Is Perfectly Posh A Scam? No But Here’s Why I Don’t Recommend This Company

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Name: Perfectly Posh

Price: $99.00 dollars

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh is a company that started back in 2011 by a lady named Ann Dalton, with the concept that women deserve to pamper themselves for all the hard work they do.

Therefore this company has created products specially designed to help women feel and look better. They also have given women the opportunity to create an online business through an MLM business model.

Now is Perfectly Posh a scam, or is it a good opportunity for women to start earning a regular income online?

Well after looking over this company is seeing what they offer, I would not call them a scam — but by the same token I would not recommend you ladies join this for specific reasons which I’m about to explain.

First off, lets’s see exactly what this company is selling to “pamper” all these women out their.

What Does Perfectly Posh Sell?

As I just mentioned, Perfectly Posh sells a variety of products to help women feel and look better about themselves. A few of the items they sell are soaps, lotions, face creams, lips glosses, hair sprays, and a variety of body butters.

Perfectly Posh's products
They claim what makes their products so unique, is they use natural ingredients like nuts, flowers, and oils — and that there cruelty-free meaning that they use animal by products such as milk, honey and beeswax.

Overall though I wouldn’t say these products are anything special — and honestly I’d bet the only reason people buy them is due to colorful packages and unique smells.

But if you joined this company looking to resell these products to other people — I’d imagine you’d have a hard time due to how crazy expensive some of them are.

Here’s some soaps costing $10-$16 dollars, and some moisturizers costing $24-$40 dollars.

Expensive soaps

Expensive Moisturizers
Now since I’m a guy I typically think girls spend too much money on these kinds of items — but since I didn’t want to be biased I read some reviews from other girls who personally bought these products and used them.

Now a few women really liked these products, but many others complained about them costing too much (as I just said), not working as they intended, and there even some saying that their face broke out in a rash.

Products may cause rashes

So if I were you, I’d be careful before spending full price on an item that could have adverse effects on your body. Also I would think long and hard as to whether you could find enough people to sell these overpriced and products too.

Personally I know I couldn’t, especially when I know that a few of their products have been known to cause people discomfort.

How Does Their Compensation Plan Work?

Before you can start recruiting people into this business, you’ll first have to buy the starter kit which cost $99 dollars. The kit comes with several different products that you can then use to build your business.

Starter kit
When starting out though, you’ll be at rank 1 (protégé) where you’ll earn 20% on all commissions you make. Then as time goes on, you can then try to climb higher in the ranks to earn more money.

Now after you make $1,000 dollars worth of sales, you’ll start earning 25% on all your commission which actually isn’t all that bad. However as with any MLM company, in order to make a good income you’ll have to try recruit people into your down line so  you can start earning a portion of every sale they make.

In order to make this happen though,  you’ll have to obtain a rank of “Pink Plus 1” — which requires you to sell $500 worth of products each month, sell a total of $2,000 dollars worth of items between you and your team, and also have 1 qualified front line consultant.

Compensation Plan

Now based on what rank you are, and the title of each of your Front line Consultants — you’ll earn 25% in personal commissions each week, a 1-6% bonus on the 10th of every month, and also another 1-6% off of everyone in your down line

For example if you recruited 2 new people into your down line who met the requirements of earning $500 dollars a month, you would only earn $20 dollars off of them for that month.

But if you could create a really big down line, in theory you could earn thousands of dollars almost on auto pilot every month — however most people quickly learn this is a lot harder to do than they originally planned.

For one, your trying to sell overpriced soaps in lotions to meet your personal volume of $500 dollars each month. And secondly the majority of your income is determined by whether or not the people you recruit into your team can also sell thousands of dollars worth of products to people every month.

I mean can you honestly say you have enough time or know enough people to go around each day trying to sell these products? Also what’s going to be your main sales pitch to get them to buy your products — when again they can simply go to Walmart and buy the same thing for far less?

If you answered this question honestly, I think you’ll start to see exactly how hard making money with Perfectly Posh would be.

Also in general I think the whole MLM business model is a terrible way to try and make money online — as it just preys on people’s greed and hopes that they can make a lot of money online. But what they don’t you is how extremely hard it is to succeed, and that over 90% of people that join MLM companies fail.

Try this instead of Perfectly Posh

More Complaints About Perfectly Posh

As I was reading over several women’s reviews about this company, I noticed MANY of them had something negative to say about it (and some of these comments were from women who really liked Perfectly Posh).

While I can’t go over every complaint I read, I’ll highlight a few that caught my attention right off the bat.

1) Several of them Complained about Perfectly Posh having terrible customer service.

Bad customer service
2) About 3-4 reviews I read had women saying that their products burned their face (as I mentioned earlier in this post).

Been known to irritate faces
3) The products in general are too expensive and not worth purchasing unless your rich

Products are expensive

4) And a few women complained how Perfectly Posh is always getting rid of their popular products, and replacing them with higher priced ones.

Always replacing products for new ones

And again like I said, these are just a few of the dissatisfied reviews I saw. You can have a look here for yourself and read what people are saying about this company for yourselves.

