Is Norwex A Scam Or Is It a Legitimate Business To Get Involved With?

Quick Summary Of Norwex

Name: Norwex

Price: $9.99 for shipping and handling (then optional upgrades if you want)

Rating: 2/5 rating (This company has great products, but don’t expect to make good money if you join their program)

What Is Norwex?

Norwex is a large MLM company who’s goal is to reduce the harmful chemicals and waste we use every day that could and probably affect our overall health.

The company started in 1994 by a guy named Bjørn Nicolaisen, selling just a simple cloth to clean windshields. Today it now sells 100’s of products ranging from towels, cleaning supplies, and laundry items.

Now one of the main ways Norwex markets their company, is they offer people the opportunity to become a consultant and make money by selling their products.

However you’re probably wondering can you make good money selling non-hazardous cleaning products to people — or is Norwex A scam?

I’ll be honest after reviewing this company, I can say that there products are actually quite good — and many people have given them a high rating.

On the flip side though, I don’t see you making much money if you joined this company due to many different reasons which I’m about to discuss.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at what Norex has to sell, and see why I believe this company is not going to help you become financially free.

What Does Norwex Sale?

Norex mainly focuses on selling cleaning products that don’t have harmful chemicals in them, that way you can live a healthier life.

With their most popular product being their microfiber cloth, which I think everyone at one point or another has used — they also sell other items like mops, laundry detergent, and dusting mitts.

What does Norwex sell

As I said earlier, I think their products are actually very good and actually do an amazing job at cleaning your house without using harsh chemicals (like they advertised).

Norwex also claims that by using their products you not only will have chemical free products, but you will also significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on cleaning supplies each year.

they will save you money
So your’re probably wondering if their products are so good, why won’t you make good money if you joined their company?

Well I believe this is due to a few key reasons which makes earning a decent income through this company almost near impossible.

Why I Don’t Think You’ll Make Good Money Joining Norwex

1) You’ll Mainly Be Selling Items By Hosting A Party

One of Norwex’s main way of selling products is by having their consultants host a party. Basically this means you’ll invite a group of people you know (friends and family) — then demonstrate how great Norwex’s products are.

hosting a party
Again while I believe Norwex has some really good products, the problem with this method is finding enough people to do this.

I mean sure you can probably throw a few parties when just starting out by simply inviting your closest friends and family — but afterwards you’ll probably start begging your co-workers, neighbors, and even complete strangers to come and watch you do a sales demonstration.

I don’t know about you, but I usually have better things to do on my weekends then go to someone’s house and listen to someone pitch a product to me

2) Most Of Their Products Aren’t That High In Price

If you were to scroll to Norwex’s product page, you’ll see that most their products are around $20-$40 dollars. While you would think this might be a good thing at first, it actually makes it quite hard earn a decent income.

non expensive products

Now when you become a consultant, you’ll earn 35% on all personal sales — plus some free products as well.

Now lets say you sold $1,000 dollars worth of products (which by the way would be around 30-50 products total) — you would only end up with $350 dollars!

And if you held a party once a week, that would only equal out to around $1,400 dollars — which is basically like minimum wage in most places.

Again you could possibly hold more parties per week, but personally I would struggle just holding just 1 — then after about 3-4 parties I would run out of people to invite over to my house.

So all in all, you need to sell A LOT of their products every party to even make a decent income through them.

3) Their Company Is Based Around A MLM Business Model

Like with most MLM businesses, the way people make most of their money is by recruiting people and earning a percentage of all the sales they make.

And Norwex is no different…

They say by focusing on recruiting more people into your team, you can then “reach for success” and climb higher in ranks — which will give you more money and free gifts.

climb in rankings

Again though doing this is a lot easier said then done, as the higher you get the harder it is to keep that position since you have to keep a certain number of recruits in your down line plus make a certain amount of retail sales in a month.

hard requirements to keep

All in all I very much dislike this type of business model, and it has been proven that 95% of people fail that join MLM companies due to the very reasons I just explained.

Instead I prefer affiliate marketing. I don’t have to chase after people to join my team, and people are coming to me wanting to buy something — instead of me forcing a product on someone who probably doesn’t even want it.

This program here, taught me and millions of other people how to become successful affiliate marketers and find success online.

So Is Norwex A Scam?

I would say Norwex is definitely not a scam, as they have been around for about 24 years — and the products they sell are actually quite good!

