Is Plexus A Scam Or Can You Become Rich And Healthy Selling Their Pink Drink?

Quick Summary Of Plexus

Name: Plexus

Price: $34.95 + $99 or $199 to start. With a $100 monthly fee

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Plexus?

Plexus is an MLM company that sells a wide range of health products mainly dealing with weight loss and nutrition. The company started back in 2006, and since then has grown quite a bit and also had it’s fair share of controversy and complaints along the way.

Now you might be wondering is Plexus a scam, or can it really help me make money online and become a healthier person?

Well being that you have to rely on the people you recruit to make good money, and that this company has had some major issues in the past — it doesn’t really look like a business opportunity I would want to join.

But if you truly are interested in maybe becoming a member, let me go into more detail about what this company sells — and more importantly if it can help you out.

learn how to make money without building teams

What Products Do They Sell?

Plexus’s main product they sell is something called the “pink drink” or Plexis Slim — which is a powder substance you mix with water in order to lose weight.

Plexis Slim

Along with this drink, they also offer a wide variety of other health products that’s separated into 6 different categories.

1. Weight Management – This has a combination of pills and powders to help you lose fat. These products do it either by tricking your body into not storing fat, or by speeding up your metabolism to burn more calories.

2. Nutrition – This will offer you wide variety of nutrient supplements in the form of pills. Some benefits it claims it can offer you is an improved immune system, stronger bones, and a healthier gut.

3. Skin Care – Their skincare products named “Joyme” is said to make your skin look younger and feel softer.

4. Personal Care – These are different body creams along with a breast check kit.

5. Combos – This is where they combine several of their products together to help you lose weight more effectively and feel better overall.

6. Trial Packs – These are small 7 day packs they let you try out their main products to see if you like them or not.

Now how effective all their products are I can’t say for sure, but I’ve never been a big fan of taking “special” drinks or pills to improve my life. I’d rather just eat healthy wholesome foods and exercise regularly.

And while I know some people would argue that these products really do help them — there’s also been just as many people who have said their products caused them a lot discomfort and pain (which I’ll be talking about more in a second).

So if you want my advice I would buy their trial packs to see how your body reacts before you go spending the full price on something that may not help you.

Plexus Compensation Plan

Plexus says that they’re 11 different ways you can earn money through them, but like all MLM companies it really boils down to two main methods.

You either get paid for selling the products yourself, or you get paid to recruit members which will then allow you to earn a percentage off of every sale they make.

Selling Products Yourself:

Now if you go the route of selling the items yourself, you’ll earn 25% in commissions if you sell over $500 worth of products — but if you sell less then $500 you’ll only earn 15%.

How commissions are calculated

Recruiting Members:

If you want to go the route of recruiting people, then you’ll have the chance to earn all kinds of rewards and bonuses depending on how many people are in your down line plus what rank you currently are.

Different levels within Plexus

Now people who try to recruit you into Plexus will try and boast about how much money you can make by recruiting people and building a big team. However if you look at their income disclosure (which I’m about to show you), you’ll see that VERY few people make a decent income with this company.

And this is the main reason I don’t like MLM companies, because it’s extremely hard to earn what people would consider a good income when you have to rely on other people for your success.

If though you’d like more details about their compensation plan, here’s a link to their site plus a video you can watch.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

To simply join Plexus, you’ll have to pay a membership fee of $34.95 which you’ll have to renew every year. However if you want to make money and build a business with this company, you’ll have to choose one of their packages that is either $99 or $199.

However what I found out is the real cost to join this company is much more after you add every thing up:

Annual membership fee ($34.95) + your package ($99 or $199) + shipping and handling ($10) = $150 – $250.

On top of that, you’ll also have to spend $100 dollars a month to still qualify as an ambassador.

So while this isn’t the most expensive product I’ve come across in terms of how much money you have to pay — just know you’ll be spending much more than $30 bucks to join Plexus and start making money with them.

