Is My Mlm Formula A Scam, Or Can You Really Make Thousands Of Dollars In Just A Couple Of Months

Quick Summary Of My Mlm Formula

Name: My Mlm Formula

Price: $5.00 to join, then $37 / month after 14 days

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is My Mlm Formula?

My MLM Formula is a program created by a guy named Josh Cope that claims you can make a six figure business within just a couple of months after joining.

He says this is done with a revolutionary new system, that will weed out tire kickers and give you ONLY “ready to buy / ready to join” prospects automatically for your business.

The question though is My MLM Formula a scam, or can it really make you thousands of dollars in such a short period of time?

While in the video Josh makes it sound like anyone can accomplish this without any difficulty, I can tell you firsthand that you WILL NOT be making this much money — and in order to make any kind of any decent income online takes hard work, patience, and a lot of trial and error before you can make this happen.

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With that said, let’s see why Josh thinks this program is unlike any other one on the market — and also find out his “secret” to building a 6 figure business in just a couple of months.

How Does My Mlm Formula Work?

My MLM Formula is basically a free blogging platform, that says it will help you get a steady flow of traffic and sales to your business within a very short amount of time. Also he says this will all be done automatically, so that you can have more time to do the things you want to in life.

In fact he even made a program called “8 Weeks to 10k Challenge” — claiming you can build a 6 figure business within as little as 2 months.

8 Weeks to 10k Challenge

On top of that, once you’re inside the members area he even has a free webinar saying he’ll show you how a strategy on how to make $75,270/month within 90 days!

Free webinar

Now as I said earlier, while blogging can make you easily $10,000 dollars a month and more — it’s not something that will happen within a couple of months, and especially not something that can be done so quickly on autopilot while you sit at the beach drinking a margarita.

If you ask any successful blogger, they will tell you it takes A LOT of work, and only by creating continuous and valuable content over a period of several months and years, will you start to earn a regular income that will gradually grow each and every month.

In fact you can see a few examples here of people making good money through blogging, by simply learning the proper steps on how to do it — then working their butt off to become successful.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that My MLM Formula does nothing but get your hopes high and give you unrealistic expectations — when in fact you’ll probably make close to nothing if you join their program.

How Does My MLM Formula Claim You’ll Be Making Money?

As I said earlier, this program is a free blogging platform that is supposed to help you earn thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time.

But how do they say you’ll do this?

Basically once you become a premium member your blog will then transform into a squeeze page, making it part of a sales funnel that will then get people to join this program, and other programs associated with it.

You will have the option to choose from several different templates on how you want your page to look like.

Different templates

Then in order to get traffic (which is the lifeblood of any business) — you’ll basically be spending money on paid ads to get people to visit your site.

Again paid ads is definitely a legitimate way to drive traffic to your website and help you earn money online — but it’s not something that’s a “big secret” that will instantly make you rich overnight.

I mean if it were that easy, why isn’t everyone who’s joined this program rich and retired now — bragging at what an amazing program this is?

Because it does not work! To make a lot of money online through paid ads takes a lot testing to create a high converting ad, and even then your still not guaranteed to always make a sale.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

To join this program, it is completely free — which will give you access to the members area and a free blog.

However if you want to use their training, tools, and become an affiliate of theirs — you need to donate $5.00 dollars to their wounded warrior project, then after 14 days pay $37.00 a month to continue being a premium member.

While the training I saw looked somewhat good, it still isn’t going to make you rich overnight — and they only cover briefly on how to set up a profitable blog.

If you want an in depth step by step training on how to create a money making blog, get help from thousands of successful online marketers, and be given all the tools to become successful — check out my favorite program online here called Wealthy Affiliate.

What I Like About It

  • Gives you 14 days to test out their product before you have to pay the $37.00 a month

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It’s basically a hyped up program, providing unrealistic expectation for people trying to make money online
  • People’s testimonials seem fake, almost as if their reading from a piece of paper on what to say
  • You literally have to sit through a 30-minute video as he talks about how great his program is before you can even sign up.
  • The free webinar claiming to show you how to make 75,000 / month in 90 days doesn’t work (hmm I wonder why)
  • It does not teach you how to build a business around any subject matter, but instead gives you a pre made sales funnel for their program.

Who Is My Mlm Formula For?

Really I wouldn’t recommend this program for anyone seriously wanting to learn how to make money online.

It’s pretends it’s “unique” blogging platform will make you rich– when in fact you’ll probably end up with less money than you started, since you’ll be spending money on paid ads to drive traffic to your website.

