Is PrizeRebel A Scam

You’ve probably been looking for ways to earn some extra cash online, and came across this site saying that you can earn some easy quick money by answering surveys.

So naturally you might be wondering is PrizeRebel a scam or a legit site that can help put a few extra dollars in your pocket and more?

Well within my review today I’ll be explaining how it works, how much on average you can make, how you can redeem your money, and if I think it’s worth your time or not.

So without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Quick Summary Of PrizeRebel

Name: PrizeRebel


Price: Free to join

Rating: 4 out of 5

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a website where members can complete different types of surveys for points, and then redeem them for either cash or gift cards. 

It launched back in 2007 and has since grown to have over 10 million members and also has rewarded its member with over $21 million in cash / gift cards.

So for a site to be around 13 years and give this much money out, they obviously are doing something good.  

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How Does PrizeRebel Work?

PrizeRebel basically has teamed up with market research companies who are wanting your opinion about their products. 

So in exchange for you telling them what you think about their items — you will get what are called points which can eventually be traded for gift cards or cash once you’ve earned enough.

Is PrizeRebel A Scam - how it works

Now before you can do any of this, you first have to sign up for their program by either giving them your name plus an email address or by using your Facebook account.

Then after you’ve done this, you’ll be able to access the member’s area which will give you a variety of activities to do such as…

  • Watching videos
  • Signing up for product trials or services.
  • Joining contest/raffles
  • Doing daily challenges
  •  Doing offer walls ( bonuses )
  • Referring people into the program
  • And more 

Is PrizeRebel A Scam - what you can do to earn points

Now if you want a more in-depth explanation of how this whole platform works, you can also watch this short 13-minute video.


How Much Can You Make?

Most of the activities within this site such as completing surveys and watching videos will earn you anywhere between 50 – 100 points.

And with PrizeRebel, every 100 points you earn equals out to $1.

However with their task usually taking a person around 30 minutes to complete, most have said they earn on average $1 – $5 a day.

But there are a few other things you can do such as signing up for services like Netflix or Norton Antivirus which will give you almost $10 for doing so.

The drawback however is you’ll have to give them your credit card information, and if you’re not careful you might be charged extra if you don’t cancel your subscription.

Now to redeem your points you’ll have to earn a minimum of $2 — and can choose either to get it through PayPal or in the form of a gift card to places like Publix, Gamestop, Walmart, and Applebees. 

Is PrizeRebel A Scam - how to redeem your money

Note though that it will take around 24 hours for your rewards to be processed, however if you are gold level or higher it will be processed within 10 minutes or less.

And the way you move up in levels is to earn so many points — and at the time of writing this review to earn gold level you’ll have to earn 4,500 points.

PrizeRebel Red Flags

Overall when I was looking at the reviews for this program I found the majority of people were very pleased using it.

However no program is ever perfect, and with PrizeRebel I only saw two concerns that you’ll probably face if you decide to join it. 

Getting Disqualified Can Happen

Now this is a common thing that happens with sites like this —  which is you will get disqualified either during or after you’ve done a survey.

For example, this guy says he makes on average about $5 a day with PrizeRebel — but if he didn’t get disqualified so much he’d be earning 4 times as much.

Is PrizeRebel A Scam - a platinum member getting disqualfied from surveys

So just be prepared for this to happen to you in case you want to try this site out.

Not Receiving Any Surveys To Do 

Another problem you may run into is not having any surveys or tasks to do in the first place.

Is PrizeRebel A Scam - a member never receiving surveys

Now this usually happens due to the information you have given on your profile, plus if you don’t match the type of person the company is looking to try their product out. 

Overall though most of the time you don’t have to wait all that long until more task comes your way — but just know that there ould be times that you won’t be able to do anything. 

Is PrizeRebel A Scam?

A few people like the ones I showed above who get disqualified or don’t have any task to do might call this a scam — but again this is just something everyone has to deal with that wants to participate in these kinds of platforms.

However with PrizeRebel being around for nearly 13 years and the fact that people are cashing out daily on their site proves to me that this is indeed not a scam.