Some Major Concerns Regarding This Company

As I was reviewing this company trying to see how legit of an opportunity it is, I came across several red flags that made me worried for anyone that was thinking about joining it.

1. They’ve Had Problems In The Past With The FDA

A few years back in 2014, Plexus ran into issues with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Basically they told Plexus that their products are not effective or safe to use, because they would cause symptoms such as headaches, infections, numbness, and back pains.

Problems with the FDA

Within that time though I believe Plexus has made some significant changes to their products to meet the FDA requirements — but as I did further research I found out people are still experiencing harmful side effects when using Plexus products.

Which brings me to my next point.

2. There Are Hundreds Of Customer Complaints About This Company

Now I’m not one who usually goes around pointing out all the bad things within a company (Because no company is perfect) — however when I went to see what people thought about Plexus I was shocked!

Going to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website, I found that Plexus had about 700 complaints against them in the past 3 years alone.

Lots of complaints

And after quickly glancing at some of the most recent comments, I found people were complaining about things such as:

  • They were still getting sick from using their products
  • They were still being billed after they canceled their membership
  • And the company was withholding their checks

Kept getting billed

People felt sick

Now like I said I could understand if this kind of stuff happened a few times — but for a company to have as many complaints as they do, you know these issues had to of been going on for some time which would affect a lot of people.

3. Finding Constant Prospects Is Difficult

With MLM companies like Plexus here, your always pushed to build large teams since you can earn a portion off of every sale they make.

However what people soon realize is that finding new people to join your team becomes more and more difficult as time passes — and you usually have to start asking your friends and family members.

And believe it or not, this is exactly what happened to me and my wife.

An old friend of ours had joined Plexus, and she called us up asking if we would join her team. And as she was talking, she went on for about 20 minutes explaining how much money we could make and how easy it all was.

Well since I knew that Plexus was an MLM company and I knew how hard it is to succeed in with that type of business — I told her that we weren’t interested but thanks anyways.

Well needless to say she got hurt and really hasn’t talked to us much since then.

upset girlSo what’s the point of my story?

Well long story short, if you happen to join Plexus or any MLM company — you’ll probably at one point start asking your family and friends to join your team just so you can meet your monthly quota.

And as a result, your probably going to start causing a lot of people to feel uncomfortable or even mad that you persuaded them to join something that they had no interest in to begin with.

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing since people are coming to me looking to buy things they want, instead of me chasing people trying to sell them something that they probably don’t care about.

4. Very Few People Are Making Good Money With Plexus

As I just mentioned, very few people do well in MLM companies — and with Plexus here it’s even worst then I’m use to seeing.

When I looked at their income disclosure, 96% of people who are Ambassadors of Plexus earn less than $3,000 a year — with 82% only make $300 dollars.

So that leaves people who are making great money (like this company claims you can easily do) to less than 1%!

Plexus Income Statement

Again I’ve reviewed several MLM companies all with a pretty low success rate, but I would say Plexus as of right now is the worst I’ve seen when it comes to success rates.

But if you want to try and beat the odds and be part of that 1% doing really well then have at it — but personally I would highly urge you to find a more legitimate opportunity that doesn’t have so many people making close to nothing.

5. Their Return Policy Is Sketchy

If you look at Plexus’s return Policy, it says you’ll have no risk all reward with their 60-day money back guarantee — however if you look right below this statement, you’ll see they their guarantee excludes certain products.

Requesting a refund is sketchy

The problem though is they don’t specify what products they exclude — so if you call them up asking for a refund they could easily say your product is non-refundable and there would be nothing you could do about it.

So again as I said earlier in my post, if you really wanted to try their products out I would use their trial packs to begin with — that way you don’t go buying something you don’t like then find out later that you can’t return it.

Is Plexus A Scam?

I would not call Plexus a scam or a pyramid scheme since they are actually selling real products, and the members within this program only make a commission when someone buys something.

However I think if you were trying to make some decent money through this company you are going to have a VERY difficult time doing so mainly for all the reasons I just listed above.

