Is Profit Leads Legit? Here’s The Real Truth About This Company

Quick Summary Of Profit Leads

Name: Profit Leads

Price: $19.95 – 199.95 a month

Rating: 2/5

What Is Profit Leads?

Profit Leads University is a monthly recurring membership program at which you’ll basically be buying pre interviewed leads that you can then try to convince to join this program.

It’s owned by Robert & Sheri Blackman who are the ones that do all the pre interviewed leads, as well give out additional training and ebooks on how to succeed within their program.

They say the reason they created this system is to help solve two major problems people experience when entering into an MLM company, which is recruiting people and keeping people.

While this does seem like a good cause, I’ll explain in a second why I would steer clear from this program all together.

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How Does It Work?

With Profit Leads you’ll be picking from 4 different monthly package plans that will give you a certain number of telephone interviewed leads, weekly coaching and training, and an autographed copy of their book.

You’re whole objective once you receive these leads is to basically try to get them to join Profit Leads as well — so that they can in return do the exact same thing you’re doing (which is recruiting more people.)

Once you have all these leads, you’re basically trying to get them to join this program so that they can do the exact same thing.

So basically Profit Leads a network company that’s not selling a digital or physical product, but instead they’re selling a set number of pre interviewed leads so that you and your team have a better chance of recruiting people.

Now I don’t know about you, but I thought the whole point of business was to help people by selling some kind of “product” to make peoples lives better.

Selling a product

I don’t believe spoon-feeding recruits to people just so they can go right around in do the same thing is a very smart business model in my opinion.

None the less, let me continue and talk about how much this program would cost you if you decided to join.

How Much Does It Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, Profit Leads offers 4 different packages from which you can choose from. Now the only real difference between these packages is the higher in price you go the more leads you’ll get in return.

Here’s the breakdown of all 4 so you can get a better understanding of what they’re selling.

How much it cost

Option I – $19.95 a Month

  • 10 telephone interviewed leads a month
  • Weekly coaching and training videos
  • Up to 10 more free leads if you can refer others to this program yourself
  • Get a free autographed copy of their new book

Option II – $49.95 a Month

  • 25 telephone interviewed leads a month
  • Weekly coaching and training videos
  • Ask the owners Robert or Sheri one question once a month
  • Earn up to 25 more free leads if you refer others to this program yourself
  • Get 2 free autographed copy of their new book

Option III – $99.95 a Month

  • 50 telephone interviewed leads a month
  • Weekly coaching and training videos
  • Ask the owners Robert or Sheri one question once a week
  • Earn up to 50 more free leads if you refer others to this program yourself
  • Get a free call once a month with either Robert or Sheri
  • Get 3 free autographed copy of their new book

Option IV – $199.95 a Month

  • 100 telephone interviewed leads a month
  • Weekly coaching and training videos
  • Ask the owners Robert or Sheri one question a once a day
  • Earn up to 100 more free leads if you refer others to this program yourself
  • Get free ad copy critique of all your websites and marketing documents
  • Get 2 free calls a month with either Robert or Sheri
  • Get 5 free autographed copy of their new book

Profit Leads Compensation Plan

Profit Leads compensation plan is based on a simple 2-tier system at which you’ll get 15% on every personal referral, then 45% for every 2nd level referral who buys the $99.95 lead plan.

Profit Leads Compensation Plan

As of right now they offer 5 different lead packages ranging from bronze all the way up to crown diamond. Each package gives you more leads starting off with 50 leads in bronze, all the way up to 1,000 in crown diamond

Bronze:$49.95: 50 leads ($0.99 per lead)

Silver $99.95: 100 leads ($0.99 per lead)

Gold $199.95: 250 leads ($0.80 per lead)

Diamond $299.95: 500 leads ($0.60 per lead)

Crown Diamond $399.95: 1000 leads ($0.40 per lead)

The higher lead package you pay, the more leads you’ll get and the less you’ll have to pay per lead.

Now while this sounds like you’re getting a good deal at first, lets think again how much you’ll be paying per month if you went the most expensive route.

That’s $199.95 a month for the 5th monthly payment plan, plus $399.95 for an extra 1000 leads which equals out to $600.00 a month!

Again remember you’re basically spending 600 dollars not trying to sell a product to people, but to ultimately get people into this program so that they can make money also by recruiting people.

To me this just sounds like a system waiting to fail sooner or later.

If however you want a more detailed look into their compensation plan, here’s a 15-minute video of the owner Robert Blackman explaining more about it.


Complaints About Profit Leads

Aside from this program not having an actual product to sell to people, their have been several complaints about the people who have joined this program.

Some of them said they were continuously billed after they wanted to cancel their membership, while others said they never even got the leads or products they ordered to begin with.

