Is Postloop A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?

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Name: Postloop

Price: Free to join

Rating: 4 out of 5

What Is Postloop?

Postloop is a pretty unique platform that serves two main purposes. First of all it allows forum owners, bloggers, and basically any website owner the ability to get high quality comments to their site.

Secondly it allows anyone who joins to have the opportunity to make money, by writing comments on other people’s websites.

You might be wondering though is Postloop a scam, or a legit way to earn some extra cash online? Well I can say for certain that Postloop is legit — however don’t expect it to make you rich or even let you quit your full time job.

However you can make a nice bit of money with this platform each month, just by spending a few hours each day on it.

How Does Postloop Work?

As I just mentioned, with Postloop you can either write comments to make some money — or you can submit your website to their database and request people to give you comments.

But before you can do either of these things, you’ll first have to sign up to become a member. Now one thing that I like and kinda of don’t like about Postloop, is that they make joining their platform kinda of difficult.

You see in order to start participating, you must first provide them with 10 sample post — then they will review each one and determine if they want to accept you based on the quality of your post.

How to sign up

Therefore the best way to make sure you don’t get rejected is to give lengthy comments on each of your post — and also make sure your spelling and grammar are correct too. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep redoing this until they like what you’ve written.

So while this is an annoying thing to have to go through, at least it keeps a lot of the spammers and bots from being able to join quite so easily.

But once your accepted, you will now finally be able to start posting comments and earning money.

How Much Money Can You Make With It?

Determining how much money you can make with Postloop, basically boils down to two things…

1) How many comments you post a day in combination to how high of a rank you have within their system.

2) And also by how many people you refer into their program.

Let me first start off by explaining how much you can earn by just posting on forums and blogs.

Making Money By Posting Every day

Now based on the quality of post you write, will affect how high or low you rank is within Postloop. And the higher your rank is, the more points you’ll’ earn for each post.

Here’s a picture of their current rating system, with below 4 giving you no extra points and a rating of 5 giving you 1 additional point.

Postloop's rating system

In order to cash out you’ll need a rating of alteast 3.51 and obtained at least $5.00 which equals out to 100 points ($0.05 per point) if your just starting out.

Now making 100 points a day at first might seem hard, but in reality it equals out to be about 70 post — which is very doable by spending just a few hours a day.

So if you were to do this every day, you could make on average about $150 a month just by writing out comments every day.

Making Money By Recruiting people

With this method, you can theoretically make a lot more then you ever could by manually writing comments everyday yourself.

Postloop gives you the option to refer people into their program and earn 20% of all the points they earn. So lets say you recruit 10 people each making about $30 dollars a month. Which means it would be $300 dollars all together.

So after you take 20% of that 300, you’ll end up making 60 extra dollars each month for doing absolutely nothing. And remember this is only 10 people — so if you can get more then this, you can wind up with a really good chunk of change each month just by referring people into this program.

Again though this is not going to make it where you can quite your full time job, however though it can definitely help you pay for groceries — or save up for a nice vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

If however you’d like to learn how to build start earning some serious cash online, and as well learn how to correctly recruit people into program like Postloop here — check out my #1 recommendation here.

Why You Should Use Postloop If You’re A Blog Owner

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Postloop is an amazing platform for bloggers / website owners — as it allows them to get high quality comments to their site.

Now a few main reasons why I recommend you use Postloop to get your comments are…

1) You’ll get high quality comments. Due to Postloop’s strict guidelines as to how people sign up to their platform — it increases the chance of you getting well written comments and feedback to your site. Which also means that you’ll be able to get better SEO rankings — since Google loves websites that have engagement on them.

2) You can make it to where only a certain type of people will comment on your website. Postloop lets you decide how high of a rating someone needs before they can comment on your site. So if someone just starting out had a rating of 3.2 and you make it to where only people with ratings 4 and above can leave comments — you can make it to where you’re only getting more experienced writers to visit your site.

3) Buying comments is very simple and easy. The thing I like about Postloop, is they make it very easy to get comments to your site. You simply buy points from Postloop — then every time someone comments on your website, you then reward them with points.

And with 100 points only costing you about $11.00 bucks — as mentioned earlier this will be enough to allow around 70 people to leave comments on your website, which isn’t bad at all.

How much points cost

So again why should you use Postloop as a blog owner?

You’re going to get a lot of high quality comments without spending much money — which therefore will boost your SEO rankings, show people that your website is active, which will build trust with not only Google but with all the visitors that come to your site.

How Do You Add Your Site To Postloop?

Adding a website to Postloop is actually quite easy, and only involves you to follow 3 simple steps. Before you can do anything though — you’ll want to click get content, then add your site right here.

