Is Smart Ether A Scam? Yes Stay Away From This Smart Contract Ponzi Scheme.

Hey what’s up?

I’m guessing you’re here because someone invited you to join their team or you happened to stumble upon this website by accident.

So now you want to know is Smart Ether a scam or a legit way for you to make some extra money online right?

Well within my review I’ll be going over what this company is about, what it is selling, how their compensation plan works, and more.

That way by the time you’re done reading you’ll be able to decide if this is something you would like to try out or not.

So with that said, let’s jump right into it!

Quick Summary Of Smart Ether

Name: Smart Ether


Price: 0.1 ETH ( $47.31 ) – 20.42 ETH ( $9,661.52 )

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is Smart Ether?

Smart Ether is an MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) company within the cryptocurrency / investing niche.

It was formed back in August of 2020 by “a group of crypto enthusiasts” that say you can make a lot of money thanks to their decentralized smart contract system.

So the way this program supposedly works is every time you invest money ( or more specifically Ethereum ) you will then earn Ether as your revenue — which is this companies unique crypto token. 

Now you might be wondering at this point if this company is legit or another get rich scheme out to take your money.

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this company is in fact a scam, and I will be showing you within this review several reasons as to why you can not trust it.

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What Does Smart Ether Sell?

One of the first red flags I noticed with this company is that they don’t sell any kind of product on their website.

Rather they state you can earn a lot of money and become rich if you follow 4 simple steps which are…

Step1: Become a member of their company by activating an Ethereum wallet and investing  0.1 ETH ( $47.31 ) into their smart contract platform.

Step 2: Start building a team by inviting everyone and anyone you know.

Step 3: Earn Ether tokens based on how big your team. 

Step 4: Then repeat this process each month to grow, make your team bigger and earn more tokens.

Now how this program REALLY WORKS, is once you invest REAL money into their system, the creators of this company will simply steal it and give you back their useless Ether token that you can’t do anything with.

Smart Ether Compensation Plan 

The thing I hate most about MLM companies is having to read their compensation plan because they are long, confusing, and use so many graphs that you feel like your back in Calculus.

What I dislike even more though is when a company doesn’t disclose one at all like Smart Ether here.

So after researching some other places on the internet, here is what I found out about how this company’s compensation plan works.

Investment commissions:

Smart Ether uses a 2 X  8 matrix structure within their plan.

This means the amount of people you can recruit on your first level is limited, and how deep your team can grow is also limited — which looks like this…

Is Smart Ether A Scam - Matrix compensation plan

Now this company uses a 2 X 8 structure meaning you can only have 2 people per level, and that your team can only go 8 levels deep.

Now there are 8 different levels you can invest in, and they say the more you invest the more you can make as seen here.

  • level 1 = Invest 0.1 ETH  ( $47.31 ) and earn 0.16 ETH  ( $75.70 ) 
  • level 2 = Invest 0.16 ETH  ( $75.70 ) and earn 0.512 ETH  ( $242.25 ) 
  • level 3 = Invest 0.32 ETH  ( $151.40 ) and earn 2.048 ETH  ( $968.99 ) 
  • level 4 = Invest 0.64 ETH  ( $302.81 ) and earn 8.192 ETH  ( $3,875.96 ) 
  • level 5 = Invest 1.28 ETH  ( $605.62 ) and earn 32.768 ETH  ( $15,503.85 ) 
  • level 6 = Invest 2.56 ETH  ( $1,211.24 ) and earn 131.072 ETH  ( $62,015.41 ) 
  • level 7 = Invest 5.12 ETH  ( $2,422.48 ) and earn 524.288 ETH  ( $248,061.62 ) 
  • level 8 = Invest 10.24 ETH  ( $4,844.95 ) and earn 2,097.152 ETH  ( $992,246.50 ) 

Is Smart Ether A Scam - 8 phases for residual commissions

So as you can see, joining this company is not cheap at all as you can easily spend thousands of dollars on it if you wanted too.

Bonus commissions:

Smart Ether also offers a bonus called the Super Node.

