Is Motor Club America A Scam Or A Legit Business Opportunity?

Quick Summary Of Motor Club America

Name: Motor Club America (MCA)

Price: $39.90 to get started, then $19.95 / month afterwards

Rating: 3 out of 5 rating

What Is Motor Club America?

Motor Club America or MCA, is an emergency roadside assistance company that helps people living in either the United States or Canada. They offer services such as battery boost, fuel delivery, tire changing, and towing.

MCA also allows people to become an affiliate for them, where they can earn money each time someone buys a membership through them.

While this seems like it would be a great opportunity to help you earn some extra money, there are hundreds of people that have joined MCA and ended up making close to nothing.

Now you may wondering is Motor Club America a scam, or can it really help you make money online by selling a road side service?

Being honest while I’m sure you “could” make money if you joined this company — but with thousands of people already promoting this company, plus you having to compete against other companies like AAA offering almost the exact same service — the likelihood of you succeeding is probably close to none.

But if you’re still interested in possibly joining this company, let me explain more about this company for you.

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How Does Motor Club America Work?

MCA is a pretty simple MLM business where if you get someone to join the program under your affiliate link, then you’ll get paid a commission. Also if the people you signed up also get people to join, you will then also get a portion of their commission.

In fact one of the things I really like about MCA, is that unlike other MLM companies that require you to read a 10 page PDF to understand how you’ll get paid — here it’s quite easy to understand as there’s only 4 different ways you can earn.

How to earn

1. Direct Commission

Everytime you get someone to buy a membership through your affiliate link, you’ll get paid $80.00 dollars.

direct commission

2. Residual Income

Whenever one of your referrals makes their monthly payment, you’ll earn $0.66 cent.

Residual Income

3. Volume Income

The more people you can sign up in a week, then the more you’ll be able to earn off each referral. Starting off at $80 dollars for 5 people, it can go all the way up to $90 dollars per person when you have 30 or more referrals in 1 week.

Volume Income

4. Passive Income

Last but not least if your referral becomes a sales associate like you, you’ll earn $6.00 from each one of their sales.

Passive Income

Here’s a short 5-minute video going over their compensation plan in a little bit more detail:


Why I Believe So Many People Fail After They Join MCA

As I said earlier, while you’d think it would be simple to make good money by referring people to a helpful service like MCA, there are a few key reasons as to why I think so many people are making close to nothing after joining this program

1. They don’t have good training for beginners on how to make regular sales. Now while MCA has recently added in a training course to their program (probably because too many people didn’t have a clue what to do after they joined) — after quickly looking over it, it still doesn’t seem all that good.

For example they say they’ll teach you how to rank YouTube videos without any prior knowledge, and all you need is a simple “plug” to make it work.

does not work

Now I can tell you right away if you want to rank a YouTube video, it’s a lot like trying to rank a website in the search engines. One you won’t rank for every keyword you aim for, and two it’s not something that can easily be done with a plugin.

If it were that easy, then everyone in their mom would use this plugin, rank videos on page one of Google and YouTube, then would be making thousands of dollars a day.

2. They make people think earning money will be easy and fast. Again while I believe you can make money if you join this company, many of their sales videos and associates will have you believe that you can earn thousands of dollars quite easily.

can't make money easy

As you can see in the picture, they show if you can make 10 sales each and every week that you can earn up to $43,000 a year. Now I don’t know about you but I’d imagine trying to make 10 sales for a roadside service is not something even an experienced marketer would be able to do that easily.

And sadly this is how most MLM companies work, trying to lure you in with high hopes of earning a lot of passive income without having to work that hard for it.

The only problem though is they don’t tell you how very hard and time-consuming it is to make this happen — as in you’d probably have to be working 40+ hours a week to try and accomplish this.

3. There’s a lot of competition. If you’ve ever tried marketing online, you’ll know that some niches like MMO and weight loss are extremely competitive and difficult to succeed in — and that you’re marketing to the entire world.

Now when you get thousands of people marketing a company to a small geographic region, you can imagine how much harder it is to refer people when there’s already thousands of ads online promoting MCA.

So after a while it becomes very difficult to find new people to recruit, and the member’s already in the program start to also see a decline in their income as a result.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

To become an associate of MCA, you’ll have to pay $39.90 to get started, then $19.95 every month after.

They say this is to cover many of the roadside membership benefits like having your battery jump started or your car towed. This also will give many discounts to things like dental, vision, hotels, and car rentals.

