Is Sayso4profit A Scam? Here’s My Honest Review About Them

Quick Summary Of Sayso4profit

Name: Sayso4profit

Price: Free to join

Rating: 1 / 5

What Is Sayso4profit?

Sayso4profit is website that points you to other paid survey sites that you can participate in. They claim that by doing these paid survey sites, you can make up to $25-$75 dollars a survey.

Now is Sayso4profit a scam, or can you really earn a decent income with them?

In my opinion I think you could make some extra cash with this site — however with that said I don’t recommend you join this site for several reasons which I’m about to go over.

How Does Sayso4profit Work?

The first thing you have to do is sign up to Sayso4profit’s mailing list, which is completely free.

Sign up to Sayso4profit
Now even though this won’t cost you a dime to join, it’s still pretty annoying because you have to skip through 7 different pages of ads where they ask if you’re interested in certain kinds of networks.

Once you’re signed up though, as I said earlier you’ll find within their website (and through emails that they will be sending you) several different survey sites you can join.

Be presented with different offers

Now a couple things that annoyed me about this whole process was:

1. Many of their recommendation are very sketchy. While Sayso4profit might send you some legit survey sites that can help you earn some extra cash online — they also will send you a lot of useless ones too.

Again they are just the middleman — so they get paid to send people to sites (good or bad) — and to me they seem to only care about money rather then taking their time to find only legitimate offers for the customers.

2. You have to sign up again to any site you join. Since you’re being sent elsewhere and not actually doing surveys on Sayso4profit, this means you’ll have to sign up to each and every opportunity you join.

Besides this just being downright annoying — this also means that your inbox is going to get flooded with hundreds of annoying offers.

Therefore if you don’t want to spend half your day deleting useless emails, I recommend you stay away from most of these only survey sites.

With that said, I will admit there are a few survey sites they recommend — however do you really want to spend hours going through each offer in your inbox just to see if they are legit or not? Ya I didn’t think so.

Try this method instead

However if you’re set on doing surveys, why not use Google to find some legitimate ones like Swagbucks.

Can You Make Money With Them?

Technically yes you can make money with Sayso4profit, however don’t expect it to be a whole lot — and secondly you have to remember not every offer they give you is legit.

You may get some good survey sites to sign up too, then you can get some that are down right dangerous to even click.

I tried signing up to a few myself and I got blocked by my virus protection, saying it was unsafe to enter. Now this might nothing and just means I need to adjust the setting on my virus protection — or it could be that there’s an actual virus within this link.

Some may contain a virus

Either way I wouldn’t want to risk it — and I also don’t see a real point in using Sayso4profit, when you can simply do a quick Google search and find several legitimate survey sites on your own.

Is Sayso4profit A Scam?

Sayso4profit is definitely not a scam, as it will help you earn some pocket money by pointing you toward different survey sites you can join.

However since they will also send you to some bad sites as well to join — it makes me think that they are just in this for the money and are not looking carefully at each offer they are promoting.

Therefore even though this is not a scam, I would not recommend you join this site to find other survey join.

What I Like About It

  • It’s free to join
  • They do what they claim, which is to help you make money by pointing you toward survey sites you can participate in.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • They will send you a lot of different opportunities throughout the week (some good, and some that are not so good)
  • They over exaggerate how much money you can make by doing paid surveys
  • There’s really no point in joining this site, when you can find lots of legitimate surveys simply by using Google

Who Is Sayso4profit For?

If you’ve never joined a survey site before and don’t know where or how to find them — then this possibly could help you out. Just remember though that not all of them are legit — so it will be up to you to go through each one and see which ones are good and which ones aren’t.

Personally though I don’t like survey sites as I don’t seem them as a good investment of my time.

However if you are someone who just loves them or wants to try one out — I suggest try and find some on your own to start with through Google — or give Swagbucks a try and see what you think.

My Final Rating

1 out of 5

Even though Sayso4profit is not a scam, it’s something I definitely would not recommend you join.

First of all doing surveys in general is not going to make you much money, let alone rich — and Sayso4profit makes it even worst as they will send you to certain sites that are just pure scams or useless.

Not to mention some of them could have viruses which could harm your computer.

But don’t worry, because even though this website won’t make you much money money  — they’re other ways you can earn an income online that doesn’t involve you answering boring surveys.

I personally started making money online in 2017 all thanks to a program called Wealthy Affiliate. They showed me how to build a real business online that will continue to grow each and every year as long as I work at it.

And there’s been lots of people who’ve been able to quit their jobs and work full time online — and many more who have been able to earn additional money to improve their financial situation all thanks to WA.

So if you too would like to start earning a solid regular income online — take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see exactly how it works, and how they can help you out.

Wealthy Affiliate

I hope you found my review of Sayso4profit helpful. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this website please let me know in the comments below — and I’ll be glad to help you out to the best of my ability. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Sayso4profit A Scam? Here’s My Honest Review About Them”

  1. I usually do unpaid surveys to help the business or organization. I don’t do them for money. Also I guess I don’t have time to do them, too.

    Thanks for the heads up about this sayso4profit. I can give a warning to my friends who might plan to enroll.

    I can attest that Wealthy Affiliate is where you can learn how to do affiliate marketing and build your online business. I believe this is a much better way to go about earning a regular income online, verses trying to do paid surveys each and every day. 

    Thank you for this review,


    • I agree Marita that even if you did have extra time in the day to do more surveys — it would basically be pointless. All you would be doing is maybe earning a few extra dollars after spending hours doing long boring surveys.

      Affiliate marketing on the other hand (which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches) has the potential to make you nice income online. While it may not happen right away, with time and hard work you can essentially start earning money on auto pilot while you do other things like cooking, sleeping, and even taking a vacation.

      This is something that can never happen with paid surveys plain and simple. 

  2. Thank you for writing this article. There’s just so many programs out there saying you can make money, when in fact all they’re doing is scamming you. 

    It’s ice to read reviews where someone shares the pros and cons to trying it. A 1 out of 5 I will be sure to stay clear of this scam!

    • Thanks for your comment Noell. It’s true that there’s tons of scams out there, and sadly Sayso4profit here doesn’t look into what they recommend. So you may or may not be joining a scam when you use their service.

      Personally if you really want to do surveys to make money online, I would simply do a Google search and find some legitimate ones on your own.

      Or if you would like to build a business online and earn a good income through affiliate marketing — I would suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. 

  3. Man I was hoping that this one would be different. Guess I’m gonna have to keep looking for a quality program to do paid surveys. Do you have any suggestions? I know I will probably only make a few hundred a month at best but that could go towards my internet bill!

    • If you really want to do some surveys to earn a little bit of extra money, I suggest you give Swagbucks a try. From what I’ve researched they are the top rated survey site online — and has paid their members over $290 million dollars.

      Again though Swagbucks will only earn you enough money to maybe help you buy groceries or something — nothing that can truly help you become financially free. Also their site could go down at time for whatever reason, meaning you’d have no way of earning money online anymore.

      This is why I high recommend people build an online business instead, because 1 they have full ownership of their website / business and two once they know how to make money off their website — they can continually repeat this process and make as much money as they want. 

      And out of all the programs I’ve come across, Wealthy Affiliate still remains my most recommended product online in teaching people on how to do exactly this. 


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