Is Pink Zebra A Scam

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Chances are you’re probably wanting to know is Pink Zebra a scam because you came across this opportunity while on the internet, or someone asked you to join their team.

Whichever the case may be, my review here will give you everything you need to know about this company such as what they are selling, how their compensation plan works, who the CEO is, and more.

And by the end of this article you will be able to decide if this opportunity is something you’ll want to join or not.

So with that said, let’s jump into things here!

Quick Summary Of Pink Zebra

Name: Pink Zebra


Price: $129 – $199

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra is an MLM company started way back in 1999 by Tom and Kelly Gaines — whose main vision was selling candles to larger companies like Bath and Body works. 

However as the years progressed they became bigger and bigger and eventually ended up selling a wide variety of things like lights, woolies, warming shades, and more.

They say their mission is a simple one, which is to change people’s lives for the better by providing them with high quality fragrance items that they can use in their house and sell to make an income online.

Now how useful their products really are I can’t say since I haven’t actually used them — but I can say that as far as generating a good income with this company things aren’t looking all that great.

Which I’ll explain more in a second why this is true.

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What Does Pink Zebra Sell?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this company is mainly geared toward women — and all their products are very pink and girly.

As I mentioned earlier, Pink Zebra sells a wide variety of products now such as…

  • Soaks
  • Wall hugs
  • Hangits
  • Woolies
  • Simmering lights
  • Warming shades
  • And more

However their main product is called Sprinkles — which basically are scented soy wax beads that are used to create candles in a wide variety of different objects. 

Is Pink Zebra A Scam - jar sprinkles

Now again I’m not sure how effective these products really are, but you can watch this short 3 minute video where this girl talks about what their Sprinkles candle is all about.


Another thing I want to mention is their products aren’t that expensive with most of them costing between $5 – $50.

Now while this may be good in terms of someone looking to buy these products, it’s not that great for the actual seller — which I assume is you since you are reading this article.

And to further explain what I mean, let me show you how their compensation plan works. 

Pink Zebra Compensation Plan 

Now almost every MLM I come across I dread having to go through their compensation plan, simply because they end up being long, confusing, and use words I have no idea what they mean.

So to keep you from having to go through all the trouble of trying to figure it out yourself, I will highlight the main parts of their plan so you can get the idea of how much money you can potentially make. 

Affiliate Ranks

Within their plan, there are a total of 8 ranks that you can obtain. 

  1. Consultant
  2. Executive Consultant 
  3. Manager
  4. Senior Manager
  5. Executive Manager 
  6. Director
  7. Executive Director
  8. Presidential Director

Now to go up in ranks you have to make so many sales a month, plus recruit a certain number of people into your team.

Of course this is extremely hard, and the sad truth is that the majority of people won’t make it past the 2nd rank!

Retail Commissions

You can earn anywhere between 25% – 35% commissions based on how many items you sell each month. 

Here are the following amounts you’ll earn based on the number of sales you make…

  • If you sell $0 – $899 = 25%
  • If you sell $900 – $1,999 = 30%
  • If you sell $2,000 plus = 35%

Is Pink Zebra A Scam - retail commissions

Of course making a good income by selling candles directly to customers is going to be very difficult when you’re only $3 – $15 per sale. 

And this is usually how it is with almost every MLM company out there — which is why you’re forced to build a team if you want to make serious cash.

Residual Commissions

Pink Zebra uses what is called a unilevel structure within their plan — which means everyone you recruit is tied directly beneath you.

So whether you have 1 level or 100, you’ll be earning a percentage off of all the sales they make.

Is Pink Zebra A Scam - Unilevel compensation structure

Now this company here only goes 4 levels deep, with you earning 3% on the total sales volume on each level of your team.

Is Pink Zebra A Scam - payout structure

So if someone on your 2nd level makes $1,000 that month, you would earn $30.


You can also get extra bonuses through this company such as their Sponsoring bonus which pays you 7% more — but in order for this to happen you usually have to meet very strict requirements and be selling a ton of products for this to go into effect. 

Now if you want to know the full details on how their whole compensation plan works, and all the bonuses you can potentially get — you can click here to read their entire compensation plan for yourself.   

How Much Does It Cost?

In order to join Pink Zebra, you have to buy one of their kits. 

Here’s the two options you can choose from…

Starter Kit: This kit costs $129 / $149 CAD.

Deluxe Kit: This kit costs $199 USD / $219 CAD. 

Again you can choose either one you want, and the only main between the both of them is the Deluxe Kit gives you more products that you can sell. 