What I Like About It

  • The people within the company look like they really motivate one another to achieve their goals / dreams

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Many people have either gotten sick or had some kind of bad symptom after taking these products
  • Most everyone that joins this company is making less than $300 dollars a year
  • Your success relies solely on the people you recruit, which makes it very difficult to become successful
  • Hundreds of customers have complained about being charged even after they cancel their membership
  • They mislead you into how much it really cost in order to become an ambassador

Who Is Plexus For?

Honestly I don’t see Plexus being good for anyone whether they’re trying to make money or trying to improve their health.

If you truly want to get healthy, I would suggest you eat wholesome / organic foods and exericse at least 30 minutes a day. This would give you way more benefits then any of these questionable pills and shakes could do.

And as far as money goes, well-being that almost 90% of the members inside this company are making close to nothing should speak for itself.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

While I’m sure Plexus may have good intentions on helping people out, and I’m sure there’s many people who love this company — I personally can’t recommend this has a good opportunity to make yourself healthier or become wealthier.

With the thousands of customer complaints ranging from getting sick with their products to not being able to cancel their membership — the whole company looks very sketchy to join.

Plus the main factor of your success involves recruiting new members, plus teaching them as well how to recruit members and sell Plexus’s products — and if they aren’t good then you won’t make any money no matter how hard you work.

So if you want my honest advice, stay clear of Plexus and find a much better alternative to making money online.

What I Recommend You Do Instead

Personally I prefer building out websites around topics I’m passionate about, and helping people solve particular problems they are facing.

I don’t have to recruit people, sell questionable products, or meet a certain quota each month to do this. I simply promote products that people are already looking for, then when they click on my link and buy something I earn a portion of the commission.

Again I can sell and talk about anything I want — and it’s so easy to do that I believe if you gave it a shot you’d find you like it a lot more then being part of an MLM company.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in — click the picture below to learn exactly how thousands of people are doing just this to make a full time living online.

I hope you enjoyed my review about Plexus. Also I’d love to hear from anyone that’s actually been a member of Plexus, that way you can share your thoughts as to whether or not you liked this company.

But if you just have some questions or concerns regarding this company, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Is Plexus A Scam Or Can You Become Rich And Healthy Selling Their Pink Drink?”

  1. As soon as you mentioned that it was a MLM scheme at the beginning I knew straightaway that this ‘pink drink’ selling opportunity was not legit.

    You mention that this MLM scheme is not strictly a pyramid structure since there are real products to sell. I personally think that this is one of the most frustrating thing about companies like this.

    Strictly speaking they’re completely legitimate but in reality the chances of making money is so slim it might as well not be. Very hard to crack down on schemes like this! Do you agree? 

    • I would fully agree with what you say Danny that there’s some very questionable programs out there like Plexus here that seem like scam — but since they are selling actual products it’s hard for them to get shut down.

      Now with that said, I won’t say all MLM companies are scams, it’s just I don’t prefer them and I think trying to succeed in them is VERY difficult for the reasons I mentioned in this post.

      However I DO NOT think Plexus is very legitimate due to their products harming people and thousands of complaints they’ve had against them over the years. 

  2. I think that you have done great job reviewing this company.  People need to know that there is many scams and frauds on the Internet such as MLM. 

    Even if it is legitimate I always tried to avoid this type of “making money” methods because it can not help us in the long term. Affiliate marketing is the king when it comes to making money online.

    • Thanks for your comment Daniel. 

      Now I wouldn’t call all MLM companies a scam, but personally I find them very difficult to become successful in and I agree that affiliate marketing is a much easier way to earn a good income online. 

      And I think if you look at Plexus’s success rate, you can see just how hard it is to succeed with this business model. 

  3. I have heard about Plexus, but never really looked into their products. Do you know what are the ingredients in their pink drink, that make their selling point?

    Their kind of compensation plan is quite standard for MLM companies, and I thank you for providing the numbers so that I could get a much clearer picture about it. 

