Is Profit With Alex A Scam? Found Out The Real Truth Here

Quick Summary Of Profit With Alex

Name: Profit With Alex

Price: $37.00

Rating: 0 out of 5 rating

What Is Profit With Alex?

Profit with Alex claims it’s a software that will build done for you websites in under 5 minutes and 14 clicks.

The person behind this program is called Alex Goodwin, and he says after learning a “secret code” from his friend Mark on how he made millions online — he was able to put everything he learned into this program which now allows an average person to make thousands of dollars with just a few clicks of a button.

Now I’m sure after hearing this statement you’re wondering is Profit With Alex a scam, or can you really become rich using this software?

I’ll be honest while this does sounds quite amazing — the truth is there’s no system, secret code, or magic software that will make you rich overnight, and the only way to truly make an income online is by following a proven method then working hard to become successful.

Therefore within this review I want to point out why I think this system can not and will not work, point out some major red flags that practically make this program a scam, and also show you a different way on how you can legitimately make money online.

How Does It Work?

According to Alex, you’ll basically be doing affiliate marketing to make money — however with this software everything is already done for you from product selection, building the website, and getting traffic to it.

Again as I said earlier, he says all this can be done within 5 minutes, 14 clicks, and only involves 5 simple steps.

How it works

1. Watch introduction video

2. Auto product search

3. Auto website builder

4. Auto traffic generator

5. Click cart website live

Now the problem I have with this, is even though affiliate marketing is a very lucrative and profitable way to make money online — it’s not something that’s easy, quick, and most certainly not something that can be done with only 14 clicks of your mouse.

In fact since this program is basically all done for you — he says he has the right to take it down for any reason since HE OWNS your website.

you don't own your website

For me personally this is reason enough to not want to be a part of the program — however if you’re still considering to try this out, here’s a few more reasons why I recommend you don’t.

1. It doesn’t tell you where your traffic is coming from. Alex mentions to get traffic, all you have to do is click 1 button, and you’ll have thousands of visitors pouring into your site. He even later goes on to say that all you have to do is spend 20 minutes a day to get all the traffic you’ll ever need.

how you get traffic

So right off the bat, both those statements don’t really make sense as to what you’ll actually be doing to get traffic, and he never mentions exactly how this is done throughout the video.

The only way I figure you’ll be able to get this kind of traffic is through paid ads, which A) is going to cost you a lot of money and B) not something that can be done with 1 click.

2. His program gives you zero training on how to become a marketer. Since this program is essentially already done for you — this leaves you with not having to learn even the most basic of skills like how to set up a website.

Now I know some of you may be thinking this is actually really good (because less work on your part)— but remember Alex is allowed to take down your site at any given time and for whatever reason.

Therefore if you don’t have the proper training on how to create a website and market it yourself, you’ll be completely helpless if this program were to vanish out of the blue.

3. This programs software doesn’t provide some top secret method to helping you make money online. From this program finding high quality products for you, building a nice looking website, and even offering you “traffic” — these all are basic things that marketers know how to do their sleep.

It’s not some super advanced system that’s doing something people have never heard of before. It’s just doing the basic elements of affiliate marketing which is building a site, finding products to promote, then driving traffic to your site.

And I can tell you that this system isn’t even doing or teaching these 3 simple things correctly.

But on top of theses 3 key reasons as to why I would not buy this system — there’s also lots of warning signs that basically scream out that profit with Alex is a scam.

Here’s Some Major Red Flags About This Program

Now even if this program had a legit method and program that could help you make money online (which it doesn’t)— here’s a few things that really concerned me as I was looking over the product.

Almost Every Word In The Sales Video Is A Lie

From the second this video started playing, I could tell this was going to be nothing but a hyped up program selling something mediocre or useless. Here are 3 major lies I discovered while watching this video:

1. At the very beginning it shows news reports to help build trust ( although these newscasts have nothing to do with Profit With Alex).

2. He says this is a private invite with a limited number of spots available (also a lie since I found the video on YouTube).

not a private video3. He also claims this product is free all throughout the video until the very end where he asks for money so you can help pay for his elite hosting service.

Alex Never Shows His True Identity

Through the whole video, you’re assuming Alex is talking to you about how he struggled to make money online until he found this secret system.

Now with most programs you would think you’d see at least a picture of the person behind the product right?

Well toward the end he shows a picture of “himself and his family” on a lawn with a big house in the background — however after doing some quick research I found out that it’s completely fake and is actually a stock photo.

fake family picture

I stock photo

I don’t know about you, but a person that one won’t share his identity then two lie about who he is with a fake picture is not someone I want to do business with.

His Earnings Are All False

During the sales demonstration, Alex shows a live demo of how this system works.