The only problem though like I said before, is their company is based around an MLM business model — and on top of that the main way your taught to sell their products is by hosting parties which makes it very hard to earn a decent income through them.

What I Like About It

  • Their business is based around helping people live healthier lives by providing non-hazardous products
  • Most of their products are very good, and at the same time not that expensive

What I Dont Like About It

  • The recommended way to sell products is by hosting a party (which I believe is hard to keep doing each and every month)
  • You need to sell a ton of their products to make any kind of reasonable money
  • Their company is based on an MLM business model, which is extremely hard to become successful in

Who Is Norwex For?

I believe anyone that really enjoys Norwex’s products, and also has lots of friends and family members can probably make a decent income through this company.

However like I said though, finding enough people to host a party each week and being able to recruit people into your team are both extremely hard — and frankly is something that most people can’t do successfully.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5

Overall I think Norwex has some great products, and I love the fact they their sole purpose is to help people live healthier lives.

However I think if you’re looking to join this company in hopes of making a lot of money — you’ll be sorely disappointed. You would need to know literally hundreds people, already be a good salesperson, and truly believe and test out their products to make it work.

As I said earlier, I think you’ll realize that begging people to come over to your house so you can sell them a product won’t last all that long — and honestly isn’t a good way to go about running a business..

Instead I believe in creating multiple income steams, selling products that people genuinely want, and also finding ways to market your business without begging your friends and family — and this can all be done through Affiliate marketing.

Through a program called Wealthy Affiliate, they taught me (basically a complete beginner) how to create a successful affiliate marketing business that in return will earn me a regular income each and every month.

If you’d like to learn more about this program and see exactly what they offer, click here:

Learn a legitimate way to make money online
I hope after reading this review, you now have a much better understanding as to what Norwex is — and also determine for yourself as to whether or not you want to join them.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or simply just enjoyed reading my review — leave a comment below and I’ll be more than glad to help you out any way I can. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Norwex A Scam Or Is It a Legitimate Business To Get Involved With?”

  1. I’ve never heard of Norwex until now. Looks like more work than I am willing to do, now that I am retired. +

    Looks like some good products and people can make a few bucks, but I don’t see too many people becoming financially independent with this company. Clearly it’s not a scam but it sounds like Amway to me.

    Thank you for the great review.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking when reviewing this program. 

      While yes their products do look good, and probably help us by not using all those chemicals, the whole process of hosting a party each and every week sounds exhausting — and quite frankly not something that could last a long time.

  2. Hi Michael,

    As I was reading this, a red flag went up immediately when you said “hosting a party.” How on earth is anyone going to make money this way unless they have thousands of friends who will attend and then in turn, host parties themselves. It sounds too much like the Avon model of many years ago.

    This also sounds like one of those marketing methods that drives you to see everyone as a potential target for your sale.

    So, I agree with you that even though the products might be good, the marketing method isn’t.

    Throughout my life I have been asked to join several multi level marketing plans. I know that the whole idea is to have a down line of people selling. But the problem is finding reliable people to do it.

    As you say, affiliate marketing is a much better model.

    Thank you for making us aware of this. Norwex sounds like a fine company doing good things but I personally would never be interested in selling their products through the MLM model.

    • Exactly Christopher. Even though I’ve personally never joined an MLM company before in my life, I could clearly see from the get go what a bad marketing strategy Norwex had when it came to selling their products. 

      Also I would hate to be that person who goes around begging their friends and family to come watch me pitch them a product (regardless if it’s good or not).

      That’s why Affiliate marketing made a lot more sense to me, as I am selling products that people WANT — instead of trying to force people to buy things that they probably aren’t even interested in. 

  3. Hello there,

    I also hate hosting parties to make money because they won’t always guarantee you’ll make money. They are very expensive as well, so I won’t be joining it.

    I like the idea of building an affiliate marketing business of my own. It seems very lucrative. I will be reading more about the system and see how things work with the free account so that way I can decide what I want to do.


    • Hey Dave, you’re right that affiliate marketing is a very lucrative and flexible way to make money online — unlike Norwex here where you have to host parties.

      Affiliate marketing lets you sell products to the entire world, you can sell whatever you want, and you can make money even while your sleeping once you’re business gets off the ground.

      Also if you plan on trying Wealthy Affiliate out, remember it’s 100% free — and you wont even need a credit card to sign up.


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