In fact I would not put it too far behind Swagbucks, which as of right now is my top-rated survey site online.

So if you are someone who is looking to put a little bit of extra cash in their pocket, I think you will find PrizeRebel a fun way to go about doing it. 

What I Like About It

  • You only need $2 minimum to cash out
  • There’s a wide variety of ways you can redeem your points
  • They offer some of the highest paying surveys I’ve seen 
  • Once you reach Gold level or higher, you can redeem your points in a matter of minutes

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You won’t make a lot of money with this company ( on average $3 a day )
  • You’ll have to enter your credit card information if you want to sign up to services
  • The amount of surveys you get disqualified from seems to have slightly increased 

My Final Thoughts

I think PrizeRebel is probably slightly better than most survey sites out there due to the fact that their tasks pay pretty well which in return will let you cash out quickly.

However at the end of the day they are still a survey site, which means it will never make you enough to pay your bills or even better make you a full-time income online.

This is why I prefer doing affiliate marketing.

I can do the work ONCE, then reap the rewards of earning a passive income online 24/7 for sometimes several years down the road — which is something that just can’t happen when doing surveys.

Which I don’t know about you but I much rather get paid multiple times for doing something once — rather than getting paid 1 time for doing the same thing over and over again.

So if this sounds like something you may want to try out instead, check out my #1 recommended product online.

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You can learn more about it by clicking the button below. 

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Well I hope you enjoyed my review about PrizeRebel and can now decide if this is something you may or may not want to join.

But if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


Free to join

Overall Rating



  • You only need $2 minimum to cash out
  • They offer some of the highest paying surveys I’ve seen 
  • There’s a wide variety of ways you can redeem your points


  • You won’t make a lot of money with this company ( on average $5 a day )
  • You’ll have to enter your credit card information if you want to sign up to services
  • The amount of surveys you get disqualified from seems to have slightly increased 
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6 thoughts on “Is PrizeRebel A Scam”

  1. There appear to be so many survey type money making schemes of which I have tried. I did find as you mentioned that to earn money it is really difficult and a fairly lengthy process so I definitely will not be trying this one. The good news I suppose with PrizeRebel is the fact that it does pay better than a lot of others. What I did not like to here is that it can penalize you for no valid reason which I think is awful especially for those people who are committed to doing this type of work.

    I am pleased after looking at your #1 rated program online to be able to build my business especially as there is such a great group of people around who can help you along my journey.

    Anyway, thank you for putting this information out there.

    Thank you 

    • Ya unfortunately getting disqualified for no reason is something people have to deal with if they want to do surveys in order to make an income online — and is one of the major reasons why I don’t like doing them myself. 

      I’m glad though to hear my top rated program Wealthy Affiliate has helped you so much in building a business online. Besides the great training, I think the community is one of the things I like about it the most since I can get help whenever I have a question.

      Thanks again for sharing you thoughts with us. 🙂

  2. Hi Michael 

    The problem with survey sites is that often the work that is required is so extensive that it is not worth the effort. I call it slave labor as if you work it out, you are not getting the minimum wage. In a job, it does not matter if you do work and prove a negative result, as you would still get paid. If you fail to meet the criteria, halfway through and get nothing is such a bugbear for me. You should get some reward and not get anything at all.  I personally think they are not worth the paper it is written on. Why do not survey site pay per question asked? This should pay even if you get rejected.



    • I get what you mean, and never knowing if I’m going to get rejected or not for doing a survey is one of the main reasons I avoid doing them.

      Now there are a few sites out there like Lifepoints which will give you some money even if you get disqualified. But the amount is so little that it might as well be nothing.

      Thanks though for taking the time to express your concerns and sharing your thoughts with this company 

  3. Hello, 

    Wow what an amazing post you have here. It really isn’t easy to come across such exclusive sites that talks about those hidden scam site and warns us about them and still show us the legit ones, thanks a lot

    I believe after seeing your review about PrizeRebel I now know what steps to take, thanks a lot. I’ll be sure to share this post with my friends. 


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