But from the looks of it, they’re a lot more people who are unhappy with this company — which to me throws up a bunch of red flags as to why someone should not join Perfecly Posh.

What I Like About It

  • All their products are cruelty-free, mostly natural based, and made in my home country the U.S.
  • It’s fairly cheap to become a consultant at a mere $100 dollars
  • Most their product seem to have unique smells that people love

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Several people have said the customer service is terrible
  • Some of the face products have been known to cause rashes and burns on people
  • In general, their products are overpriced and they sometimes don’t give you a lot of the product either
  • It’s extremely hard to become successful in this company since they use an MLM business model
  • There always getting rid of and adding products to try and make more money

Who Is Perfectly Posh For?

If your’e a woman with a lot of friends, family, and time on their hands — then you might enjoy Perfecly Posh.

Because 1, you’re going to need a lot of people in order to become successful — and 2 your going to need a lot of time each month to go out and physically sell these products.

Again though I wouldn’t get your hopes too high about making a lot of money with Perfectly Posh — and honestly your probably not going to turn that high of a profit, and wind up with a ton of products lying around you house.

So unless you’re a woman with a lot of acquaintances and time on your hands, I would skip this company and find a more legitimate business opportunity.

My Final Rating – Is Perfecly Posh A Scam?

2 out of 5

Perfectly Posh is definitely not a scam or a pyramid scheme, however I don’t see it as a good way to make money online. At best, I think you’ll make only a few sales due to the “unique” scents they have available.

But overall with their products being overpriced and known to cause burns / rashes — as well as having to rely on the people you recruit to also make a lot of sales — I think you’ll find that it will be EXTREMELY hard to build a successful business with this company.

This is why I prefer making money through affiliate marketing, which allows me to partner up with any company in the world (like Walmart and Bestbuy) and sell products that people are actually looking for and wanting.

And thanks to this platform here called Wealthy Affiliate — I have to tools and training on how to build a profitable business online, as well as a community of people to help me out any time of the day.

If this sounds like something you might want to learn more about, click the banner below for more information.

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I hope you enjoyed this review about Perfectly Posh, and that I answered any questions or concerns you had about this company.

However if you’d still like to ask me something or want to know more about Perfectly posh — leave a comment below and I’ll be more then glad to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Perfectly Posh A Scam? No But Here’s Why I Don’t Recommend This Company”

  1. I guess perfectly posh really isn’t all that great a product. You say that it isn’t a scam, but the model it uses and the products it sells  to its customers kinda seems like it’s pretty close to one.

    I’m glad that you’re actually honest with your reviews unlike someone who is merely promoting a product even if they are aware that it’s a bad service. 

    I think I’ll pass this opportunity and I think a lot of other folks should do the same. 

    • Well the way I interrupt a scam is when a company promises one thing, but ends up doing the exact opposite. For example they say you’ll get item A after you give them money — but you end up with product B or nothing at all. 

      Perfectly Posh isn’t a scam in my eyes because one they are actually selling real products (although expensive) — and they claim you can make money also selling the same products to people (which again you could do).

      The problem though is you’re more then likely not going to become successful in this company due to the fact you’re selling expensive products that people don’t really need — and the fact you have to rely on all the people in your team to also succeed in order for you to make a good income. 

      That’s why I strongly suggest all the ladies out there to really think before joining Perfectly Posh — and perhaps consider building their own business from scratch, that way they have won’t have to rely on recruiting people or being stuck selling just one kind of product.

  2. Good review Michael.

    I think any company which wants a payment for the right to sell their products is dubious. MLM’s which depend on recruitment will eventually crash and burn. Although not technically a pyramid scheme, it is based on that because there is a dependence on recruitment and not the sale of a product.

    Amazon has millions of products you can market without being forced to recruit silly targets, and not having to buy the product yourself.

    Affiliate marketing is a much better way of making a living in my opinion.

    • Thanks for your comment! Any company that focuses on recruiting people as their main source of income is definitely doom to fail. 

      In Perfecly Poshe’s case though, they have a real product they are trying to sell, but as I mentioned it don’t seem to be too good — as they are overpriced, have been known to have harmful effects on people, plus the whole having to buy it before you can sell it.

      So I 100% agree with you that affiliate marketing is a much better and successful business model — as it gives you more freedom on what to sell, you don’t have to rely on a team to become successful, and you can literally make a business about any topic you can think about.

      Of course it’s also not as easy as some make it out to be, but with the right training and support — you can easily make a full time living online with this method. 

  3. Wow, burning faces, rashes and retiring popular products is a pretty bad recipe for failure.

    And since it is MLM it would really bother me that they get rid of popular sellers, how frustrating.

    I could deal with the higher prices maybe, but this Perfectly Posh business is not making good progress towards building a positive reputation.

    I like affiliate marketing much better than any MLM because my success does not depend on the hard work or lack thereof of other people, but only on how hard I work.

    • I agree that even though an MLM business model is not the best one, some people can still be successful in it — however Perfectly Posh here is selling products that are causing people discomfort and getting rid of some of their top selling items. 

      Therefore as I mentioned I don’t think anyone’s going to find success if they joined this company. 


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