This is where the company collects a small percent of everyone’s investments and distributes it across all 8 levels.

And again the higher level you are, the more you can make as seen here. 

  • level 1 earns 0.032 ETH ( $15.14 ) 
  • level 2 earns 0.128 ETH ( $60.56 ) 
  • level 3 earns 0.512 ETH ( $242.25 ) 
  • level 4 earns 2.048 ETH ( $968.99 ) 
  • level 5 earns 8.192 ETH ( $3,875.96 ) 
  • level 6 earns 32.768 ETH ( $15,503.85 ) 
  • level 7 earns 131.072 ETH ( $62,015.41 ) 
  • level 8 earns 524.288 ETH ( $248,061.62 ) 

Is Smart Ether A Scam - Super Node Bonus

Now if you want more details about their compensation plan and overall their company, you can watch this webinar that is 21 minutes long. 


How Much Does It Cost?

To become a member of Smart Ether, you only have to pay 0.1 ETH ( $47.31 ). 

However if you really wanted to, you can fully “invest” into this company and spend 20.42 ETH ( $9,661.52 ).

What I Like About It

  • There is not one thing I could find positive to say about this scam

What I Don’t Like About It

  • This company offers no product 

One of the biggest issues I have with Smart Ether is they are not selling any product or offering any kind of service.

Because if you think about it, how are they making all this money to pay its members thousands upon thousands of dollars?

Well I’ll tell you. They aren’t!

Rather the only money they are earning is what gullible people give them, and in return they give all their members their Smart Ether Token which is absolutely useless. 

  • You’ll have to bother your friends and family

Due to the fact that you are required to build a large team to make any sort of money, this means that you have to go out and recruit people.

And unless you have a large social media or know some other way of finding hundreds of people a month, you’ll end up asking your friends, family, and other people close to you.

And what makes this so bad is that you run a very high risk of causing strain on your relationship with these people — especially if you are going to present them with a shady company like this.

  • The chances of you making money are basically zero

According to research done by the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ), 99% of everyone who joins an MLM company ends up losing money.

This means that 1% or 1 out of 100 people will actually go on to make a good income — and this also takes into account that the company is legit.

Is Smart Ether A Scam - 99% of people involved in an MLM company lose money

So since Smart Ether is a clear scam, that 1% of you succeeding now dropped to 0%.

Because I can guarantee you that if you put any amount of money into this system, you will never get it back much less make a profit.

Is Smart Ether A Scam?


This company tries to trick you into thinking that they are the world’s 1st decentralized smart contract system — and that any money you put into their system will grow exponentially. 

However I’ve reviewed hundreds of company’s like this such as Autoxify which also has a decentralized smart contract system to help people get rich.

So this is nothing new, and these companies like using big words like this to impress you so that you will give them money.

But what will happen is you’ll lose every single penny you invest into their platform, and there will be no way of getting it back. 

So I highly urge you to stay far away from this company, because nothing good will come of it. 

Is Smart Ether A Ponzi Scheme?

Smart Ether is without a doubt a Ponzi Scheme.

Just like a company I reviewed not too long ago called ETH-X, Smart Ether here promises to make you rich if you invest money into their platform.

However what happens is the people that join this scheme early on get paid by other members that join later.

So if I join today and you join next week, I’ll get your money and be told this is how much my money has grown — which obviously isn’t true.

So when investing starts to slow down or stop altogether, the company goes bankrupt because it can pay its members anymore.

And this is exactly what will happen to Smart Ether in the near future.


My Final Thoughts

Smart Ether is a clear Ponzi Scheme that was created for one purpose and one purpose only. 

To steal your hard earned money and line the “group of crypto enthusiasts” that created this scam.

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I hope you enjoyed my review, and now see why I don’t recommend you join this company.

If you have any questions though, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Smart Ether

0.1 ETH ( $47.31 ) - 20.42 ETH ( $9,661.52 )

Overall Rating



  • There is not one thing I could find positive to say about this scam


  • This company offers no product 
  • You’ll have to bother your friends and family
  • The chances of you making money are basically zero
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