    And the issue with MLM is that only a few people right at the top earn the big bucks, while the rest just earn a little or even make ‘losses’ because they’re spending more money buying products than earning any commission. 

    The major concerns you pointed out are very valid, and I think it’s clear to anyone whether this system will benefit them or not. 

    • Some of the main ingredients in Plexus Slim is: Polydextrose, Citric acid, Grape skin extract, Natural flavors, Beet extract, Stevia leaf extract, Luo-Han-Guo fruit extract, Guar gum, and Silicon dioxide. 

      Their selling point is that these ingredients are all natural and will help you lose weight — but from I’ve researched there’s been no studies to prove that this is correct.

      And as far as making money goes, as I’ve mentioned in my post Plexus has a VERY low success rate due to the fact you have to have to spend a certain amount of money each month on their products — plus how well you do is determined by the people in your team NOT how well you do personally.

  4. That doesn’t sound great if you are selling products that are making people sick. I wouldn’t be able to do that and still sleep at night.

    I have tried this business model in the past with beauty products, and I am afraid to say if you are not the pushy salesman type of person, you are not going to succeed.

    You have to have nerves of steel and not mind irritating your friends and family — and also be extremely bossy to get your team to keep working hard. 

    I prefer the quieter approach of affiliate marketing, like you do, where you don’t have to pitch your family and make enemies of all your friends. I like people to come to me to buy a product, rather than me having to go to them.

    • Hi Michel and thanks for your reply. I too don’t think I could sell a product or service if I knew it had the possibility of causing someone harm or not working all together. 

      That’s why you’ll only see my recommend a few select products on this blog to help people make money — as all other programs simply are out to scam people out of their hard earned money. 

      I’ve personally never been in an MLM business and never plan on being in one — but you bring a good point up that you have to be basically a boss to your team if you want to achieve any kind of success. To me though it sounds like a very sad way to work with people that would not satisfy me at all.  

  5. I don’t think MLM  businesses work, or are a good idea to be honest with you. I’ve never had any success with the ones I have tried and you will find that social media groups are all saturated with the same opportunity that you are advertising.

    Health drinks are dubious anyway, juice plus, herbal life all rely on a healthy balanced diet which you can do yourself. I don’t know any nutritionist or personal trainer that recommends these health drinks.

    I was pleased to read your article with honesty and transparency. I would stay well clear of these companies.

    I came across affiliate marketing when I was looking for ways to make money online, and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s great training platform I now have a revenue producing website. 

    This by far has been the best place I’ve come across in terms of learning how to build and grow a money producing website through affiliate marketing. 

    • I wouldn’t say all MLM businesses don’t work or are scams — but from what I’ve seen VERY few people succeed in them, and the ones that do succeed are usually the very first ones to join the program.

      And I would agree that many of these products people promote are basically useless, and most of the time don’t have any scientific research to back up their health claims. Which is another reason I think it’s hard to make money in this business — because your selling products that either don’t work or people don’t want.

      I’m happy that Wealthy Affiliate though has taught you how to create a profitable business online that allows you to sell whatever products you want and to people that actually want them. And the best part is you can create multiple websites / streams of income once you know how the process works!

      Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this detailed review. I hadn’t heard about Plexus before so this post has sensitized me on a new product which I will need to research despite the fact that I don’t like anything to do with MLMs. 

    I have dealt with these so called supplements before and I would say that they haven’t worked well with me together with the promoters themselves. I severally tried to sell and lol, it’s too hard to get anyone to buy any product at their high costs.

    I’m sorry but I wouldn’t even think of pursuing Plexus as any means of making money online when I can access Wealthy Affiliate and create my own website which would generate money for me while am asleep. 

    • Thanks for your comment. I too am not a big fan on taking pill or supplements of any kind unless I absolutely have too. And Plexus here is selling products that one I don’t think really work all that well, and two have the chance of causing you some kind of discomfort.

      So I’m glad you took my advice and are not going to be joining this company, but rather build your own business from the ground with with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.


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