Is Qnet A Scam? Here’s My Unbiased Review About This Company

Quick Summary Of Qnet

Name: Qnet

Price: $30 / year

Rating: 1 / 5

What Is Qnet?

Qnet is a direct selling company that started back in 1998, which now sells a wide variety of products online. They claim their business model and products can help ordinary people like you and me enhance their lifestyles and become successful entrepreneurs.

Of course after doing a little bit of research, many people have been wondering is Qnet a scam, or are they a legitimate business opportunity?

While I personally would not flat out call this business a scam, since they are selling actual products — I will say that your chances of making a lot of money through them are going to be slim to none.

To better help you understand why I think this, let me explain a little bit more about this company.

What Does Qnet Sell?

Qnet sells 20 different products, all sorted into 6 different categories.

What do they sell

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Personal Care & Beauty
  3. Watches & Jewelry
  4. Education
  5. Holidays
  6. Technology

Now from what I’ve gathered after reading several reviews of people using their products — they all were very disappointed and pretty much said they were overpriced pieces of junk.

While I can’t say for certain, but I believe this is one of the main reasons Qnet emphasizes in their promotional videos how much you can make by recruiting people into their program — rather then selling their products.

How Do You Make Money With Qnet?

Before you can even start making money through Qnet, you first have to enroll into their program. To do this you have to find somebody that will introduce you to their program — at which point you can then sign up and start trying to make money through their program.

Now the two main ways you can go about making money with them is by:

  • Selling products directly yourself
  • Or recruiting people

1. Making money through direct sales

When you become an IR, you can earn a retail profit of up to 10% from all purchases off of your customers. The simple equation Qnet shows is this:

Retail Profit = Retail Price – IR Price

While this can make you a little bit of money, Qnet mainly emphasizes on you recruiting people like most other MLM companies do. Which brings me to the 2nd option.

2. Recruiting People

Like I said the main way Qnet has been pitching their program to people for over 2 decades, is they say you can make a lot of money by recruiting people into their program so that they can do the same thing.

recruiting peopleWhile this sounds good on the surface, the brutal truth is people that join late into a program usually end up making barely anything — since most their money is siphoned to the people above them. Hence where the Pyramid scheme gets its name.

And since this company has been around since 1998, you can probably assume that there are thousands upon thousands of people above you — which to me if I was into multilevel marketing would be a big turn off.

However if you are still interested in joining this company, let me go on and tell you what their compensation plan is like.

Qnet’s Compensation Plan

Like with most other MLM products I’ve reviewed, instead of Qnet focusing on selling their products — they instead over hype and talk about how much money you can make by simply recruiting people and building a big down line.

To quote them, they say you can build a sustainable business and lasting power by simply doing 4 things…

  1. Refer
  2. Repeat
  3. Rise
  4. Retain

Their compensation plan

While there is a 16 page PDF you can view here, you’ll basically be doing 2 things to make money when you refer people.

First you’ll build two teams beneath you, recruiting as many people as you can. Once these people join your team, you simply will teach them how to do the same thing which is to recruit other people.

The reason behind this is that you’ll get a percentage of what everyone makes below you — which in theory could make you a lot of money. Again though this is very hard, and only works for people at the top of a program.

Next you’ll be trying to climb in ranks to earn bonuses and higher payouts.

Qnet's ranking system

To do this you’ll simply keep building up your down line, by recruiting more people to join underneath you.

As you can clearly see it gets quite hard to get higher rankings because you have to continue to sell more products, recruit more people, teach these people how to do the same thing, then pray that no ones leaves your team.

All in all I think it’s a very poor way to try and build a business as you are ultimately putting your income in the hands of people who may not have drive or skills on how to sell items and recruit people.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Qnet?

One of the very few things I can say I like about this program, is that it only cost $30.00 a year to join their program.

