Is Money Guru A Scam? Yes And Here Are 3 Specific Reasons Why!

I stumbled upon this website the other day that claimed you could make $10 dollars for signing up and $5 after that for every task you do.

Now if you’re like me, then you’re probably asking yourself the question is Money Guru a scam or if it’s a legit way to earn some quick cash online right?

Now before I go any further, I first want to congratulate you for taking the time out of your day to do some research before jumping right at this opportunity.

Because this is how you can tell if a company or website is really worth joining or not.

And to get you a heads up, Money Guru is indeed a scam — and you should stay as far away from it as you can.

Now within my review I’ll be sharing with you some major red flags I found while researching this platform to prove why it can’t be trusted.

So what that said, let’s get right into it!

Quick Summary Of Money Guru

Name: Money Guru


Price: Free to join

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is Money Guru?

Money Guru claims to be the #1 affiliate network app in which you can make $5 for doing a variety of different tasks.

In fact they say they’ve paid out over $44 million dollars since its supposed beginning in 2010 — and that anyone can join and start earning some easy money.

Now when programs make bold claims like this, it’s easy to get lured into them and at least try them out.

However much like some other companies I’ve reviewed in the past such as WiredBucks and Reward Dollars — Money Guru here is nothing but a scam out to steal your money.

And before I get into the many reasons as to why this company should not be trusted, let me explain exactly how this platform works and why it was created in the first place.

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How Does Money Guru Work?

Money Guru tries to lure you into the platform by promising that you can earn easy money without doing almost any work at all.

In fact they say there are only 3 steps you have to do to start making easy quick money with them.

  • Step1: Sign up to the platform and earn $10
  • Step2: Invite your friends or do small task like surveys to earn $5
  • Step3: Then cash out once you’ve accumulated enough money

Is Money Guru A Scam - how Money Guru works

And as I said earlier, simply reading this makes it very tempting to try this platform out because what do you really have to lose if it’s free to join right?

Well almost everything literally! Because…

Here’s How Money Guru Really Work

You see when you sign up to this platform and do the task within it ( like answer surveys ) you will see your account earn more money each and every day.

However when the time comes for you to cash out, you will get a big notification claiming you either don’t have enough funds or that you are doing a fraudulent activity.

So what will end up happening is they will shut your account down and say you are more than welcome to create a new account and try again.

And if you don’t believe me, you can watch this short 8 minute video of a guy trying to cash out from Money Guru but is getting denied.


Now you might be wondering what’s in it for them?

Well first of all, whoever is behind Money Guru is generating money each time you click on a link, fill out a survey, or take some sort of action.

Secondly the people who create these types of platforms do so to steal your personal information and sell it to other people for money.

Because when you sign up to this platform you’ll be giving them….

  • Your name
  • Your username 
  • Your email address
  • And your password

So this makes it very easy for them to possibly hack into other accounts of yours such as bank accounts, credit cards, other email addresses, and so on.

This is why I urge you at the very beginning to stay away from this company and similar ones like it — because it can really mess up your life.

Money Guru Red Flags

Now if the video and information above didn’t prove to you why this company is a scam, here are just a few of some of the major problems I found with it that I think will easily change your mind.  

1) They Give No Explanation To How They Make Money

First off, this company does not explain how they generate money.

And this is a pretty big problem when they claim to pay everyone $10 for signing up and $5 for every action they take.

I mean let’s say 500 people join this company a month ( which is quite low ) — that would mean they would need to give out $5,000 for them signing up and another $75,000 if they each did 1 task every day for a month.

Which equals out to be $80,000!

Again though this company is not selling anything, asking you to pay money to sign up, or even offering some sort of service.

They simply say join their platform and they will shower you with money until the end of time.

And I don’t know about you, but if this doesn’t make you suspicious I don’t know what would. 

2) They Use Fake Screenshots 

One way Money Guru tries to trick you into joining their scam is they have a link called testimonials — which sends you to a page full of screenshots of people supposedly making money.

And if you quickly glance at them you would think these were all legit and that you could earn just as much if not more than them.

However I did some more digging and found out that Money Guru’s website started on June 25, 2020 as you can see here.

Is Money Guru A Scam - When it was really created

However the majority of these screenshots are before June, which you can see right here…

Is Money Guru A Scam - fake testimonial #1

Is Money Guru A Scam - fake testimonial #2

So how is it possible for people to be making hundreds upon thousands of dollars with a company before it was even created?

Well I’ll tell you.

They weren’t and no one that joins this platform ever will.

3) They Use Fake Video Testimonials

Now not only does Money Guru use fake screenshots to try and lure you into their sleazy program, but they also have fake video testimonials as well.

You’ll see around 8 different people giving a quick video response as to how they were able to make a lot of money with this website by basically doing nothing.

In fact, one guy said he made over $600 within his first month by using Money Guru for about 30 seconds a day!

Wow wouldn’t that be great if it were true?

However again this is nothing but a lie — and all of these videos were paid for from a site called Fiverr as you can see here:

Is Money Guru A Scam - Video testimonial #1

Is Money Guru A Scam - Fiverr actor #1

Is Money Guru A Scam - Video testimonial #2

Is Money Guru A Scam - Fiverr actor #2

So if this program were legit, why would they pay a few bucks for people to make up fabricated stories of earning money with them?

Well it’s because as I’ve said over and over, this program is out to steal your money and personal information and that’s it.

So Is Money Guru A Scam?

I think by now, you can tell that Money Guru is definitely a scam.

They make bold claims of paying you money without giving any evidence of how they themselves generate an income, they use fake screens and testimonials, and they never tell you who the founder of it is.

So in short, this is not a program you want to be spending one second or one penny on — unless you absolutely love wasting your time and enjoy the chance of possibly getting hacked.

What I Like About It

  • There is nothing I liked about this program

What I Don’t Like About It

  • There’s no information as to who the founder is
  • It uses fake screenshots for payment proof 
  • It uses fake video testimonials
  • You have a good chance of having your personal accounts get hacked into
  • Your inbox will get flooded with spam email
  • Your account will get frozen or terminated once you try to cash out

My Final Thoughts

I hope by now you can see why Money Guru is indeed a program that is not to be trusted, and why you should not waste one second on it.

Because even though I know you wanted this program to work, making money online quickly and easily simply doesn’t happen — otherwise everyone on the face of the planet would be rich.

With that said though, there are legit ways you can earn a very good income online — such as becoming an affiliate marketer.

With this method you simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

And the cool thing is you can write about any topic you want such as sports, traveling, computers, or whatever — then get paid while you’re sleeping, eating, on vacation, or whatever!

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you enjoyed my review of Money Guru.

If you have any questions about it or making money online in general, I’ll be glad to help you out. 🙂

Money Guru

Free to join

Overall Rating



  • There is nothing I liked about this program


  • Your account will get frozen or terminated once you try to cash out
  • It uses fake screenshots for payment proof 
  • You have a good chance of having your personal accounts get hacked into
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2 thoughts on “Is Money Guru A Scam? Yes And Here Are 3 Specific Reasons Why!”

  1. There are lots of offers online and most of them are not what they say they are. 

    It can be really tricky the way they operate and this has really made it very important for us as online users to know about these bad products and stay away from them like  Money Guru here. 

    The reasons you’ve given here are very helpful and more than enough reasons for me to never try out this scam.

    • I’m glad you found my review helpful, and furthermore I’m glad that you decided not to join Money Guru. 

      Because as I said within my article nothing good will come out of joining this program.


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