Not Getting Their Product:

Not getting their product

Not Being Able To Cancel Their Membership:

cannot cancel

Now these might just be a few people who had misfortunes after joining this program, but personally I would be very skeptical about joining this after reading these kind of reviews.

To me every program out their should clearly state what their selling, how much it cost in total, and a very easy way to cancel or leave the program — and Profit Leads sounds like it might be lacking in a couple of these areas.

What I Like About It

  • Compensation plan is pretty simple to understand compared to some other MLM programs I’ve reviewed
  • It helps people that are lazy or ones that don’t have the skills to recruit people into an MLM company

What I Don’t Like About It

  • There’s no real product, instead you’re just recruiting people so they can make money also by recruiting people
  • Some people have complained about never getting their recruits or products they payed for
  • Buying the monthly package and extra leads can get very costly
  • It doesn’t teach you the basic principle of business which is how to get traffic, but instead spoon-feeds it to you

Who Is Profit Leads For?

Profit leads is for people who enjoy MLM marketing programs, but have trouble finding leads and keeping them.

Again I’m not sure how effective this program works or even if you’ll make money from it — but you’re NOT selling any kind of product what so ever, so I imagine it might be kinda difficult to get people to join something like this.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5

While the owners Robert & Sheri Blackman may of had good intentions with this program, I really don’t see much value in this program what so ever.

It’s basically an MLM program that has no product and is all about recruiting people just so they can go right back around and recruit more people to make money. It’s kinda like asking people to come into a brand new store and invite their friends — but their’s nothing their to buy.

Sounds crazy right?

So my suggestion to you if you’re really interested in making money online, is to try out a course I’ve been a member of for about 2 years called Wealthy Affiliate.

  • You can make money on any subject matter you want
  • You won’t be spoon-fed leads, but will shown PROVEN techniques on how to get thousands of visitors to your site a day
  • It’s free to join
  • And lastly you are selling ACTUAL PRODUCTS to people, and not just trying to make money by recruiting people

Again this is a free program to join no strings attached, and if this sounds like something you might be interested in click the link above to read my full review about them.

Going back to Profit Leads though, is their any questions you would like me to answer that I may not of covered in this review? Or maybe you’d like to share what your experience was like as a member of Profit Leads?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Is Profit Leads Legit? Here’s The Real Truth About This Company”

  1. Hi

    Thank you for this detailed review of Profit Leads. I don’t like MLM programs and as you said this program does not even have any product or service to sell.

    So all you have to do is to get other people to also join the program. To me, it sounds more like a pyramid scheme.

    I believe you can help a lot of people with this article and save them money.
    Thank you.

    • I agree that this seems more like a pyramid scheme then anything else — as like I’ve mentioned there’s no product to sell. 

      This alone should be proof enough to not join this program, but I know there will be people out there that still will. 

  2. Sounds shady to me. I joined a few online money-making programs that were hard to leave after joining. Anthony Morrison’s program comes to mind.

    That’s why it’s a great idea to read reviews upfront. See people who have done it already so you know better what you’re getting into. So do I think Profit Leads is Legit? No, I would say not.

    What about the book signing? What are they celebrities? This is ridiculous! I don’t want their autograph. I understand this is a ploy to try to stand out from the pack, but why not stand out by actually having a good product instead.

    • I couldn’t of said it better myself Jason. 🙂

      The whole book signing thing really confused me too, and what was even more baffling is they were offering multiple books when you purchased the more expensive packages.

      I mean why would I ever need more than 1 book right?

      I’m also sorry to hear that you fell victim to some companies out there that were hard to join — and while I can’t be for sure this one might be the same way — so I would use extreme caution before joining Profit Leads that’s for sure.

  3. This is a great article and an eye opener, thank you for pointing out that Profit Leads University is just another scam to get your money. 

    I want to make money on line, not spend money on line.

    I am with you, I want to help people get what they need, without having money packages, etc. Just get what they need and get on with life, great job.

    • Exactly Bobbi,  the whole point of a business in my eyes is to help people with a particular problem by providing a product or service to them.

      Profit Leads however is just asking you to recruit people so they can do the same thing — it doesn’t solve the REAL problem which is teaching people how to get quality traffic / leads. 

  4. Yes I can say from experience that Profit Leads does have a hard time doing what they say they will do after I spent the money for on demand lifetime leads as offered.

    Countless email requests for the next batch of leads go unanswered.

    I hate to imagine how many other folks out there are falling victim.

    Buyer beware.

    • Thanks you for sharing your experience with us Danny, and I’m sorry to hear that the money you invested into this company was basically all for nothing.

      Now if your still interested on how to generate an income online, I think you might like my top rated program. It teaches you step by step how to build websites and sell products on any topic you want. Plus you can try it out for free without even having to use a credit card.

      You can read my full review about them here, and if you have any questions about it feel free to leave a comment. 🙂


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