How much does Qnet cost

While this is very cheap compared to most other programs online, I still wouldn’t recommend joining this program what so ever. In fact, I found tons of complaints about Qnet, after researching this company for about 5 minutes.

General Complaints About Qnet

Like I said, after I spent maybe 5 minutes researching into this company — I got bombarded with complaints one after another of people saying how much they hated Qnet.

People were calling Qnet Frauds, Scammers, Cheaters, and just about everything and anything they could think of. This is probably due to fact this company is selling a pipe dream of financial freedom and an easy life — when in fact as I’ve mentioned several times already MLM companies are very hard to succeed in, and in general 99% of people usually fail in.

Here’s a few screenshots I took just to help prove my point:

Complaint 1

Complaint 2

Complaint 3

So again I would be very cautious joining a company that has nothing but one complaint after another on them. Instead I would find a reputable company that people enjoy being part of, and helps teach people an honest way to make money online.

The best rated program online

What I Like About Qnet

  • It only cost 30 dollars to join this program

What I Don’t Like About Qnet

  • There are A LOT of complaints about this company
  • You can’t join this company unless someone refers you into it
  • There business model is based around recruiting people, and not selling products
  • People have complained the products they sell are terrible
  • Almost all videos get you hyped up saying you will become rich, instead of talking about what they actually sell

Who Is Qnet For?

Personally I don’t see this company benefiting anyone in any kind of way.

They lead you to believe you can make a lot of money very easily (a lie), many people have said their products are total junk, and I can’t go anywhere without seeing one complaint after another on how much people hate this company.

My Final Rating – Is Qnet A Scam?

1 out of 5 

While I wouldn’t call Qnet a scam since they do sell actual products, I highly disagree with their sales tactics promising that you’ll become rich if you join their program.

As with most MLM companies, making any kind of decent money is extremely hard since you have to try to recruit people into a program where the top get all the wealth — and your left with mere pennies.

Also lets not forget all the negative comments that are on the internet about this company — which I believe would make it that much harder to convince people to join this shady company.

So my suggestion is to forget Qnet, and look for a better alternative to make money online.

Here is a program that taught me (and millions of other people) step by step on how to start making money online — and best of all there is no recruiting what so ever.

Your success will be determined on how hard you work, if you can follow instruction and learn some new skills, and most of all have patience as you build out your business from the ground up.

If you would like to learn more about this program I’m a part of called Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out here:

Find out why people love wealthy affiliate

So do you have any questions, concerns, or personal stories you would like to share with me about Qnet? If so leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Is Qnet A Scam? Here’s My Unbiased Review About This Company”

  1. I really hope it isn’t a scam because most MLM out there are scams. It follows the same steps of selling / making profits, referrals and all — but I’m not convinced it is one. 

    While a trial would be nice for this program, the testimonies are a big concern as to whether or not I should join this company.

    • Hi John. 

      Like I said in the post, while I can’t technically call this a scam since it does sell products — I literally spent just a few minutes researching this company and all I found was one complaint after another. 

      I’m not sure if you were wanting to join this program to make extra money online or not, but in my honest opiono your better off not joining them and finding a more legit company that can teach you how to build a business online.

      The program I’m apart of called Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training program I’ve come across online. They offer many features such as:

      – 24/7 online support for your websites
      – Weekly Live webinars to increase your knowledge 
      – Hosting that allows you to have up to 50 websites all in one spot at no additional charge
      – Top of the notch training teaching you how to build a business from the ground up 
      – Last but not least a community of millions of people all who are eager to help each other become successful.

      Best of all is they even allow you to join free, that way you can see for yourself whether you like it or not. 

      So if you are serious about wanting to make money online, I’d forget about Qnet and have a look at WA instead.

  2. Thank you so much for your eye-opening review of Qnet!

    This company definitely sounds like a poorly run MLM business. Everyone knows that all MLM’s pay people at the top that were lucky enough to get in early. Then if the business is a winner, they end up rolling in dough and the many at the bottom, usually doing all the hard work, get next to nothing.

