Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme

Hey how’s it going?

Chances are your here because either someone has asked you to join their team or you stumbled upon this company accidentally.

Whatever the case may be, you probably want to know is Savvi a Pyramid Scheme or a legit business opportunity that can help you make money online am I right?

Well within my review I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this company like what it sells, how much it costs to join, and more — that way you can make an informed decision if this something you want or not.

So with that said, let’s jump into things!

Quick Summary Of Savvi

Name: Savvi 


Price: $99 – $999

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Savvi?

Savvi is an MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) company within the clothing and fashion niche for women.

It was recently launched in 2019 by Rachel Domingo who’s said to have 20 years in the fashion industry. 

Now according to her LinkedIn profile, about 3 years ago she ran another clothing business called Piphany, which is how Savvi actually got started.

On top of that, I recently reached out to Savvi and discovered that the CEO of their company is actually Ken Porter — but they have no information about him on their website.

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme - CEO of Savvi

So fast forward to today, this company says their goal is to create clothing that celebrates the beauty and diversity of women by creating clothing that is well designed, inclusive, and luxurious — while at the same time allowing women to build a business selling their products.

But can you really make a full time income from this company? Well I won’t say it’s impossible, but the chances of it happening aren’t looking all that great. 

Don’t take my word for it though, but rather decide for yourself after you’ve gotten a better understanding as to how this company operates.

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What Does Savvi Sell?

Savvi seems to sell clothes that both look good and feel comfortable for women of all sizes. Their clothing is separated into 3 different categories which are fit, every day, and luxe. 

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme - Their clothing products

They also have a chart women can use so they can find the right measurement size for themselves.

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme - Their clothing sizes

Now seeing as I’m a guy, I can’t say how “stylish” their clothes really are because I can assure you something I usually find attractive my wife would say looks hideous.

However I will say that their clothes did look quite comfortable  — and I saw that they had around a total of 170 pieces for sale on their website which is also good to know.

Plus their prices range on average from $40 – $100. 

Savvi Compensation Plan 

MLM compensation plans are very confusing, and Savvi here is no different.

When you look at it you’ll probably get a headache trying to understand what all their terminology means, along with trying to calculate how much you can earn.

So to make things easier for you, I will go over just the basics so that you can get the gist of how it all works. 

Affiliate Ranks

There are a total of 13 ranks you can earn within their plan.

Here are their names, along with a couple of the requirements you’ll have to meet in order to obtain them.

  • Rep – Sell 50 items or enroll a person with a pack
  • Advanced Rep – Personally recruit 1 person and have a team volume of 300
  • Senior Rep – Personally recruit 1 person and have a team volume of 1,000
  • Leader – Personally recruit 2 people and have a team volume of 2,500
  • Advanced Leader – Personally recruit 3 people and have a team volume of 5,000
  • Senior Leader – Personally recruit 5 people and have a team volume of 10,000
  • Executive – Personally recruit 8 people and have a team volume of 20,000
  • Advanced Executive – Personally recruit 10 people and have a team volume of 50,000
  • Senior Executive – Personally recruit 12 people and have a team volume of 100,000
  • Director – Personally recruit 12 people and have a team volume of 250,000
  • Advanced Director – Personally recruit 12 people and have a team volume of 500,000
  • Senior Director – Personally recruit 12 people and have a team volume of 1,000,000
  • Diamond Director – Personally recruit 12 people and have a team volume of 2,000,000

Now the higher you go in rank, the more money you will be allowed to potentially make.

However as you can see that it’s no easy feat to just climb in these ranks — and in fact it’s so difficult that most people won’t make it to the 3rd or 4th level.  

Retail Commissions

Depending on what rank you are plus how many items you sell in a month will allow you to earn 25% – 50% on all sales you personally make.

For example if you sell only 1 – 20 pieces of clothing you earn 25%. However if you sell over 200 pieces you can earn up to 50%.

Here is a chart showing exactly how this is all calculated.

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme - retail commissions

Residual Commissions

Savvi uses a what is called unilevel structure within their plan. 

This means that everyone you directly or indirectly recruit will be beneath you. This also implies that you will earn a certain percent of all the commissions they make.

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme - Unilevel compensation structure

Now how Savvi calculates how much you’ll be earning is through something they call generations. 

A generation starts when you find an Executive in one of your legs, then ends when you find another Executive in the same leg. And in total you can only have 3 generation max in one leg.

