it says a typical member earns between $22 – $1,118 a year! 

Is Monat A Scam - 2019 income disclosure

So don’t get your hopes up too high if you’re looking to join this company and earn big bucks with them.

Is Monat A Scam?

I would not necessarily call Monat a scam or pyramid scheme, due to the simple fact that they have a real product you can sell to people in order to make a commission. 

However due to all the lawsuits it has had against them, the fact that the average member basically earns nothing, and that many people claim the products have harmful side effects makes it in my opinion not a good opportunity to join.

Again though the choice is up to you, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this company gets shut down in a few years unless they dramatically change their ways and turns things around.

My Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this review, and now have a better understanding as to why I would not recommend you join this company.

Because let’s face it, selling an MLM company is hard enough having to go out day in and day out recruiting people into your team — but trying to get people to join a company that sells products that have been known to harm people and have had multiple lawsuits is basically impossible.

This is why I prefer making money online as an affiliate marketer because I never have to go out and sell products to people — instead people come to my sites and buy things without me ever having to do a thing!

And best of all is you can sell whatever you want, rather than being forced to sell whatever the businesses you just joined is making you to.

So if this sounds like something you might enjoy, why not have a look at my top recommended product online?

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Again I hope you found my review helpful, and if you have any questions what so ever leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.


$99 for the starting pack + $49.99/year

Overall Rating



  • The company started off strong
  • They offer training to their members


  • It has had multiple lawsuits
  • Many people claim their products are poor quality
  • Changes of making a good income with this company is slim
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6 thoughts on “Is Monat A Scam”

  1. Growing an MLM business is quite difficult even if you have good products and it can be awful with bad products. I think they need to improve the quality of their products first. 

    When I tried googling Monat products review, I first got to the differents complaints before seeing any positive testimony. That is really bad for business. It will be hard for anyone to make sales in such a case.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Ya as I mentioned in my review, Monat has such a bad reputation right now I think it would be extremely hard for anyone to join it and make a decent income.

      This is another reason I would not want to join an MLM company. You are restricted to selling ONLY a certain type of product — even if it’s terrible.

      So after a while you will get a bad reputation yourself for trying to make a living selling cheap or harmful products.

      However with affiliate marketing you control EVERYTHING. You can build a business around anything you want and sell ANY product you want. 

      So if something else comes along that will help your customers more, you can simply make an easy switch and promote that product instead and keep a good reputation plus probably make more money in the process.

  2. What cosmetic product are they selling for one hundred dollars? Whatever it is, however good the quality, I guarantee you I can find it cheaper somewhere. These things can get expensive, but not that expensive!

    There are good MLM companies out there, but in general I try to stay away from them. It seems to me that you need a certain type of personality and skillset to make it in this sales model. 

    I know people who have that personality and have done well with reputable brands like Mary Kay. I do not, and so probably will never try. 

    You do a good job of pointing out all the red flags with this particular company, though. BBB ratings are important, and just that should be enough to stay away.

    • One of the main products they sell is called REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive — which is supposed to help rejuvenate the hair and scalp.

      Of course like you said you can probably find a similar product for way cheaper at your local beauty store — and if I’m not mistaken I think I might of saw this particular brand selling for way less on Ebay.

      Also you are correct that to make good money with MLM business you need to have an outgoing personality, be able to handle rejection well, and not mind talking to strangers ( basically like a car salesman ).

      But what makes this business model so terrible is even you are that type of person — you have to find people to join your team that are this exact same way.

      Otherwise you won’t be building and sustaining a large team — which is where 99% of all your income will be generating from.

      Again I’m not saying you can’t make money with MLM’s ( many people have done quite well ) — it’s just that they are extremely hard to succeed in, plus you usually have to end up spending a ton of money on advertising.

      This is why I like affiliate marketing.

      You can sit behind a computer and create helpful content without ever having to approach people. Plus it cost almost nothing to become a part of.

      So for these 2 reasons alone ( I could list a lot more ) — I feel this is a much better way for the average person to make money online.

      And while there are many scams out there saying you can get rich quick with this method ( which you can’t ) — this opportunity has remained my #1 product due to their high quality training, support, and thousands of success stories that they generate.

  3. $99 dollars for a 30ml product? Who has that kind of money these days to buy expensive shampoos. Seriously, there is better shampoo range out there, using ingredients that are more natural and safe for the hair. 

    Buying good hair care products need not be so complicated, much less selling it. If you need to go through layers of marketing just to sell them, you’re making common daily items inaccessible to everyone. 

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cathy. 

      Now while admittedly don’t know much about girls shampoos and everything they are supposed to do — even for a guy like me I knew right away that these prices were extremely high.

      Of course as I mentioned this is what you’ll find in a typical MLM company because they have to pay all their members plus their downline — and the only way to do that is to sell expensive products / memberships.


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