My Final Rating

1 out of 5

My MLM Formula is basically a program giving you false promises and beliefs as to how much money you can make online.

First you have the 8 Weeks to 10k Challenge saying you can make 6 figures in 2 months — then once your inside the members area, you have a webinar saying you can make $75,000 a month in 90 days (or almost a million dollars in 1 year) — so which one is it?

Either way, you WLL NOT be making this kind of money if you join — especially when the program doesn’t even provide all the necessary training and tools (like a keyword finder) to become successful online.

That’s why whenever someone ask me how can they make money online, I simply point them toward my most recommended product online — Wealthy Affiliate.

They provide things such as…

  • Step by step training showing you how to create a brand new site and make money from it
  • Every tool necessary to become successful (writing platform, keyword tool, site ranking tool)
  • Weekly webinars to keep you up to date on what’s working and what’s not in the online world
  • A community with thousands of successful affiliate markets all willing to help you
  • A proven method showing you what a blog can make you each and every month (none of this hyped up 10K + a month income in 2 weeks talk)

So in essence, its a well put together program offering you an honest way to make money online.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out my full review of WA — and see exactly what they offer here:

See what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer here

I hope this review has shed some light on MY MLM Formula, and that you know have a better understanding as to what you will and will not be getting if you decide to join it.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or want to share your personal experience with this program — leave a comment below and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is My Mlm Formula A Scam, Or Can You Really Make Thousands Of Dollars In Just A Couple Of Months”

  1. My MLM formula seems to be another scam site. Thanks for bringing My MLM formula platform into the light, before much people falling prey to their false promises. 

    No platform in the world can make you that much much money in such a short period of time. It may take months and years of hard work to earn that kind of income. 

    I really liked the Wealthy Affiliate platform you showed at the end of your post, as it seems to have proper training and support.

    Thanks for your review!

    • I’m glad you seemed to realize that no matter what these program tell you (like My Mlm Formula) — being able to make thousands of dollars online in a very short amount of time is just not possible.

      You have to realize that creating a business online is just like creating a business offline. you need …

      – a store (your website)
      – a way to get people to your store (through SEO or paid ads)
      – and something to sell (affiliate programs) 

      Now while setting up a website and finding affiliate programs isn’t all that hard or time consuming — working on getting people to your site is what takes so much time.

      So while yes you can make thousands of dollars online — learning the necessary skills on how to drive traffic to your website takes time and hard work as you create valuable content for your readers.

      This is exactly why I love Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t sugar coat anything, but tell you from the start that ANYONE can make money online, but it WILL TAKE HARD WORK and PATIENCE before you start to see good results.

  2. Hi, great article. I’m always weary of people/sites that claim instant riches on the internet. Whilst a lot of people make money online, it’s nowhere near as fast and as easy as these people claim. 

    How long have you been working on your online business and approximately how long did it take before you starting making money online?

    • Exactly! People today want things fast — so all these programs online cater to these people’s wants and tell them that they can make a lot of money very fast, all while not having to do much of anything.

      The reality though is nothing in life worth achieving comes easy, and this is especially true when it comes to making money online. I would even argue and say building an online business may be one of the hardest jobs you ever have — but at the same time the most rewarding if you stick with it.

      Now in regards to when you’ll make money, it really varies from one person to the next due to many factors like what their niche is, how they go about creating their website, and what kind of keywords they are trying to rank for.

      With that said though, on average you can start to see your first sale within about 6 months, after that you’ll start seeing a regular income after 1 year, then after 2 years you can easily be working online full time.

      Now while this may seem like a long time, you would be surprised as how fast a year or 2 goes by. Plus if you were to build a offline business, it’s not uncommon to wait 5+ years until you turn a profit.

      Now me personally, I saw my first sale around the 7 month mark — and since then I have made many more sales.

  3. Hey there. Your dead on. Creating your own blog around something that you enjoy is so much more rewarding and promising financially than getting into these “get rich quick” programs. It definitely takes a lot of work to build something that’s worthwhile, so you might as well do something you enjoy. 

    Personally, I see no enjoyment in building someone else’s sales funnel by putting in my own money. People are so money hungry that they will fall for anything. I used to be one of them. And while I don’t doubt that the creators of these programs have made money for themselves, expecting to make that same type of money further down the ladder is complete bull.

    • It’s true that people now a days want things fast without much effort — which is why all these scams online thrive so well. They say they can make people wealthy without them really having to work for it.

      However the reality with making money online is it takes hard work, patience, and investing some of your own money to make it possible.


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