    I was not thinking of joining Qnet, but I often read reviews on online business opportunities. I have been on the lookout for a really good training program for those of us with little to no experience with the ends and outs of internet marketing. I do think a person can make money online, but only with the right training. And so far, the training programs I have found so far that interested me had very big price tags.

    I am sorry, but most people looking for residual income are not very financially well off and don’t have five thousand dollars to pay to get trained, plus there’s still the
    start-up costs to come up with as you train. 

    My husband has fallen for several “work from home” business scams and spent a bunch of money on them as well, so I am very skeptical. Your suggestion to try Wealthy Affiliate sounds interesting though. How long have you been a member? And it’s free for as long as you want?

    • I’m sorry to hear your husband unfortunately has gotten scammed by some MLM companies out there. Good thing though is you know what to look out for, so you wont fall victim to them in the future. 

      Like you said, I do highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for anyone wanting to properly build a business online. I’ve been a member for around 2 years now, and honestly have learned more here than anywhere else online. 

      As for the free starter account , you’ll be able to keep it as long as you want — and upgrade to premium whenever you feel comfortable. The only thing however is after the first 7 days, you won’t be able to send messages to people anymore.

      You will however be able to keep both your websites, and have access to the first 10 modules in the get started course.

      Also at any time if you have questions or need help, you can simply send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

  3. I know these videos which can make people hyped up. And whenever I hear a program which has this kind of video, it is always a bad platform. Thanks for this overview since my father wanted me to look it up since he was thinking of joining it. Now I wonder about the alternative. How long does it take to learn all the necessary things?

    • Exactly, when you see a program hyping you up about how much money you can make rather than giving you actually info and value — it’s always a good indicator to stay away from them.

      As for the alternative I recommend which is Wealthy Affiliate, the amount of time it takes to learn the necessary skills on how to build a proper business varies from person to person.

      I would say though if you took your time and went through each lesson thoroughly, on average it should take you about 1-2 months to learn all the skills on how to create a profitable online business. 

      If you want to get the full details on what WA offers you can check it out here.

      I will say though that people start earning money at different times. Some earn within a few weeks, and others take several months. So the most important thing is to really absorb the training and ask questions when your confused — that way you’ll be on the right track on creating a successful online business. 

  4. The two ways of making money with QNet such as 1. Making money through direct sales and 2. Recruiting People; are quite effective for people who want to earn money.

    • Can you please explain why you think this is? Because I’ve only seen people complain about this companies products, and how they were not able to make a good income after joining.

  5. Qnet is a direct selling company which sells a variety of direct selling products online. They claim their business model and products can help ordinary people like you and me enhance their lifestyles and become successful entrepreneurs — but I have found this not to be true.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your experince about Qnet with us. As I’ve said in my post, while Qnet seems to be a pretty good company on the surface, once you actually join and try to make money you realize it’s much harder than they make it out to be.

      Also on top of that there’s several people who have said their products are terrible — which is another main reason I personally would not want to be apart of this company.

    • You’re correct that with MLM companies such as Qnet, all you have to do is basically refer as many people as you can to build an online business. However this is much easier said then done.

      First of all you have to give people a good reason to join in the first place (which usually is selling some pipe dream).

      Then after that, you have to teach the people you refer how to also go out and recruit more people so that they can become successful.

      And the worst part about all of this, is even if you work 8+ hours a day referring people and the people who join your team are either lazy or not good at recruiting people themselves — you WILL NOT become successful.

      This is the main reason why I will never join an MLM company, because my success will be determined by the people I recruit and not how well I do as a person individually.

    • I truly agree with these steps refer, repeat, rise and retain in order to gain success. These steps are useful to run a business.

      • It’s true you need to use these steps to become successful in an MLM company, but as I’ve said before it’s much easier said than done.

        If you don’t mind me asking, are you apart of Qnet — and if so how successful are you?


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