He goes on to create a brand new website about baby monitor, sets up a new affiliate account, and then shows us what his account looks like a week later after using this software.

Now supposedly after only using this program for 1 week he made $4,432 dollars! But if you look closer, there’s no way this could have happened.

fake earnings

It shows after 1 week he sold 66 baby monitors.

Now if you do the math with Amazon giving affiliates at most 10% in commissions — he would of had to sell 434 baby monitors to make that amount, or each baby monitor would of had to cost $658 dollars for this to be accurate.

So either way, there’s no way that these numbers can add up correclty.

How Much Does It Cost?

Even though they say this system is free throughout the whole video, it actually will cost you $37.00 dollars to join this program.

They say this is so you can put your website on their “elite hosting platform” which will make it very fast — which again I’m sure is another lie.

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60 day money back guarantee (which will come in very handy if you buy this)

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You don’t own your website, therefore Alex can take it down for any reason
  • Alex lies throughout the whole sales video (just trying to get you to join)
  • It does not explain in detail how any part of this program actually works (especially the traffic part)
  • You’ll learn zero skills on how to become a better affiliate marketer

Who Is Profit With Alex For?

Between the lies, not being able to own your own website, and just the overall lack of clarity of how this program supposedly works — I would highly recommend everyone stay far away from this program and not spend a single penny on it.

My Final Rating

0 out of 5 rating

Honestly after reviewing Profit With Alex, I would say this program is totally worthless — as it’s only preying on people who want to make a lot of money online, do it fast, and not really have to work for it.

In fact it’s so bad that I would even go as far to call this program a scam, as it does not deliver on what it says it’ll give you — which is a software that can make you thousands of dollars within just a few short weeks.

Now I know you may be feeling pretty sad hearing me say this, as I know you’re probably looking for a legit way to earn some extra money online — but don’t worry as I can show a very effective and honest way to make real money online.

Here’s How To Do Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

As I said earlier, affiliate marketing is a profitable way to make money online, however to become successful you’ve got to learn how to create and run a proper business from the ground up — and to do this you’ll need proper training on how to do it.

And through a program I’m a part of called Wealthy Affiliate, they teach exactly how to do this.

Now the thing with WA is they don’t say you’ll be making money with just a few clicks, and they don’t claim you’ll be successful overnight — but if you follow the training they lay out, you can change your financial life for the better and start earning a regular income online.

After reviewing hundreds of programs online, I can honestly say this is by far the most well put together and honest program I’ve come across in teaching people how to make money online. And best of all they let you try it out free of charge.

If you’d like more info about this program, click the picture below.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or personal story you’d like to ask me — feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Profit With Alex A Scam? Found Out The Real Truth Here”

  1. Well I will stay away from this one. If there was such thing as easy money everyone would be doing it I guess. 

    Thanks for putting together a thorough insight, you have to be patient when your getting into the whole “make money online” type of marketing, anyone can succeed it just takes good direction a smart time management.

    • Exactly! 

      Many programs like Profit With Alex here know people like things fast and easy — so they pretend they have these amazing programs that will offer people riches, but in the end they’re all fake.

      And when someone says the program didn’t work, they simply reply that you didn’t work hard enough, or making money online isn’t for you.

      The truth however is EVERYONE can be successful online, it just takes learning some new skills, following a proven method, and most importantly taking action and not giving up.

      If you do those three things, then I don’t see how there’s any way you can fail.

  2. Hi there Michael,

    Thanks for this rather detailed review on profit with Alex scam. I totally agree with you that the numbers in the screenshot simply do not add up – 21,000 clicks in a week! lets put it bluntly..we are talking about a 1m+ visitors/month traffic here given that the average click through rate is typically between 5%-10%.

    Another alarm bell is the very low conversion rate. I highly suspect that the illegal practice of cookie dropping may be going on. That is something that could end you up behind bars!

    It may also be the reason why he wishes to control and host your cookie drop to unsuspecting visitors.

    • He could very well be doing that indeed Derek. The main thing I took away from Alex with this program, is everything that came out of his mouth was a lie.

      So like I said, even if he did have the best product online to help you make money — there’s no way I could partner up with someone who lies so easily.

  3. I am glad that you wrote this article. So many people out there think they can get rich overnight with a program, however they end up getting scammed out of a lot of money that they worked so hard for. 

    Everyone should see that there are a lot of scams out there but not a lot of people know about them. Great Article:)

    • Thanks for taking time out of your day to comment on my post Tina.

      One of the main reasons I created this site is to help educate people on how to legitimately make money online — and help steer them away from scams that could possibly cost them thousands of dollars.

      Luckily Profit With Alex is not really expensive, but it would still waste a lot of someones time if they joined it and tried to make money with this program. 


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