Add your website here

1) Next you’ll want to enter your websites url name, tell what type of website it is, and what kind software you’re using (like WordPress).

Add your website's URL

2) then you’ll want to download the software and follow the instruction on how to install it. Which if you’re using WordPress, you’ll basically upload the file as a plugin and activate it on your site.

Download software

3) Then last but not least, you’ll give your sites information along with what type of rating a user should have before they can comment on your site.

Give your sites information

After you’ve done this, you’re now all set to start getting comments to your site on a daily basis.

How Do You Join Postloop?

To join Postloop, simply click here to sign up for free — then enter your name, username, email address, and password.

After you’ve done that, remember to verify your email address, then get ready to write 10 high quality post to become a member like I mentioned earlier in this post.

Once that’s all done, you’ll now be ready to go and start earning money. 🙂

What I Like About It

  • It’s free to join
  • You can make some decent money by simply leaving comments — and even more money by referring people
  • If you’re a website owner, you can get lots of high quality comments for a very cheap price
  • With you only needing to obtain $5.00 dollars to cash out, you can do this easily in a day or two

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The sign up process can be quite time-consuming, since you have to write 10 post and wait 24 hours for Postloop to review your work
  • While you can make nice pocket money with Postloop, this by no means can help you quit your job and work full time online

Who Is Postloop For?

Several years ago I joined Postloop looking for a way to make some extra money online, and sure enough within a few days I was making a few dollars after I signed up.

However I wasn’t making all that much — but it was still exciting to me back then to be making something instead of nothing at all.

So again I want to remind you that Postloop won’t make you rich, but it will help supplement your income and help you with groceries or something.

But I think the people that can benefit the most from Postloop, are the ones in need of high quality comments to their site. Postloop excels in this area as they have quite a good system going as to who and how people leave comments on other people’s sites.

So while yes Postloop is a great website to earn some extra money at, I think it’s even better for people that need some good comments to their website.

My Final Rating

4 out of 5

Postloop is definitely not a scam, and is an excellent opportunity that I think you should check out. Again you won’t get rich — but you’ll make a nice addiontal income for simply commenting on websites and referring people if you choose to do so.

However if you’re looking for a way to make a full time income online, or do something a little more exciting then simply posting comments all day — I highly urge you check out my #1 rated program online called Wealthy Affiliate.

They’ll teach you how to build a profitable business online around any topic you want — and can also teach you how to recruit thousands of people to programs like Postloop here if that’s what you prefer.

If this is something that interest you, click the picture below for more details.

Learn how to build a profitable business online here

I hope you enjoyed this review about Postloop, and also hope you have a better understanding as to what it is now.

If you have any other questions or concerns about Postloop — or would like to share your experience with this platform, leave a comment below. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Postloop A Scam Or A Legit Way To Make Money Online?”

  1. Hey Michael,

    I’ve never heard about Postloop before, and reading your post has made me very curious about checking this out. I’m also a website owner and I can definitely do with some quality content on my site.

    The price also look very great to buy points, this is definitely a good investment I’ll be making to my website.

    Thanks very much this post, as it  was very informative and helpful to me.

    Cheers mate.

    • If you are a website owner, I think you’ll really like Postloop. By only spending about $10 dollars, you can have around 70 people comment on your website — which I think is well worth it.

      Also Postloop has a pretty strict standard as to who can and who can not leave comments — so more then likely you’re going to get people leaving good comments on your site.

  2. This is very interesting. I have never heard of postloop before, but it sounds very promising for both those looking to make a little extra cash, and people who need authentic comments to their post. There’s just so many different ways on the world wide web to make money. Thank you for the information!

    • Thanks for the comment Cliff. It’s true that there are several ways one can go about making money online — and Postloop is another way in which people can do this.

      Again though you’re not going to be making life changing money by joining this platform — but it is a great way to earn a few extra bucks — and I think even a greater way to get original content to a persons website. 

  3. Great information here.

    Until I read this I had never heard of Postloop, but I will certainly check this out.

    There is a hidden value that comes from having high quality comments on your site. Once you rank better, you get more organic traffic which means more revenue for whatever your site is promoting, so the value here has multiple levels.

    My only question is about the 10 Posts, can you submit 10 post that you have already published? or will we need to actually bang out 10 before trying to sign up?

    Thanks for the information-Good review as well

    • Unfortunately the only way you’ll get accepted into Postloop is to psychically go to websites and forums they provide and offer a comment that they deem is good. 

      You’ll have to do this 10 different times — and depending how well you wrote your comments and how they will determine if you can join or not. 

      Like I said in my review though, all you need to do is give a lengthy and detailed comment on every post you come across and you should have no problem what so ever getting accepted. 🙂


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