What I Like About It

  • This company has been around for a long time

I would say that the average MLM doesn’t last more than 2- 4 years. However Pink Zebra became an MLM business back in 2011 — and has survived the past 9 years and still seems to be going strong.

So this is a good sign for anyone that may want to join this opportunity because it doesn’t look like it may suddenly disappear the second you become a member.  

  • They have a lot of products you can sell

It’s always nice to see an MLM company have a wide variety of products you can sell rather than just 1 or 2.

This gives the customer options to choose from — which as a result gives you a better chance of landing a sale with them. 

Also the fact that their main product is scented candles is a good sign, due to the simple fact that almost every girl on the planet loves a good smelling candle in their home. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their products don’t cost a lot 

Since PInk Zebra’s top selling product is around $50 dollars, it’s going to make it extremely hard for you to earn a good income through this company whether you’re selling them directly or building a team.

Because let’s assume you were able to sell $2,000 worth of items, you’ll still only make $700 a month — which in most places of the world is less than minimum wage.

And now that I think about it, this company reminded me of a review I did last month called Paparazzi Accessories — which also sold a variety of different items for a small amount of money.

Now again I’m not saying you won’t make money with this company — I just don’t see this being a great way to earn a significant amount of income each and every month. 

  • Focuses on marketing by throwing parties

The way Pink Zebra tells you to go about marketing their company is by inviting people over to your house and throwing “parties”.

Now this may seem fun at first and maybe some of your neighbors will enjoy it the first few times. But what are you going to do 6 months down the road when you’ve invited everyone you know that lives close by?

You’ll be left with no way to market your company and be left with a huge inventory of candles that you need to sell. 

So I don’t see this as being a very effective marketing strategy whatsoever — and I highly doubt you want to fill your house with a ton of candles each and every month just to collect dust. 

  • It uses an MLM business structure 

Then last but not least, this company uses a business model that involves you having to recruit people into a team in order to become successful.

And it has been proven that 99% of all people who join an MLM end up making close to nothing.

This is due to the fact that you usually have to pay crazy amounts of money on products each month — and your entire income is based on how well your team can market your company.

In fact Pink Zebra’s income disclosure proves my point exactly.

Is Pink Zebra A Scam - income disclosure

Back in 2015, it shows the average consultant was making less than $1,000 a year. And even people who were ranked Manager were making about $600 a month.

And the sad thing is most people won’t even get up to that rank.

Is Pink Zebra A Scam?

Pink Zebra is definitely not a scam.

They have been in business for almost 10 years, and you can make money selling their scented candles without ever having to recruit a single person into your team. 

However with that said, the way to make a good income through this company or any MLM as a matter of fact is by building a team.

And unless you have good people skills, know how to handle rejection well, and don’t mind being a team leader — then I think the chances of you succeeding are going to be slim to none.

Again the choice is entirely up to you, but I would not recommend you join this opportunity as I just don’t see it making you a lot of money in the long run.

My Final Thoughts

On the surface Pink Zebra seems like a very unique and fun company that sells what seems to be high quality scented candles you can decorate your house with.

However as I previously mentioned, you’ll need to build a large team if you want to be successful — because earning around $1,000 dollars a month selling them yourself is not what I would consider “full time” money.

Therefore this means that even if you are amazing at selling candles, the majority of your income is at the mercy of your team. 

And if they lack the skills or motivation to go out and make money, you will end up making nothing. 

This is why at the end of the day I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and best of all is you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising or products to make money.

You simply create helpful content that will point people towards products that they already are looking for  — then get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you found this review of Pink Zebra helpful, and now can make a proper decision as to whether or not you want to join them.

But if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to help you out. 🙂

Pink Zebra

$129 - $199

Overall Rating



  • This company has been around for a long time
  • They have a lot of products you can sell


  • Their products don’t cost a lot 
  • Focuses on marketing by throwing parties
  • It uses an MLM business structure 
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  1. I had just heard about Pink Zebra thru a friend who was considering it. 

    I am going to send her this link and tell her to steer clear.  It doesn’t sound like a MLM program she should invest in.  Heck, I know I wouldn’t.  You did a great job of going over the entire opportunity.  Thanks for the heads up on this!

    • No problem, I’m glad my review could help both you and your friend out.

      However if you’re interested in learning how to make a regular income online I‘d suggest you check out my top rated program here.

      It has more success stories than any other program I’ve reviewed, their training is easy to follow and detailed, and best of all is it’s free to join and cost very little to become a paying member.

      Also you can build a business around any topic you are passionate about — which gives you extreme flexibility opportunity in making a very good income online.


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