Motor Club America Reviews

After looking at several reviews of MCA, I will say that the majority of them do seem to be positive as many people really love the service they provide.

However most of the negative reviews, and just neutral reviews in general come from people joining their affiliate program and not being able to earn a decent income through them.

positive review 1

Positive review 2

Neutral review 1

Neutral review 2

Bad review 1

Bad review 2

So after seeing these reviews, I think this reiterates my point that MCA is a great company in terms of the service they provide, but when it comes to joining their team and trying to market their program many people find it quite hard and thus are quite unsatisfied.

What I Like About It

  • They seem to have a very good company that’s been providing a good service for several years now
  • Their compensation plan is easy to understand
  • They recently added a some marketing training to their program showing they are at least trying to help beginners (although I’m still not sure how effective it is)
  • There seems to be more people happy with their customer service than their are people unhappy with it.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Company is based on an MLM business model making your focus on recruiting people instead of selling the service.
  • Company is only available to people in the U.S. and Canada
  • You’re promoting in a very saturated market, making it hard to get referrals

Who Is Motor Club America For?

MCA I believe can mainly benefit people who have some prior marketing experience, and also live either in the U.S. or Canada.

I think this will give the person a much better chance at succeeding — however I think even then it will be hard to earn a decent income through this company.

My Final Rating – Is Motor Club America A Scam?

3 out of 5 

While companies like MCA seem like a good opportunity to make money in the beginning, most people find out the hard way that it’s a lot harder than they initially anticipated.

Usually this involves like I said working 40+ hours a week trying to find new people to recruit on and offline, and also helping people already in your down line find people as well.

So while I don’t believe Motor Club America is a scam, I think its going to be very difficult to earn good money through their program since all your doing is trying to recruit new people each and every week.

And for that very reason, that’s why I’ll never join companies like MCA.

Instead I like making money online by building websites around topics I enjoy, instead of joining MLM companies like Motor Club America where I’m forced into a very saturated market trying to recruit as many people as I can.

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I hope you found my Motor Club America review helpful, and if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to ask me about it — feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Motor Club America A Scam Or A Legit Business Opportunity?”

  1. Hey I really enjoyed this article.

    I do not like MCA. The services that they offer may be good, but if you are wanting to make money I don’t think its worth it. I have tried MCA twice and i didn’t get any where, and I read a lot of bad reviews on them. 

    Ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate I have finally been seeing progress! 

    • Hey Justin, thanks for sharing your personal experience with MCA. It just goes to show that joining an MLM company (even if it’s a good one) — is extremely hard to be successful in.

      Also as I said in the post, this particular service is online limited to the U.S. and Canada — making it a lot more difficult to succeed.

  2. Hi Michael,

    It’s my first time to hear about Motor Club America and from the way you have explained it, it doesn’t seem good business wise at all. If I was looking for a program to choose for my online business I would not go for MCA.

    Of course I need a platform which offers me enough training opportunity on how to do business online as a newbie. I want to be involved in a place where I will get enough support from the technical team as well as the community. I don’t like their payment system at all, to me it takes advantage of the client’s efforts.

    • Ya if your a complete beginner in selling products online, then I wouldn’t recommend joining this company or any MLM business to be honest.

      It’s extremely hard to succeed in, the amount of work you have to put in in crazy, and like you said you don’t really good get training or support on how to succeed either.

      That’s why when anyone ask me how they can make money online, I point them toward Wealthy Affiliate. They offer things such as…

      – 24/7 technical support
      – updating training aimed at helping both beginners and experienced marketers grow a business online
      – a community of thousands of people you can get help with
      – and the knowledge on how to sell anything online you want

      So I would highly recommend you check them out first before you do anything else — and best of all is you can get valuable training along with 2 websites all for free.

  3. I typically stay away from Multi Level Marketing businesses because of the fact that they have to offer substandard products and services to pay all the commissions out to the marketers. 

    That’s why I too joined Wealthy Affiliate. The websites you make will earn you money if you follow the plan, and there definitely is no hidden requirements or fees to operate your business. 

    • Ya I personally find it quite annoying that when you join an MLM company you’re only required to sell their product or service. And to make matters worst, you usually end up not trying to sell anything — but instead are recruiting as many people as you possibly can.

      As I said in the review, this is something that is extremely hard to do and maintain to earn a regular income online.

      However by building out your own websites as Wealthy Affiliate teaches, you can basically sell whatever you want — and start earning a regular income online within as little as 6-8 months.

      Not to mention you can repeat this process in any niche you want — and have as many websites as you want potentially earning you an income. 


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