So with that said, here’s how much you can earn based on what rank you are…

  • Executive = 2%
  • Advanced Executive =  5%
  • Senior Executive and above =  9%


There are also quite a few bonuses you can earn within their plan as well — such as extra money and points towards very nice vacations.

However instead of listing each and everyone out for you, I’ll just say that in order to achieve them you’ll have to sell a lot of items and do so within a certain amount of time.

If you want more details though on how this entire thing works, you can read their compensation plan here — plus watch this short 5 minute video that goes over basically what I just explained and more. 


How Much Does It Cost?

There are 4 different packages you can choose from when signing up for Savvi. They are…

  • Basic = $99
  • Value = $499
  • Super Value = $799
  • Extra Value = $999

With the basic package you’ll be able to get your account set up, and be offered marketing tools and training on how to go about selling their business.

The more expensive packs will give you this along with several pieces of clothing you can showcase and sell to your future customers. 

What I Like About It

  • They are a new company

The good thing about joining a new MLM company is the chances of you earning a decent income with them is MUCH higher.

This is due to the fact that they are promoting their business like crazy ( which makes it get a lot of hype ) — plus there are no bad ratings to deter people away.

  • The CEO seems knowledgeable in the fashion industry

With Rachel having around 20 years of fashion industry under her belt, it’s safe to say that she seems pretty qualified to run Savvi.

Also the fact that I couldn’t find any bad companies she promoted or were apart of in the past is also a great sign. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It’s not cheap to join

While technically you can join this company for only $100, you won’t be getting any items to sell to your future customers if you do so.

Therefore it’s recommended that you at least buy the second package or higher which starts off $500.

And this doesn’t even include the cost of you having to buy more of their products, throw parties, and possibly advertising your business online — which can easily be a few hundred or thousand dollars a month.

  • It’s in a competitive market

Savvi here is in one of the more competitive markets — which is fashion / clothing for women.

I mean on just about every corner you got places like Gap women can go to and buy clothes at — while at the same time you have other online businesses like Lularoe which also specialize in women’s clothing. 

So unless you can convince your future customers that Savvi clothing here has something that other competing companies can’t offer — I think you’ll find it hard to make a good income with them.  

  • You have around a 1% chance of succeeding 

When I say you have about a 1% chance of generating good money with this company, I literally mean it.

Recent stats have shown that 99% of anyone who joins an MLM company either makes very little or worse go into debt because they end up spending more money than they are making.

And frankly this all boils down to how the MLM business is structured — which is they force you to build large teams by going out and bothering your friends and family. 

And Savvi’s recent income disclosure proves this with 92% of their members earning $600 or less a month — and within that same group, 53% are earning only $46 a month.

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme - Savvi's Income Disclosure

Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme?

Savvi is not a Pyramid Scheme in any way shape or form.

They have a huge selection of clothes you can choose from, and you can make money by selling them to customers directly.

However with them being in a competitive market, you having to spend hundreds of dollars to join, and the fact that you are forced to build large teams makes me believe the chances of you becoming successful are slim at best.

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re more than welcome to try this company out and I really hope that you make money with them if you do — I just personally wouldn’t recommend you do so for all the reasons I just listed.

My Final Thoughts

Savvi seems like a legit business opportunity selling a variety of clothes for women. Also with it being a new company you stand a better chance of doing well with them.

However being a new company also has its drawbacks, because it’s hard to say how well or not well they will do.

Plus the fact that you won’t earn a good income unless you build massive teams and teach your downline how to do the same thing seems like a terrible way to go about building a business. 

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you found my review about Savvi helpful, and can now decide if this is the right opportunity for you or not.

But if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll he happy to help you out. 🙂


$99 - $999

Overall Rating



  • They are a new company
  • The CEO seems knowledgeable in the fashion industry


  • It’s not cheap to join
  • It’s in a competitive market
  • You have around a 1% chance of succeeding 
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10 thoughts on “Is Savvi A Pyramid Scheme”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Savvi in your article. I never heard of this company until I came across this review here. 

    After going through your article is quite clear that its definitely not a pyramid scheme, but rather just a regular MLM company.  

    There’s nothing wrong with the MLM business model and MLM businesses are going to be much sought after, due to more people staying at home — at least according to many projections. However, it’s quite expensive starting out with Savvi as I can see in your post. There are many MLM out there where you can start with MUCH lower investments. 

    • Thanks for the comment Nick, and I agree that Savvi here just seems like another run of the block MLM company that isn’t terrible but isn’t great.

      And like I tell everyone I know, if you have a large social media presence or know how to build a website and get traffic to it, then you might be able to do well with this company.

      But if you don’t, then I think the chances of you earning a decent income with this company are slim to none. 

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article as it has been a huge help to me understanding what this company is all about. 

    I have a lot of experience with companies like this and I think this one is not in any way different from any other MLM out there.

    So after reading your article in learning more about Savvi here, I don’t think I’ll be joining it.

    Thank you again. 

    • Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad my review has helped you out.

      Now you’re looking for a way to make money online that doesn’t involve building teams or selling only a specific product / brand — then I’d recommend you check Wealthy Affiliate out.

      They teach you step by step how to build a website around any topic you want — then once it’s built they’ll also teach you how to write content that will bring thousands of visitors to your site each month through the search engines. 

      And the cool thing is it’s 100% free to join — so you can test it out with no strings attached. 

  3. Hello! You have a very good your review on Savvi here.

    You’re very true in what you have said, but they also have another cheaper option which is $249.00 which they will send you some products, but I still don’t know if it continues.

    My experience is that people, although they are at home, are not spending so much, and if they buy something they prefer it cheaper. And Savvi costs are not cheap. I think that is the biggest problem with this company. Not the membership costs but the clothing costs.

    I made inquiries with family and friends, and they all told me that it is very expensive. Well … these clothing lines are for upper and upper middle class, not for a Latin or American.

    • Thanks for your comment Jacqueline, and I can see how the costs and style of Savvi’s clothes could deter many women away like yourself.

      And that is one of the major problems with promoting an MLM business — which is that you are restricted to only sell what they have and nothing else.

      But with affiliate marketing, you can promote and sell anything in the world, making it far easier for you to make money since you are giving your customers what they WANT and not forcing overpriced clothes or whatever onto them.

  4. Savvi has been a disaster since I joined! They promise all types of things to their “Brand Partners”, but the follow-thru is not their. I am still waiting for an item from July and all orders from September was 6 weeks late causing a build up of extra clothes and this October has been the same.

    Their return policy is the worst, if you return an item they charge a 20 % restocking fee, so there goes all your money. They say they are transparent and have our back, but once you say one negative comment they will not listen. One month they sold us defective sports bras, how does that happen? Don’t they check their product before they sell them to us? I can’t sell to customers, because a lot of their items are damaged and the shipping is delayed, even though they say they ship within 48-72 hours.

    Their support team is terrible and when you ask a question they won’t answer you. The technology was awful and a lot of the time you weren’t able to place an order. They have updated the technology starting in October, but it’s still full of problems. I have been trying to get my site fixed since the new technology started, but no one will help. I have sent so many e-mails to support, without any help!

    You were right it’s impossible to make money, my paychecks are around $29.00, I thought I was making money, but I read the commission plan wrong. They definitely need several years to get their act together, I still feel it’s a scam!!

    • Thanks for your comment Cindy, and I’m sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time with this company.

      However these types of things are common within the MLM industry no matter what company you join, and it’s just one of the many reasons I personally will never join one.

      Now if you’re looking for a way to make money online that doesn’t require you to build teams, sell cheaply made / overpriced products, and basically gives you full control over everything — I suggest you give affiliate marketing a try.

      This is where you build a website then sell other people’s products for a commission. Again there’s no team building going on here, and you can sell anything from any company on the planet.

      If you have any questions about this method feel free to contact me, or have a look at my #1 recommended product which has helped me and millions of people how to generate an income online with this method.

      • I’ve been a part of several MLM’s just starting off and never have I seen a more poorly run company. If they can send quality items and ship them in a timely manner they may make it. I never heard of an MLM paying only 2 % commission.

        I wonder where I can find out more information, like 1st quarter earnings. Racheal Dominguez, the designer I don’t think is the CEO, they haven’t shown her on any zoom calls and don’t bring her name up. If you know how to find out this information e-mail me.

        • Within Savvi’s first year of business, 92% of its members were making around $600 a month, and only about 4% of its members were earning $2,000 or more a month. This falls in line with what I said, in that a VERY small group of people will actually go on to earn any kind of real income with this company.

          Also, you are right that the CEO of this company is actually Ken Porter — but you can also say that Rachel Domingo helped founded this company since she is the leading designer of all their clothes.

          I hope this helped answer your questions, and I have updated my review to include this information in it.


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